I saw the collar in the drawer.

I got goose bumps even thinking about it, my husband shouldn’t be home for hours.

I got up and closed the blinds, my hands were sweaty and I was breathing hard.

I checked the driveway just to make sure no one had pulled in and would surprise me.

I steadied my hands and began to unbutton my blouse, my fingers trembled as each successive button came undone.

With the last button, I shrugged my shoulders and let the silky blouse slip to the floor.

Next was my bra, I noticed my skin was flushed and covered in goose bumps, like it always was when I did something naughty like this. My nipples strained under the lacy material of my cups and I moaned when they were released, and the cool air of the room only made them even more engorged than they already were.

I just wished I had more than just a collar, I was tempted to buy more accessories every time I had driven by the pet store but each time I had lost my nerve and suffered frustration more and more, which only made my desire stronger.

I slipped my shoes and socks off and sat topless in a chair. “What if someone catches me? What if Tom comes home early? Should I stop?”

Standing up, I couldn’t stop though, my fingers undid the button on my slacks and I was already pulling them down my thighs while my reason tried to argue with my lust for excitement, for nudity, for depravity.

Next I ran a finger up between my legs, along the smooth silky fabric of my panties, I inhaled sharply as my finger traced the wetness and outline of my opening, and a soft moan escaped my mouth as my thumbs hooked under the waist band and pulled them down my legs and over my cherry red painted toe nails.

Naked, horny, and sopping wet, I enjoyed the sexual aroma of my sex and I brought that same finger to my mouth I tasted myself and shivering with excitement.

I ignored the pile of my clothes, now abandoned on the floor by the door.

The house was quiet.

The sun was just starting to set, as we were just on the leading edge of autumn, the weather was still warm, and the trees were only starting to turn colours.

I had that urge, I tried to ignore it, part of me was ashamed, and part of me knew I should not even consider it, but the thrill of it made me so excited, I knew I could not fight it.

I had walked past the drawer several times before finally giving in to my depravity and took out the black leather collar with the chrome studs.

Standing in the kitchen and feeling my knees wobble, I steadied myself and put the dog collar around my neck. Closing my eyes for a moment I could feel my excitement rising, and that delicious wet feeling between my thighs.

Opening my eyes, l looked over at my clothes, my pulse beat faster. My hands shook so much I had to stop and force myself to relax.

I told myself, “Tom won’t be home for hours yet, and no one is going to find out, you’ve been naked before, and no one has ever known.”

At 5.2 and 115 pounds, I was petite and people told me I was attractive in a “pocket-size” way. My 34B’s were still perky and my nipples had been hard since the first thought of the collar.

Taking a moment, I cupped each breast with my small hands, sharply inhaling as I did. My fingers and thumbs knew exactly what to do and I knew I could cum just from the small circles they were making on my sensitive parts. Pinching and pulling, my breathing was already shallow and rapid. I could feel the heat and wetness spreading between my legs.

I wanted more than just a quick orgasm from tonight. I longed for Tom to lick and suck on my toes, to ravish me; but although he was good as a man, when it came to sex, he was as straight laced as they came. It was for these reasons, I had started to take advantage of my quiet times.

I hated to hide these things from him, but as a woman, simply having missionary sex with him for five- minutes a few times a month with zero foreplay wasn’t enough. Making it worse, he stopped whenever he came inside me, which just wasn’t fulfilling. When I asked him about more, he would say he was tired and the conversation ended. Many nights after he had fallen asleep, I would lie in bed and fantasize while I quietly masturbated, giving myself what he would not.

As a result, I found myself focusing more and more on solitary things and it was the only way I could satisfy my sexual desires. I loved him, but my urges were becoming harder to ignore and despite the guilt, I could not stop them any more than I could stop breathing.

I slipped a finger between my folds and moaned as I penetrated myself, I brought it to my face and smeared my juices over my lips, inhaling my own scent and then I tasted myself.

Although I had worn them today, I had long since stopped wearing panties most of the time, something Tom did not know, and I luxuriated in the feeling of my shaved pussy against the smooth material of my clothes. Even at work, I found myself slipping away from my desk at increasing intervals to find a quiet stall in the washroom to masturbate.

Now naked in my kitchen, I reached up into the cupboard and took down the bowl that had belonged to our old dog and I filled it with water and set it on the kitchen floor. The bowl and collar had belonged to Tom’s German Shepard who had passed away more than a year ago. Tom had raised the dog from a pup, having gotten him when he was ten. We had talked about getting another dog, but Tom said he worked too much and wasn’t ready yet.

We had kept the collar, the leashes, the food and water bowls, and the dog house in the back yard, because we both knew that it was only a matter of time for we got another stop.

I don’t know even what it was that started me down this particular fetish until one night I had been home alone and saw the collar in the drawer. On a whim, I had tried it on and it fit perfectly and I was instantly turned on, I felt guilty, but when I felt my pussy, it was literally dripping wet.

That night I masturbated myself with the collar on even with my clothes still in place, I can remember the huge dark circle in my pants from the force of my squirting and then afterwards I hurried to do laundry before Tom came home. That had been almost 3 months ago.

Since then, I had been progressively be getting more and more addicted to wanting to act out this fetish. Some nights when Tom was working, while wearing the collar, I would eat my supper from the dog bowl, first on the table and then soon on the floor. It wasn’t long before I was completely naked while I did this. After each time I would masturbate like crazy and I would be satisfied for a day or two.

For the past two weeks, I wasn’t able to indulge myself because Tom wasn’t away at nights and as a result, I could barely contain my desire. Tonight was the first time that it actually might be dark enough for me to take it to the next level. I wanted to try going outside, I wanted to do a couple of things too, that were really bad, but I didn’t want to risk it unless it was dark.

I couldn’t bring myself to actually eat dogfood, but tonight I put beef stew in the food dish that I had let cool down a little after cooking it, so it wouldn’t burn my face.

Kneeling down on all fours, I wiggled my ass a little, and bent down and lapped up some water, this felt so depraved, I wanted to be fucked so much, to be treated like a bitch in heat, I almost came without doing anything, my pussy was so wet, just the little friction from my thighs rubbing together was almost enough.

Eating from a dog dish is not something anyone can do gracefully, and by the time I licked the bottom of the dish, my face was covered in food. Cheating a little, I took the time to clean myself and do the dishes because it wouldn’t do for Tom to discover I had been using the dog dishes. Just in case, I felt like it, I reconsidered and left the dishes on the floor, but only had water in them.

By the time I finished the dishes, it was dark outside and my stomach was filled with butterflies as I anticipated the next step on my adventure.

Taking a moment, I checked the driveway, it was empty and I told myself to relax. I then turned off the lights in the house, except for the exterior lights and then opened the door, the night beckoned. With the chain in hand, I got on all fours and closed the door behind me and I started across the grass, it was still warm from the residual heat of the sun.

I was completely nude, except for the collar and I felt so adventurous and sexy, I actually barked once, just for effect and I felt my pussy get even wetter, speaking of wetter, for several hours I had been holding my pee and I was just about ready to burst.

This was one of the new things I wanted to try, not having the hardware that a male dog does, I spread my legs as far apart as possible and tried to pee. Nothing happened, I tried again, still nothing. I tried to relax when I realized I was shaking from excitement. Balancing on one hand, I used my other paw to play with my nipples, I pinched and pulled on them again and it took my mind off my bladder. I could feel myself start to let go with a few drops at first, then a trickle, and then the flood gates opened and I peed outside as a dog for the first time.

I seemed to pee forever and I continued to watch myself and slowly play with my nipples with one hand, I whimpered as I finished peeing and then my body shook as a small orgasm surprised me, I moaned out loud as I came, that felt so incredible.

The light breeze tickled my wet pussy as I picked up the chain with one hand and moved on all fours to the dog house, taking the rusty clasp I attached it to the link on the dog house, I was now chained to the dog house, just like a real bitch.

I had cleaned the dog house out a few days ago when Tom was away. It was a big one, I could climb completely inside, there was a vinyl cushion and it was actually quite cozy inside.

This was all too much I needed some more relief from the throbbing between my legs, still on all fours, I rested my shoulders and chest on the warm grass and with my pussy and ass in the air, and I closed my eyes and began to touch myself.

In the light of the back porch, I used my fingers to stroke and caress my tummy, making small circles and bigger circles, each finger tip just lightly grazing my skin. My nipples were as big as I had ever seen them and they hurt and needed a release as much as my pussy did.

Moving one hand down towards my pussy, I imagined what a stranger would think of a sexy, naked woman, chained and collared, masturbating. My own knees almost buckled with the thought. I just touched my clit and just about screamed, as it was, I let loose with a long loud moan that must have sounded like me howling had anyone else been in the vicinity. I could feel the moisture and heat of my body almost boiling.

Licking my fingers and tasting my sex, I wished there was some way I could eat my own pussy. I had to make do with my fingers which were all exploring my sex in naughty ways. One, then two of them plunged deep inside myself, while my other hand stretched further between my thighs and discovered my sensitive ass.

The moaning was continuous now and much louder than anything I had ever done before, I could feel the throbbing building, my body started to shake from the centre out, my back arched, and my hips were bucking wildly against my hands, thrusting against my hand, I forced my fingers deeper into my cunt, and then thrusted back to have my other fingers penetrate deeply into my ass.

“OMG,” I yelled as I came all over my hands, the hot squirting liquid flooding my hands and the ground around me.

I collapsed in a heap on the grass. My breathing ragged, my body recovering, and my pussy throbbing as if I had just been fucked by someone much rougher than Tom.

It was only then that I heard the slam of a car door, followed by a second one only moments later.

I panicked, instantly I rushed to undo the chain, but in my rush, my fingers could not work the rusty clasp, then I heard the voices, distinctly recognizing them as Tom’s mother and father.

My panic became white cold fear, if Tom’s parents found me like this, they would never understand and they would likely insist that Tom have nothing to do with me.

I pulled and pulled on the chain, but nothing. The safety of the house was impossible, I did the only thing possible and bolted into the dog house. I crawled into the back corner and tried to stay in the shadows, I only hoped they hadn’t heard my groans and screams from masturbating like a bitch in heat.

Despite my fear, I had to smile at that thought, because that is exactly how I felt. I was jolted back into panic mode when I heard them knock on the door.

Through the quietness of the night, I heard Tom’s mother say, “No one is home, Lauren’s car is here but the lights are off.”

“I was sure I could hear someone,” Tom dad said, “It sounded like someone screaming.”

“Let’s try the back door,” his mom said and then I could hear their feet on the gravel pathway.

With my arms around my legs, I huddled in the darkness of the dog house, naked and scared, my in-laws less than 20 feet away.

Tom’s father knocked, he tried the door, and it opened. He stuck his head through the opening and yelled, “Lauren … Tom … Is anyone home?”

Then he disappeared into the house and turned on the lights.

I thought, “The dog dishes, my clothes,” would Brian notice them, if he did, what would he think. I have to admit, a tiny part of me wondered, “So what if he found them, what doors would that unlock?” Tommy’s father was an attractive man and I would be lying if I didn’t admit to having one or two secret fantasies about him.

“They must not be home,” his mother said.

“I am worried, the door was unlocked, they should never leave the door unlocked, you go get in the car, I’m just going to take a look around,” my father-in-law said.

“I wish they would get another dog; it would be nice to now they have a watch dog again,” Tom’s mom said, close enough I could smell her perfume.

“I worry about Lauren, she is such a pretty young woman that she would be a prime target for a home invader because Tom works so many nights,” her dad said.

Then I was surprised by the way the conversation turned.

“Brian just like her because she looks so awesome, I see you undressing her each time we visit them,” Tom’s mom said.

“Me, what about you Rachel? The last time we had them over and she had on the red bikini, your eyes just about popped out of your head, looking at a girl half your age,” Tom’s dad said.

“Brian, with both think she is attractive, I worry that Tom is such a prude, that the poor girl will only ever get fucked in a missionary position for the rest of her life,” Rachel said.

I couldn’t believe it, they had always seemed to have no interest in me and I thought they were as prudish as Tom was, he had always told me that. Brian and Rachel were both about 50 and while each sported a few extra pounds, now that I thought about it, maybe I should fantasize about Rachel too.

My legs were starting to fall asleep and as I tried to get more comfortable, I accidently shifted and bumped against the wall of the dog house.

Rachel said, “Did you hear that?”

“I did, I think someone is hiding in the back,” Brian said.

I froze, why I couldn’t have just waited, now they were on guard. Worse yet they might investigate.

“Brian be careful, maybe we should just call the police,” Rachel said.

“For what? Lauren and Tom might have just have forgotten to lock the door, and that noise could be a squirrel or something, but I will take a quick look,” Brian whispered to Rachel.

I moved further back into the darkest corner of the dog house, actually holding my breath, my naked body covered in goose bumps. I heard footsteps move past the dog house and they faded somewhat.

It was quiet for the longest time; I could faintly hear the sounds of Brian walking around the yard and sometimes Rachel’s breathing. I struggled and finally disconnected the chain from the collar and squeezed further back into the darkest corner of the doghouse.

Five minutes became ten and I could hear Brian walking back towards Rachel, “Rachel, I don’t see anyone, maybe it was the wind.”

“Check the doghouse, Brian, it would be where I would hide,” Rachel whispered but loud enough that it made my heart sink.

I heart the footfalls coming back then a muffled, confused voice, it was Brian’s.

“That’s weird, why is there a chain attached to the dog house?”

Then I heard his hands on the chain, then he started pulling on it. He let it fall when he realized it wasn’t attached to anything.

The doghouse was in shadows and the inside was completely dark, Tom’s dad leaned over and I could see his hair but only partially, then he straightened.

“Nothing,” he said and I heard him walk away.

I didn’t dare breathe until I heard both of their footsteps on the gravel and then the car doors open and close.

I had been so lucky, what would have happened had they found me, how could have I explained it, how would they have reacted? As much as the idea turned me on, I was still scared of how they might react.

I peaked out of the dog house, everything was quiet. The right thing would be for me to go inside, get dressed and forget this silly fetish and consider myself lucky.

But then I would be right back where I was, I am only 24, I think I am attractive, I think I am sexy, I like feeling horny, I need to have a sexual outlet, Tommy isn’t interested in anything more than straight sex but I love him, so if this keeps me sane, then is it wrong?” I asked myself.

“No,” I said and emerged from the doghouse, on all fours. Despite the danger of exposure, I knew that I couldn’t quit, not now.

Despite my feelings of wanting to explore more tonight, I figured I needed to clean up. I went into the house and immediately noticed that Brian had accidently kicked the dog dishes and there was water on the floor, but he didn’t say anything to Rachel, “that is weird,” I thought. “Maybe he didn’t notice”.

I stayed naked, and washed the dishes and put everything away, including the collar and the chain.

I finally put on an old hockey jersey of Tom’s and waited up for him. I greeted him at the door and gave him a big hug and as I did so, the jersey road up and exposed my pussy and ass to him.

“Lauren, cover up, what if the neighbours could see you, he said sternly.

“Tommy, nobody can see this far, and besides, it might be fun if they saw me, I said smiling my little girl smile.

“I’m tired and I have to work late tomorrow too, I’m going to bed, you will have to wait, maybe on the weekend we can have sex”, and with that he headed off, no kiss, no “Lauren, you look pretty,” nothing.

I resolved then and there, that if I wanted to be naked outside, if I wanted to engage in my doggie fetish, then I was going to, damn it.

I pulled out my laptop and was going to search the local pet store website, when I changed my mind and entered “puppy play” accessories and google responded with an ad for the for the XXX store in town. I hit enter and was amazed at the selection and then I noticed their “in-stock” guarantee, any items with a “*” beside it were always in stock.

Could I dare to stop in tomorrow? Tommy said he was going to be working again, that got the butterflies in my stomach flying again, maybe I could have some more fun again as soon as tomorrow.

I crawled into bed beside a snoring Tommy, naked and he never noticed. I was sleepy and frustrated, but my hands were not tired and they knew how to get rid of my frustrations.

Gently caressing myself, my fingertips started lightly on my neck, each tip barely touching me, they made my body feel electric. I used my tongue to wet my lips and silently moaned as my fingers moved lower and grazed my shoulders. My fingernails started tracing the curves of my body, under my breasts and up the perky sides, and around my sensitive areolas and hardened nipples. I had to bite my lip to stifle a groan as I felt myself getting wetter.