It had been the worst week of my life – I just knew Amy had told our friends about me – the way most of them looked the other way when they happened to see me.

My home is in Hong Kong but a year ago I got a place to study here at the University of Macau. I’ve always been a bit shy socially – but in the year since coming here my life had changed – mostly due to Amy choosing me as her boyfriend. She’s from a wealthy Macau family and before returning here to study had an expensive education in England. Amy had introduced me to a whole new circle of rich kids – being with her and them had hugely improved my English. Like Amy – many of them had been to overseas schools.

For a long time I’d felt bad about myself – I know I’m not normal and rather a deviant. I love to play with piss when I masturbate. Usually in the shower – peeing in my pants then pissing on my body and in my mouth while I wank myself. I’ve also bought a dildo and use this in my ass as I’m wanking. I often felt guilty about this afterwards – I’d tried to stop doing it – but it feels so good I just can’t resist the urge.

I guess I’m also addicted to internet porn – not just heterosexual – but also gay pictures and videos plus any with girls or boys pissing. I suppose I wanted to think of myself as normal – I find naked girls exciting – but I also can’t stop visiting websites of nude boys and gay sex. I tried to think of my interest in other boys as just “Curiosity” and that this didn’t mean I was really gay.

The first six months with Amy were good – I even gave up looking at porn sites and playing with piss for a while. She’s a nice girl and I didn’t mind she wasn’t interested in doing many of the things I’d seen on porn websites. I was more confident that I wasn’t actually homosexual – but after a while I started to look at porn again and resumed my solo piss masturbation sessions.

I share a small apartment with five other students – that Saturday afternoon Macau was very hot and humid. The other guys were all out for the day and I knew my roommate wouldn’t be back till late. Rather than going with them I’d taken the chance to ask Amy around – to my disappointment she said she didn’t feel like making love. We talked a bit but we spent most of the afternoon sitting on the couch using our phones. I’d deliberately let my bladder get very full and after a few hours told her I was going to take a shower.

I guess she was genuinely worried that something had happened to me – I was too carried away to realise how loudly I was moaning and groaning. The flimsy little bolt on the bathroom door gave way as she burst in – “DISGUSTING HOMOSEXUAL PERVERT” was one of the milder things she called me – she stormed out saying to never dare talk to her again.

By the Friday I was still feeling ashamed and depressed – I hadn’t had time to fix the bathroom lock yet. Anyway – I just hadn’t felt in the mood to masturbate- though my body had other ideas – I’d been getting unwanted erections on and off all day. It was the first time that week I’d ventured into the Coffee shop where Amy and I usually got together with our friends.

I was surprised as soon as I entered when I heard my name called out – I spotted Dominic’s distinctive dyed blonde hair as the twins waved me over. Sabrina was an old friend of Amy’s and had been to the same school in England as her. As with Amy she and her twin brother Dominic mostly used the English names they’d chosen. I’d previously been with Amy to a few dinner parties their mother had given.

They were very friendly and chatty – It seemed that at least Amy hadn’t said anything to them about me. Sabrina even said, “You’re best off without Amy … she only chose you because you’re a very handsome boy she thought she could boss about.”

I was surprised when they asked if I’d like to come to their place for dinner with them and their mother the next evening. They were both very popular at University – both of them did part time modelling work – their mother owns a model agency. Though they played this down saying it was just garment manufacturer’s catalogues – but they always wore the newest labels.

My latest erection had just about died down when Dominic smiled at me.

“You could stay the night?”

I remembered the plush bathroom at their expensive apartment in One Central – my cock started swelling again in my pants as I thought of how good it would be to be able to play with myself in the shower there.

On Saturday evening it was Mrs Lam who opened the door and welcomed me into their apartment – she was very elegantly dressed and looked amazingly youthful. I’d heard the story of how she’d had the twins as a young single mum in Hong Kong – still managing to become a successful model in China. Amy had made a few snide comments before about her marrying the elderly (now dead) Mr Lam being how she’d got the money to start her own business – though I think her remarks were mostly envy.

I admired the stunning evening view from the huge windows – thinking that my parent’s whole apartment would easily fit into their living room. Dominic and Sabrina came in to say hello.

“Chi and Jiang Li are cooking tonight,” Mrs Lam said in English.

I remembered from before that their mother preferred English – but used the twins Chinese rather than English names. At their previous dinner parties I’d been to with Amy – their young Filipino ‘Butler’ had made and served the meal.

Dominic and Sabrina bought the food surprisingly quickly – it was a Western style meal – steak wrapped in bacon with sauce.

“Sorry – it’s our poor attempt at Filet mignon,” Dominic said.

Mrs Lam laughed.

“Chi’s just fishing for compliments!”

It was a smaller meal than I’m used to – no rice – but really delicious. I tried to tell them how much I loved it – Mrs Lam smiled.

“You’re such a nice polite boy.”

During dinner Mrs Lam asked if I’d ever thought of doing modelling work. Dominic looked me in the eyes,

“You’re easily handsome enough!”

I started to wonder if the twins had asked me over because of their mother’s business. There was something about the way he’d looked at me that made me remember Amy hinting that Dominic was gay. I noticed his full lips and long eyelashes and felt a bit flustered as I realized I was getting an erection. Sabrina smiled.

“I bet you’d look good doing swimwear.”

I felt myself blushing, Mrs Lam laughed.

“You’re embarrassing our guest.”

After the meal it felt very civilised and sophisticated sitting on their expensive leather couches chatting in English. They all seemed very knowledgeable about politics and world affairs – but also drew me into the conversation – none of them talked down to me. It found it difficult to tell when Mrs Lam was joking – she spoke rather formally and used quite a few long English words I wasn’t very familiar with.

We were drinking low alcohol beer – I’d managed to not pee all evening. I was enjoying the increasingly full feeling in my bladder and started to feel horny thinking about playing with myself later. Dominic said he needed to have a shower – the rest of us carried on talking. After a while he returned wearing a towelling robe and announced that he was going to bed. Then said to me that I looked sleepy and should he show me to my room?

It was quite early and I didn’t feel tired – but by now I was busting to pee. I also had a strong erection in my pants that I knew would show if I stood up. I was going to say that maybe I’d wait a while – when Dominic handed me my backpack. I seized the chance to hold this in front of me – saying goodnight and thanking them all for a great evening.

He led me into the large marble floored bedroom – pointing at the mirrored doors lining the wall opposite the window.

“Bathroom’s through there.”

I glanced around at the king sized bed and large TV screen above a long dressing table all along the other wall. When he left I checked out the bathroom – it was luxurious with a big shower and full height mirror opposite. I went back to the bedroom – my bladder was aching – I started feeling really horny thinking about pissing my pants and fucking myself. I took off my trousers and top – standing there in just my boxer shorts with a raging erection.

Dominic suddenly walked back in – smiling broadly.

“Drop your pants if you want to play!”

He let his robe fall to the floor -underneath he wore just a pink jock strap. The elastic material stretched up by his fully hard cock – making gaps at the sides where his balls bulged out, I looked at his gorgeous slim body and smooth light brown skin – he grinned and turned around so I could see his perfect bubble butt with the straps of his jock strap digging in – pulled tight by his erection.

He looked at the tent in my boxers,

“I can tell you really want to!”

I hesitated – thoughts that I wasn’t really gay went through my mind – but my eyes were flicking up and down his body taking in his hard nipples and the curve of his chest. He playfully pouted his lips.

“Also we’ve got something in common!”

He looked down – I saw his stomach muscles tense as he grunted. A dark spot appeared in the tight material above his cock head – then pee trickled through the fabric – dripping down between his silky smooth legs. He moaned.

“OHH Yes!”

A strong jet of piss spurted up through the material. He grinned at me – I was astonished and incredibly excited seeing Dominic openly doing my own secret perversion. He did another squirt – I could feel my cock twitching and my heart start pounding. It vaguely registered in the back of mind that Amy must, after all, have said something to them about me.

He released his cock from the jock strap – lowered it and kicked it away. I still did nothing – my eyes were locked onto his totally shaved groin. I took in his smooth tight balls – much bigger than mine and browner than the rest of his body. Dominic’s hard cock was pointing almost straight up – like mine does – though he’s uncut. As I gazed at him my balls were aching and my cock throbbing with desire – he’s just as beautiful as any of the naked boys I’d admired for so long on websites.

While I could tell myself that pictures and videos were just fantasy – a real life perfect fully aroused nude boy with trickles of piss down his legs blew the idea away forever. I don’t even remember making the decision – I just found myself taking off my boxers.

“WOW,” he said, “You’re gorgeous … look at yourself in the mirror!”

He started stroking his own cock and playing with his nipple. I’d never seen the look of sheer lust and desire in anyone’s eyes before or ever been looked at that way. “Such cute balls and so much hair …” he said. “I love boys with cut dicks! Turn around.”

I obeyed – showing him my rear. Dominic came up behind me and gently caressed my ass cheeks.

“Mmm you’ve got a beautiful butt!”

He lightly stroked the sides of my body – then his lips brushed my neck. I felt his body against my back – his warm firm cock nestled between my ass cheeks and against my spine. My body was tingling as he reached around and brushed his fingers against my hard nipples while he switched between my ears softly licking and nibbling them. Foreplay with Amy had always been rather mechanical and mostly me doing it – never like Dominic’s exquisite tender lover’s touch on my body.

“You want me so bad … look in the mirror,” he whispered in my ear.

I saw a thin silver thread hanging down from the head of my cock as I felt it throbbing with longing for him to touch me. He started stroking the inside of my legs then his fingers caressed my aching balls – he turned me around to face him. His lips brushed lightly against mine – I sighed as at last I felt him stroke my shaft – I reached out – doing the same to him and fondled his tight smooth balls.

As we kissed softly I felt Dominic’s hand round my shaft wanking me and his other flicking and pinching my nipple. I held his rock hard cock and looked down – I loved the contrast of the shining pink head of his cock against the brown of his foreskin as I rolled it up and down.

We moaned as our tongues entered each other’s mouths while we kissed. We wanked each other faster – Dominic let go of my cock and moved my hand from his. We pressed our bodies together squeezing our cocks between us – our hands grasping each other’s ass cheeks.

“Let’s go to the bathroom,” Dominic said.

I thought of being together with him in the shower – seeing and feeling his virile cock spraying piss onto my naked body – it made me so excited I could feel the tension building inside me. He led me through to the bathroom – opening a cabinet to get a blue tablet which he bit into and handed me half.

“Viagra – good for a long playtime!”

I moaned and fondled his balls. He giggled.

“Not yet Sweetie! Plenty of time for pee later … first I need to get you nice and clean.”

I was surprised and curious – he unhooked a hose next to the toilet with a plastic attachment on the end – turned on the taps – letting the water run onto his wrist while he adjusted these.

“Have you had an enema or douche before?”

I shook my head and said no. He slapped my ass.

“Bend over … tell me if it starts to feel uncomfortable … each time try hold the water in for as long as you can.”

It was very erotic and intimate – while he was doing it he fondled my cock which was so hard I was hardly aware of my busting bladder. The times I was sitting on the toilet he kneeled down and we kissed while he played with my cock – I was too excited to feel embarrassed.

While we were doing it we didn’t talk much – he said how hot I was and we touched each others bodies a lot. He asked me if Amy was on the pill – I said not. He grinned;

“I guess you used condoms? She the only girl you’ve done it with?”

I said yes to both – he looked at me.

“Or other boys?”

I felt my face blushing

“I’m not … um … no, none … how about you?”

He grinned.

“Guess it’s rather complicated! Also sometimes pick up boys … always safe sex … also regular tests … you OK to bareback?”

I felt desire swell in my groin – I stroked his cock.

“I want your naked cock in me so bad!” I heard myself saying.

He grinned and fondled my cock

“I need your lovely dick inside me to!”

He turned on the shower and we soaped down each other’s bodies – spending a lot of time on our throbbing erections – then used the huge fluffy white towels to dry each other. I asked him if he needed to clean himself out as well – He grinned and said that’s what he’d been doing earlier.

We stood facing each other and kissed long and hard while Dominic held our cocks together wanking both of us. He gave a muffled groan in my mouth and I felt his hot stream spray onto my cock head. I moaned in delight feeling the wetness on my tummy and his warm piss on my balls – splashing down on the tiled floor between my legs.

He broke off kissing and kneeled down to suck my cock wanking it at the same time with his hand. He held still for a while with my cock in his mouth. I knew what he wanted – I tried to push but I was too excited to pee. After a bit he stood up again smiling at me.

“Don’t worry, I know you will!”

I was surprised when Dominic took hold of my cock leading me back towards the bedroom. I was about to say that I wanted to stay in the bathroom and piss together when I was startled to see Sabrina. She was lying naked on the bed – her legs spread wide with her hand rubbing her shaved crotch – the duvet gone.

The thought briefly crossed my mind that maybe she was expecting only me to be there until she looked at Dominic holding my cock and grinned.

“I see my brother’s been giving you a helping hand!”

He gave my cock a few playful wanks then let go of it – she smiled at me.

“Nice Dick! Twins get used to sharing nice things … you’ve been naughty boys?” She held up Dominic’s jock strap, “Someone’s peed their pants!”

Dominic grunted as a big spurt of piss suddenly shot up from his cock – wetting the bed sheet – some splashing his sister’s small pert breasts. He grinned.

“Accidents can happen to anyone!”

I felt my cock straining with excitement as I saw her spread his pee on her body with her hands. She smiled at me – her eyes flicking up and down my body – then she groaned as a short jet of piss squirted out between her legs. My balls ached as I thought about what she’d just done. She got up off the bed.

“See what a rude boy my brother is!”

Dominic smiled

“See what a slut my sister is!”

Sabrina stood at the edge of the bed – raising one leg to rest her foot on it. She put a hand on her hip and with the other started massaging her pussy.

“Don’t listen to my brother – I’m really a nice shy respectable girl!”

I was incredibly horny but a bit bemused – I knew the twins were playing a game but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Dominic went over to stand in front of his sister – from behind I saw him bend his knees and his firm ass muscles start flexing. I moved towards them – wanting to see if he was really rubbing his cock against her. Sabrina looked over his shoulder at me.

“See what my naughty brother’s doing now!”

Once I got beside them I realized that Dominic wasn’t just touching his sister with his cock – I saw his shaft was sliding in and out of her pussy – he grinned at me

“I told you my sister’s a slut!”

They began kissing full on the mouth – both moaning as Dominic’s body started thrusting hard. My cock throbbed with lust as I watched brother and sister totally uninhibited doing something so amazingly taboo right in front of me. I groaned as I felt the tension in my body grow and my ass muscles starting to contract. Dominic was still fucking her fast as they stopped kissing and Sabrina looked at me.

“Sounds like you need to pee as well?”

I struggled to stop myself from touching my cock and moaned.

“I think I’m going to cum!”

“You can set-up the camera to help you cool down,” Dominic said.

He carried on pumping Sabrina as he told me to open one of the unit doors and get out what looked like a camcorder on a small tripod. He gave me instructions on what buttons to press – there was no cable attached to the camera but suddenly the view of the bedroom appeared on the big screen on the wall.

Dominic told me to put the camera on the floor behind Sabrina pointing up beneath her. The view of Dominic’s beautiful big balls and his shaft thrusting in and out of his sister’s pussy filled the screen.

Dominic reached around her and I saw his fingers at the top of the picture – then his middle finger pushing into her ass hole. Sabrina grunted and I watched his balls become shiny wet – then her piss begin dripping from them – splashing the floor and running down his legs. I was incredibly aroused – switching between looking at them kissing as they fucked and seeing the view of them from below on the screen.

Sabrina looked down at the thin sliver thread again hanging from the tip of my cock.

“I think you need to cool down a bit more!”

She reached out and fondled my balls – then took hold of my cock – guiding me to stand next to them. Sabrina began kissing me and gently stroking my shaft – moaning into my mouth as her brother pounded her pussy.

Dominic slowed down as Sabrina moved her head back and looked at me.

“Did you used to lick Amy’s cunt?”

She wanked my cock as I moaned.

“Ahh – She let me do it once … but she didn’t like it”

She giggled.

“Amy always was a silly girl! … Would you like to lick mine?”

“First I need to pee,” Dominic said.

He bent his knees – his cock only just inside her pussy and grunted. They both moaned as he pushed deep inside her again – on the screen we watched piss squirting out from her around his shaft – soaking his balls.