John and Anita lived next door to Lucy and Mark in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac.

The four of them had a great relationship and considered each other good friends. John and Mark helped each other if there was something heavy to move, and Anita loved babysitting Lucy and Mark’s two children. Most Friday nights, John and Anita would pop over, bottle of wine in hand, and the four would unwind and have weekend drinks. They would discuss everything together – world events, parents, kids, work. After several years, they knew each other very well.

John thought that Lucy was hot. She was 10 years his junior, and being a part-time yoga teacher, had a trim physique with petite breasts. Petite breasts were fine for John – he wasn’t a man that needed big boobs on a woman. Big, small, he didn’t care – but he loved how it made women feel when they were touched and sucked just right. In his experience, the smaller they are, the more sensitive – so if he had to give a preference, smaller breasts came out on top. Most importantly, John thought that Lucy was one of the prettiest women he’d ever met. Occasionally she’d be working in the garden and John would watch Lucy when she didn’t know that he was there. It didn’t matter if she was wearing her baggiest clothes – she looked fantastic in everything, and her body made him think naughty thoughts. But John was devoted to Anita, so he had definitely relegated his lusty feelings for Lucy into the fantasy realm.

One day, both Anita and Mark were out at work. John worked from home, and it was Lucy’s day off. John walked next door, empty egg carton in hand, to ask Lucy for some eggs for his lunch time omelette. Knowing that he was out of eggs, he’d normally just choose another meal for lunch, but Lucy had asked to “borrow” so many pantry items from them in the past, fair’s fair he thought.

John knocked on the door. No answer, but Lucy’s car was in the car port. That wasn’t unusual. Lucy & Mark had a fairly large house. She could be anywhere in it and not hear him.

He cracked open the front door (which no one in the street ever locked during the day) and called out “Lucy?”.

“John? Is that you?” Lucy called back a little hesitantly. From the direction of her voice, John could tell that Lucy must have been in the living room – a little way off to the side and not visible from the entrance hall.

“Hi! Yeah. I just wanted to ask for a couple of eggs please,” asked John. He let himself in and took a few steps into the hallway.

“Oh phew. Yeah, of course! Come grab some, but I have to warn you that I’m naked.” Lucy let the last bit trail off.

“Oh damn. Sorry. I’ll come back later. Actually, it’s OK – I can do without the eggs. Sorry again!” said John, turning around and aiming to let himself out. But the thought of Lucy naked immediately stirred something in him. He conjured the images of her in the garden – minus the clothes. Lucy’s kitchen opened up onto the living room, so retrieving eggs would mean encroaching on her… well… nakedness.

Before John reached the front door, Lucy called “It’s OK! I’m just doing my yoga, and I like to do it naked sometimes. Come in! It’s fine. Really!”.

‘Oh my god,’ thought John. His lusty feelings for Lucy immediately kicked in. She was actually inviting him to be in the same space as her while she was naked. He wanted to say yes. Actually, YES. But this was his next door neighbour. “But… what would the neighbourhood think?” he said as way of a joke to try to dispel his own anxiousness.

“Oh screw the neighbours! Come in, it’s fine!”

John paused, then against better judgement, let his lust win out, but with a compromise. “OK, thanks, but I promise not to look. Straight to the fridge for me!”. John immediately started the short distance down the hallway to the kitchen area.

“You can look,” said Lucy simply.

‘Shit,’ thought John to himself. ‘She’s actually given me permission.’

Lucy had secretly wanted John to see her naked for a while. It all started on one of their Friday night drinking sessions: Both John & Lucy were lamenting the fact that both of their houses had huge windows that overlook the street. John complained that he liked to be able to walk around the house naked, but couldn’t if they’d forgotten to close the blinds (which was most of the time). Lucy had said she felt exactly the same, but occasionally forgot about it anyway, and then realised that she was in full view of anyone on the street who happened to be passing by. Luckily there was very little traffic on the street. John had piped up and said that too many people in the world worry about being naked, and that the human body was beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. Lucy had agreed completely. They’d never talked about it since, but Lucy remembered the conversation vividly. So did John.

But John stuck to his promise, and made a bee line to the fridge, eyes focused straight ahead.

“I SAID … you can look!” said Lucy. It was almost a command. “Remember? ‘People worry about being naked too much’?”

‘Shit,’ thought John again. ‘Did she actually quote me word for word in that conversation we had?’ The implications were not lost on John. Lucy had been thinking about being seen naked by others. By him? Had she thought about seeing him naked? Surely not – although not overweight – he wasn’t exactly Fabio. And he was 10 years older than her.

John realised he had been defeated by his own argument. A body is a body after all. He felt his cock growing as he thought about his next action.

He turned and faced Lucy.

She was holding a yoga pose. He had no idea which one – he knew nothing about yoga. He didn’t care. He could see her cleanly shaven pussy, her perky breasts with erect nipples, her beautiful muscle tone, her cleanly shaven pussy (longer look this time). She was exquisite. Far more, in truth, than he’d ever fantasised about. His erection grew bigger and made a noticeable bulge in his pants. Lucy saw the direction of his gaze and smiled.

“I’m … sorry!” John stammered, when he realised that Lucy saw that he’d taken her permission a little too far.

Then Lucy’s gaze lowered and she fixed it on his ever growing bulge. She smiled appreciatively.

John tried to act normally. “Do you do this a lot?” ‘Stupid question,’ he thought. ‘Why did I ask that?’ A pang of guilt hit him as he thought how Anita would feel about him looking at Lucy that way.

“Only sometimes when I’m alone,” said Lucy. She paused. “You wanna try it?”

“Me?” John laughed. “You don’t want to see me naked.”

“Why not? Come on, it’s really freeing.” Lucy saw John’s reluctance. “I promise not to judge.” She came out of her position and sat cross-legged on the floor facing John. It caused the lips of her pussy to separate a little, which drove John wild. He imagined the taste of her, of feeling the slipperiness of her wet cunt against his cock, of fucking her hard until they both came.

John was simultaneously embarrassed and excited. Seriously excited. His erection maxed out, even causing a bit of pain as his cock pushed hard against his jeans. “We can’t! I mean, what would Anita and Mark have to say about this?”

“They’ll never know. I promise not to tell if you don’t?”.

John was torn. Guilt mixed with lust. In the end, the hormone surge won out. “Alright, what the hell?”. To stop himself from changing his mind, he undressed so fast that he practically ripped his clothes off. Removing the pants over his huge erection took a bit of doing. Lucy grinned mischievously when she saw his hard cock, but said nothing. Lucy felt a little guilt too. Mark would definitely NOT understand the situation unfolding here, and she had to admit to herself that she was getting pretty aroused by the sight of John’s stiff cock. But she loved Mark dearly, and wasn’t thinking of actually doing anything with John. She knew that she was betraying him, if only a little bit, and only mentally.

John walked towards where she was sitting in the living room and started to sit down a respectable distance from Lucy.

“Looking is fine, but no touching. Agreed?” said Lucy. And she meant it. It’s not that she was wasn’t attracted to John, but she had always been faithful to Mark.

“Of course!” exclaimed John defensively. And he meant it too. He was still feeling occasional waves of guilt for even doing this.

“Right, do what I do.”

For about a quarter of an hour, Lucy led John through different yoga positions. He was pretty bad at some of them, but gave them his best shot. All the time, he kept his gaze fixed on Lucy. Often her face, and looking into her beautiful eyes, but inevitably he would get distracted by the sheer sex emanating from Lucy’s pussy, and he couldn’t help his gaze shift there. Lucy was loving John’s unabashed attention, and likewise mostly watched his rock hard cock, which hadn’t shown any sign of going down the entire time. She was wet. She knew it. John knew it too – he could see her wetness in some positions where he was looking directly into her cunt. They were both feeling guilt again, but the hormone rush was obliterating all but the remnants of it.

The space they were in was not huge, and in some positions, her cunt was close enough that he got a nose full of her enticing aromas. That drove him even more wild. He fantasised about plunging his tongue directly into her crack and licking up every last drop of her juices.

It was in one of those moments that Lucy, gaze still fixed on his cock, gave a wicked smile. John, puzzled, looked down at his cock, and saw a large amount of pre-cum on the tip. So much that it was about to drip onto the carpet.

“Oops,” he said, and deftly captured it all with his index finger. Without thinking, he put his finger straight into his mouth, and sucked it clean. Knowing that there would be more to arrive soon, he then squeezed his cock from the base to the tip, and ate the remaining pre-cum.

Lucy had a quizzical look on her face.

“I love the taste of my pre-cum,” John explained. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. It was sweet and slightly salty. Except for people’s own mental issues with it, he’d be surprised if anyone didn’t like it.

Lucy’s loins felt like they were about to explode with heat. “And… have you ever tried your cum?” she ventured.

John paused, but only for a short while. Spending so much time naked in front of each other, he was starting to feel that he had nothing to hide – physically or mentally – from Lucy. Far more so than in his relationship with Anita.

“A few times when I’ve masturbated, and there was this one time when I was a teenager. My girlfriend at the time was going down on me, and before I came, I asked her to save me some. I meant for her to swallow most of it, which she loved to do. Instead, when I was finished cumming, she laid me on my back and gave me a huge passionate kiss. All of my cum came flooding into my mouth and straight down my throat. That was pretty sexy, but I haven’t done it since.”

“Did you like it?” asked Lucy. The thought of John eating his own cum was a huge turn on for her – not that she really needed any more turning on at the moment.

“Yes. Very different to pre-cum, but good. I kind of feel a bit dirty doing it – but good dirty, if you know what I mean.”

“I didn’t have you pegged for being kinky, John!”. John wasn’t sure if that was good or bad in Lucy’s books. She saw his worried look. “Oh, don’t worry, I like a bit of kinkiness, too!”

“How about you? Do you like the taste of cum?” he asked.

“I do. It’s kinda different for different guys. Maybe it’s their diet? I dunno, but I always love it.”

“And do you like the taste of yourself?” asked John, feeling bolder and not wanting the momentum of their conversation to subside.

“Yes!” said Lucy. With that, she quickly inserted two of her fingers into her soaking cunt, withdrew them and sucked on them immediately.

John let out an audible grunt. Lucy was suitably impressed that her performance had the desired effect. She smiled coyly, and John thought, maybe seductively?

Clearly the intimacy of their conversation had escalated quickly.

“So… any other kinky thoughts or practices you’d care to share?” Lucy asked, with a devilish grin.

“Well…,” John started, then paused. Of course there was more he COULD say. And their sudden no-holds-barred intimacy made him confident. But he wasn’t sure that he could share this with Lucy.

“Remember, I told you I wouldn’t judge,” coaxed Lucy.

“That was about me getting naked.”

“I would never judge your body OR your mind. I promise I’ll never tell anyone anything we’ve discussed.”

John summoned the courage to tell Lucy what he’d never told anyone. “I sometimes drink my own pee, and would love a little pee play,” he confessed. He immediately regretted saying it.

Lucy paused, but not for the reason that John thought. “Hmmm. I’ve often wanted to do it myself. And I’ve even started but chickened out at the last moment.”

John couldn’t believe it. Not only was Lucy OK with it, but she felt at least partially the same. It only made him hornier, and he reached down and ate some more of his pre-cum to stop it spilling on the carpet. That drove Lucy wild, and she did likewise by inserting her fingers in her cunt again – this time moving them around inside a little longer. She then sucked her fingers with relish. John heard the squelch when her fingers entered, and knew that she was dripping wet. Her pungent smell was clouding all rational thought for him.

“Do you like the taste? Of your pee?” she asked.

John nodded. “But you need to drink lots of water so that it’s not really strong-tasting”.

After a short moment, Lucy asked: “Will you teach me how much? Make me not chicken out?” The thrill of what she’d just asked heated both of their groins yet again.

“You want me to force you to drink your own pee?” asked John incredulously.

“Not force. I want to! I’ve started so many times. I just need some guidance and encouragement! Do it with me? You drink your pee, and I’ll drink mine? It’s still not touching each other, right?”

The thought aroused both of them further. John thought for a few seconds.

“OK,” he said finally. “When?”

“Now!” she cried. If they let this moment go, she knew she’d think too much about it and never let the situation happen again. It was now or never.

John threw caution to the wind. His guilt now gone completely – replaced by pure carnal thoughts.

“OK,” he said, and Lucy beamed a huge smile. “God you have a beautiful smile, Lucy.” She rewarded him with an even bigger one.

“It’s your first time, so we have to make sure it doesn’t turn you off doing it again. We’re going to drink lots of water. Pee that into the toilet but don’t drink it. Then drink lots more water, and enjoy the second lot,” he instructed.

“How much?” asked Lucy.

“We’ll keep drinking water until we’re busting. At least three glasses,” said John. They had now switched roles – John the instructor, Lucy his very willing student.

They set to it, drinking a big glass and letting it settle, then more. The yoga was completely forgotten. In between they sat on the floor facing each other’s naked bodies, sharing their own sex encounters in vivid detail. They got hornier and hornier. They both instinctively avoided talking about their current relationships with Anita or Mark – lest they feel a resurgence of guilt. By this stage, sitting naked with each other, openly staring at each other’s sex, began to feel completely normal for them. It must have been a good hour now since John first arrived. He glanced at the clock on the wall to make sure that there was no danger of their partners coming home soon. Plenty of time, he thought.

Eventually, Lucy declared “OK, I’m busting now!”. She got up and walked, fairly quickly, down to the bathroom. He watched her perfect ass wiggle down the hallway. She didn’t bother closing the door. They had nothing to hide from each other now.

John could hear Lucy pissing into the toilet. It started quickly. She must have been busting to go, he thought. He was also feeling an urgency to pee – they had drank glass-for-glass. After a few seconds, Lucy called out with some urgency “John, come here!”.

The way she said it, it sounded like something was wrong, so he bolted up and ran to the bathroom to see a heavy stream of piss coming from Lucy’s beautiful pussy and into the toilet. He wanted to fuck her right then and there. He wanted her piss all over his body, and in his mouth. He wanted to do everything with her. But he composed himself. “What’s up?”

“Is that the right colour?” she asked. “Have we drunk enough?”

“Yeah – it’s good! Almost clear. You still want to go through with this?”

“More than ever!” breathed Lucy. A surge of electricity went through her cunt as she made the commitment out-loud. With that, she’d finished. The torrent of pee had subsided, and she openly wiped her pussy with toilet paper in front of John.

“OK, move off. I’ve gotta pee too,” he said. The sound of the peeing had given his bladder a mind of its own.

She jumped out the way, and he aimed his penis over the bowl. It was still too hard to let any out, but he knew from experience that thinking about peeing would soften him enough.

“Can I watch you?” asked Lucy. The desire in her eyes was obvious.

“Of course! I just watched you didn’t I?”

“Did you enjoy it?” she ventured.

“Oh my god, did I? I’m sorry, but I’m so bloody horny right now!”. The memory of watching her counteracted all of his concentration to soften his erection. It stood bolt upright again. “Let me get this under control…,” he said.

“OK, I’ll be quiet and just watch.”

After a few seconds, his cock went down enough to allow a trickle. Then a gush of pee came pouring out of him. After he finished, he tapped a few times and, with a sneaky grin, used his finger to wipe a dot of pee from the tip of his cock. He put it in his mouth and sucked. He couldn’t really taste it, there was so little of it. But it had the desired effect, judging by the look on Lucy’s face. He could see the desire in her eyes. He couldn’t believe the turn of events today that led to this. He was in bliss, but he knew it was going to get better.

Lucy was understanding the intimacy of John’s desires. Especially the part where he mentioned “pee play” briefly. Although she’d only ever fantasised about drinking her own pee, she could now see that the whole experience was evoking strong feelings in her. She wondered what it would feel like to put her hand under John’s stream of piss, maybe even taste his pee. The wetness started in her cunt again.

“Act 2?” asked John.

“Yes, please!”

They walked quickly back to the living room, and repeated their water drinking and sex story telling. After more glasses of water, Lucy almost whispered to John “OK. I think I’m ready.”

“OK, let’s take our glasses to the bathroom in case some spills,” said John. He was also feeling that his bladder was about to overflow. “…and … the rule is that we must empty our bladders completely and drink all of it. Right? No chickening out,” he said.

Lucy loved that he had basically commanded her. “OK. I promise”

They wasted no time. Once in the bathroom, Lucy placed her glass on the tiled floor and squatted over it. John held his glass under his cock, and willed his erection to subside enough. Lucy was struggling for her stream to start, suffering the same problem as John. Eventually she started first. The first trickle was timid and slid down her pussy and then her inner thigh. John noticed and thought how delectable it looked. She ignored the dribble and a second later had a strong stream filling her glass. John started too and he quickly flooded the glass with the only slightly yellow urine. Lucy’s was the same colour. Good, he thought. This is Lucy’s best shot at a first time. Even then, he was worried. He remembered his first time, and was slightly put off by the foreign taste. But he’d grown to love it since. What if Lucy hated it? But he resigned himself that it was out of his hands.