“Please, baby—do it for me! You don’t know how incredibly hot it will make me just thinking about you having your pictures taken.” Candace turned on the sofa and snuggled her breasts against her boyfriend. Even through her top and sweater, it felt good to press her nipple against his arm. “And just thinking about all the women who will see the calendar and look at you, wishing they were in the picture next to you to feel your hard cock . . . damn! How hot is that?”

She scooted one thigh on top of his, a prelude to straddling him. He needed convincing.

“They’re only pictures, Justin. I could never even stand the idea of some other woman next to you when you’re naked.” Candace inched closer into position astride his lap. “But, god—the thought of all those coeds ogling your incredible body and hard cock and wishing they could play with you.” She leaned into Justin’s ear to whisper, “For some reason that just drives me wild.”

Justin’s resolve was not going to last long under his girlfriend’s assault. Candace was the best thing that ever happened to him in every way. She was a bonafide TEN. Not a poorly lit dance club ten. Not a lingering glance at a lovely lady walking across the street ten. Not even a Santa Monica beach bunny ten. No, Candace was an in-your-face, little-black-dress, Playmate-of-the-Year TEN.

Who made great Sunday morning pancakes that were just barely crunchy at the very edge because of how she cooked them in butter in the skillet.

Who then served them to him using only natural maple syrup.

Who turned every man’s and woman’s head in the place when she dressed up to go out to a concert or a play or even just a movie with him.

Who gave the hands-down best blowjob any man could ever experience.

Whose pussy tasted like . . . well, Justin knew how lucky he was. He worked to make Candace happy. He LOVED making Candace happy. That he was older by a few years and established in a job that paid well enough to treat her to surprises was perfect. He knew that he wasn’t buying her affection—Candace loved him—yet making enough money to lavish her every now and then with a getaway or jewelry was as perfect as her light brown hair, dark brown eyes, pert breasts, and slim figure.

She was also the perfect mix of free-spirited college co-ed and down-to-earth, responsible adult who was mature enough to be serious about launching her career yet adventurous enough to sample all manner of life’s treats along the way.

But in spite of all that perfection and how much he truly enjoyed making Candace happy, Justin managed some protestations about this calendar pictures thing:

“But there will be a photographer there. What if it’s a woman?”

“Doesn’t count,” Candace giggled. “Except when I fantasize that I’m the photographer telling you the poses I want you in for the shots.”

“But you said you can’t stand the idea of other women next to me when I’m, uh-”

“Shhh, baby,” she cooed. “The calendar is put out by a company that’s been doing them for the past five years. It’s really a professional, classy product. I’m sure nothing could possibly happen on the photo shoots of the guys in the calendar.”

“But, Candace, what, what if I’m not really . . . uhmm . . . not . . .” Justin searched for the words. Shit! How could he even say this to her? He swallowed hard. “What if I’m not as buffed as the other guys in the calendar?”

Cop out, Justin thought. Why didn’t I just tell her that I’m worried the other guys might have bigger cocks?

Candace leaned back a bit, now in position and completely straddling his thighs. She eyed him thoughtfully for a moment. The corner of her mouth turned up slightly, the barest hint of a smile that lingered for only a few seconds before she broke into a big grin.

“What are you worried about? No other man could possibly taste as good as you. No other man’s nice, stiff, cock could possibly make me hotter or happier.” She unbuttoned her sweater as she continued talking. “Will some man in the calendar have a bigger dick? Yeah, probably—there’s always one picture of some guy, usually Mr. December, who is huge.” She shrugged off the sweater. “But your tasty cock is perfect, Justin. There IS something to be said for quality over quantity.” Candace released her hair from the pony tail she’d been wearing, her chestnut locks shaking out to frame her beautiful face and gorgeous brown eyes. “Besides, baby, your cock is plenty big anyway. Remember? We measured because I wanted to know how much was sliding into my pussy when you drive me crazy with that thing you do to hit the spot like nobody else possibly could. Seems like seven inches is way above average, at least, when you’re talking about any group of men except ugly porn actors.”

How do you always know EXACTLY what to say? thought Justin.

“So no woman is going to touch my man’s privates, and the women who look at the calendar are all going to have their individual preferences no matter what—black guys, guys with long hair, guys with sexy shoulders, blonde guys, guys who aren’t circumcised—Justin, I guarantee you no woman looking at the calendar is going to think that your cock isn’t fantastic.” Candace scooted off him, walked to the fireplace and flicked on the switch to bring a roar of flame to the gas logs. She turned back to him, stood in place, and pulled her top off, tossing it into a nearby chair. Wearing only her bra from the waist up, she moved back to his lap, resuming her position.

Not fair! he thought. I’ll do anything you say when you’re naked.

“Justin, babe, when I take off my bra and you see how hard my nipples are, it’s because of the thought of your gorgeous, naked body in a beautiful picture in a calendar that will be bought by hundreds of eager coeds who like to see naked men and make up stories in their heads about the guys in the pictures.” She reached behind her back to undo the clasp on her bra. “That is so hot. My man, my fantastic, sexy man, naked and starting all kinds of naughty fantasies in the minds of the women who see his picture.” She slid her bra down her arms, tossed it aside, and shimmied just a bit to emphasize the shape of her breasts.

She wanted Justin to see how very hard her nipples were. She wanted him to stare at them.

“See, baby? I am so turned on by this. Have you ever seen my nipples this hard?”

He couldn’t resist teasing her. A bit of revenge for her pressure to do this crazy thing.

“Yeah, Candace. Last summer. You were wearing that yellow tube top made of the really clingy, thin material. We went to the grocery store. You took a long time trying to decide which brand of ice cream to get.” He grinned at her as he reached his hands to her beautiful globes and pinched her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. “I’d say your nipples are about as hard now as they were then.”

“Well, maybe,” she pouted. “But you couldn’t do in the grocery store what you’re doing to me now.” Candace leaned back just a little bit, causing her nipples to be tugged forward in Justin’s grasp. “Oh, yeah, that feels good.”

He leaned forward, releasing his grip, and took one of her hard nubs into his mouth, gently trapping it between his front teeth.

“Oooh, baby, you know I love that,” she purred, head thrown back.

Justin began a combination of sucking mixed with soft, teasing pinches of her nipple between his teeth.

She sucked in a big breath. Her stomach fluttered.

Sensing her reaction, Justin released her nipple and leaned back against the sofa cushion to look at Candace. A slight flush underneath her collarbone told him she was rapidly becoming too horny to do anything but fuck him to a glorious climax.

It was something he would love, as well.

But right now, he had one more objection to her outrageous request. Surely she couldn’t think of a way to counter this final reason that he was reluctant to pose naked as Mr. Whatever-Month in a calendar with pictures of eleven other naked men.

“And you say this calendar is sold to college sororities as a fundraiser, huh? How do you know that’s the only place where the thing is on sale?” He placed both hands on her breasts, cupping them and toying with them. He knew she loved the warmth of his hands against her naked skin. “How do you know that the calendar isn’t peddled around at other places?”

Her puzzled look told him he might finally have a bit of leverage in his protestation about granting her request.

“You know good and well what I’m talking about, Candace,” he said, his tone playful in spite of the words. “You told me once that you and your girlfriends, way back in middle school when Playgirl was still on the newsstands, knew who bought it. You said yourself that when you and your friends used to sneak into your friend’s sister’s room and look at her issues, even then, at that age, you knew that gay guys bought the magazine, too, because they liked to see other men naked.”

Instantly, Justin knew he’d been wrong to even bring this up.

Candace’s face clouded. “What are you saying?”

Justin tried backpedaling. “You know I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with people being gay. But the thought that, um, well, that-”

“Oh, good grief, Justin!” Candace blurted, interrupting his tortured confession. “You’re worried that gay men will see the picture and jerk off or something thinking about you?”

“It’s just that . . . no, there’s nothing wrong with some guys being gay, but when they . . . you know, if they were seeing me and . . .” Justin gave up and shrugged his shoulders, embarrassed.

Candace continued looking at him, waiting for an answer.

“It makes me uncomfortable to think about that,” he admitted.

“So what if your picture gets anyone who sees it sexually aroused? It matters whether it’s a girl or a guy? Are you serious?”

Justin’s uncomfortable glance away from Candace’s gaze told her the answer.

She softened. “Baby, the calendar’s marketing slogan has always been, ‘Twelve gorgeous guys to keep you ladies happy all year long.'” She reached a finger under his chin to raise his gaze to hers. “The sorority knows that it’s the boyfriends of sorority members in chapters all over the country who are recruited for the photos. Nobody’s going to think you’re posing and hoping other guys are going to look at it. All those girls are going to be thinking, ‘Damn! Who’s the lucky sister with THIS guy as her boyfriend?’ ”

She began unzipping his jeans. “Besides, so what if gay men do see your picture and get hard? That’s kinda hot to me, too.”


She was now fumbling with his belt buckle. “No, baby, I don’t want to see you with another guy. Are you kidding? That’s not how I think of you, just like I never, and I mean NEVER, think of you with some other woman.” She leaned forward to slide her hands inside the waistband on both sides of his hips. “But this whole idea of my man, my naked, handsome, sexy man, in a beautiful picture taken by a professional photographer . . .” Candace squirmed the palms of her hands into his briefs and levered down the sides, causing his jeans and the briefs to slide down his hips, “. . . and then to think that this beautiful picture will show you with your gorgeous cock nice and erect . . .” she grabbed the waist of his jeans and his briefs and tugged them completely down and underneath his ass, helped by the fact that Justin raised his hips to allow it, “. . . well, I don’t care who it is looking at that picture, the thought of the person seeing MY man and getting hot, and then me knowing that nobody but me will ever . . .” Candace leaned forward, scooting back on Justin’s thighs and sliding off his knees to lower herself to the floor in front of him, “. . . have his naked body to play with—Justin, it is so amazing and arousing to me that it absolutely demands that I do this . . .” and she pulled his jeans and briefs all the way to the floor before lowering her head to his crotch and immediately engulfing his penis in her mouth.

God! thought Justin. No way will I be able to resist now . . .

After a couple of minutes of her exquisite, deep-throat blowjob, Candace rose from her knees to shuck off her own jeans. She walked to the end table, opened the drawer, and pulled out a bottle of lube.

Justin groaned. His penis, slick with her saliva, pulsed in anticipation.

“Why don’t you scoot down a little bit to the edge of the cushion and get your pants and briefs out from around your ankles, baby,” she said in a sexy tone as she squeezed out some of the lube onto the middle finger of one hand. “I want your ass easy for me to get to.” She smiled at him and licked her lips. “You know where this finger is going, don’t you?”

Candace waggled her lubricant-coated finger in front of him. “I love doing it to you, babe. I just LOVE how it feels when you come and my finger’s inside you. I’m going to slip this finger into your asshole right now, and I’m going to slide your cock down my throat, too.”

Justin’s quickened breaths, eager actions to struggle out of his jeans, and the cute way he then slid down on the sofa so his tush was positioned nicely at the edge of the cushion reinforced for Candace the knowledge that he loved taking her finger-fuckings as much as she loved giving them.

“Oh, god, oh god, oh god,” moaned Justin as she took his cock back in her mouth and teased his asshole with her lubed finger at the same time. “Unnghh, oh, ahhh,” were the unintelligible sounds of ecstasy as she slid her finger inside him.”

“I love being inside you,” she said, slipping his cock from her mouth. “I love finger-fucking you in the ass and hearing your sexy moans, Justin. You’re gonna squirm and moan for me right now, aren’t you?”

Then she paused the motion of her finger as she slowly accommodated the entire length of his lovely penis down her throat. When she had her lips sealed around the base of his dick, she held him in her mouth like that, not breathing, and pushed her finger completely inside Justin’s asshole.

Little whimpering sounds of pleasure was all he could manage.

Then Candace began what produced for Justin the most intensely pleasurable physical sensations of their sexual couplings. She pressed the pad of her finger against his prostate, massaging there, and began bobbing her head up and down on his stiff cock, slurping and tonguing him with abandon.

In only a few minutes of this deeply intimate shared eroticism, Candace sensed that Justin was not far from a powerful orgasm. She pulled her mouth off his cock. With the hand at the base of his stiff penis keeping the purple head pressed lightly against her lips, she looked up into his eyes. “So you’ll be my little calendar boy, right?” She wiggled her finger inside his tight, warm bottomhole as she asked the question.

His lust-fogged brain produced a fleeting thought: Is this what they mean by agreeing to something under duress? God, no—can’t be. This is the furthest thing in the world from duress.

“It’ll make me so horny, Justin. I swear, thinking about your hot, naked bod in that picture, your cock sticking up all hard and long, your handsome face as you smile into the camera, and then thinking of how all the nasty coeds who’ll see it will want to feel you, to touch you, to play with your cock, but they can’t—they can only do it inside their fantasies. Shit! I’ll be so hot that I’ll want to suck your cock and fuck you in the ass with my finger every time I see you, babe!”

And she lowered her head, again sliding his cock down her throat, prepared for the gusher of an orgasm she knew was imminent as Justin moaned and squirmed on her finger.

“Yes-s-s-s-s!” was his exclamation as he sucked in a huge breath and drew up his shoulders, knowing that he was about to explode. Poised at the precipice of a rush over the edge of intense pleasure, Justin held his breath, his toes curling as he held back the moment only briefly, just long enough to say, “Yes, I’ll do it for you!”

It was as if all the pleasure in the galaxy was pulsing back and forth between the sensitive bundle of nerves under the head of his cock and the spot that Candace’s fingertip had been massaging.

She backed off his cock, knowing that these orgasms produced loads of his tasty cum. She let him spurt powerfully into her mouth, his snug warmth gripping and releasing her finger at the same time. Waiting for his contractions to subside, and becoming even more turned on by the sexual pleasure she was giving him, Candace finally swallowed and slid her mouth off his cock, smacking her lips in the process.

“Switch places, Justin. Quick! I have to have your mouth on my pussy right now!”

Summoning enough willpower to rouse himself from his blissed-out shivers, he slid down onto the carpet and turned around on his knees. Candace scrambled into position in front of him on the sofa, draped her legs over his back, and slid forward enough to place her gushing pussy right in front of his face.

“Eat me. Suck my clit. Please! Do it now, baby,” she said, using both hands to pinch and tug on her nipples. “God, I’m so hot. Lick my clit. Stick your fingers inside my pussy. Make me come!”

Justin tongued her, sucked her, fingered her, and generally slathered his mouth all over her vagina, sliding underneath on occasion to flick his tongue against her asshole as she purred encouragement. She ground her crotch into his face, desperate to force as quick an orgasm as she could trigger off.

Candace did not worry that getting there quickly would be shortchanging herself. She knew that her orgasm would be massive, would shake her body and her mind. Whenever she fingered Justin and sucked his cock, it turned her on incredibly. Feeling his hot hole grip her finger in wave-like contractions as he spurted into her mouth was the most intensely erotic act she had ever experienced. She craved the sensations of being inside him, sucking him, making him come.