“Hello, Specialty Medical Associates, how can I help you?” a friendly woman’s voice said to Jessica on the other side of the line.

“Uh, yes, hello, I would like to make an appointment please,” she said, nervously.

“Sure, hon, are you a new patient?”

“Uh, yes, yes I am.”

“Okay, well who would you like to see and what are we seeing you for?” Jessica heard the fast clacking of a computer keyboard in the background.

“Well, umm, my name is Jessica Porter and I’d like to see Dr. Cooper please,” she replied.

“Ahh, okay, Dr. Cooper is booked out for at least a month or so, can I ask what you are seeing him for?” the woman said.

“Um, it’s for, uh, well… I need a special, um, a special” she paused, suddenly wanting to abandon her quest, her nerves getting the best of her.

“Are you calling about a special pelvic adjustment?” the woman asked, with a knowing tone in her voice.

“Uh, yes, actually, yes I am. Is this the right Dr. Cooper?” Jessica said, in absolute shock that the woman knew what she was looking for.

“Hah, yes, yes this is the right Dr. Cooper, hon. Give me a second – that’ll be in another appointment book. Are you okay with evenings or a weekend?” she said.

“Yes, yes absolutely. That works better actually, um, yes.” she stammered, still in shock.

“Okay hon, how about this Thursday at 7pm?” she asked.

“Oh, wow, um, yes, please, yes that will work,” Jessica said. She couldn’t believe it was happening so fast.

“Okay, well I’ve got you down Miss Porter. Can I get an email? Dr. Cooper has very specific home prep instructions for this kind of visit. You must adhere to them strictly, or you’ll be turned away. He’s a busy man and doesn’t have time for anyone messing around, okay?” the woman said, sternly but still with a knowing tone to her voice. She was clearly in on it and Jessica found this sort of exciting. She gave the woman her email, feeling her heart beat faster as she did.

“Got it. Check that email and we’ll see you on Thursday. Bye hon,” she said, sort of sweetly.

As she hung up the phone, Jessica’s heart was pounding even faster and her pussy throbbed. What she had just managed to do was score an appointment with perhaps the most exclusive sex fetish doctor in the state. She was new in town and had just gotten into the local scene – she started visiting some BDSM bars and had gotten invites to a few local fetish play parties. She had been having fun and pretty soon heard about a doctor who, if you called and asked for the right thing, would fulfill any medical fantasy of your choice – within reason of course. She had always had a medical fetish, but was always disappointed in her play partners. Jessica was a nurse and could never, ever get over how cheesy the play was. No one used the correct terminology and no one really had the stern bedside manner she had been looking for. She wanted something that felt absolutely real, but was all about sex.

Jessica heard about Dr. Cooper from a woman she had just slept with after meeting at a club. Her name was Claire and they had fucked for a few hours and were up eating midnight snacks and her place (to fuel up for more fun) and they started asking each other about their fantasies and fetishes. They found out they both had a thing for doctors – which was one of the reasons Claire went home with Jessica in the first place. She told her all about how she had found out about a code word to give to this doctor’s office and he would bring you in after hours to do whatever you wanted. For her, she said was having “severe gag reflex issues,” and she scored an appointment with Dr. Cooper. At her appointment, or really her play session, he thoroughly examined her throat with his fingers and then fucked her face with his huge cock for hours. It sounded really hot. Jessica was so turned on and so interested, she grilled Claire more about it, which is how she heard about the “special pelvic adjustment” option. Apparently, a friend went in for that before Claire visited. It all seemed like a special, sexy game of telephone to get an appointment with him, where you had to hear the right thing from the right person to know how to get in to see the doctor. She was assured that he was sexy and a total professional, so Jessica decided to go for it.

Even though she was a bit nervous, hearing that her date had a good and safe time with the guy gave her a sense of confidence in the matter. She started to fantasize what it would be like when she heard the notification for her email and sure enough, it was her pre-appointment instructions. She eagerly opened the email and downloaded the attachment:

“Good evening Miss Porter –

We are happy to have you as a new patient at Specialty Medical Associates. For your appointment with Dr. Cooper, it has been requested that you do the following at home prior to coming in:

– Patient must arrive showered and clean.

– Pubic area must be freshly free of all hair (this includes around the patient’s anus).

– Patient must arrive with a full bladder, if not the appointment will be delayed in order for the patient to drink enough fluids to induce expression of a large amount of urine.

– Patient must perform at least two full enemas at home. Failure to do so would incur an additional charge for in-office administered enemas.

– Patient must inform the receptionist of any allergies (specifically to lubricants or latex) or special concerns upon arrival.

After hours parking is available in the lot behind the building. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you Thursday at 7pm.”

Jessica’s pussy throbbed almost uncontrollably at the site of the email. THIS is what she had wanted for so long, something real and official and medical. She rushed off to the bathroom to shave her pussy even though the appointment was two days from then.


The day of her appointment had finally arrived and Jessica practically sprinted out of work at 5pm, not stopping to say goodbye to anyone. She got a midday shift and was able to request to come in for an overnight the next day to allow for plenty of play time this evening. She sped home and tore her clothes off as soon as she arrived to her apartment. She jumped immediately into the shower and began to scrub herself down. Her pussy had been smooth for days, but she touched up her bikini line just in case. After she felt clean, she turned off the water and stepped out. After she toweled herself off, she began to fumble around with her enema kit. She hadn’t used it in ages because she hadn’t gotten fucked in the ass in awhile. She had only really been sleeping with women since she moved to town and hadn’t really thought about it much. As she filled the bag with warm water, she could feel her pussy begin to drool between her legs. She was so fucking horny already, she couldn’t believe it.

After the bag was full, she attached the rubber hose and hung the bag from a hook on the shower rod. She hadn’t done this in so long and she forgot how hot the whole process was. The bathroom was still warm and steamy from her shower and her pussy was already on fire. She squirted a small glob of lube onto her fingers and rubbed it generously over the nozzle of the hose. She bent over and as she stuffed the slippery nozzle into her asshole she let out a small moan of pleasure. Her ass was no stranger to invasion – she absolutely loved getting fucked in the ass and anal play. She shoved it in a few inches and clenched it with her sphincter muscles to savor the feeling of the small rubbed invader. Satisfied that it was secure, she reached up to let the water flow into the tube.

She laid down on the floor of her bathroom, a top a fresh towel, on her side with her legs up to her chest. She began to feel the water invade her bowels and stretch her insides. It was warm and she loved the feeling. It moved slow and she felt it start to slosh around as she adjusted her body to allow the rest of the water enter her. She was beginning to feel the familiar cramping as the bag emptied. She reached behind herself and pulled the nozzle out with a wet pop. She clenched her anus tight and laid for a few minutes. She began to caress her engorged belly, feeling the stretch of the water in her bowels. She was thrilled that it was requested of her to do this because it meant that her rectum was fair game for examination by Dr. Cooper. She held it for a good few minutes before she let it out in the toilet and repeated the process for the second enema. On the second enema, she laid on her back and savored the bump in her belly – she was positively pregnant with water and she smiled as she realized if she were lucky to score a follow up appointment, she would definitely be “forgetting” to do these at home. The thought of feeling this way while up on an examination table, underneath a dressing gown made her pussy throb harder than it had in ages. With a loud moan, she let out the second enema into the toilet and smiled. She felt clean and ready to go and began getting ready for her appointment.

She wasn’t too concerned with what she was going to wear because, hopefully, she wouldn’t be dressed long. She focused more on applying just a little bit more makeup that she usually would and doing her hair nicely. Even though she knew it wasn’t, it still felt like a date. She wanted to look nice, especially if the doctor ended up being as sexy as her new friend said he was. She was sure that he saw many “patients,” but she wanted him to remember her as someone special, if at least just one of the hotter ones. She put on a simple pair of jeans and a tight top with a deep v-neck. She was a solid C cup and wanted her cleavage to look good. As she got ready, she drank cup after cup of water and hot tea, heeding her other request to arrive bladder full. She was also into water sports, so she hoped that this what that was about. She looked at the clock and it was already 6:30, so she ran out the door eager to arrive early.

As she pulled up to the building, it was nearly dark. She pulled into a spot under the street light, assuming she would be leaving pretty late. She followed the side walk around the side of the building and was startled to see a woman waiting at the door for her. She opened it to let her in and said, “Miss Porter, I presume?” in a sultry voice she recognized from the phone.

“Uh, yes, that’s me,” she answered, taking in the sexy brunette in front of her. She was wearing tight jeans and a low scoop neck top, not exactly business casual, but this wasn’t an actual appointment after all.

“Right this way. I’m Alexa, I’ll be assisting Dr. Cooper tonight. Follow me.”

Jessica’s heart leaped into her throat at the thought of this sexy woman helping the doctor with her exam. She followed her closely and couldn’t keep her eyes off her perfect ass in her tight jeans. Her pussy was getting wet just watching her. Of all the things she liked about herself, Jessica loved the fact that she was into both men and women the most. She got the best of both worlds and loved that she was able to find pleasure in so many different kinds of bodies.

“Take a seat and fill out the forms on the clipboard,” Alexa said, pointing to the small couch in the waiting area. She took a seat and looked at the forms. She picked up a pen and began to fill it out as she heard Alexa pick up the phone and say, “Dr. Cooper, your seven o’clock is here to see you.”

The forms were surprisingly standard, until she got to the second page. The questions and [Jessicas answers] read:

Are you satisfied with the capacity of your vagina? Y/N [NO]

Do you wish to be able to accommodate more in your vagina during intercourse? Y/N [YES]

Have you had anal intercourse? Y/N [YES]

If so, are you satisfied with the capacity of your anus and rectum? Y/N [NO]

Do you wish to be able to accommodate more in your anal canal during intercourse? Y/N [YES]

Do you enjoy rough intercourse? Y/N [YES]

Do you prefer vaginal or anal intercourse and why? [ANAL because it feels more forbidden and nothing feels as good as my anus being stretched to its limits]

Do you enjoy your breasts being touched during intercourse? Y/N [YES]

Do your breasts lactate? Y/N [NO]

If no, are you interested in inducing lactation for the purposes increased pleasure during sexual play and intercourse? Y/N [YES]

Do you enjoy receiving oral sex? Y/N [YES]

Do you enjoy giving oral sex to a man? Y/N [YES]

Do you enjoy giving oral sex to a woman? Y/N [YES]

Do you have any hard boundaries during intercourse? [YES – scat play and anything too violent]

Do you have a safe word you use with partners during intercourse? [Not officially, but I will tell someone to STOP if I am uncomfortable]

She couldn’t believe it. It was EXACTLY what she was looking for, and then some! She had never considered getting her breasts to lactate. She had watched plenty of porn about it before, but she was excited about the possibility of it all, so it was a welcome surprise.

She finished the forms and brought the clipboard up to Alexa. She smiled as she took the forms from her and said, “perfect, follow me,” as she gestured to the door. She followed her down a hallway and entered a dimly lit room on at the end on the left. Mood lighting – how perfect. She was excited about an exam, but not for the florescent lighting that usually comes along with that in a doctor’s office. She gets enough of that at work.

“Miss Porter, please remove all of your clothing and put on the gown on the table. Take a seat and Dr. Cooper will be right with you.” she said, with a smile and wink as she closed the door behind her.

Jessica began to remove her clothes. She felt her pussy begin to throb as she slipped out of her jeans and panties. She tucked her shoes and bag away, putting her jeans and shirt on top of them. She unhooked her bra and lightly massaged her breasts, rubbing her hard nipples thinking about them maybe lactating soon. Imagining her breasts swollen with milk actually got her pretty horny. She slipped into the gown – it was all black, how incredible! Not white or printed like a regular gown. If it wasn’t already before, it was pretty obvious what this particular room was designated for. Along with the lighting, it was plenty warm so she didn’t feel cold, which just increased her arousal. She perched on the edge of the table and eagerly awaited her exam.

She heard a light knock on the door and the door slowly opened. “Miss Porter?” said a deep, sexy voice. Dr. Cooper entered the room and she took him in: he wasn’t as tall as expected but he was devastatingly handsome, and probably about 45. He wore black glasses, had a trimmed dark beard with slight flecks of grey, the same on his temples with a full head of hair. He was wearing a white coat, blue collared shirt, black tie, and tight tan slacks. He was definitely a real doctor, she could tell, and this made Jessica go even more wild with arousal. He had some muscle too – he clearly worked out and she could not believe the absolute jackpot she just hit with how hot this man was.

“Uhh, yes, hello, Dr. Cooper, right?” she said, picking her jaw up off of the floor.

He smiled and reached his hand out to shake hers and said, “yes, that’s me. Dr. Benjamin Cooper. How are you this evening?”

“Oh, good, uh, fantastic actually,” she said, stammering with excitement.

“Good, nothing bothering you? No pain you need to tell me about?”

“Nope, I’m allllll good,” she said, feeling like a dork.

“Good. Let’s take a look at your chart,” he said, sitting down. He rolled his chair closer to her and peered down at her forms.

“Hmmmmmm, okay, 32 and healthy, you work out, which I can already tell by looking at you. You’re a nurse? Well, it’s nice to have another healthcare professional in the room!” he said, smiling as he looked up at her over his glasses, taking her in. “Looks like you’re sexually active, which is, of course, great. Interested in working on both vaginal and anal capacity, very good. Enjoys oral, excellent, and interested in perhaps inducing lactation. Did you have any questions about that? I know this is a pelvic appointment, but I’ve found that often patients are interested in breast exams at the same time, so I’ve started to include that on the forms.”

“Oh, yes, I mean… I’ve always wondered how that works. I mean, I know how it works medically, but just not, well, like that. I’ve been, uh, interested in it for a bit, but just, well, I don’t get how it could work without, you know, being pregnant or taking a bunch of hormones, I guess? I mean, I’m a nurse and understand that lactation can be induced, but never thought about it for this purpose.” she responded. She was thrilled at his utter professionalism. It was such a huge turn on – absolutely no cheese or porn acting, just the real thing. THIS is what got her off.

“Of course, yes, well I’ve actually sort of devised my own method that I’ve found quite successful. In fact, we could even have you dropping your first small amounts of milk by the end of this session if you’d like. It’s a combination of a mild hormone cream and mechanical pump stimulation of the breasts and nipples.” He said, standing up and moving toward her.

“Oh, wow, well, yes, of course. Any side effects?” she asked, feeling her breath quicken as he moved closer.

“Only mild irritation from the cream has been reported and, of course, soreness from the pumping, which is to be expected. That soreness, however, is usually enjoyed by patients experiencing it. You can continue lactating as long as you like, as long as you continue the regime of pumping and expressing regularly to encourage your body to keep up milk production. If that is the case, we can book you a follow up appointment to handle that if you are letting down more milk than expected and you are unable to find a suitable outlet. Does that sound okay, Miss Porter?”

“Oh, yes, yes, that would be amazing, please, yes,” she said with excitement, feeling herself getting breathy with arousal.

“Great, well, let’s get started with the exam shall we? Please lay back on the table Jessica, is that okay if I call you Jessica?”

“Yes, please, doctor, Jessica is just fine,” she said as she laid back on the table. She heard the crinkle of the paper beneath her and her pussy began to throb harder.

“Great, Jessica, go ahead and move your buttocks down to the edge of the table and I will get your feet up into the stirrups,” he said, as he pulled them out of the sides of table, latching them into place. She obeyed the request and felt a slight breeze on her sopping wet pussy as she spread her legs to rest in the stirrups. They were covered in black velvet for comfort, another tell tale sign that this was Dr. Cooper’s special examination room.

“Okay, since we are inducing lactation, I will start with that cream to get the process started,” he said as he rummaged through the cupboard to find it. He reached for a box of black gloves and pulled them onto his large hands with a slight snap. He set the pump bottle of hormone cream onto a rolling table and brought it with him to the left side of Jessica as she lay on the table. She was spread eagle in the stirrups in her black gown. “Alright, I will need to exam your breasts before application,” he said as he slowly pulled her gown down, folding it over her waste to reveal perfect, perky C cups. Her nipples were rock hard, eager for his touch.

“Excellent shape, perfect areola. I’ll need to massage them before the cream is applied. This allows for better absorption and begins to stimulate your milk glands, as well as checks for any abnormalities or lumps,” he said. Jessica nodded and felt her pussy nearly explode as he started to gently massage and palpate her breasts. With his right hand, he began to sensually squeeze and rub at her left breast, firmly palpating the entire globe of flesh. He tweaked her nipple and began to firmly squeeze it with his gloved hand, at which she let out an involuntary moan of pleasure, “Goooood, good, your nipple is nice and responsive” he said as he listened to her moan. He palpated the entire breast a few more times before moving on to her right. He began the process again and Jessica moaned as he pinched her other nipple firmly.