At age 21, Jenna was still a virgin. Yes, a virgin. Not your typical died-in-the-wool, bible-thumping, fear of being struck dead by The Almighty virgin, but a virgin nonetheless. No, Jenna didn’t even go to church. If you asked her, she probably couldn’t even remember the last time she’d set foot in a church.

At a time when most of her girlfriends were having their first discoveries and experiences with fumbling boys, Jenna chose to sit back from it all and observe, and analyze what it was all about. But that was Jenna, an analytical, numbers kind of person with a high intellect that had her worthy of being Mensa material, should she have had the inclination to join them. But no, Jenna was interested in developing her own mind by reading, researching, and studying intently, both in school and on her own, with maths and sciences being the areas that really fascinated her and piqued her curiosity.

You’re probably thinking, “What a nerd!” and you’d probably be right about that, taking all the evidence you have so far into consideration. And while Jenna may have had what many would deem a nerd-like mind, her body and looks were quite the opposite.

Standing 5′-4″ tall, Jenna was a curvy little package with a body made up of sexy hills and enticing valleys that had boys–well, not just boys, but men of all ages–salivating whenever they looked at her. She had a generous bustline that more than filled a 34D bra. A trim waist was followed by wide flared hips and a curvy bum like a ripe peach that, when she wore a tight pair of jeans, looked like two beach balls fighting to break free. Her thighs were full and meaty, as were her calves, with dimpled little knees and slender ankles that made her legs look fantastic, especially when she wore high heels.

She had the face of an innocent angel, somewhat rounded and plump, as if she’d never lost that little bit of baby fat she’d had as a child. She had big brown eyes that you could get lost in, with full soft heart-shaped lips that were sensuously plump and oh so kissable. Her lovely features were framed by soft flowing brunette hair that reached past her shoulders and shone like silk as it kissed her smooth white skin. Her curvy body and gorgeous face were lusted after by every male she came in contact with, and envied by every girl or woman she knew. She looked incredible in any type of clothing she wore, especially the tight-fitting items she favored.

But I won’t get into any more of that now, you’ll read more about that soon enough.

Where was I? …Oh yes, Jenna being a virgin.

Growing up, Jenna had no shortage of males wanting to go out with her, and she did date a fair bit in high school, like most girls. But she never found anyone that she thought worthy of making that big sacrifice to, someone she cared about enough to share that most precious of gifts with, someone that she actually loved enough to give her virginity to. No, although many of the boys that she dated were sweet and endearing, were cute as buttons and treated her like a princess, not one of them had her swooning or made her weak in the knees.

Being the science-loving person that she was, she took all this information to heart and analyzed it, coming to the conclusion that she was quite willing to wait until she met an individual that ticked off all the boxes for her, would make her heart beat like a wild thing, and that would make her want to give herself up to him, totally and completely.

But until that happened, until she crossed paths with ‘Mr. Right’, she was more than willing to do what she was good at, and what she loved more than anything else in the world, which was sucking cock.

This may sound like it a bit of a shock to you, based on what you’ve heard about Jenna so far, but you should know that deep down, Jenna is a considerate, conscientious, and caring person, willing to go out of her way to help others. And being someone who went through life as if she was doing one chemistry experiment after another; making observations, analyzing everything and arriving at conclusions after weighing all the data based on the evidence at hand, Jenna knew that it was unfair to leave the boys she dated having to go home and ‘help put Mr. Kleenex’s kids through college’.

She’d managed to put the boys off for a number of years, pushing their hands away and rejecting their advances. As she’d been thinking about all this for some time, she came to the conclusion that her actions were unfair, and unjustified, especially when there were other ways to achieve a result that the boys would be happy with. The boys she dated would treat her nicely, take her to a movie, or out for a bite to eat, and, knowing what they wanted by the way they looked at her, she felt that each in turn deserved to be rewarded, even if she knew there was no way she was going to ‘go all the way’ with any of them. So, she decided to take things in hand, or into her mouth actually, and give each boy she dated a blowjob at the end of the night.

Analytical person that she was, she turned to the internet for help and guidance, watching movie after movie on porn sites to observe the techniques used by the experts. She’d make notes, re-watch some scenes over and over, until she felt she was ready. She decided that on her 18th birthday, she’d start to set things right.

A few days before that momentous day, she was asked out on a date by a sweet boy in her senior class named Howard. Howard had worked up the courage to ask her out, not knowing it was her birthday, and he was grateful beyond words when she accepted, and thrilled even more when she told him about the special occasion.

Jenna knew, like with all the others, that Howard wasn’t Mr. Right. He was nice enough, cute enough, and smart enough (he had a talent for creative writing that she found impressive), but no, he definitely wasn’t ‘Mr. Right’.

Dinner and a movie was on the schedule for the night, and Jenna enjoyed all of it, as did Howard, whose hungry eyes rarely left Jenna’s gorgeous body, her generously curved hourglass figure stunningly on display in a tight-fitting clingy yellow minidress.

At the end of the night, Howard suggested they drive out to Lincoln Park, the usual make out spot for teenagers in their town. Having made her decision in advance, Jenna nodded in agreement.

Once they arrived and Howard turned the car off, she felt his hand land on her bare thigh as he leaned over and kissed her. She let his hand stay there as she kissed him back, knowing what was coming next. As if she wouldn’t notice, Howard started to slide his hand higher, his fingertips tracing like whispers over her soft inner thigh. When he reached the hem of her short skirt, Jenna knew it was time to shut him down. She took his hand and pushed it back, at the same time reaching over with her other hand and running it over the substantial bulge in his crotch.

“I don’t do that, Howard,” she said as the boy looked at her, confusion written all over his face. “But I’ll do something else I think you’ll like just as much.”

Already turned sideways in his seat, Howard sat there stunned as Jenna reached over and purposefully undid his belt and opened his pants. Before he knew it, she had his rigid cock out and was starting to stroke it. As the pale moonlight drifted into the car, he watched as she licked her lips, her saliva glistening on those soft red lips as she lowered her mouth and slipped them over the engorged head of his cock.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned as he felt her mouth slide down over his throbbing erection, her lips clamped tight to the veiny shaft as her tongue swirled luxuriously all over the bloated head.

“Oh my god,” Howard growled as he closed his eyes under the blissful sensations he was feeling, his head thrown back against the car window as Jenna started to vigorously bob her head up and down.

Jenna was thrilled. She’d found it exciting to watch the way the women sucked cock in all the movies she’d watched, and the one thing she’d noticed right off the bat was how much more enthralling it was when you could tell that the women really loved it, compared to some that she knew were just acting and going through the motions.

From the first moment her lips slid over the pronounced contours of Howard’s flared cockhead, Jenna knew she was a member of the first group, that she was a woman who loved sucking cock. As she pushed a gob of spit to the front of her mouth and rolled her tongue all around the throbbing shaft, she knew she was hooked.

Like the academic that she was, Jenna wanted to experiment and put into practice what she’d learned and made notes of from the movies she’d watched. She started by reaching into Howard’s underwear and drawing out his swollen balls, cradling them in the palm of her hand and rolling them as she squeezed ever so gently.

“Oh man, Jenna, you are so good at that,” Howard groaned as his hips kept flexing up and down into her working mouth. He could feel her drool running down the underside of his cock onto the silky skin of his bag and onto her hand, and it felt incredible.

Still gently massaging his sperm-filled nuts, Jenna took her other hand and wrapped her slender fingers around the base of the turgid shaft. She started pumping back and forth, the heel of her hand bumping into her soft lips as her head bobbed up and down.

Her enthusiastic efforts were too much for 18-year-old Howard, and it didn’t take long before he felt the telltale contractions begin in his midsection, followed by the blissful sensation as his boiling sperm sped up the shaft of his cock.

“OH FUCK, JENNA, I’M GONNA CUM,” he warned, figuring she’d pull off and hopefully at least continue to pump his cock to completion. But he was definitely wrong in that regard.

Howard’s words were like music to Jenna’s ears and she sucked more energetically, wanting to see what it was like to have her mouth filled with cum, like the women in those movies. She didn’t have long to wait as a huge gob of spunk jettisoned forth, blasting hard against the back of her mouth before falling in a thick pool on her tongue.

As soon as that first gob hit her taste buds, she knew she wanted more. The distinctive taste was intensely masculine and illicitly exciting, like nothing she’d ever tasted before. Being a numbers person, the idea that she was swallowing enough sperm to populate a small country had her libido soaring. Eager to know what it actually tasted like, she swallowed as Howard kept shooting off into her mouth. The first clumpy mouthful slid down her throat like liquid silk, and she absolutely loved it.

Thrilled beyond words, she eagerly kept sucking, wanting more. As Howard continued to flood her mouth, she was surprised when she felt herself start to tremble and quiver, an orgasm starting deep inside her and rushing like a tsunami to every tingling nerve ending of her body. She felt her pussy gushing into her panties as she swallowed again, taking more of the boy’s milky cream into her stomach.

Still, Howard kept coming, wad after wad and rope after rope of his thick young seed spewing into her mouth. It came too fast and furious for Jenna, and she felt some of his spunk leak out from the corners of her stretched lips. She kept ardently sucking and swallowing as her pumping hand and cradling fingers coaxed out as much semen into her mouth as she could get. Finally, both of their orgasms slowly ebbed away, leaving both of them panting, and euphorically content.

“Oh my god, Jenna, that…that was frickin’ amazing,” Howard gasped out, his heart hammering away in his chest as he started to recover.

“Mmm, I’m glad you liked it. I liked it too,” Jenna said as she reluctantly drew her lips off his cock and started licking up the stray ribbons of cum that had leaked out of the corners of her mouth.

Howard could only look down and stare in awe, his jaw dropping open as he watched Jenna enthusiastically lick up every drop of cum she could get from her face and hands, her eyes glassy with contentment and a look of pure rapture on her pretty face. With her hand still wrapped around his cock, she looked up at him as she planted a tender kiss on the seeping tip, her tongue dragging a glistening dewy drop back into her mouth.

“Mmm, you’re still hard,” Jenna said as she rubbed the still-enflamed cockhead all over her face. “I won’t fuck you, Howard, but if you like, I’d be happy to do for you that again.”

“OH FUCK, YESSSS!” Howard all but yelled out as Jenna teasingly dragged her tongue from the root of his shaft to the tip.

Ten minutes later, Jenna got another mouthful. Fifteen minutes after that, as she tried something new and scratched all around the base of his cock with her sharp fingernails as she bobbed her head up and down, Howard flooded Jenna’s mouth once more, another massive batch of gooey cum splashing over her tonsils as he totally unloaded.

Eager to continue with her new-found hobby, Jenna sucked two more loads out of him before he could take no more. Blissfully exhausted, Howard was shaking like a drunk in detox as he drove her home, her hand tracing teasingly back and forth over the front of his pants all the way there. He pulled over in front of her house, not sure if he had the strength to even walk her to the door.

“Howard, do you think I could try to suck one more load out of you?” Jenna asked as she gave him an innocent doe-like smile. “You’ve come five times but I think a half dozen seems like a much better number to end the night on.”

Howard was too fucked up to even respond as Jenna didn’t even wait but leaned over into his lap and undid his pants. He couldn’t believe it, but under her enthusiastic efforts and gloriously superb technique, she had him hard as a rock in no time. He threw his head back and closed his eyes as she went to work, his young heart pounding in his chest until he blew that one more load. He heard her swallowing hungrily, sucking down every last drop of spunk that he spewed into her mouth, leaving him totally spent and happier than he’d been in his whole life.

Which takes us to the start of this story…

Chapter 1

“Are you having fun?” Rob asked as he handed Jenna a plastic cup filled with champagne.

“Yes, thank you. This is great,” Jenna replied as she took the offered cup and had a sip, the fizzy bubbles tickling her nose. Rob had been attentive in filling her cup after she’d finished the first one. She thought it was so sweet that he was paying so much attention to her. He was very handsome too, she couldn’t deny that. “I better slow down with this, though. I can feel it already.” She looked at him coyly. “You aren’t trying to get me drunk, are you?”

“Not at all. I just want you to enjoy the party,” Rob said as he gestured to the room full of people. “It was quite a day for us and it looks like everybody wants to celebrate.”

Growing up in the suburbs of a white-bread town in New England had given Jenna a somewhat sheltered and naïve upbringing. She’d worked hard at school, her top marks in math and the sciences. She’d been lucky to land a Geophysics scholarship at one of the Ivy League universities and had spent the last two years with her nose to the grindstone, spending nearly all of her free time in the library, geology lab, or with her face buried in her textbooks.

Now in her junior year, she’d been surprised when Rob, one of the players on the school’s lacrosse team, had asked her out. In her whole life, she’d never moved in those ‘jock-type’ circles. They’d gone on one date to a movie and then to a pizza place after, with a simple kiss goodnight. Yes, Rob had been very sweet and polite. On the following Saturday, in the first game of the season, the lacrosse team had beaten their archrival for the first time in something like twenty years. Jenna had enjoyed being there and witnessed the enthusiasm of the sporting event in a world she’d never been part of, especially when Rob looked her way and gave her a wink near the end of the game.

Now, a few hours later, the whole team was in the mood to celebrate, gathering that evening in one of the big old frat houses on campus where some of the players lived. Rob had asked Jenna if she’d come with him, and she was thrilled, never having been involved in anything like that in her life.

She’d been a bit of a nerd in high school, even though her physical development didn’t go unnoticed. She was definitely a curvy young woman, and she couldn’t help but notice the stares her generous attributes–a voluptuous pair of 34Ds and a full curvy bum–drew from male eyes wherever she went. But still, she knew she was here at this Ivy League university to study, so she’d concentrated on that, and that alone. But now, it felt right to stretch her wings a bit, and as Rob was so kind and considerate, she couldn’t say no when he’d asked her out. And besides, he was cute as a button.

Pairing a sleeveless turtleneck with jeans and a pair of low boots, Jenna felt like she’d fit right in at the party. The turtleneck was a warm sky-blue color that looked great on her, and the vertical ribs of the fabric accentuated her shapely figure as they flowed in and out around her substantial breasts, emphasizing how big that pair of beauties really were. Her wavy brunette hair shone like spun silk as it framed her pretty face attractively and fell onto her shoulders in lustrous waves. She was hoping that Rob would approve of her outfit and the look on his face when he picked her up told her she’d chosen wisely.

As she sipped at her second big cup of champagne, the music seemed to get louder and Jenna could barely hear Rob as he whispered to her every now and then. More people had arrived and were crammed in everywhere in the frat house. She felt a bit woozy and looked down to see that her cup was almost empty. Rob touched her arm as she started to sway a bit. “C’mon, let’s go upstairs. Get you out of this madness for a few minutes,” he said with a smile as he put his arm around her and started to lead her up the staircase. She fit in snugly against him, and she knew he could feel the swell of her breasts against his side as he pulled her close. He seemed intent on a specific destination and strolled right into one of the rooms, closing the door behind him.

“Should we be in here?” Jenna asked as she looked around, the room partially illuminated by a lamp on the bedside table. It was obvious this was one of the frat member’s bedrooms, based on the single bed, desk, and posters of rock bands and sports figures on the wall.

“Yeah, no problem,” Rob said with a shrug of his shoulders. “This is Jeremy’s room. He won’t mind.”

Jenna knew that Jeremy was a good friend of Rob’s, and a fellow member of the lacrosse team.

“Here, let me just set this down for a minute,” Rob said as he took the cup out of her hand and set it on the desk. He turned back to her and pulled her close, tilting his head down and pressing his lips to hers.