Jenelle’s adventurous soul lived in every aspect of her daily activities. Her job: the fast-paced world of commodities trading. Her apartment: A trendy loft in a part of the city barely inside an area the realtors would tell you is undergoing gentrification. Her food: anything new, spicy, exotic. Her men: wildly different, each and every one, but all drawn to Jenelle’s smoky sensuality and lithe body like gamblers to a roulette wheel.

The sex she enjoyed was adventurous, too. Always safe, but always a bit toward the edge. It suited her.

Occasionally women, especially young, pretty, naive ladies who found her exciting to be around.

Mostly men. She loved their scent, their strong arms and shoulders, the way they could enfold her yet treasure her.

And firm, rounded butts. Jenelle loved boy butts and girl butts. Mostly with the women it was to gaze at a truly beautiful work of nature. Sometimes to touch, but far more often to gaze appreciatively at a well-chosen pair of snug jeans as a sassy lady walked in the opposite direction or to savor the enormously fetching sight of a tight pair of boy shorts on a toned female body at the beach.

With her men, though, Jenelle reveled in the view of their naked backsides. Loved to touch, to graze her lips across the rounded globes while she held their firm, erect cocks in a reach-around. Adored the feeling of her hands gripping their cheeks and kneading the strong muscles there.

And lately, the insane sexiness of spreading them open to her view, to teasing them, making them beg for her gentle caresses of their cute little puckered orifices.

It was such a turn-on to see their hidden openings, the places she loved to slide her fingers inside while she sucked their throbbing cocks.

All her men had great asses. It was a prerequisite for her attentions. Handsome faces were, too, but merely a handsome face without the body that promised firm glutes would not get far with Jenelle. That her blonde good looks, perky B-cup tits, and flat belly and toned bottom from her aerobics and spinning classes guaranteed she had the goods to attract such men was, well, perfect.

So with Duncan it had progressed to massage and penetration of his twitching opening after a playful spanking of his nude bottom as he stretched across her lap (following, of course, some purely manufactured reason that he had been naughty and needed to be punished with open-palmed smacks administered to his naked butt). Duncan enjoyed the role play, especially the sensuous lotioning of his bottom after the brief spanking had turned his cheeks just the palest shade of pink.

God, that pinkness on his firm, sexy butt! thought Janelle. It was incredibly erotic.

The lotioning after the spanking—how delicious was that? His warm skin under her palms as she cooed to him, “Poor baby. You need some lotion on your naughty little butt, don’t you?”

He usually didn’t answer. He didn’t have to. The way he squirmed and arched his butt up under her hands said everything both of them needed to know.

That and the erect seven inches that forced itself between Jenelle’s thighs as she continued her tease.

His breathing would become heavier as she tightened the circles of her massage inward, working ever closer to the center of his sexual soul.

Then, in what was inevitably accompanied by Duncan’s indrawn breath of anticipation, she would slide a lotioned finger in between his cheeks to begin a torturously intense tease of his eager asshole.

“Maybe you’ve learned your lesson, young man, and deserve a reward,” she often said, sliding a slick fingertip directly across his crinkled opening, intimating what his reward would be. “You’d like a reward, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes. Please.”

The answer was always the same.

No response from her at that point. She loved to tease him because it made her so incredibly horny. It was absolutely delicious knowing that it made him horny, as well.

Just more lazy circles around the edge of his asshole with one slippery finger while she pried him open with the other hand.


The second request always made her smile, made her pussy twitch and get even wetter.

“Show me.” With those words she would place her hands on his cheeks and pull him completely open to her gaze, thrilled at what he was going to surrender to her, how he was going to be absolutely exposed and vulnerable in utter, naked lust for her to give him the most intimate sexual caress possible.

What a sexy display he would put on for her then! What he did inevitably caused ripples of electricity to shiver up her spine when she saw him release, surrender, and invite, all with an unmistakable desperation communicated with the simple act of allowing a small opening to appear at the center of where she would enter him.

She would savor the moment, barely able to contain her lust to be inside of him, yet desperate to draw out the anticipation for them both in order to amp up the intensity of the exchange. It was so very, very sexy, erotic, even loving, to know that he trusted her to share this special tease with him, trusted her with a part of him hidden from everyone, even from previous lovers.


The third time is the charm, she once thought during their little games, and she released one cheek to tap him lightly where he had opened for her. “Here?”

His cock was always throbbing at this point. She could feel its pulse between her thighs.

He would moan in desperation and arch upward, trying to draw her finger inside.

It was too much for her to stand. She would slide the length of her finger inside, probing deeply. Her erect clit, snug inside its tunnel as she squirmed, trying to get some kind of pressure against it, was her personal testament to how erotic she found the act of finger-fucking her man in the ass.

Over the months with Duncan—who remained a sexy, hunky lover who took her breath away by carrying her to bed and fucking her to dizzying orgasms in between the times when they played their naughty-boy games—she had introduced a second finger, fascinated at how he accommodated it. She was entranced at the sight and powerfully aroused at his groans as she did him with two fingers while he squirmed underneath her ministrations, panting, his pre-cum oozing out to leave sticky trails on her thighs.

Before he erupted in his always-powerful orgasm, she would withdraw, and he would scramble up, knowing that she would be hastily sliding down the short skirt she liked to wear for the game because it made it easy to open her legs and trap his cock as he lay over her on the couch where she administered her spankings and sexy penetrations. Her panties would immediately follow, and Jenelle would lie back against the cushions, spread her legs as he stood before her with his erection pointing to the ceiling, and tug apart her pussy lips to show him how wet she was.

“Eat me, baby.”

As his tongue lapped at her pussy and sucked on her clit, he would stroke his cock until he could take no more. Standing to gather her in his arms, he would carry her to the bedroom, lay her on the bed, and drive his dick deep inside her sopping pussy, and the two of them would fuck in total abandon until she sensed his approaching orgasm.

“Hand me the lube.”

He would obey, eager to feel her again invade his asshole. She would squeeze some of the cool lube between his cheeks then hastily push the bottle back on the night stand.

“You are so sexy,” he often said, voice low and incredibly erotic in her ear as she slid the lubricant in between his cheeks with her fingers while he lay on top of her. “You drive me crazy.”

Then, she would slide inside him, using her finger as one part of the way she grasped him to pull him deeper into her soaking pussy.

As they worked their way toward a blinding climax, she would press deeper, eager to get as much of her finger inside him, knowing how divinely erotic it was going to feel when he spurted inside her and gripped her finger with his asshole in powerful contractions that came in concert with the pulsing ejaculation from his sturdy cock buried deep inside her pussy.

So satisfying. So pleasurable. So erotic. And so much fun. Jenelle began seeing more of Duncan and less of her other men, men not so willing to discover how much she enjoyed showing them how to find pleasures she could give them, then savor along with them.

Jenelle increasingly found her thoughts drawn to the sinfully sexy idea of fucking Duncan.

Fucking him in his ass with a strapon dildo she would buy for the explicit purpose of taking his boy-butt cherry.

The idea thrilled her, and she knew he would love it. The way he offered his ass to her during their sexy games made her know that sliding her strapon cock inside his asshole and then fucking him there the way she adored being taken doggy style by him would give them both incredible orgasms.

She got hot thinking of how good she would make him feel in such an intimate, sexy way, then she got even hotter thinking about how good it would feel for her.

There would be the sexy sight of the shaft of her dildo slipping into his bottomhole—damn! Jenelle’s mental vision of the act, herself strapped in and otherwise nude behind his upturned ass, her hands gripping his cheeks to hold him open, the tip of the dildo positioned at the center of his asshole, well . . . she could not indulge that fantasy without her hard clit demanding immediate attention.

Her lust for this outrageous, sexy, erotic act drew her to web sites where she investigated vendors’ descriptions and customers’ reviews of the wide array of toys designed for this purpose. Along the way, Jenelle’s search engine inquiries turned up deliciously arousing stories and fantasies of man-fucking, and she indulged herself on multiple evenings in front of her computer, her legs splayed apart comfortably in the padded leather chair at her desk at home as she stroked her clit while her favorite dildo with the twisting, squirming motion was inside her pussy and feeling divinely wonderful as it nudged against her G-spot.

She found a story site that had many such tales, and she quickly bookmarked the URL. “StraponDiva” and “FtoMSexiness” became favorite authors. Stories of lustful women who savored the erotic delight of fucking their men in the ass with dildos strapped to their crotches were artfully told by these authors because their narratives teased the reader, built up the anticipation, and drew out the sexy situation as skillfully with their words as Jenelle did with her fingers when she had Duncan over her lap, petting and teasing his proffered and eager asshole.

It took a few nights of careful perusing before she made her decision. Reader reviews and a couple of incredibly arousing stories by StraponDiva about her heroine’s skillful use of the “feeldoe” dildo settled the issue. Jenelle ordered the feeldoe version that would be best suited to Duncan’s initiation—a slender, not too intimidating size—and then went shopping for a pair of snug, no-nonsense and well made panties that could be altered in the fashion advised by more than one feeldoe reviewer as the best way to secure it and keep it from slipping out of an intensely aroused woman’s gushing vagina as she fucked her man.

The feature of the feeldoe that made Jenelle know instantly it was the best choice for her was that it was designed specifically to provide the woman the maximum amount of pleasure. The bulb on one end of the dildo slipped inside the wearer’s vagina while the curve designed into the inventive toy meant that the shaft protruded at the perfect angle from the woman’s crotch to fuck her man in the ass.

The pictures of women she found on one vendor’s site, nude with hard nipples on firm breasts as they stood, hands on hips with the shafts of the toys upthrust from their crotches as they smiled sexily into the camera, were incredibly arousing. She imagined herself in their place, the feel of the bulb inside her pussy full and satisfying as she contemplated doing the handsome photographer in his ass when he was done taking pictures.

(The handsome photographer taking the pictures for the catalog, not surprisingly, would look a lot like Duncan. As he coached her into multiple poses, she would tease him: “Maybe if I move a little bit this way it will make the picture better. They told me when they hired me that presenting the dildo realistically always increases sales. When I asked what they meant by ‘realistic,’ they said poses that would make women imagine themselves wearing the dildo and men imagine themselves in front of me, naked, eager for me to fuck them with it.” Then she would trace a fingertip along the length of the shaft and ask innocently, “Is this what they meant?” as she smiled evilly into Duncan-photographer’s camera.

(As her fantasy continued, Jenelle’s fingers strummed her throbbing clit and her eyes closed to focus more intently on the screen before her mind’s eye. Duncan-photographer would click a few more pictures, finally put down his camera, then look at her and say, his voice husky with desire, “You know you can’t do that and not make me crazy with lust.” He would approach her. She would unzip his jeans, draw out his cock, grip it in her hand. “You’ve used this on women, stroking it into their wet pussies, making them come from your hard cock, haven’t you?” She would squeeze his now-erect dick. “They’ve sucked your cock, haven’t they?” His hands would be on her breasts, tugging at her nipples. “They’ve been on their knees in front of you, sucking this beautiful hard cock, isn’t that right?” He would moan, his stiff dick pulsing in excitement as her fist wrapped around it. “What do you think it would feel like to be the one opening up and taking a cock inside, a cock like mine?” she would ask. “You want me to fuck you with my cock, don’t you?”

(Jenelle came hard at that point in her fantasy.)

Shit! How long would it take for the feeldoe to arrive? Had she remembered to pay extra for expedited shipping?

Still breathless from her intense orgasm and slumped against the back of the chair as her gaze flitted over the sexy model’s body and down to the blue, proud shaft upthrust from the model’s crotch, Jenelle reached for the phone. A puddle of her juices had pooled between her legs, slick on the leather of the chair’s seat. A warm glow spreading through her entire body, she punched in Duncan’s number.

“Would you mind a change in plans, baby?” she asked. “We can see the movie some other night.”

“Umm, sure, Jenelle, as long as we still get together on Friday.”

“I am very sure you’ll have been naughty by Friday night, and I believe it’s my duty not to let your silly bad-boy pranks become too frequent.”

It had been a couple of weeks since their last role play.

“I can always count on you to know when I need a bit of correctional attention,” he said, voice dipping into that masculine chest-space that Jenelle so adored hearing him tap into.

Duncan enjoyed teasing her when he took on his role: “You’re very good about keeping my naughtiness in check,” he said. “It’s uncanny how you know when I’ve been bad, when I need your hand spanking my naked butt to teach me a lesson.”

In spite of her intense climax of only a few minutes earlier, Jenelle’s pussy tingled and moistened at Duncan’s tease over the phone.

“And then you’re always so kind to spread some lotion on me, to soothe my punishment.”

He was being very naughty right now!

“Maybe it’s a good thing I’m bad every now and then? I mean, sometimes I think you like the feel and the sight of it when you push your finger inside me to massage and relax me after my spanking.”

Such a naughty boy! He would definitely need a spanking, saying such things!

Jenelle’s nipples and clit both hardened in reaction to Duncan’s phone sex dirty talk.

Two nights later, his lovely ass pink from her playful spanking, she reached for the lotion as part of their exciting role play.

She made sure he didn’t see her fish the slim butt plug out from between the sofa cushions where she had hidden it.

It was not long before Jenelle was working two fingers inside him, teasing him unmercifully with her motions inside his snug anus and with her words.

“God, you’re so sexy like this, babe, naked, just spanked, and my fingers inside your asshole, massaging you. I love it that you give it up to me like this. It’s so damned hot to play with your naked ass. I love massaging your nice, pink butt cheeks after my playful spanks.” Jenelle paused, slowly withdrawing her fingers almost completely, then said, “And finger fucking you just like this—” and she slid her fingers slowly but insistently inside him “—makes me crazy hot.”

He moaned, his ass arching up to drive her fingers even deeper inside.

“It feels so good. No other woman has ever done this to me,” he gasped, squirming beneath her. “How many guys miss out on this, do you think?” he managed, dragging consciousness momentarily away from the feeling of her fingers dipping inside and stroking his prostate. “What would I have been missing if I hadn’t said yes the first time you squirted lotion on my ass?”

“And I absolutely adore doing it to you,” she said, smiling that things were progressing exactly as she had hoped. She withdrew slowly.

Taking what he thought was his cue to get up so their playtime would continue as it had on previous occasions, Duncan started to rise. She pushed on the small of his back, indicating that he was to stay in place.

“If you like my fingers, I’ll bet you will like this,” Jenelle said, picking up the butt plug and holding it for him to see as he craned his neck around to look back at her, a puzzled expression on his face.

Jenelle watched his expression intently, desperate to read into it some indication that what she was suggesting turned him on.

I want to push this inside your gorgeous bottomhole so bad, she thought. Let me do it. You’re becoming something special, Duncan. I want to make you feel really, really good. ASK me to do it!

He swallowed hard. Turning his head back to the cushion, his chest sagged into it.

And then, the most amazing, sexy, erotic, arousing thing he had ever done came next.

He raised his ass, flexed open, and invited her to plug him.

“I got a small one, baby,” she said, spreading lotion on the pink toy. “It’s about the same diameter as two fingers, and I know you love that.”

He moaned,. The sound was muffled into the cushion.

“But it has a nice little flare at the base that will let your pretty little rosebud close around it and keep it in place.”

She placed the tip of the plug at his opening.

“Then I’ll know you’re my plugged little butt boy, and that is so hot, babe. It’ll drive me crazy.”

Jenelle began an agonizingly slow push into his asshole, her gaze intent on the erotic sight of the plug sliding into him. She paused.

“This is so-o-o-o sexy.”

More moans from Duncan.

“Oh, damn! I can’t take it!” She plunged the toy completely into him, her thumb pressing against the base of the plug to seat it completely inside.

Duncan threw his head up. “Unngh! Oh, hell! Oh, shit! God, that feels good,” he panted, squirming his ass on her lap.

“NOW get up and eat me,” she commanded, so aroused by what she had just done that if she didn’t come in the next five seconds she believed she would explode. “Stroke your cock like you always do, babe, but knowing that you’re plugged for me while you’re doing it is going to take the top of my head off when I come on your face.”

His face was, indeed, drenched with her juices when he pulled away and leaned up against her to kiss her lips. By then she had come down sufficiently that the spasms and jerks her orgasm produced finally yielded their control of her body back to her. “When did you dream that up?” he asked. “And you know you’re going to have to take care of me immediately. You’ve driven me insane and not let me come, and now this plug in my ass is doing things inside me every time I move that make me want to shoot my cum so bad I can’t stand it.”