Two days till Christmas and Greg Hanson wasn’t sure if once their semi-annual sales meeting was over he’d hop on a plane to somewhere sunny and warm and skip the family drama, or if he’d do as everyone hoped and expected he’d do, take the first flight back to New York, slap a smiled on his face, and just get through it.

Of course his mother would be thrilled to bits if he showed up for Christmas. But then after an hour or two of seeing how happy and settled all his siblings were, with their little bundles of joy wrapped in their arms and their significant others tucked to their sides, and all of them dropping not so subtle hints about what a great father he’d make, he’d want to turn around and get on the next flight out of there.

But even as he wondered what he should do, his gaze kept drifting over to lovely Claire, the assistant to the VP of finance, one of the company’s latest hires, who was already in line to replace her boss when he retired in January, she was so good at her job. Now he was really glad that they’d hired her. Since she had her attention focused on the wall-mounted TV monitor displaying their annual sales to date and next year’s projected targets, he took the opportunity to admire her.

And damn, she wasn’t just pretty, she was stunning. With all that long, golden brown hair, curling enticingly down her back that he could already imagine fisting in his hand as he took her deep and hard. And the most expressive long-lashed green eyes he’d ever seen that seemed to sparkle whenever they’d talked. And he could almost feel those full lush lips stretched tight around his cock. And to top it all off, she had to have the most perfect rack he’d ever seen, so high and perky, he was curious to know what they’d feel like in his hands, never mind his mouth when he tugged at her nipples with his teeth, just to see what kinds of sounds she’d make when she was aroused, and especially when she came.

He shook his head, since he wasn’t even sure if she’d be interested, while here he was already growing hard imagining what it would be like to get with her.

All he knew was he needed to get some relief, and soon. Since he’d taken over as CEO of his family company, just over two years ago in October, he’d been working too hard to consider even a casual hookup, just to take the edge off. But since the company was rewarding its staff for their best year ever, with ten days off over the holidays, at least he’d have enough time to finally find someone willing to share his bed and hopefully partake in a little harmless fun. And after waiting this long, he knew he needed more than just a quick little fuck. He needed something memorable enough to sustain him into next year. When he’d be right back at it, trying to grow the automotive parts business his father had left to him, when he’d died of a massive heart attack at only sixty three, probably from working his ass off, the way he was now.

Then suddenly Claire turned her head and glanced over at him. And as her gaze met his, and she slowly began to smile, he could feel his heart beginning to pound. Jesus, she really was beautiful.

Staring right back into her eyes, he was hoping she was feeling even a little of what he was. And when he saw her seductively slip her tongue out and lash it slowly across her lips, following it up with a sultry little smile, he actually felt his cock lurch in his pants. So it looked like he wasn’t the only one looking for something to help get him through the night.

After Will Davidson, their head of sales, finally got up to end the meeting, thanking everyone for their time, and wishing them all safe flights home as well as a very Merry Christmas, Greg watched as Claire hung back, shaking hands and saying goodbye and happy holidays to everyone without making a move to leave.

Until at last, once everyone else had left, they were alone, and it was just the two of them with no one to interrupt or hear their conversation.

Wearing a teasing grin, he got up from his chair, with his eyes fixed firmly on hers, and approached her. “So, are you flying home tonight, Claire?”

Looking up into his smoky blue eyes, she shook her head. “No. I thought I’d spend one last night here to try and rest up before heading home for the holidays that are always a real event with my family.”

Heaving a sigh of relief, he could actually feel the tension leaving him, glad to hear she’d be around for the night. “Then maybe we could have dinner together,” he suggested, his gaze dropping to her very sexy mouth, already imaging the pleasure he could find there.

She smiled. “Sure, why not?”

“And we could even have it in my room, so we could hear ourselves talk.”

With a coy smile curving her lips, he watched her eyes begin to glimmer with something decidedly naughty, as she obviously considered what would go on in his room. “Talk, huh?”

Seeing as she’d already picked up her bag and tablet, prepared to follow him, Greg put his hand to the small of her back and walked her out to the elevators, whispering into her ear as they waited for the next one to arrive, “Yes, amongst other things.” He couldn’t see any point in beating around the bush, when all he wanted was to get her naked so they could share a few hours of carnal bliss. And if she wasn’t on board with that, it would be better if she told him now.

Claire shivered from the warmth of his breath tickling her ear, along with the touch of his hand on her back, sending a wave of heat straight down her spine till she could feel it pooling between her legs, getting her so tingly she could barely wrap her head around the fact that this was actually going to happen, and she was about to get it on with her boss. Part of her wondered if it was such a great idea considering who he was, but since she’d been lusting after him from the moment she’d first set eyes on him, thankfully her naughty side won out, and she decided to just go for it, sure that most likely this would be her one and only chance.

Truth was, from the first moment she’d met him, when he’d wandered into her job interview, she’d not only been intrigued, considering he looked to be at the most in his mid-thirties, and obviously had to be brilliant to be running an empire the size of Hanson International, but there was just something about him. Maybe because of the way he looked at her, like he could almost see right through her clothes, especially the way he smiled, that killer smile, like he appreciated what he was seeing. Tall, with sandy blonde hair, sexy gray-blue eyes and a body she’d kill to see naked, she couldn’t believe that he’d taken an interest in her of all people — Claire Olson a farm girl from the outskirts of tiny River Falls Wisconsin.

Inside, she was quivering as she realized she really had made it to the big leagues, seeing as she was riding an elevator up to the penthouse with the company CEO, about to do things she’d only ever dreamed of, with undoubtedly the hottest man she was ever likely to encounter.

Once he’d unlocked the door to his suite, Greg let Claire lead the way, and smiled at the way she gasped at the opulence of his room. He finally looked around then, too, noticing it actually was pretty nice; big and airy with festive red poinsettias scattered around the comfortable outer sitting room, with a huge wall-mounted TV and a massive bedroom beyond, thankfully with a nice big California king size bed. So he knew they’d have plenty of room for what he had in mind. As he glanced around, it dawned on him why she was impressed, though he’d seen too many hotel rooms to care much about where he laid his head, or pay much attention to whether one was any better than the last, he had to admit, this one was a lot nicer than most.

“Wow, what a beautiful room,” she remarked as she made her way over to the floor to ceiling windows. Her eyes widening as she took in the jaw-dropping sight of the Vegas strip glittering beneath them, bathed in a romantic red-orange glow, as the sun began to set over the mountain tops off in the distance. “And you’ve got an incredible view, too.”

Greg came up behind her, slipped his arm around her waist drawing her back against his chest as he looked out over her shoulder. “You’re right, funny I never noticed.” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head, and smiled as he inhaled her intoxicating scent that made him think of sunshine and flowers, and the fact that he wanted her more than his next breath.

Claire turned her head and looked up at him with a cute little smile tugging at her lips. “So, is it true what they say about Vegas, what happens here, stays here?”

Cupping her face in his hand, with a gentle brush of his lips over hers, he smiled and assured her, “It’s true. Whatever happens here, stays here, I promise.”

Unable to resist the urge to actually taste his gorgeous lips, Claire turned in his arms, wreathed her arms around his neck and moaned when he cupped her ass, slipped his tongue between her lips and proceeded to nearly kiss her senseless. And damn was he ever hard, and so unbelievably thick and long, just the feel of him pressing against her belly through his clothes already had her shivering. And wowzers, did the man ever know how to kiss.

So lost in the taste of him, when he finally lifted his head and smiled into her eyes, she had to give her head a shake to try and snap out of it, so she could even comprehend what he was trying to say to her. As he traced a finger along her jaw, admiring her pretty face up close, he told her, “I was thinking I should order us some dinner, so we can get to know each other a little more as we eat.”

Touched at his thoughtfulness, and that he was willing to wait, Claire smiled back. Deciding she liked that he wasn’t planning to just strip her off, give her the old ‘wham bam, thank you ma’am’ and then show her the door. Seems he was a little too classy for that, which she’d already guessed.

Reluctantly Greg let go of her and walked over to the coffee table to find the room service menu, asking her as he went, “So, anything you don’t like?”

When he looked up, Claire waggled her eyebrows playfully. “No, I think you’ll find that I’m pretty adventurous.”

Now that was something he was glad to hear. He grinned. “So, I guess that means we can try a little of everything tonight?”

“Pretty much,” she agreed, biting into her lip, wondering exactly what he had in mind for her.

With that thought filtering through his brain, he had to fight to concentrate on the menu, because now all he could think of was taking her every way his dirty little mind could imagine. And since he’d pretty much tried it all, there were a lot of things he knew she might enjoy, hopefully as much as he would.

Finally, too wound up to even care what they ate, he gave up trying to make sense of the menu and told the kitchen just to bring them a sampling of their best dishes, along with some of their finest red and white wines and a magnum of champagne. If they were going to do this, and only do it once, he decided they might as well do it right.

Seeing Claire still staring awestruck at the view outside, once he hung up the phone, unable to resist, Greg came up behind her, took her hands, trapped them over her head and blanketed her body with his, pressing her against the window, with his erection hard against her gorgeous ass. And as his lips traced a leisurely path along her neck to her ear, he smiled at the way she began to quiver. So responsive, he knew it was going to be good with her, which already had him wondering if he might need more than just one night with her to get his fill.

Claire’s eyes fell shut at the delicious feel of his rock hard body pressed tightly to hers. Already he had her trembling, the slow exploration of his hands nearly driving her out of her mind, never mind the tricks he was playing with his wicked mouth, lashing at her ear, along her neck and teasing at the corner of her lips.

Just knowing the city was humming beneath them, and not a soul would even notice what they were doing, made it feel so much more erotic. As he slid her skirt up to her hip and began to smooth his hand along her outer thigh, her mouth fell open and her chest began to heave, her breaths coming closer and closer, she could feel her panties beginning to flood. Damn, she’d never felt more turned on in her life, and she had a feeling it had a lot to do with the sheer illicitness of what they were doing, with her practically on display for the whole city to see while he took his time exploring.

As he cupped one of her breasts in one hand, and slid his hand over her mound with the other, gently massaging her through her panties, she just about came, sure she’d never experienced anything hotter.

From the moment she’d set eyes on him, when he’d wandered into her job interview, and shocked her with how playfully he’d smiled into her eyes, she’d always had a bit of thing for him. Especially after he’d picked up her CV and nodded looking impressed as he read it over, and really floored her when he’d suggested the HR manager hire her on the spot.

After that first meeting, she’d noticed the teasing glint in his eye whenever he spoke to her, usually as they exchanged pleasantries passing each other in the hallways. So naturally, she’d enjoyed doing a little flirting, too. But despite the little sizzle in the air whenever he was around her, never in her wildest dreams had she ever envisioned them getting together like this in a hotel room, preparing to mate like bunnies.

He was just so hard against her ass, all she could think of was getting out of her clothes to sate the burning need he’d ignited in her that was nearly setting her ablaze. The way he suckled her ear lobe and began to slide his hand up over her breasts, tugging at her nipples through her blouse, she wondered if they’d even make it to his bed before he made her lose it. No one had ever got her tingling this fast or as hard before; already he had her so close she could almost taste it. Her poor pussy feeling like it was starting to ignite, all she knew was that she needed desperately for him to help her put it out.

And to think they were still fully dressed, and all he was doing was running his hands over her body and teasing her with the warmth of his mouth. So she had a pretty strong feeling that once they got their clothes off, he’d nearly burn her alive.

It was all turning out to be so much more than she ever imagined. The quick little fling with the boss she’d agreed to was becoming the wildest thing she’d ever lived through — providing she even survived.

He had her practically clawing at the window, sending a shudder racing through her as his warm breath whispered against her ear, “Mmm, now I wished I’d told the kitchen to bring the food a little later, because what I’m hungry for is right in front of me, and I’m not sure I can wait.”

“Then don’t,” she told him, shamelessly grinding her ass against every long hard inch of him, smiling at the deep throaty groan that escaped him as she delighted in teasing him right back.

But when he suddenly let go of her and stepped away, Claire felt not only bereft, but felt a chill run through her, already missing his warmth, wondering why he’d stopped.

When she turned to face him, to try and figure out what made him step away, heaving a shaky breath, he said, “I think we should eat first, and then,” he grinned, “we’ll have the whole night to enjoy each other, knowing we won’t be interrupted.” And just to be sure, he took out his phone, and staring right into her eyes, made a point of turning it off and tossing it aside.

All he knew was once he got her naked, there was no way in hell he wanted anyone to disturb them, because right now, nothing else mattered as much as what they were about to enjoy together.

Belatedly, his better judgement finally kicked in and he cocked an eyebrow and said, “Just to be clear, you’re okay with this, right? And I’m not going to be accused of pressuring you into doing anything that you didn’t want to do.”

Claire’s grin was positively devilish as she sauntered her sexy ass over to him, cupped his face in her hands, smiled into his eyes and told him, “I assure you, that I’m right where I want to be with my eyes wide open.”

Chuckling, he loosened his tie and tugged it off, playfully waggling his eyebrows. “Well, at least for now they’re open. Maybe I’ll blindfold you later, for a little extra fun.”

Claire rolled her eyes, fighting back a shiver, wondering just how wild it was going get with a stud like him. Not that she was totally inexperienced. At twenty-four, she’d had a few men in her life, but never one that she knew would know every last thing that could possibly be done to a woman to make her scream his name.

Taking her by the hand and leading her over to the couch in the sitting area, he told her, “Why don’t I get us a drink, while we wait for our dinner to arrive.”

Walking over to the bar, he let out a shaky breath. Sure if he hadn’t decided to step back and slow things down, he knew he’d have been tempted to just hike up her skirt and take her right against the window, and to hell with dinner, he wanted her so badly. But now he needed a drink just to calm his nerves.

Claire gladly accepted the single malt scotch he poured for her, imagining a little liquid courage might help her get through whatever it was he had planned for them, though truth be known, she could hardly wait to find out.

Though he took a seat at the far end of the long, cream leather couch, with his arm resting across the back, obviously trying to cool things down, the air felt so thick with sexual tension, she could actually feel it cracking between them. And as she eyed him over the rim of her glass, she wondered if they’d race through dinner, just to get to dessert. Because what she was really craving now was a taste of him.

Tossing back a long swig of his scotch, Greg took a deep steadying breath to try and calm his racing pulse, before he asked, “So where is it you’re from, Claire?”

“A little place I’m sure you’ve never heard of in Wisconsin.”

He smiled. “You never know, my ancestors settled in Wisconsin when they first came here from Norway, over a hundred years ago.”

She looked at him surprised. “Really? I just imagined your roots were in New York.”

He shook his head. “No. It’s where we live now, and where my father set up the head office once the company started to expand into what it’s become. But my family always took summer holidays and went for Christmas back in Wisconsin, where I’ve still got a lot of family, though mostly extended.”

She pulled a comical face, at the thought of possibly getting it on with a cousin. “Yikes. Then I just hope we’re not related.”

He chuckled, swirling the amber liquid in his glass. “Believe me, so do I.” He tipped his head, looking her over. Now that he realized how easy she was to be with, she had him curious to learn more. “So, have you got a lot of family back home?”

She laughed, rolling her eyes. “Have I ever. I’m the youngest of seven and the only one who’s not attached. So, I’m not exactly eager for the all questions about why I’m still single to start up again the minute I get home. My oldest sister actually took me aside at Thanksgiving and quietly told me that the family would still love me if I was gay, if that’s the reason I’ve never brought a guy home.”

At first Gabe laughed, but then he studied her a little more closely. “But you can’t be that old.”

She shook her head, setting her glass down. “I just turned twenty-four. But my three sisters were married by my age, and they’ve all started families. The oldest one’s got three with one on the way. And my older brothers have three kids each, so obviously I’m the slacker in the family, being the only one single with no prospects.”