About fifteen years ago

“Dad? Can you read my story?” called Kelly, Bill’s daughter.

“When’s it due?” When he received no response, he repeated the question, much louder..

“Ah, ahem, it’s not. It’s like a story, you know, like fiction? I wanna’ see what you think.”

Since Bill was a technical writer, he was used to Kelly, a high school freshman, asking him to review her papers, but his focus was primarily on spelling, grammar, and readability rather than content. However, he’d written a few fiction stories over the years and submitted some of them to anthology magazines. Two had made it through the gauntlet and been published, so he called out, “Okay, on one condition: I’ll read it if you’ll watch your ‘likes.’ Remember what I’ve told you about that?”

She gave a plaintive “Sorry!” from the other room.

He considered chewing her out about yelling out her requests again, but figured one complaint would have to do since she’d conveniently forget everything if he did both at once. “Okay, leave it on my desk.”

“But I don’t have a hard copy, Dad,” she said, suddenly standing in the door to his office. “It’s like—oops! Sorry!—online. I’ll leave it up on your computer, okay?”

Smiling at the thought of excising her habit before it got too bad, he agreed. She brought it up on his screen and he read it that evening. It was actually pretty good. Since she wasn’t getting many views and didn’t have any reviews, he joined the website to be able to comment on it, giving it good but realistic marks. He even made a minor suggestion for an improvement. He wrote down a few more that he handed her in person at breakfast the next morning.

“Thanks, Daddy! Love you! Bye!” she said, kissing his cheek before she grabbed a muffin and ran out the door. “Bye, Mom! I’m late!”

He and Crystal, his wife of 23 years, looked at each other and called out “Bye” to the closed door before chuckling.

“As much as I wanted another child at one time, I’m almost glad she was our first and last,” said Crys. “I honestly don’t know if I could have handled another one.”

“Hurry-cane Kelly,” he agreed. “Always rushing around and hurrying off somewhere. She didn’t say anything to me so I’m assuming you know where she’s going this time?”

“The cheerleaders are doing a car wash at the chicken place next to the school. She’s riding with Amber this morning and we’re picking them up this afternoon.”

Bill walked into the dining room and looked out the front window to see Amber’s mom, from a few doors down the street, already stopped in front of their driveway. Kelly ran and hopped in the car. As the car disappeared down the street, he glanced up at the cloudless sky. “Going to be a hot, sunny one today. Hope she took sunscreen.”

Crystal finished the last of her coffee as he reentered the kitchen. “I told her, so I hope she listened.”

Chuckling, he nodded as he put their empty cups in the dishwasher. “You know, I notice we say that a lot about her. About a lot of things,” he added as he moved behind Crys, “though if memory serves, I once knew someone a lot like her about that age who eventually turned out okay.”

She looked up over her shoulder at him. “Okay? Just okay? This wouldn’t be anyone I know, I hope.”

“Umm, I think you might.” He started massaging Crys’s shoulders, leading her to take a deep breath and close her eyes as he worked her muscles. “In fact, she’s pretty much perfect most of the time.”

Crys exhaled, giving a little smile as she leaned her head back against him, becoming more relaxed by the moment. His fingers moved lower on her chest as she did, slipping below her collar bone and working the upper part of her pecs and then a bit lower still.

“Bi-ill…” she said, stretching his name out by way of warning.

“Yes, perfect most of the time, except she has a tendency to say ‘no’ too much at the most inopportune moments.” He slid down to her breasts and cupped them from above as he hoped his trap would work.

“You!” she laughed, knowing if she made him stop she’d be proving his point.

Bill kissed her cheek and she turned up so their lips could connect as he massaged her.

Her tongue playing with his and an insistent moan told him that she wouldn’t be saying no this time. He massaged more firmly and then slid his arm down and scooped her up. They lost their kiss but Bill continued planting little kisses on her as he carried her over to the counter and set her down on it.

“You’re not!”

“Uh huh.” He moved in front of her and raised her legs, spreading them. Again, she didn’t say no, though she was shaking her head in disbelief as he started kissing her thigh, moving closer and closer to his goal. An inch away, she was grinning in anticipation but he switched to her other thigh and started all over again. She gave him a pouty look but opened her legs even wider allowing him to slide a hand down, ever so lightly, and play it just inside the gapped leg of her shorts, right along the edge of her cotton panties.

His little kisses on the opposite thigh were reaching the same general point as the first, but as he arrived, he gave a little lick along the edge before trying to ease his tongue under the edge of the fabric.

Crys giggled when it didn’t work, but she grabbed his head and pulled him into her. His nose was pressed against her mons, putting his mouth, he figured, right over ground zero. Using only his lips, he began to mouth her through her shorts and panties causing her to squeal in surprise. As she did, his fingers attacked and slid under the edge of her panties from both directions and started massaging her and then moving to the sides of her clit to add to the stimulation.

Her moan was more of a contented groan this time as she let go of his head and hooked her thumbs in her shorts and panties and tried to push them down. He resisted for a couple of seconds, pretending he was happy the way it was until she gave a little sound of disappointment. He helped her raise up off the counter then, her clothes came down, and he got yet another great view of her wonderful pussy that he’d been worshipping ever since they finally consummated their love so long before.

Her delicate labia highlighted her, protruding to form a little ridge and causing his blood to surge. He kissed lightly along their length, sucking them gently with his lips before taking his tongue to spread them open, back to front. They stayed spread, showing their glistening pink lining for just a moment before starting to roll closed. A second pass corrected that and a third, deeper, into her depths, opened them fully, making Bill a most happy man. His blood surging, he moaned in his chest, reveling in their beauty, before making a slow, deliberate fourth pass.

At that point, Crys’s whimper-like moan told him that he’d played enough so he got into the rhythm she liked and it wasn’t long before she was arching her pelvis to match his ministrations. Her breathing changed, becoming shallower and faster with her cute, barely audible little moans she’d perfected years before to avoid waking Kelly. Knowing she was building to a climax, Bill kept his pace but increased it little by little to match hers.

When she came moments later, it was a long, low moan, of loving contentment. “Thank you, Sweetie. That was perfect. ‘Don’t say no. Don’t say no. Don’t say no,'” she added, chant-like, as if trying to drill it into her head for the future. “Now, it’s your turn not to say no.”

She slid off the counter with Bill helping her down. She peeled off her t-shirt and sports bra as she pushed him against the counter and knelt down in front of him. Bill’s athletic shorts and briefs dropped to the floor and she took him in both hands, gently rubbing his length, causing him to grow to his full length and diameter before she kissed up the front, from base to tip.

Her tongue darted out to give a single lick to his frenulum, followed by the feel of her breath on that same spot at the front of his helmet. A second lick, as slow as the first, and another slow breath led him to give a tiny moan as he exhaled. Chrys’s tongue hit the same spot a third time and he knew that hot little breath was coming again until her tongue suddenly started flicking him excitedly, like an old-time schoolteacher ringing her handbell as fast as she could. At least that’s how it made him jump before she sucked him in and started a quick bob that prompted a deep, controlled groan.

He was smiling down at his beautiful lover as he placed his hands lightly on her bare shoulders, delighted to feel her skin under his fingertips, so the love could practically flow between them. Crys had one hand encircling the base of his penis with her finger and thumb and the other fingers holding his testicles, holding still but all the while giving gentle squeezes, while her middle finger on her left hand was setting the pace of it all by slowly circling her clit.

Crys was giving a wonderful blowjob and kneeling in front of him stark naked like that made him feel like king of the world, but knowing what she was doing down below, he let her have some fun before they switched to the main event. When he started to feel the tingle, that delicate edge, building, he slid his hands over her shoulders and down her arms, nudging her up.

“That’s enough, Sweetheart,” he whispered, as she gave me a few more kisses before letting go. “Do you want to go upstairs or is right here okay?”

Her motions had probably taken her further than he expected, for she turned around, placing her breasts on the countertop as she spread her legs like a Greek lambda and grabbed the edge of the countertop. He took that as meaning right there would be just fine.

She was so ready, so wet inside, that he slid into her easily, fully, in one stroke, and started rocking into her, slow the first time—

“Faster!” she demanded.

—a bit faster and a bit harder the second—

“More!” she begged.

—and then like her schoolmarm example on the third, gripping her hips to steady himself as he pounded into her as hard and as fast as he could, causing her to call out a prolonged “Yes!”

Bill slammed himself into her repeatedly, enjoying her feel, the look of her oh-so compliant body as her tight runner’s ass reverberated from his blows, and the face she was making as she turned back toward him, trying to see her lover giving her the ride of her life. It wasn’t long before he was making a similar face, breathing hard as he crashed against her, into her, trying to prolong her ride and her pleasure.

Crys felt her legs buckling so she braced her knees against the cabinets and pressed her hands against the tile backsplash, rying to resist the pile driver that worked her. Her head inches from the wall where she’d been bumped forward, she turned back to watch him, the only man she’d ever loved, as she saw his desire to give her his all.

With her breasts pressed hard against the granite countertop, she was vocal in her moans, encouraging him as much as she could even as she demanded for him to keep fucking her through what felt like a tidal wave of orgasms.

“Crys?” he grunted, as if barely able to say the word between his gasps.

“Yes…do…it,” she grunted back as her head sank to rest on her arm on the countertop just as Bill made his last slam against her and stayed deep, spasming inside her, pumping her full. Crys’s leg shook, quivering on its own in the seconds that followed as he sank down on top of her, his chest resting against her back as gave her a series of small kisses while trying to slow his breathing.

“Oh, Bill, that was wonderful,” she gasped, while Bill felt himself slipping out of her, leading her to add, “But if you don’t let me up, you’re cleaning the kitchen floor.”

“I’ll clean the damn floor,” he whispered as he pulled her up and around into his arms. “I’m not letting you go.”

“Good. And Bill?”

“What, Sweetheart?”

“Be sure to remind me of this if I ever say no again, okay?”


Bill cleaned the kitchen floor while Crys cleaned the countertops before they retired to their room where they spent most of the rest of their Saturday morning snuggled together in bed. They made love again after lunch, with both knowing how lucky they were to be together.

Later, Crystal, a teacher, graded math exams while Bill took care of the yard work before showering and going to pick up Kelly and Amber. Though his car could have used it, he took Crys’s SUV so the cheerleaders could wash it for her. He gave the suggested donation and then doubled it to help their fundraising effort since he realized he should have arranged to bring both cars.

The girls, soaking wet and wrapped in towels, sat in the back seat chattering cheerleader talk and boys on the way home. Bill was sad to hear that his little girl, just days from her 15th birthday, was growing up and growing increasingly interested in the opposite sex.

After dropping Amber off, Kelly asked, “Dad, can I move up to the front seat?”

“And get another seat wet to travel eight houses? Seriously?”

She made a face at him in the rearview mirror before laughing. “So…do you think you could read another of my stories?”

“Kelly, what did we say about starting sentences with ‘so’?”

“Sorry. It’s lazy, I know, but lots of people do it.”

“Lots of people jump off bridges, too. Do you do that, too?”

“No…but then again, I don’t know anyone who’s jumped off bridges either though I hear that bungee jumpers like it and I wouldn’t mind trying.”

She was grinning this time and Bill chuckled as he turned into their driveway. Her late grandmother’s frequently-used expression with him had lost most of its original impact with the invention of bungee jumping.

“Dad, my new story? Do you think you could read it for me?”

“Sure, Sweetheart. I’ll be glad to.”


“Bill, do you think she should be on that website?” asked Crystal a few weeks later as they lay in bed together after he told her about Kelly’s newest story.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it. The rule is that you’re supposed to be at least 13 to join and behave to stay in good standing. From what I saw, it looks like it runs the gamut from barely thirteen, maybe, to retirement age or beyond, and the website admin is pretty strict on the behavior part. She’s fifteen now and has her head on straight.”

“Yeah, I know. I just don’t want her meeting creepy guys and having them stalk her. Bill, it could be dangerous.”

“Sweetheart, I understand, but we’ve both spoken with her about protecting her identity and not getting involved with strangers. I think we’ve got to trust her on this. She has some talent, so let’s let her practice and see if she can make use of it.”

“Mmm, I guess you’re right. Just keep an eye on her, okay?”

“I will,” he promised, leaning in to nuzzle her ear.

“Hmm. I thought you were tired tonight,” she said with a giggle as her hand slid down his tummy. “If we start this, you better not peter out on me.”

He chuckled silently at her choice of terms. “With this gorgeous, sexy woman in my arms? Sweetheart, there’s not a chance in the world of this peter petering out tonight.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “Oh, remind me again why I married such a juvenile.”

“Mmmm, I think it had something to do with the fact that you loved him so much and that he was such a great fuck.”

She snickered and, smiling, tapped the tip of his nose with her finger. “Love, yes, quite true, but I’ll give you a grade and a final rating on the rest in a little while.”

She was barely done speaking when Bill started kissing her and it wasn’t long before Crys was moaning in ecstacy, forgetting all about her grading exercise.


Over the next few months, Bill read several more of Kelly’s stories before she became distracted by the fall cheerleading season and by Austin, her new, though unofficial, boyfriend. Bill and Crystal had agreed that Kelly’s dating officially began at 16, so Austin was allowed to come over at set times and to accompany her to certain events, all with proper chaperoning.

After that, she mostly put the writing website behind her, never posting another story, though he did see her signed-in from time to time, probably reading stories that others had written.

Bill was having a bit of fun with it by then, though. Under the username WesternRomanceGuy, he started publishing a few of his old works that hadn’t been accepted by the magazines and then started writing some new ones. The first three didn’t get much attention but he hit a nerve with some people on the next one and favorites, follows, and comments started pouring in…at least for a little while.

Within a week, the story had dropped from the new listing and he’d realized that twelve comments really wasn’t that many compared to a lot of other stories. He thanked the two commenters who’d signed in and then went back to it, hard at work on finishing his next story.

That was when a thirteenth comment arrived.

Hi, I loved your story! The characters felt so alive to me and their dialogue was perfect, just like I was eavesdropping on them. I hope my writing will be this good someday!”

This comment came from a member by the username of AlleyKat99. Bill clicked on the profile, planning to send a thanks with encouragement to write something and post it, but there he saw that AlleyKat already had one posted. Instead of the thank you, he decided to return the favor by reading and commenting, figuring that he’d struggle through and leave a polite comment with some innocuous suggestion that wouldn’t be insulting and a quick thanks at the end.

Surprisingly, the story was pretty good, keeping his attention as the characters were developed and the plot played out. Instead of rushing out a two line comment, he had to think on how to word his comment to encourage AlleyKat while at the same time offering three ideas he had for improvement rather than something insignificant as he’d originally figured. He made the comment, expecting that would be the end of that.

The next day, Bill found a private message in his Inbox on the site.

Hi, WesternRomanceGuy,

Thank you for reading my story and for the great feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed it and really appreciate your suggestions for improvement. I understand the first two, but I’m confused about the last one. Can you please explain a little more so I can get this right for future stories? I want to be the best writer I can be!



It only took a couple of minutes to clarify the issue and he pressed send, forgetting about it until the next day when a new comment arrived on one of his older stories.

Hi, WRG! This was another great effort! With such great dialogue, I can see how Missy would have fallen for him in a heartbeat. Make a girl’s heart skip a beat, will you? 🙂 Thanks for the sweet story and for the note. I understand now and I just posted a new one! AK99

“Well, damn. I thought she was female and now, not only that, I suspect she’s young, really young,” he said, looking at the screen.

“Mom! Dad’s talking to himself again,” yelled Kelly from the doorway. Turning back to him with a snicker, she added, “Mom said pizza’s here and to come down now. I’ll be there in a second.”

Kelly hurried off to her room so Bill looked back at the screen; he’d respond later, he decided. He went downstairs and Kelly came running down a couple of minutes later, just as he was about to call her for the second time.

“Crys, I think I picked up another stray,” he told her over supper.

Crystal looked at him questioningly. “You think? You think it’s a stray or you think you picked it up? Remember, Bill, you’re always saying that words mean things.” She and Kelly snickered before Crys asked, “Is it a dog or a cat this time and where’d you put it?” They’d been able to find the owners of two stray dogs and a cat over the years, but two other cats had come to live out their remaining years with the Humphries family.