“So,” Dr. McMillan said, “if you’ll just take off your clothes, I’ll explain what we’re going to do.” Dr. Siobhan McMillan watched as her newest test subject smiled nervously and looked around the laboratory. Like everything else in the clinic, it was very white and clean. However, the lights had been dimmed, making it feel a little less clinical. Dr. McMillan – in her white coat — smiled reassuringly. What was her name? Katie The girl sighed and began undressing. Katie was Dr. McMillan’s 2nd test subject of the day and twelfth of the series. She needed at least 30, and preferably closer to 50 or more, to have a statistically significant sample that she could base her postdoctoral biology-sociology combined research on.

Siobhan stood holding a clipboard and a pencil next to something that looked vaguely like a dentist’s chair: Wide, comfortable and probably adjustable in any number of ways. Except with straps. On a small tray next to the chair was a selection of objects – medical equipment, one assumed. They were all connected by electrical wires to a small table on wheels next to it. On the table was something like a control panel, the most striking feature of which was a huge red button — vaguely reminiscent of a fire alarm.

“Once you’re ready,” Dr. McMillan said — “ready” being a euphemism for naked – “you’ll sit down in this chair and get comfortable. Okay? I appreciate you volunteering for this experiment, and you will, of course, be paid the $250 that the ad referenced. We are trying to gauge, well, you might call it the ‘science behind sex.'” There are hundreds of books and other items out there in Cosmo and whatnot claiming this way or that way is the best way to have great sex. But it is all anecdotal — I mean, how do you really know? Does that really work? So I have designed a study to test pleasure. I have gone through a series with the men and discovered what works and what doesn’t, and now I’m on to the women, and that is where you come in. Ready to proceed?”

Katie nodded. She was wearing only bra and panties now and was clearly somewhat reluctant to take off the rest. But Dr. McMillan smiled as if to say: I know how you feel. “What did you discover for the guys? I mean, what works?” Katie asked in an embarrassed but curious voice.

“All the data needs to be collated and it’ll be in my published works. But let’s just say that one area was ‘heads’ above any other for stimulation response.” Katie nodded in unspoken confirmation. “When you’re comfortable,” Dr. McMillan went on, “- in your own time, there’s no hurry – I’ll wire you up.” She put down her clipboard and pointed to the equipment on the tray. “There’s really two kind of devices,” she said. “The stimulators and a number of electrodes to check your responses.” Katie stood naked in front of her. She was 22 years old and had a body that bespoke of a college lifestyle — the freshman 15 had hit. She was of medium height, had long legs and an average bust. Long blonde hair framed her plain but not unattractive facial features.

“Are you ready?” Dr. McMillan asked with a business-like tone.

“I think so,” Katie said, forcing a smile.

“You’ll be fine,” Dr. McMillan said. “You might actually enjoy it. In a way, that’s the whole point, right?” Katie sat down on the chair. It was covered with a synthetic fabric that felt slightly cold against the naked skin, but otherwise it was designed to be soft and comfortable. Dr. McMillan skillfully adjusted the chair, until Katie was half-lying, half-sitting. Dr McMillan picked up the first device: A leather strap fitted with two rubber suction cups, wired to the control panel.

“Please sit up straight for a second,” she said. Quickly she strapped the device around Katie’s chest, fitting the cups over her nipples. “This,” she explained, “is the mammarian stimulator. You’ll feel it applies suction as well as vibration to your breasts.”

Dr. McMillan picked up another device. It looked a bit like a thong bottom, except instead of a crotch it had two straps joined together by a round metallic object the size of a pillbox. “This,” she explained, “serves two purposes: These two straps are moisture sensors. And this” — she pointed to a round plastic button underneath the pillbox thing – “is the clitoral stimulator.” Katie nodded. She was blushing slightly, as Dr. McMillan fitted the straps around her back and thighs. The moisture sensors went against her labia, and the stimulator fitted over her clitoris.

The next device was wheeled into place between Katie’s now open legs, a powerful piston connected to a long thick dildo that thrust out towards the young co-ed. Katie frowned. “Yes,” Dr. McMillan said. “It looks a bit weird. But it is important and indeed, I think you’ll find it essential at certain points. This is the vaginal penetrator. Please hold still.” Dr. McMillan adjusted its location until it was only an inch from the young woman’s shaved pussy, and slathered on a good helping of lubricant onto the dildo. The good doctor then ran a power connection test and the piston withdrew the dildo slightly, then pushed gently forward and pressed against and then into Katie. The blond shivered and opened her mouth as if to protest, then a look of resignation flickered across her face — after all, she was voluntarily naked and strapped into a chair with two other sexual toys attached to her.

Then, as Katie sat down, she picked up a fourth device. It looked similar to the dildo device, except that it was only about one-fifth of the size. “This,” she said, “I will not use without your permission, okay? I’ll be very much obliged if you try this out, too. And many women enjoy this stimulation immensely. But – and I really mean it – it’s your decision alone.”

“What is it?” Katie asked.

“The anal stimulator,” Dr. McMillan said.

“No,” Katie said, somewhat regretfully. “I… I’m sorry, but I’m not into that kind of thing.”

“That’s okay,” Dr. McMillan said smiling professionally. She put the device back on the tray and picked up a handful of electrodes, wired to the control panel. “In that case,” she said, “I’ll just attach these and you’ll be all set to go.” She quickly attached the electrodes to Katie’s temples, breasts, stomach, chest area above the heart, and thighs. Then she pushed the table with the control panel up against the chair. “Are you okay?” Dr. McMillan asked. Katie nodded.

“Fine,” Dr. McMillan said. “I’ll leave you to it then. I’ll be in the control room. If you want anything, just call me. And this is important: If you want to abandon the experiment at any time – just push the red button. That will immediately switch off every device and every form of stimulation. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Katie whispered. “I understand.”

“And if you don’t mind,” Dr. McMillan. said. “I’ll just strap you down.”

“Sorry?” Katie said.

“Of course, your right hand will be free to press the red button,” she explained. “But for the sake of the experiment, we have to rule out the possibility of masturbation.” Dr. McMillan fastened the straps around Katie’s arms and legs. “It’s not too tight, is it?” she asked.

“No,” Katie said. “It’s… okay, I guess.”

Dr. McMillan smiled. “A bit weird, I know,” she said. “You’ll be fine. Just relax. And enjoy.” Dr. McMillan picked up her clipboard and turned around to leave. She walked through a door, apparently into the control room. Next to the door, there was a huge smoked-glass mirror the size of a shop window. The lights dimmed further – leaving the room in near darkness. Alone in the darkened room, she immediately seemed to relax. Then Dr. McMillan’s voice came through a loudspeaker, “Would you like some music?”

“Um, yes…do you have some soft piano music ” Katie responded.

Moments later, the soft strains of Chopin filled the room. Sighing, Katie closed her eyes and seemed to relax — clearly waiting for the experiment to begin.

“She’s less nervous than most,” Alan said. Dr. McMillan raised her eyebrows. Her lab assistant wasn’t really supposed to talk about test subjects, but who could help but watch an attractive young woman strip naked, get tied down and have sex toys attached to her. “She chose no anal stimulation,” she said. “And you know how much we need those data. Oh well. Let’s get ready.”

They sat next to each other at the instrument panel in the control room. Above it, through the big two- way mirror, they saw Katie lying naked, strapped to the chair. Alan had oriented his control panel so that it looked mostly towards Dr. McMillan rather than the test subjects. That had been a remnant from when they had done the male tests, and he didn’t regret it now. It gave him a chance to watch Dr. McMillan as she conducted the experiment, and the lovely doctor was the main reason he was here. Indeed, he has taken a year off from going to business school to take this crappy lab assistant job just to near her — the famous Dr. McMillan, beautiful and red-haired. She had blasted her way through Penn State’s undergrad I nearly went there, if hadn’t got that scholarship to Ohio State and Stanford’ Ph.D program in biology. He doubted Stanford Business School would give him another year off, but he’d do whatever it took to stay close to her. Someday I’ll ask you out, if I ever screw up my nerve he thought to himself.

“Let’s start with clitoral stimulation at 2.3”, Dr. McMillan said. Alan turned two dials. This would turn on the vibrator in the strap above Katie’s clitoris. All dials went from zero to ten, and the clitoral vibrator was now set at speed two, intensity three. This would massage her clit slowly and gently.

Dr. McMillan watched the meter on the instrument panel, monitoring her excitement. “Okay,” she said. “She’s responding. Go to 2.5.” Alan raised the intensity to 5, making the device massage the subject’s clit with the same slow speed but with moderate force.

“Mmm,” Katie’s voice came through the pickups.

Dr. McMillan glanced at a meter slowly beginning to move and made notations on her pad. “We have moisture,” she said. “Mammarian stimulation 3.1.5.” The mammarian stimulator had three controls: One for suction, one for speed, and one for intensity. Alan worked the dials, activating the suction cups on Katie’s breasts. Sucking gently, they vibrated very slowly, but with some force. Almost like a tender love-bite, he thought.

Katie was now moving about slightly in the chair, slowly getting aroused.

“Very good,” Dr. McMillan said. “She’s highly responsive. But I’d like more moisture before we penetrate. Increase clitoral stimulation to 5.5.” Alan turned a dial, keeping the force of the clitoral vibrator at the same level, but increasing the speed. Through the window, Dr. McMillan saw Katie squirming in the chair.

“Oh yes,” she was whispering. “Oh yes…”

Dr. McMillan inspected the meter and nodded, smiling slightly. She saw out of the corner of her eye that Alan was watching her, not Katie, and was smiling at her. She had always found his attention during tests odd and a bit disconcerting, but she wasn’t going to complain that her lab assistant paid attention to her instead of the naked subjects in the other room!

“Great,” she said. “Let’s go to penetration. Immobile to one inch – slowly.” Carefully, Alan turned a dial for the vaginal penetrator. In immobile mode, he simply controlled how far into the woman’s pussy the dildo went. “One inch,” he said.

Katie gasped loudly, as she clearly felt the artificial cock entering her.

“Moisture is more than sufficient,” Dr. McMillan said. “Go slowly to full length.” Alan turned the dial. Inch by inch the device slowly pushed the dildo deeper and deeper into Katie.

“Oh yeah,” she gasped. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh God.” The audio records took everything down for later review.

Dr. McMillan looked at the meters and made a further note on her clipboard. “I think she’s building towards a climax already,” she said. Alan had finally turned the dial all the way. “Full length,” he said. “Seven inches and immobile.”

“Mammarian stimulus to zero,” Dr. McMillan said.

Alan switched off all suction and vibration to Katie’s breasts. She was now feeling only the dildo inside her and the vibration on her clitoris. “Clitoral stimulation to 2.8,” Dr McMillan said. Alan turned two dials. The device now vibrated slowly against Katie’s clit, but with great force. Dr. McMillan studied the meters carefully. “And…” she said. “… orgasm!”

“Ahhh!” Katie cried from the room, her feet kicking helplessly inside the straps. “Ahhh!”

“Hmm,” Dr. McMillan said, “this is promising. Penetration to mobile at 5.4.” Dr. McMillan wasn’t going to give the woman a break. Katie was still in the middle of her first orgasm, but the doctor wanted to start the dildo thrusting into her. At 5.4, it would be thrusting half its length into her at a slow, but steady pace. Alan turned the dials and heard Katie crying out in the room.”

“Ahhh! Oh yes! Yes!”

Dr. McMillan bit into her pencil, feeling a slow flush of response coursing over her cheeks. The woman’s arousal had hardly dropped from the orgasmic level, and it was already building again. She should get good data out of this run, if it lasted. “Penetration to 8.5,” she said. Alan turned the dials, making the dildo go almost full length, and just a little bit faster. Katie wriggled about in the chair, moaning aloud. “8.5,” Alan confirmed.

He tried to focus on his work, but he felt his cock swelling and rising inside his pants. Hearing, and somewhat watching, this young woman in sexual ecstasy couldn’t help but be arousing, but it was mainly standing next to Dr. McMillan that he was responding to. Alan had held secret his overwhelming crush on her as best he could for the last 6 months. Alan shifted in his seat, hoping Dr. McMillan wouldn’t notice the growing bulge in his pants. But she didn’t even look his way. She was too busy following the meters in the control room and taking notes on her clipboard.

“Ohhh!” Katie cried. “Ohhh!”

They heard the heavy metal chair creaking loudly as she writhed her body, trying to get even more out of the dildo sliding in and out of her. Dr. McMillan raised her eyebrows. “Gradually increase penetration to 8.8.” Alan’s hands were trembling slightly, as he adjusted the dials, making the latex cock pump into Katie’s pussy in an ever-increasing rhythm. He almost felt sorry for the poor girl. He would have given her a break, but that was not for him to decide. As always, Dr. McMillan wanted to test endurance.

“Oh God!” Katie cried, her body shaking with every thrust of the dildo.

“The moisture levels are impressive,” Dr. McMillan said quietly. “Switch off clitoral stimulation. Mammarian stimulation to 5.8.8.” Alan turned the dials, giving Katie’s clitoris a rest. Instead, her breasts were now sucked and vibrated with great force in a fast rhythm. The effect was like a lover sucking her nipples vigorously, then tugging at them.

Dr McMillan watched, as the meters showed Katie’s arousal rising again, once more approaching orgasmic levels. Alan saw the reddish glow on Dr. McMillan’s cheeks, and wondered how she managed to maintain her detachment when it was natural to have a response to such authentic pleasure. What could Dr. McMillan be thinking as she watched Katie driven wild by that thrusting dildo, relentlessly fucking her, to another orgasm? Was she imagining herself in her place? Was that what she’d like? To be the subject of the experiment herself?

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Katie gasped, obviously almost at another orgasm.

God, Dr. McMillan was gorgeous, Alan thought. He shook his head, trying to snap out of it and focus on his work. The latex cock kept thrusting into Katie’s pussy in a relentless, mechanical rhythm. It could go on forever, and Katie knew that. She threw herself about in the chair, arching her back, tugging at the straps with all her strength.

“Aaah!” she cried – a deafening sound of lust. “Aaah! Yes!”

“And another orgasm,” Dr McMillan said calmly.

Katie’s face was red. Her entire body glistened with perspiration, strands of her blond hair sticking to her sweaty face.

“Mammarian stimulation to 8.2.0.” Dr. McMillan said. Alan turned the dials, closing down the vibrations, instead applying powerful rhythmic suction at a slow pace. Katie moaned softly. “8.2.0,” he confirmed.

“Clitoral stimulation to 8.5,” Dr. McMillan said without looking up from her clipboard. Alan hesitated for a second. The experiment was clearly putting a great strain on Katie — he wondered if she could handle clitoral stimulation at this point. Of course, she could always use the red button to switch it all off, but what if she passed out? Would Dr. McMillan call off the experiment, if the test subject lost consciousness? Two quick and powerful orgasms are not easy on anyone. But obeying his dreamy doctor, Alan turned the switches, making the device vibrate rapidly against Katie’s clit with moderate force.

“No… Please!” Katie gasped. “Stop it! I can’t…”

Dr. McMillan pretended not to hear her. “Vaginal penetration to 10.6,” she said. Alan turned the dials, making the latex dildo slow down slightly. Instead, it went in all the way with every thrust. All seven inches of the thing buried itself in Katie’s pussy again and again in powerful strokes. “Stop!” Katie gasped. “Please stop!”

Her arousal levels were climbing again. Dr. McMillan moved to the microphone. “If you want to stop the experiment, please press the red button next to you.”

“Oh God!” Katie cried, but did not hit the button. Rather, she pushed against the thrusting, timing the strokes to respond as if it was a lover pushing into her. Dr. McMillan watched her intensely.

“I thought so. The mind says we cannot handle it, that we should stop, but the body knows what it knows, and will not be denied. There is a certain point where our passions overcome our inhibitions. She knows that we are watching her, and was clearly worried about what we were thinking of her, hence her protestations. But that inhibition wasn’t enough to stop the pleasure. There must be a point of no return for pleasure — interesting. I wonder if I could hook up brainwave scans to the next pool of subjects…” Dr. McMillan said, apparently to herself. Alan watched her, amazed at her restraint. He could see that her nipples were hard and pressing through the white lab coat that swarmed so seductively over her shapely form. His erection strained against his pants. She must be more turned on than me, since she’s been watching and I haven’t. How can she stand it? I’m getting to my point of no return just looking at her, and she’s fully dressed!

The sounds of passion continued to come over the speakers and Dr. McMillan gave a sharp nod. “Once more, max clitoral stimulation!”

Alan turned the dial to 10, and heard a sharp gasp. The readings went wild as Katie flailed about for a moment, then peaked as she arched her back and thrust her hips downward and experienced what must have been an extremely powerful orgasm. She fell back into in the chair and lay there trembling. The devices buzzed and shook all around her body. “Ooh…” she whimpered, her right hand fumbling for the red button, “ooh…” With trembling fingers, Katie found the button and pressed it. With a whirring sound, all machinery ground to a halt. Katie fell back in the chair, sweating, exhausted, and glowing.

For a few seconds, all was quiet in the control room. The only sound was the Chopin piano music from the other room.

“Thank you very much, Katie,” Dr. McMillan said into the microphone. “I’ll be coming in to help you out.”