It was early May and my girlfriend and I were looking forward to our summer holiday from University. We were studying and researching for our end of term exams and papers and exhaustion was taking hold as we studied hard trying to maintain our 4.0 GPA’s.

“Tony,” my live-in girlfriend asked, “Why don’t we take this weekend off from our studies and relax a bit? We’ve been working very hard and I, for one, could use a break to recharge my batteries. You look like you could use a respite too.”

I knew I could use a break. I felt I had everything covered for my exams, I had finished my research and had finished my first drafts for my papers, so I felt confident I could take a couple of days off to allow my brain to reset. “Okay, I agree. We could use a little break. We should plan our summer road trip while we are at it!”

Jane replied, “Ooh, yeah! That will be fun. I would, also, like to invite a friend over for dinner this weekend.”

“Sure, who did you want to invite?”

“Astrid. I think I’ve mentioned her to you, she’s in my history class. She’s from Sweden and I think she’s feeling a little homesick and alone.”

“Yeah, fine. Tell her to dress casually and find out if she has any food restrictions.”

“Actually,” Jane continued, “I was thinking of asking her to stay for the weekend just so she could get out of the dorms for a while. We do have a guest bedroom which has never seen a guest. What do you think?”

I thought for a moment then chuckled to myself, “I think it would be nice to have a house guest, however, you know how horny we get when we haven’t had much sex in a while! Do you think you can keep your libido in check and your volume down so we don’t scare the poor girl away?”

Jane laughed and said, “It will be tough but it may be good practice for our road trip! Since we will be in public places like campgrounds and stuff, we will have to learn to turn down the volume!”

“You will have to learn to turn down the volume! Remember our Hawaii video?”

Jane blushed and replied, “Yeah, I remember. You just need to learn to be not so good in the sack!”

“Right! It’s all my fault!” I laughed and then grabbed her and pulled her into me. We hugged and kissed and began getting a little frisky.

“Wait!” Jane cried out, “We can’t do this right now. I need to call Astrid to see if she wants to spend the weekend and then, if she does, we will need to get groceries for the weekend.”

I let Jane go so she could make her call and I went into the kitchen to make an inventory of things we could use from the store. A few minutes later Jane came bouncing into the kitchen to let me know that Astrid had accepted our invitation. We sat down and made a list of groceries for various meals and then headed to the grocery store. Jane had invited Astrid to stay from Friday after classes until Sunday evening so we bought enough to tide us over.

When Friday afternoon arrived and my classes were done I headed home to get a start on preparing our dinner while Jane stayed behind to escort Astrid to our house. It was a pretty warm day so I changed into some shorts and a t-shirt and began making dinner. Around 5pm Jane and Astrid walked in and Jane yelled out that they were home. Jane took her to the guest room and then showed her around the house before coming into the kitchen.

“Astrid, this is Tony, the love of my life! Tony, this is Astrid, my new friend.”

I walked up to Astrid and shook her hand. I noticed, right away, that Astrid was beautiful! She had dark hair (not all Swedes are blonde!) with deep blue eyes. Her body was the polar opposite of Jane’s…where Jane is curvy, lush and round, Astrid was thin and hard bodied.

As we shook hands Astrid said, “Thank you so much for inviting me for the weekend. I’m very tired of dorm life and it will be a nice experience to spend time in a normal American household.”

I laughed and said, “I’m not too sure how ‘normal’ our household is but you are most welcome. I lived in the dorms for one term and I understand how you feel.”

Jane and Astrid sat in the kitchen and talked with me as I finished preparing our dinner. When it was ready they helped me haul it out to the dining room and then we ate. Astrid had a lot of question about life in the US and we had lots of questions about life in Sweden. When we finished dinner, I told the two girls to go sit in the living room while I tidied up the kitchen. When I, finally, made my way to the living room I could see them sitting next to each other holding hands and laughing together. I took a seat in a chair across from the two of them.

“Astrid was telling me how different dating is between here and Sweden. The poor thing has had some awful experiences here on dates.”

Astrid chimed in, “Yeah! Apparently, the stereotype of Swedish women in America is that all we want to do is have sex. Five minutes into a date and it’s all hands on deck for groping and pawing! I just gave up and quit dating!”

“In behalf of all decent men in America I offer my heartfelt apology for the Neanderthals you’ve had dates with! I can only hope that you have better luck in the future!”

Astrid laughed, “Apology accepted! I’m sure there are a few decent men out there. It seems that Jane has found one!”

“Indeed I have!” Jane said, “Not to say that he isn’t great at groping and pawing when the situation calls for it!”

I managed to blush and Jane and Astrid had good laugh. I asked Astrid about her perfect English and how she learned it. “We are taught English in school at an early age and the bulk of our television shows come from America and a few from England. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in Sweden who doesn’t speak English.”

“Perhaps the US should import Swedish teachers to teach English over here because your grammar is far superior to the vast majority of this countries residents!” I said.

Astrid laughed and shrugged her shoulders. We all talked until about 10pm when we all decided it was bed time. We told Astrid to treat our house as if it was her own and to help herself to anything that she needed. Jane and I left her at her room and then made our way to ours. When we made it to our room Jane asked me what I thought of Astrid.

“Well, I really like her, she’s very bright and very easy to talk to.” I replied.

“Don’t you think she’s gorgeous?” Jane continued.

“Well, yeah. She’s very lovely. Too bad she’s had such bad dating experiences.”

“Would you like to fuck her?” Jane asked

I was a little taken aback by this question and I’m sure the startled look on my face gave it away. I hadn’t even considered the possibility. “Why would I want to have sex with her when I have you? I can barely satisfy your needs!”

Jane laughed, “I meant if we weren’t together, would you fancy her?”

I thought for a moment then said, “I suppose I would, once I got to know her. Why do you ask?”

“I just wondered. You are a closed book when it comes to what you think about other people. I just get curious about what you think about things. I need to go to the bathroom; I’ll be out in a moment.”

A moment stretched to 15 minutes until the bathroom door opened and Jane poked her head around it asking, “Do you want to take a shower with me?” She had a sly grin on her face as she asked it.

Knowing what was coming I nodded and began peeling off my clothes before heading into the bathroom. When I came through the door I could see that Jane was naked, her enema kit was hanging behind the bidet and that the shower was running hot and steamy with her under the spray. I walked into the shower and took Jane into my arms to hug and kiss her as my erection became rock hard. We kiss and fondled each other for several minutes, enjoying the feeling of each other’s nakedness. After a while, Jane grabbed my erection and pulled me towards the bathroom vanity between the two sinks and bent over resting her arms on the vanity.

“You know what I want! Fuck my ass, Tony! Fuck it hard!”

I knelt down behind her and began kissing the globes of her lovely derriere. As I kissed her goosebumps appeared on her ass flesh. As she got impatient, Jane reached around and pulled her ass apart for me as she rested her cheeks on a folded towel. “Lick me!”

I gladly complied and licked her from her clitoris to her tailbone. I then reversed direction and headed back to her bald pussy. I decided to tease her a bit for her taunting of me in the bedroom so I focused on Jane’s dripping vagina. She was very wet due to our lack of sex over the past week and her knowledge of what was coming! She was moaning and groaning as I worked her pussy over from her vaginal opening to her clitoris. I could tell she was on the verge of cumming several times and each time I changed course leaving her quite frustrated.

I decided I had teased her enough and moved my tongue up to her needy anus. When I probed her butthole with my tongue Jane let out a very satisfied moan as she pushed back against my face. I licked and probed Jane’s anus for quite a while before she begged me to put two fingers in her. I pumped a couple of fingers into Jane’s dripping honeypot and then replaced my tongue with my pussy soaked digits. I sank them in slowly but steadily while Jane let out a primal groan of pleasure. Once my fingers were in as far as they could go I began pumping them in and out of her ass, fucking her with my hand.

I had only been finger fucking Jane’s as for a couple of minutes when she yelled out, “OH FUCK, TONY! FUCK MY ASS NOW!!” I pulled my fingers, and pushed my aching cock into Jane’s dripping vagina to lube it up. Jane’s vagina felt heavenly but her needs lay elsewhere so after three or four strokes, I pulled out of her pussy, placed the head at Jane’s slightly gaped rectum and then slowly pushed into her ass. As always, I about melted as I felt the sensations of sinking into Jane’s welcoming ass. She was hot and tight as I slowly plunged into her depths. As soon as I was all of the way in I pulled back out most of the way.

Jane released her ass cheeks and rested her chin on her arms so she could watch my face as I began fucking her ass. She had her usual beatific smile on her face as she enjoyed the sensations as my cock slowly sawed in and out of her bowel. I began picking up the pace as the five-day hiatus in our sex lives made me hornier than normal. “OH YES, TONY! FUCK ME FASTER AND HARDER! MAKE ME CUM HARD, I NEED IT SO BADLY!” Jane spurred me on with her words as I began pounding into her stretched out anus.

I could feel my orgasm begin to rise in my loins and I cried out, “I’M CUMMING JANE! I’M CUMMING!” Jane cried out that she was too as I continued to pound into her. I thought I caught some movement in my peripheral vision near the door in the reflection of the mirror but disregarded it.

“CUM ON FACE, TONY!” Jane cried out! I pulled myself from Jane’s ass and she turned around and knelt before me. I gave myself a couple of stokes before my sperm shot like a cannon from the end of my dick. Great wads of jism hit Jane on her face as she smiled. As the power of my ejaculation ebbed, several shots hit Jane’s chest coating her ample tits. Jane stood to admire her new look in the mirror. “I would have made one hell of a porn queen!” Jane then began scraping my ejaculate into her mouth while smiling at me and then pulled me into a powerful hug while murmuring, “Thanks, I really needed that!”

I laughed and then pulled her back into the shower so we could rinse off our evenings endeavor. We scrubbed and shampooed each other, dried off and then climbed into bed. Jane cuddled up to me and said, “Tony, I love you so much! I will love you until the day I die!”

I smiled and pulled Jane into me as I said that I loved her too. We cuddled and kissed for a while until Jane let go a huge yawn. “I guess it’s bedtime! Sweet dreams my love!” I said.

“Sweet dreams!” Jane replied.

I awoke the next morning with a smile on my face as I remembered the great sex we had the previous night. I put on some boxers and a t-shirt and wandered downstairs to make coffee after relieving myself. As I was getting the coffee ready I was startled by Astrid’s voice wishing me a good morning. “Oh dear!” I exclaimed. “I’m sorry but I forgot that we had a house guest. I’ll run upstairs and throw on some sweatpants!”

Astrid laughed and said, “Oh, Tony, don’t bother. I grew up with three older brothers and they ran around naked most of the time when we grew up. Your boxers are fine.”

Just then Jane walked into the kitchen in her favorite t-shirt without anything else on saying good morning as she yawned. “Oops! I’m sorry, I forgot we had a guest!” Astrid laughed again and said that in her household everyone ran around with next to nothing on. Jane shrugged and said, “Well, if you don’t mind, I’ll just stay like this then. Feel free to take your clothes off then Astrid!” and then she laughed.

“I might just take you up on that!” Astrid replied.

We all laughed heartily and then I asked, “So, now that we have our morning attire settled, what would you ladies like for breakfast? We thought that you’d like a treat Astrid so we got some pickled herring from an international grocery shop. The jar says they’re from Sweden.”

I handed the jar to Astrid and she squealed with delight. “This is so kind of you! I haven’t had herring since I came over here and this is one of the better brands.” She closed in on me and gave me a peck on the cheek and then did the same to Jane. “Thank you! I’ll have whatever you two are having with some of the herring.”

I figured pickled fish and French toast wouldn’t go together so I made scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. As we ate Astrid shared her herring with us so we both gave them a try. We looked at each other with dubious looks which caused Astrid to breakout into fits of laughter. “The looks on your faces are great! I wish I had a camera!”

“I imagine they are an acquired taste.” I said. “Probably not so bad if you grew up with it.”

Still chuckling Astrid said, “I guess so. I had grits here once when I was in the south and found them to be disgusting!”

“It’s all a matter of what you grow up with.” Jane added, “I find grits to be rather awful myself!”

After we finished breakfast the two girls went into the living room and I cleaned up our breakfast things. I started the dishwasher and fiddled around in the kitchen so I could let the two friends talk together without having me to deal with. I read some news on my IPad for a while and then wandered out into the living room. When I got there, they were both facing each other on the sofa and I noticed that Astrid had changed her clothes.

Jane looked up as I entered the room, smiled and said, “I talked Astrid into changing her clothes to be more comfortable. I loaned her one of your t-shirts. It’s one you never wear because it’s a bit small, I hope you don’t mind. It looks very nice on her! Stand up and show him Astrid.”

Astrid’s back was to me and she was looking over her shoulder at me as Jane was talking. As she stood up I could see that she had nothing on other than the t-shirt just like Jane. I could see the lower part of her ass as she stood. As she turned to face me I saw that her nipples were very hard and straining the material of the t-shirt. She smiled and asked, “So, what do you think? Do I do your shirt justice?”

I could feel my face turn red as I stuttered, “Well y-yes, th-th-the s-s-shirt l-l-looks, uh, quite, uh lovely on y-y-you.” All of a sudden I felt my penis begin tingling as if it wanted to rise to the occasion.

Then Jane stood next to Astrid and said, “She does look nice doesn’t she. I bet she looks even nicer with nothing on!” And with that Jane pulls the shirt up an off of Astrid! “Yep, she looks much better naked. Don’t you think so Tony? In fact, I think I would like to be naked too!” Astrid turned towards Jane and pulled her shirt up and off too.

So, there I am with two absolutely stunning naked women standing in our living room looking at me as I stared at them. I had lost all control and had an erection for the ages. If these two were going to walk around naked all weekend I was going to be in trouble. As the girls saw my swollen penis sneak out of the hole in the front of my boxers they both giggled and then Astrid said, “I think he likes how we look without our shirts. I kind of think I might like how he looks without his shirt and boxers on too!”

Jane laughed, “Well of course you do, you told me you did!”

I did a double take and asked, “How would she know she likes what I look like naked?”

Jane replied, “Because she saw you last night as you fucked me in the bathroom, silly! I’m sorry my love, I kind of set you up. Astrid and I have been planning this weekend for several weeks. She’s extremely horny and I offered your services. You shouldn’t go through life having had sex with just one person, my love. I know you will love me forever and I have no fear of you leaving me. I’m willing to share you with Astrid.” As she spoke they both walked up to me holding hands. Jane let go of Astrid’s hand and let her stand in front of me as she continued on behind me. Jane put her hands on my shoulders and leaned into me, pressing her swollen nipples into my back and then whispered into my ear. “Please Tony, do this for me and for Astrid.”

I stood there in a state of semi-shock. What red-blooded boy would refuse to have two such beautiful women but I could only think of repercussions. “Jane, I don’t think I could share you with another man if you would want to even things out in the future. I don’t think I could take that.”

Jane whispered back to me, “I would never ask you to share me with another man. You are the only man I want for the rest of my life! Why don’t you kiss her?”

I looked into Astrid’s eyes and saw her desire in them. I held out my hands to her and pulled her to me as she took them. We kissed each other with little pecks for a couple of moments until Astrid threw her arms around me and kissed me passionately. I could feel her very hard and long nipples press into my chest as my raging hard-on pressed into her stomach. Her kissing was nice though different from kissing Jane. When she broke the kiss she stepped away from me and smiled. “That was nice, thank you!”

Jane stepped around in front of me and then kissed me quickly and then asked, “Did you like kissing Astrid? I thought it was hot! It made me all wet!” Jane then grabbed my hand and put it to her pussy. She was soaking wet. “I’ll bet Astrid is wet too. Shall we find out?” She took her hand and rubbed Astrid’s vulva. Astrid gave a little shiver as Jane rubbed her hand in her slit. She then turned to me and said, “Yep, Astrid is wet too! Look what you do to us! Would you like to see me kiss Astrid?” I nodded and with that Jane took Astrid into her arms and kissed her very passionately. If anything, my cock was harder than it has ever been.

Jane then said, “Astrid and I have been friends for several months and over time we talked about a lot of things. She confessed to me that she was really horny but wasn’t happy with American men. I told her about how great you were because you had never really been the sort of guy she was running into because of your upbringing. After a while we both confessed that we are both curious about having sex with another woman. I don’t want you to think that it’s because of any inadequacy I find with you, it’s just the opposite you bring out the sexiness in me. Since we’ve been together we’ve done things I couldn’t have imagined doing a year ago. You make me so excited I just want to try anything that I can share with you. Do you understand?”

I thought about what Jane was saying for a couple of moments before I responded. “I think I understand. You are much more daring than I am and you have shown me so many things I hadn’t a clue about. I love having sex with you because it’s always exciting and erotic. I’m just an ordinary guy so I, of course, find Astrid desirable, what guy wouldn’t. She’s beautiful, sexy and really kisses nicely! I just don’t want to lose you by having sex with her.”