“Hi, Eric. The traffic must’ve been tolerable; you’re here early.” The matronly and attractive art department secretary, Amanda, stood from behind her desk.

“Yes, indeed, only 20 minutes today from Federal Way,” I told her.

“Excellent, Eric. Dr. Crawley wants to talk with you a moment.” Amanda nodded down the hall to the office.

“Am I in trouble again?”

“When have you ever been in trouble here? You’ll have a modeling partner, and she wants to introduce you.” Amanda handed me the payment request voucher.

“Hopefully, this partner will be alive. Two sessions ago, I posed with a skeleton.” I signed the voucher and handed it back across the counter. “Thanks for filling in the form. Much easier than remembering my address and everything.”

“Oh, I know. You’ve got to save all your brainpower for your poses.”

“You got me there. I do appreciate it, though. I’m still on for Thursday?”

“Yes, and since you’re so nice to me, I’ll have your voucher ready then too. Break a leg.” She waved her hands toward the door and shooed me away.

I’m a nude art model, part-time. Today’s assignment is a three-hour session for Dr. Bethany Crawley’s advanced figure drawing class at the local university in Tacoma, Washington. My real job is managing a homecare medical equipment firm. I have the flexibility to take the odd modeling assignment a couple of times a month.

I knocked on Bethany’s door. “Come in.” Bethany was dressed as usual in a mid-thigh, indigo linen skirt with an alabaster, straight collar pullover. Short-sleeved, by the way. I don’t know how I know those things, but I do. “Hi, Eric, thanks for coming by.”

Another woman stood in front of Bethany’s desk. “I want you to meet Allison. I hope you won’t mind modeling together this evening, and Thursday, too.”

Allison, wearing a pair of lavender ankle jeans and a white, cotton Jacquard top, extended her hand in welcome. I clasped her hand in return. “Hi, Allison, I’m Eric. Pleased to meet you. Of course, I’d be delighted to model with you.”

I looked over to Bethany, “I don’t want to make assumptions. Will this be nude?”

“Of course, Eric. That’s the only way to teach figure drawing. Clothing is appropriate only in the theater, occasionally.” Bethany smiled and continued. “You’ve been solo all your times in my classes, but I assume you’ve modeled with a partner before?”

“I have, many times in Northern California. I’m comfortable with it and have self-control.” I tried to appear firm on that subject.

Bethany reached out and touched my arm. “I have no doubt you’ll behave properly tonight, Eric, don’t be concerned in the least. We’re here to capture the natural essence of the human form. You two must get changed. Class starts in ten minutes.”

I followed Allison out of the office, and we walked up the hallway to the studio. “Have you modeled for Bethany before? I’ve not seen you before.”

“Many, many times. I started before Bethany arrived, 15 years ago. I’m full-time throughout the Seattle area and live nearby, but I haven’t worked here for a while. I think this was a last-minute decision on Bethany’s part. Luckily, I had a cancellation just before she called. So here I am.” We arrived at the studio.

Allison looked in her mid-40s, a few years older than me and at least half a foot shorter than my 6’1″ height. She had a curvy but not plus-sized body; noticeable hips and bust but a thinner waist in between. A mass of curly red hair framed her pleasant face. I am ashamed to admit I looked forward to discovering whether her pubic patch matched.

“Do you mind sharing the changing room? I could use the restroom.” I asked inside the studio.

“Don’t be silly. The first time I modeled here, there wasn’t a changing room, and I had to use the restroom. Once. It was unpleasant, so I started changing in the studio in front of everyone, and it didn’t bother me at all. Now that the storage room is available for changing, I use it.” Allison laughed at my suggestion. “Amanda told me you’re married; she saw it on the paperwork you filed when you started here. Your wife doesn’t mind this?” We walked into the changing room.

“Not at all. We met at college in California indirectly because of my modeling. It’s the ploy I used to start our relationship, and we have a great relationship. She’s always saying she doesn’t care where I get hungry, as long as I come home for lunch. What about you?”

“I’ve been married, but it didn’t take. Guess I like to eat out too much. I do what I like and don’t want anyone else interfering. I do have a daughter at grad school in Houston and spend time there if that counts.” Allison started to unbutton her blouse.

I took that as my cue and turned around to provide privacy. I removed my clothes and pulled my robe out of my gym bag. When I put my clothes in the bag, I realized Allison didn’t have anything, not even a purse. I saw the cell phone outline in her back pocket, but nothing else. I wondered if she kept her robe here in the supply room and turned to see she didn’t use a robe. She had already opened the door and walked into the studio, nude. All her hair colors matched.

I followed her out and felt dumb for wearing a robe but would feel dumber taking it off. She walked to the model stand near the middle of the studio and sat on the front edge, waiting for the students to arrive. The confidence she displayed with her nudity was disarming.

I sat next to her. “I have to ask; do you always work without a robe?”

“Absolutely. I’d be nude 24 hours a day if I could. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to call me. But they do call me, you see, so everything’s good.” She answered matter-of-factly. “Don’t you find that thing ridiculous?”

“Well, yeah. I’m sure you’ve noticed different requirements for males. Until I’ve worked a year or two at most venues, they’re strict about a couple of things, robes being one of them.” I deliberately didn’t mention the other strict rule for guys. I was afraid verbalizing the taboo would make it happen, especially around Allison.

“Yep, it’s all bullshit. Guys do get hard. It happens, so get over it.” She put her hand on my thigh and squeezed to emphasize her point. It took all my willpower and the recitation of baseball statistics to keep me from springing a full-on boner right then.

Fortunately, Bethany entered and addressed the class, “Okay, everyone. We’re privileged to have two wonderful models this evening, Allison and Eric. We’ve worked with Eric already this semester but not Allison. She’s busy in Seattle and Houston and hasn’t been available, but we’re lucky to have her for our special sessions tonight and Thursday.

“As I promised all semester, we’ll explore the drawing challenges of a couple. It’s a complex enterprise from many perspectives. Allison and Eric have two widely variant physiques, not only in musculature, proportion, and shape but also in size and sex. You are all well-practiced working with an individual model’s negative spaces and contrapposto. Still, those change radically with the introduction of a second model. It’s more than doubly challenging to observe and accurately draw the physical reality of those differences with two people on the stand. Those are the least challenging aspects of drawing a couple.

“The most difficult problem is capturing the narrative relationship between our two models; what story do they tell together? As technically excellent as some may be, many models present themselves as statues, not living human beings. It’s fine to learn from a statue, but great art interprets the story behind the form. Many of you spoke highly of Eric’s sessions with us, and I can assure you Allison rises to the same standard. Tonight, we need to pay close attention to what their poses tell us about Allison and Eric’s relationship. Our task as artists is to capture and communicate that in your work.”

I listened to Bethany extoll our virtues as models and had the hazy thought she’d nominate us for some sort of artistic peace prize. Still, I understood what she meant.

Bethany turned to us. “We’ll start with 40 minutes of five-minute gesture poses; I’ll keep time. Please do try to tell the story of your relationship through your poses. I’m certain you’ll find what we’re looking for, and since you haven’t worked together before, please feel free to whisper during the pose. First pose, please.”

I took my robe off, tossed it under the model stand, and we stepped up to the middle of the stage. We both held out our hands in what must be the standard first pose a couple does together. We face each other, toes almost touching, hold hands and lean back, finding a balance point where we’re in equilibrium. Exciting shapes, all open to the artist’s view, not too much touching, and a chance to get to understand the other person in a posing situation. It works best with people of roughly similar height, but we found a good balance point by each of us having our left legs extended back and bent at the knee to provide more support.

“A good start. I’ll tell you when to change.” Bethany announced.

Allison whispered, “Tell me, Eric, how long have you been shaving your package?” She was refreshingly direct.

“On and off for fifteen years but consistently the past three. It felt sexy and different when I started, and I enjoyed the surprise when modeling. Not many males shaved back then, so it was sometimes a shock to artists and students. It’s a hassle, though, and I didn’t always do it.”

“What changed three years ago?”

I didn’t want to follow this line of questioning since it would eventually lead to an open display of my hard cock. Allison insistently arched her eyebrows, and I couldn’t think of a good lie. “I met the woman who became my wife during one of those squeaky-clean periods. She’d never met anyone who shaved, and long story short, she loved it. It was clear the benefits of being shaved far outweighed the hassle.” Now that the subject was open, I could feel my cock’s first hint of tumescence. It was not yet dangerously apparent, but the parking brake broke, and the car rolled downhill.

“Do you have any thoughts for our other poses?” Allison asked softly.

“If you don’t mind touching, we can do this pose, but to the side, our arms linked?”

“Yeah, that’s good. For the third, do you mind if I sit on your back while you’re down on all fours?” She asked.

“No, not at all, just sit either on my pelvis or shoulders, not right in the middle of my back.”

I tried looking only in her eyes or face but couldn’t help looking down at her body every so often. It was a sight to behold. Her large breasts had a comfortable, slight sag but were still full and firm by any measure. If her hard nipples were an indication of something besides the air temperature in the studio, she enjoyed her work. She didn’t shave any hair on her body. Fine red-blonde hair lightly tufted her underarms. Silky, long, flaming red hair framed her pussy and curled out and away from her labia.

“Do you like what you see, Eric?” She’d caught me staring.

“I’m sorry, couldn’t help myself. I’ll try to avoid it.” I turned red from embarrassment.

“Oh, honey, I’m glad you’re looking but wish you’d display it more physically if you know what I mean. Bethany wants some narrative action, and you can’t get more active than that.”

Of course, as soon as she spoke, my cock responded. “Damn it, Allison, you’re going to get your wish. The session might get cut short if I can’t get it under control.”

“Don’t you worry about it, dear? I’ve worked with Bethany enough to know she’ll follow my intuition. Your poses will be appropriate, stiff dick and all. Give them a show. It’s what they want.”

“I’ll give it some thought.” The timer rang.

“Next pose. Eric, more of that intensity at the end, please.”

“Looks like you’re right, Allison.” We broke the pose and took a moment to stretch.

We moved into our second pose. It’s like the first, except instead of leaning back, away from each other, we lean off to the left. We started off facing each other and slightly offset, the inside of my right foot touching Allison’s right foot. We leaned to the left and maintained balance by interlinking our arms, bent at the elbow.

“I’d like to modify this if you don’t mind,” Allison said when I’d placed my foot next to hers.

She thrust her right leg forward, between and through my legs, pushing her pussy against my thigh and pulling my balls and cock against her hip. Next, she wrapped her right arm around my left hip, grabbed my ass, and used her left hand to guide my right arm into a similar position around her. The problem was negotiating her ample breasts. I threaded the needle by angling my arm above her right breast and under her left. She placed her left hand on her hip just above my arm, tilted her head back, and, smiling the most engaging smile possible, looked into my eyes. I followed her lead on the final flourishes to the pose.

“Oh my, that’s gorgeous, a frozen moment from a ferocious tango,” Bethany exclaimed and set the timer.

“I can see you have a lot to teach me, Allison, so I’ll follow your lead.”

“You’re a quick learner, Eric. Don’t worry. I’ll keep it on the right side of too much. You can tell your wife everything.”

Allison gently rocked her pelvis back and forth, rubbing her pussy against my thigh. My cock pressed against her hip, and her movement brought friction on my cock. I can resist anything except temptation and was fully erect against Allison’s hip. I set aside my concern and went with it. The pressure wasn’t enough to come, but near the end of the pose, I started oozing over Allison’s hip.

The timer rang again. “Brilliant, absolutely wonderful. Exactly what I was hoping for, please continue.”

“Down on all fours, if I remember correctly?” I asked with a smile.

Allison laughed. “You are a fast learner.”

I lowered to my hands and knees, and Allison straddled my shoulders, leaned forward over my back, and rested on her elbows, her hands draped down over my ass cheeks.

“Very nice, let’s begin.” Bethany reset the timer.

Allison’s pubic hair rubbed against me, tickling my neck. Her weight rested on my shoulders, and if I tried to scratch, I’d rub her pussy. She may not have minded, but I wanted to maintain the fiction of decorum for my wife.

Linda, my wife, and I modeled together back in California. She’s a big girl, plus-sized, only two inches shorter than me, and never thought of modeling before we met. It took my encouragement and consistent, gentle persuasion to overcome her initial reluctance. She’d agree to model only as a couple and then only with me. W

She hadn’t pursued it since moving to Washington a year ago.

Now, with Allison’s pussy tickling my neck, I wondered how I’d explain this to Linda. She’s not a jealous woman, and my descriptions of modeling sessions with other partners were an aphrodisiac. None of those sessions took this direction.

Thoughts of Linda clanged to an end with the ring of the timer and Bethany’s voice. “Another beautiful pose. Five more, and we’ll break and discuss the final two hours.”

As Allison directed me into position for each new pose, the time quickly passed. Allison respected a hands-off, or cunt-off rather, limitation on the explicitness of the poses. It was an interesting if ordinary, session except for my constant hard-on and Allison’s push toward explicitness. We posed as two people caressing each other in the throes of foreplay, staying short of actual penetration. Allison walked out of the studio nude at the end of the last pose. I assumed she was going to the restroom.

She soon returned and sat beside me on the model stand, telling me how boring most of her modeling assignments were and what her daughter was doing in Houston.

Bethany came over to us. “Superb. A couple of those poses require an hour or more to capture their form and spirit adequately. Since you’ll both be here Thursday, I suggest we explore four of these poses for a half-hour each. I’ll pick the two most exciting ones for extended work on Thursday.”

I looked at Allison. “It’s fine with me. How about you?”

“I’m ready. Let’s get going.” Allison swiveled to stand up and prepare.

Bethany had to catch up. “Good. The first is Allison sitting on the stool with Eric standing. The next pose is Eric, lying on your back with Allison straddling you cowgirl style in simulated sex. The third pose has Eric on his back with Allison on her side, on bolsters, slightly above, and facing the opposite direction. The final pose is where you’re both lying on your sides, facing the same direction with Eric behind, embracing Allison in front.”

“They are all fine for me. Any would be good for an hour and a half Thursday.” I said and looked over to Allison.

“None of them are difficult for me.” Allison smiled at me.

“Let’s get to work then.”

Allison set the stool in the center of the stage and sat down. I stood next to her, my right hip against her left shoulder. This time, instead of resting her left hand on my left hip as she did for the short pose, she reached up between my legs and wrapped it around my right leg with the back of her hand pushing against my balls. She bent her legs at the knees, curled them to her right side, and placed her right hand on top of her right thigh. Since this would be a long pose, everyone in the class moved for a frontal view.

Bethany started the timer at 25 minutes. The initial excitement with Allison during the beginning of the class kept my attention focused on her. A month ago, I modeled for this class and vaguely remembered them as an older group of students. They looked to be their mid-20s until mid-30s, primarily women, eight out of ten. I noticed a trend in the more advanced figure drawing classes, older students, and more women.

I had draped my right hand on Allison’s right shoulder near her neck and my left hand on my left hip, and we looked into each other’s eyes. I began the pose with my soft cock tucked down and against Allison’s left breast. She wasn’t content to let the time run out peacefully and started moving her left hand, the one between my legs. At first, she squeezed, which was stressful enough, but then she rubbed her thumb under my balls and against the base of my cock behind my balls.

My response was predictable. Allison teasingly smiled at me, and my cock pushed, with increasing insistence, against her breast. I thought her breast would capture and contain my cock, but she deliberately moved her shoulder, and I popped out and up. My cock’s steady rise stopped when it pressed against the underside of Allison’s chin. It looked a few times like she was going to tilt her head, letting my cock free to bob up and down in front of her face, but my imploring eyes somehow induced restraint.

I could see Allison directing her attention to herself. She angled her right hand closer to her pussy and started lightly rubbing her pussy lips. Eventually, she increased the tempo and moved her index finger over her clit. The time passed quickly, and fortunately, the timer rang to end the pose.

“I’m sorry, Eric, I got carried away.” Allison apologized as we stretched.

“It’s okay. I understand the class wants more erotic poses, but I’m not comfortable going any further than we already have. My wife is understanding but has her boundaries.”

Bethany stopped circulating among the students to remind us of the next pose. “You’re doing terrific, and the students are responding to the challenges you’re presenting. You’re both showing tremendous intensity and admirable restraint. This next pose will be equally demanding, I’m sure.”

I put the stool on the floor and rolled onto my back in the middle of the stand. Allison stepped over my hips, straddling me, and looked down to prepare to lower to my waist.