Abbie awoke with a smile on her face. It was a warm day in early summer and the sun was streaming into her upstairs bedroom. Lying naked in bed, she stretched languidly, and as she did so the sheet slid across her chest, causing a pleasant tingling, followed by tautening, in her nipples. Her mild arousal instantly triggered the delicious memory of the previous night’s hot and heavy phone sex with David, her boyfriend – a first for her. She had enjoyed two rapturous climaxes while she and David talked dirty to each other. Afterward, she had drifted off to sleep, one hand still between her legs. Sleeping naked was not something she normally did. There wasn’t a lot of privacy when sharing a flat with three other university students, and besides, Abbie thought – until recently, let’s face it, she’d been too inhibited to experiment with such sensual delights.

Today, though, she was alone in her Christchurch flat. Everyone else had headed back to his or her hometown for the long summer holiday. She was the last of all her friends to finish her exams; David had returned home to Auckland over a week ago. Although her 19-year-old heart ached for her boyfriend, she felt happy in a way she had never experienced before. She was relishing her independence, and the summer ahead held promise of adventure. For the first time in her life she wouldn’t be spending the whole holiday period with her family in the small South Island town where she had grown up. Her plan was to head back to her parents’ home until after Christmas, and then, in January, head off to join her boyfriend. Abbie had been invited to spend the rest of the summer with David and his family at their coastal holiday home on a farm in the Coromandel.

She bounced out of bed, drew the curtains and stood in a pool of warm sunshine, checking herself out in the full-length mirror. By any standards, she was stunningly attractive – although until she met David she had scarcely acknowledged this to herself. Her conservative Christian upbringing and high intelligence had combined to produce a young woman who was more focussed on her studies than on exploring her sexuality. She wasn’t prudish or ignorant about sex, and was aware that her looks could easily turn heads. It was just that after putting up with years of panting attention from spotty, zealous Bible Class youths she had learned (without being specifically conscious of this) to dress and behave in a way that played down her attractiveness.

Leaving home and living in a university town, with lots of social activities and ready access to alcohol and soft drugs, had opened her eyes to different attitudes and ways of life. While Abbie remained a diligent student she had gradually learnt to relax more and to have fun. Slowly, an identity as a desirable young woman began to form. She had discovered the joys of masturbation only after coming to university, and now could scarcely believe that she had missed out on such pleasure for so long. Earlier that year she had developed a secret crush on one of her tutors, after which she found herself craving an orgasm almost daily.

Late one night, upon crashing into Abbie’s bed after a party, Abbie and her flat-mate Lisa shared their fantasies about guys. It felt so right when the two best friends progressed to passionate kisses, then to masturbating together. Next morning Abbie was horribly embarrassed, but Lisa smiled and hugged her reassuringly. Later that day Abbie received a present from Lisa – a large purple vibrator tied up with a ribbon. She also discreetly disposed of Abbie’s sensible underwear and saw to it that her friend’s summer wardrobe had a makeover.

And then, one month ago, David’s arrival in her life had been like a seismic jolt. They met at a bar, where they were each drinking with a separate group of friends. Abbie usually scorned engineering students due to their reputation as mindless jocks but she had to revise her prejudice after meeting David. He stood out because of his friendly and confident smile, his considerateness, his intelligence. A tall, muscular body, untidy blond hair and rugged blue-eyed good looks were an added bonus. The chemistry between them was immediate and powerful; there was a raw physical attraction that they both sensed would be life changing.

On their first night together David took Abbie’s breath away when they kissed and explored each other’s bodies; on the second night they made love until dawn. David proved to be skilled and passionate. On this, her first real grown-up sexual experience with a man, Abbie felt her inhibitions melting away and she responded with ever-growing ardour, experiencing climax after climax. She spread her thighs and opened her heart simultaneously – feeling wondrously abandoned as she pushed up her pelvis to meet his mouth while he feasted on her pussy; delighting in his eager virility, his hard, naked body, the sight and taste of his cock as she sucked him; purring inwardly like a cat as he fucked her, wrapping her legs around him, riding him, fucking him back…

Unfortunately, since that great beginning their times together had been fleeting and rushed due to demands of study and encroaching exams. Now, Abbie thought to herself with a smile – soon it would be time for her sensual education to continue.

Abbie regarded herself critically in the mirror: average height, 51kg … big brown eyes, with long lashes … shoulder length chestnut hair, tousled but shining in the sunlight … clear skin, full lips … perfectly formed pert breasts, medium sized, with slightly puffy areoles and prominent, rosy nipples … softly rounded belly, with a jewelled stud in her navel (not yet disclosed to her parents) … narrow waist … long, shapely legs … pretty ankles and feet. She frowned as she noticed how much her pubic bush had grown since her last shave; then she turned, checking out her cute round ass and smiling as she remembered how much David loved to watch it as she walked.

She stepped into the shower, razor in hand, and tended to her underarms and legs before focussing on her pussy hair. She shaved her mound smooth, leaving just a little fuzzy strip of auburn hair; then she squatted to tend to the hair around her vagina and anus. Rinsing off with the showerhead, Abbie’s pussy began to tingle as the hot jets of water played over her labia, which were now pouting open, as she remained squatting. Arousal coursed through her body making her cheeks flush.

She reached for the shower gel and smeared it over her breasts and belly, and downward to her beautiful smooth pussy. Her fingers began to slowly stroke her private folds and over and around her clit. She closed her eyes and let her middle finger slide lower, further, allowing it to tease and press the sensitive skin around her puckered anal rosebud. Abbie had always secretly enjoyed washing herself there but had never consciously allowed herself to think of her ass as an erogenous zone. Now though, it felt deliciously naughty to let her fingertip slip just a tiny way inside…

Abbie was very turned on. With trembling hands she squirted more gel onto her fingers and soaped her ass cheeks and the cleft between them. Her heart was pounding as she leaned forward, resting her head against the shower wall, and sank to her knees. A soapy middle finger slid between her legs to her waiting anus. Her other hand flew to her clit, urgently stroking now. Slowly, breathing raggedly, she pressed her finger to her asshole, felt herself twitch momentarily in token resistance, and then gasped with pleasure as she felt herself open up, allowing her virgin back door to be penetrated. Eyes closed, her sensual instincts took over, and she rocked her hips so that her invading finger was now gently fucking her anal passage. It was so easy to let her finger slide deeply inside her, little by little, until it was buried as far as it could go.

Somehow, though, this didn’t seem enough. She trembled, and her cheeks burned. Abbie withdrew her finger, applied more gel and pressed two soapy fingers to her crinkled opening. Her outer ring muscle yielded immediately, but then she felt a tight resistance as her fingers pressed against the inner ring. Eyes closed, panting, she concentrated on relaxing as her probing fingers pressed inward; she felt a hot stinging sensation, not exactly pain, and a little sob escaped her lips as her fingers succeeded in deeply penetrating her ass. A moment later, with a hot rush, her orgasm washed over her. Abbie’s pussy and asshole clenched again and again; her climax was intense and prolonged.

“Oh fuck, yeah…” she sighed, overcome with her delightfully perverted newfound pleasure.

Later, as she dressed in snug jeans and t-shirt, she was deliciously aware of a leftover tingling/stinging feeling in her bottom and realised she was still horny. She felt warm, alive, bold…



It felt a little strange to be shopping alone. In this part of town the streets would usually be thronged with students, but with the summer break having begun the city seemed quiet. Abbie was looking for a new bikini – her old one dated from high school days; it was faded and very conservative. She also needed some other summer things to wear on her stay with David and his family.

She found a pair of little white shorts which, she thought with a smile, her boyfriend would really like – they were cut high at the back, revealing the crease between thigh and ass-cheek. David always said those creases drove him wild. The search for a bikini was less successful. She wasn’t sure exactly what style or colour she was wanted but nothing she looked at seemed right. As she browsed from shop to shop her buoyant mood started to deflate a little.

At last, as she was starting to think about taking a coffee break she found herself outside an adult supplies store, a place she’d noticed before but never felt comfortable entering. A display of fetish-wear in the window caught her eye and she checked it out without embarrassment, confident in the knowledge that none of her friends would be about…

“Hello Abbie.” The deep, sexy voice made Abbie start. Then, as the shock of recognition hit her, she spun around, her cheeks instantly reddening.

“Oh h-hi Tony…” It was her physiology tutor, the one she had enjoyed so many fantasies about earlier in the year. Abbie’s voice faded, she didn’t know what else to say. When she looked back at him Tony was smiling warmly.

“Pretty wild stuff, huh? I love this store!”

“Well, actually I’ve never been inside. Umm… I was just passing. I’m shopping for some clothes and, er…” She held up her one shopping bag as if to justify herself, then quickly realised how ambiguous this sounded considering the obvious interest with which she had been staring at a tight-fitting rubber suit in the sex shop window.

She giggled. “I mean, I’m looking for regular clothes”.

“Sure, sure,” he laughed, teasing her. “Come on, let’s go inside”. Without waiting for her reply he took Abbie by the elbow and led her through the door.

Tony chatted to the sales clerk and unselfconsciously bought a bottle of flavoured lubricant. Meanwhile, Abbie tried unsuccessfully to look worldly and cool as she stared around in wonderment at the wares on sale. Her eyes lit upon stacks and shelves filled with sexy lingerie (some tacky, some tasteful, she noticed), dildos, probes, vibrators, DVDs, books and other products that she didn’t even recognise. With a shock she recognised her own (now well used) model of vibrator – the one her flat-mate had given her months ago. Lisa must have bought it here, she realised.

“See anything you like?” Tony was at her side again.

“Heaps…” she replied, rather boldly, “but I’m certainly not buying anything in front of you, Mr Hughes!”

Tony laughed, and put his arm around her shoulders. “Come on, let’s get a coffee”.

“OK… I was just going to suggest the same thing.”

Abbie found she was enjoying Tony’s company. She felt wonderfully grown up, and seriously flattered, to think that her ex-tutor was interested in spending time with her. As he leaned close she could smell his familiar aftershave, and her old feelings of attraction welled up stronger than ever and made her heart skip a beat. Tony was in his early 30’s, average build but with strong hands, rakishly long hair and rimless glasses; dressed in corduroy pants and a crisp linen shirt.

Sipping their lattes in the corner of a trendy café, Abbie allowed herself to flirt openly. She chattered away about her forthcoming holiday, smiling at Tony and fiddling coquettishly with her hair. He was equally relaxed and forthcoming, and Abby soon learned that he was currently unattached. She talked about her shopping expedition and her difficulty finding a bikini she liked. He demanded to see her new shorts, to which she made a token protest, but was delighted to notice the sharp intake of breath and widening of his eyes when she teasingly displayed her purchase.

“Your boyfriend is in for a treat,” he said softly, and a little wistfully. He leaned back in his chair. “Abbie,” he began, “it’s been a delight to get acquainted… properly, I mean, not just as your tutor. I’d really like to buy you a present, something special for your holiday. Have you got a summer dress to wear out at night?”

“Well, no… but I can’t let you spoil me like that.” Abbie demurred.

Tony laughed and took her hand across the table. “Yes I can… and don’t worry; I don’t expect anything in return.” Abbie felt a slight pang of disappointment at this, but squeezed his hand and smiled back happily.

With his arm around her waist he led her down the street to an upmarket designer store that Abbie had never even considered going into. Together they looked through the racks of expensive clothes. At the same moment their eyes fell on a sexy little sundress, daringly short with spaghetti straps and a plunging backline. It was beautifully cut and made of a soft, sheer peacock coloured fabric – emerald with splashes of turquoise – a perfect match for Abbie’s colouring.

“Oh yes,” Tony breathed. “Try this on.”

Inside the changing cubicle Abbie admired herself in the mirror. The dress was a perfect fit and looked even more stunning now that she had it on. She had never worn such an exquisite garment.

“Can I see?” Tony asked, and without waiting for a reply pushed open the door to the cubicle and joined her inside. He shook his head. “You look stunning, Abbie… but you need to lose the bra – the straps are showing.”

She obligingly unclipped her bra and wriggled out of it with the dress still on and looked again at her reflection in the mirror. She saw Tony standing behind her, smiling. Their eyes locked. Next thing he had his arms around her from behind, nuzzling her neck.

Abbie spun around in his arms and kissed him eagerly on the mouth. Tony felt like he was in heaven. He closed his eyes to focus on the incredible softness of her lips, and kissed her back. She stood on tiptoe, her arms snaking around his neck… lips parting, the kiss deepening, her body pressed to his. At last, she drew back. “Thank you sooo much, but Tony, this dress is way too expensive…”

Tony’s eyes sparkled. “That’s OK. It’s yours, on one condition: wear it this afternoon… and wear nothing else.”

Abbie felt his hands slide slowly down from her waist, over her ass and under the hem of the dress. He hooked his fingers through her panties and gently tugged them down until they dropped around her ankles. Abbie shivered with erotic anticipation and felt her mouth go dry.

She smiled slowly, and nodded. “OK,” she whispered. As she pressed her body to his and kissed him passionately again, his palms moved back under her dress to cup her ass.

“Is everything all right?” the salesgirl called from outside the cubicle.

Abbie stifled a giggle. ‘Wonderful, thanks!” she replied.

Standing beside Tony as he paid for the dress, Abbie delighted in the sexy feeling of being naked in public apart from a thin, semi-translucent layer of material. Her pussy was wet and she felt incredibly aroused. She enjoyed the salesgirl’s look of admiration tinged with envy, and stretched languidly, knowing full well that her hard nipples would be visible as the fabric stretched across her bust.

They stepped outside into the early afternoon heat, hand in hand.

“And now for your bikini – I think I have the answer!” Tony said.

Abbie had completely forgotten about her swimsuit problem, in the excitement of buying her sundress. Tony explained that he was the part owner of a surf store at the beach, which was managed by his brother.

“He has a great range of bikinis. The store’s closed today, but I have a key. Let’s take a look.” Abbie happily agreed.



As she sat beside Tony in his classic 1968 MGBGT on the road to the beach, a warm breeze in her chestnut hair, she allowed her dress to ride high up her thighs. She turned her head to watch him as he drove, then slowly let her knees fall apart as her fingertips caressed the inside of her thighs. Sliding down a little in her seat, her dress rode higher still, exposing her pussy. ‘Look…” she breathed as they stopped at some traffic lights. Tony’s eyes met hers, and then dropped to feast on the alluring sight of her damp, pink, freshly shaven cunt peeking out below her dress as she writhed sensually in the seat. She smiled at the shock and excitement on his face. Abbie licked and sucked a finger then slowly drew the moistened digit between her pussy lips… dipped inside her wet centre… and returned it to her mouth. Just then a car pulled up beside them. Abbie grinned wickedly, pulled down the hem of her dress and gave her tutor a teasing wink.

They pulled up outside Tony’s store. He unlocked the door (trying not to let his hands tremble) and let her inside. As soon as the door closed she flew into his arms. He lifted her effortlessly and she locked her legs around his waist, held him tight and nuzzled into his neck.

“Whoa, Abbie” he said, laughing. He let her down and gently stroked her cheek. “Let’s get you that bikini first.”

Taking her hand he led her to the shop’s swimwear section, and then busied himself closing the blinds so they had complete privacy.

The selection to choose from was everything Abbie could have dreamed of. She picked out a sexy bikini, in a silky, shiny material with a snakeskin effect, and held it up for Tony’s approval. It was much more daring than she would ever have considered in the past but right now she was so turned on her only thought was to make Tony want her so much that he would be unable to resist fucking her right there and then.