Before I tell my story, I need to share some background on my upbringing. My name is Kelsey and I am an only child. I was raised from the age of ten by my mom as a single parent. We lived in a nice house that my parents had built in a small suburb of a major midwestern city. My dad was killed by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the interstate. It was a crushing blow for Mom and I.

I had been a daddy’s girl and a bit of a tomboy. I adored my father, and I know he loved me. He was busy a lot with work. He was a very successful architect, but he still found time to take me on adventures. Creative stuff like bird watching, theater, and astronomy. He bought a really expensive spotting scope that we took on bird watching forays. We also used it to star gaze in the back yard. It was good enough to really see the details on the moon, and if the sky was dark enough, you could make out the rings on Saturn and a couple of Jupiter’s moons.

Mom and I were set financially. There was a big life insurance policy from his work, and another he had taken out himself. Mom had her lawyers sue the other driver’s insurance company for wrongful death. He was driving a work van at the time of the accident, and they settled rather than go to trial. So I had a nice trust fund that would pay for college, and Mom didn’t have to work unless she wanted to.

The next couple of years were pretty dark as we grieved together. Mom got us both into counseling, and she made sure we talked openly with each other and didn’t bottle up our emotions. We cried a lot. People told Mom to move, that she’d just be walking around a house with memories of dad that she’d have a hard time moving past. She disagreed. Dad had designed the house and she felt like he was part of it and was still there protecting us. I completely agreed. So we stayed put, and eventually we began to feel like we were going to be okay.

Somewhere in there my mom sat me down and told me about the birds and the bees. I learned later from friends that the talk she had with me was much more than what a parent typically does. And I also figured out that it was going to be more of an ongoing dialog rather than a one time discussion. She was keen on explaining the difference between having sex and making love. That sometimes people had sex because of physical desire, and sometimes it was because they wanted intimacy with a special person.

She told me how normal it was to want to experience sexual pleasure, and as I got older, she told me more and more specifics about sex. She said I was going to find out about it on the internet anyway, and she’d rather it came from her. She told me that most of what I would see on-line was choreographed and acted, and not people in true relationships.

By the time I turned eighteen early in my senior year of high school, Mom had pretty much completed my education. I knew about masturbation and sex toys, which she actually encouraged me to try. She said she often did it, and she thought it was better for me to learn my own body before I got into a sexual relationship with someone. She told me about oral and anal sex, and about various positions for intercourse. She said she expected me to experiment because all young adults do, but she wanted me to be smart about it. She took me to the doctor to get birth control pills and to get the HPV vaccinations. And after all that, she told me I could always ask her questions.

During my high school years, when I was old enough to not need a babysitter, Mom started dating again. She never brought any of the guys home. I guess she just wasn’t serious enough about any of them, but occasionally she would call to say she was staying over with a friend. I knew what that meant, and I didn’t question her about it.

I was a late bloomer physically, and it wasn’t until that senior year that I started to be sexually pretty active. I liked what I saw when I looked at my nude self in the mirror. We often were naked around each other, walking from the shower or getting dressed in the morning. Mom commented on how I’d grown up to be a beautiful young woman. That made me blush. My mom is really pretty. Guys are always shooting her glances when we are in a restaurant or shopping. I had always hoped I’d look like her when I grew up. It made me happy to know that my mom thought I was attractive. Looking back, it was all in keeping with Mom’s straightforward honesty on self-image, self-awareness and sex.

I lost my virginity later that fall in a predictably forgettable episode with a friend’s older brother that I had a school girl crush on. After that, I stuck to playing with myself. I’d seen my Mom’s vibrator on the nightstand a couple of times. It was a light purple, rabbit-style device. I ordered something similar to it on-line and when it was delivered, it became a regular part of my masturbatory routine. I often found myself feeling horny. Hormones I guess.

One evening after dinner I had gone up to my room to do school work. Sitting at my computer, I just couldn’t concentrate, so I clicked on the mouse and redirected to one of my favorite porn sites. I got my vibrator out of my bedside table, and in the blink of an eye I was back at the computer with my pants and underwear around my ankles and my shirt and bra pulled up over my breasts. I had my rabbit on high and jammed completely into my pussy and my free hand was twisting at my nipple. I was watching a particularly raunchy video of a women and two men. The woman was on her hands and knees with her mouth locked onto one guy’s cock. The other guy was screwing her anally. Grinding the rabbits buzzing ears onto my clit, I came quickly and hard. I was going to go for a second orgasm when my Mom walked into the room with a basket full of clean laundry.

“Jeez Mom, don’t you knock?,” I exclaimed as I removed the vibrator and turned it off.

“I’m so sorry Kelsey. I thought you were studying. I’ll just leave the laundry and you can go back to what you were doing.”

“No that’s okay. Now I’m kind of distracted,” I said as I stood to pull up my pants. “Do please try to knock though when my door is closed, though. I kind of have been doing this a lot.”

“I understand completely. And again, I’m sorry,” she said as she turned for the door.

“Hey Mom, wait a minute. Can I ask you some questions? About sex?”

“You know you can. What’s on your mind?”

“A couple of things. Have you ever had, um, anal intercourse?”

“I’ve tried it, yes. I don’t enjoy it. I find that it hurts. I do like it occasionally if a man inserts his finger there though, provided its lubricated and he is gentle about it. It can take an orgasm to the next level.”

“That’s what I figured. In all these porn videos I see the woman pretends to love taking a penis back there. I just can’t see that it would be pleasurable. Ok. Next question. Most of the women in porn videos have shaved their pubic hair. And I noticed the other day when you came out of the shower that you had too. Why?”

“Well, that’s a little complicated. I do it because I like the way it feels, and I find the look to be sexy. There’s a practical reason too; it can make it more appealing for your partner to perform oral sex. Unfortunately, a lot of women shave because men tell them to. And porn has glorified the bald pubic mound to the point that women think they have to shave. That’s not right. If you do it, do it for yourself. And by the way, if your partner wants oral sex, don’t be afraid to ask him to trim or shave either. It’s a two way street.”

“And, um, about oral sex. When you give a guy a, you know, blow job, do you let him cum in your mouth? In these videos, some women let the guy shoot their semen in their open mouth and then spit it out. Some swallow it. And some pull out the cock before the guy ejaculates, and then they cum on the girl’s face or breasts, or sometimes in their hair. It all seems kind of gross.”

“So you’ve never given oral sex?”

“Never given, never received. Most of my experience is pretty vanilla so far.”

“Well again, it isn’t a simple answer. Yes, when I am giving oral sex, I usually let the man cum in my mouth and I swallow it. It’s an acquired taste, but I don’t mind it. And from a practical perspective, it’s not as messy. You don’t have to wipe the guy’s load off of your face or body or clothes or sheets. I guess I’d say try it, you might like it. But you do what you are comfortable with, not what a guy tells you to do.”

“I totally get that. Ok, one more. Have you ever been in a threesome?”

“Nope. I’m a one partner gal. I suppose if it was a casual encounter, a threesome might be interesting, but the two girls-one guy scenario just seems awkward. I wouldn’t know how to share. And two guys and me seems like I’m more of an object to be used, or that I have to perform. To be honest, the opportunity has never come up and I’ve never sought it out. Why, are you thinking about it?”

“No not really. It turns me on when I see it on-line, but I just don’t think it’s realistic. I’m having a hard enough time finding one guy I like, let alone two. And being in a sexual situation with another girl would kind of freak me out I think. I was just curious.”

“Ok, anything else?”

“No, I really need to get my homework done. Thanks for the talk Mom.”

“Any time.”

A couple of weeks later, Mom started to see a new guy. His name was Doug. It was serious enough that after a while, she brought him home to introduce him to me, which she had never done with any of her previous boyfriends. He was a nice guy. A little nervous about meeting me I think, but pleasant enough. He began to come over for dinner fairly regularly and we got to be more familiar with each other. Then one Friday night, he stayed later than he usually did and it was obvious to me he was going to sleep with Mom. I was okay with that. I still really missed my dad and considered our house his turf, but I wasn’t going to begrudge my mom a chance to move forward with her life. I made some excuse about having a headache (not true), and a soccer game the next morning (true) and went to bed.

The next morning was really gray, humid and windy. The forecast called for scattered showers, but it sure looked like it was going to be worse than that. Doug and my mom didn’t surface as I had breakfast and got my gear together, so I got my car out of the garage and drove to my game. I remembered at the last minute to throw in an umbrella.

It was already sprinkling when I got to the soccer complex, and the officials were huddling around the equipment building looking at their phones. There was a distant rumble of thunder and the rain started to pick up. I went over to where the rest of my team had gathered around our coach. We all pressed against the side of the building, trying to stay dry under the eaves. There was a flash of lightning in the distance as one of the officials walked over.

“It looks like a strong band of storms is on the way. Lot’s of lightning,” he said. “As far as we can tell, it’s going to be a couple of hours before it passes all the way through. Even if it’s quicker than that, the field is going to be a mess with all this rain. We’re going to cancel the game. You can call the league about rescheduling.”

I was relieved. It was the right thing to do. The lightning was getting scary, and I hadn’t been looking forward to playing in the muck. We all gathered our things and headed back to our cars.

The rain was really coming down as I drove home, so it took me longer than usual. Visibility was very limited, and I had the windshield wipers on high the whole way. As I pulled into the driveway, I punched the garage door opener. As the door opened, I saw that Doug’s car was in my spot. I figured Mom had him pull in to avoid the rain, which I understood, but it still pissed me off a bit. I parked the car and made a dash to the garage. Even with the umbrella, I got pretty wet. I was glad I was in my soccer uniform instead of nicer clothes. I kicked off my wet shoes and put them in a boot tray by the door and went into the house. I was going to go straight upstairs and change into something dry.

As I walked through the kitchen, I became aware of rhythmic grunts coming from the great room. Subconsciously I probably knew what it was, and that I should stop in the kitchen, but it didn’t completely register, and my momentum carried me to the doorway. What I saw there caused me to come up short. My mom was standing facing away from me, bent over the back of the couch, and Doug was vigorously fucking her from behind. They were completely naked. The grunts were coming from Mom, and were in time with the thrusting Doug was doing.

With all the thunder and rain, they obviously hadn’t heard me come in. I had, of course, seen this type of thing on the internet, but seeing someone else having sex in the flesh, so to speak, was a decidedly new experience. I felt the familiar stirrings of arousal between my legs, and although I knew I should announce my presence, I just stood there frozen in my tracks.

“Oooooohhhh. Yessssss!,” Mom groaned. Then she started moaning loudly and I knew she was having an orgasm. I couldn’t tear my eyes from the two of them. Doug grabbed Mom by the hips and continued to slam his cock into her pussy. Her legs were shaking as the pleasure rippled through her body. I was surprised that I had a twinge of jealously. I wished that I could stick my hand down the front of my shorts and play with myself. I knew I would find that I was wet.

Suddenly, Doug announced that he was going to cum as he stepped back and pulled his cock out of Mom’s vagina. She quickly wheeled around and dropped down to her knees. She grabbed his erection and stuffed it into her mouth. Only then did she look past Doug to see me standing in the doorway. Her eyes went wide, but she continued to move her mouth up and down Doug’s cock, sucking hard. Doug gave a long groan of appreciation. He had no idea that I was there.

“Here it comes,” he said. I could see his butt cheeks flexing and I knew he was ejaculating forcefully into my mother’s mouth. She kept her eyes directly on me as she accepted his load. I could see her throat working as she swallowed several times. Eventually she let his erection fall from between her lips.

“I’m sorry about this,” she said, scooping up a small drop of jism that had escaped the corner of her mouth and licking her finger clean. “I thought you had a game.” Doug turned around and raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“Kelsey!,” he gasped, trying to cover his glistening, semi-hard dick with his hands.

“The game got cancelled because of the lightning,” I said. “Sorry I didn’t tell you that I was here. I was a little stunned I guess.” Mom reached over and moved Doug’s hands from his groin. I noticed that his balls were completely shaved, as was most of the area around his cock.

“Hey, it’s okay. Kelsey and I are very open about sex. Consenting adults shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed. They should probably get dressed though,” she said, smiling at me. She picked up her panties which lay discarded in a wad on the floor. Then she and Doug grabbed the rest of their clothes from the couch.

“I guess we should set some ground rules since Doug is around,” Mom said as she pulled on her top and pants. “Kind of like me knocking when your door is closed. Who knows? It could be reversed. We could walk in on you.”

I laughed. “I’m pretty sure I’m not going to put myself in a position where you walk in on some guy bending me over the couch and taking me from behind. But I get your point.”

Needless to say, we worked out an arrangement so that future episodes of sexual intimacy occurred in private. But I never forgot the thrill that ran through my loins while I was watching the two of them.

Fast forward to today and now I’m thirty. I’m a graphic artist at an electronics company. I do a lot of work on technical publications, like those user manuals no one ever reads, or the installation instructions everyone hates. I moved into the city when I got my job coming out of college, and live in a one bedroom unit on the twelfth floor of a high rise apartment. The building is fairly new and situated in a trendy area along the river. The river isn’t very wide at the point where my apartment building is, but when you look across the river, it still feels like you are looking across the border into another country.

All the apartment buildings in the neighborhood have balconies, and most are like mine with floor to ceiling windows. My balcony extends from my living room to in front of the single bedroom. The windows have shades that I have learned to close at night, like almost everyone else. I was a little creeped out at first that people across the river could see into my apartment, but the distance is far enough that it is hard to really see anything, and it didn’t take long for me to forget all about it.

I think I’m pretty attractive. I have brown eyes and longer, brown hair that hangs just below my shoulders. More often than not I wear it up or in a pony tail. I’m proud of my figure, and I run or swim regularly to keep in shape. I’m not skinny by any means, but my curves are defined. My breasts are 34C, and are in proportion to my five foot five inch frame.

Thanks to my Mom’s healthy and open attitude, I’m pretty uninhibited when it comes to sex. I haven’t found the guy that I think will give me a relationship like my mom had with my dad, so for me it’s all been about having sex and physical pleasure rather than making love. I really enjoy having someone go down on me, and I like to return the favor. As my mom recommended, I shave my pussy completely bare. I’ve experimented with anal sex a couple of times and actually found that I like it if it’s done right. I have a number of vibrators that get regular use. I even had a fling with another girl in the office about four years ago. She flirted with me at an end of work happy hour and I was horny. After a few drinks she took me back to her apartment and we explored each other’s bodies for hours. It was a one night thing though, not a habit. I consider myself a straight on heterosexual.

My most current relationship ended about three months before, and I was starting to feel like I needed to get some guy into bed. I came home from work and took a run, then showered and made a quick dinner. I considered going clubbing with some friends and possibly looking for a good candidate for a hook up, but it was a Monday night and I had work the next day. That kind of put a damper on that idea.

I was watching the local news and the weather guy said it was going to be a cloudless night with a full moon rising in the early evening. I got a little nostalgic thinking about my dad. I hadn’t done any star gazing since I moved to the apartment. The city lights pretty much wash everything out, but a full moon would still be visible. Mom had given me the spotting scope when I moved to college, and I still had it stashed in the back of my utility closet at the apartment. I poured myself a glass of wine and went out on the balcony with the scope.

It was still a good half hour before the moonrise, so I spent some time watching people walk along the river. Then I decided to look at the balconies across the way to see if there were any good ideas for furnishing mine. I just had two cheap plastic Adirondack chairs and a small table. There was quite an assortment of different approaches. Some people obviously used their balconies for storage, especially for bikes, or strollers, or coolers. Some were basically gardens with tomatoes, peppers, flowers or herbs. Others were similar to mine with simple seating. At the opposite end of the scale, some had hanging lights, and planters and upscale furniture. I decided a plant or two wasn’t a bad idea and made a mental note to go shopping the next weekend.