All Five Senses

Blindfolded, Andrew needs to work out whose tits are whose.

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Allie was a little drunk, which in some ways wasn’t surprising, given we were in a bar. I’ve known Allie for eighteen months and, up until this evening, she’d never shown even a remote interest in being in a bar. Tonight, for some reason she was insistent, like she thought it was my birthday and hence a celebration was in order. Even when we’d been to parties, Allie didn’t really do much drinking. She was pretty shy and kept to a fairly close set of family and friends.

For a while she had me worried, like today was a significant date in our relationship and she was giving me an opportunity to realise that and, once the penny had dropped, celebrate some sort of a milestone with her. I was racking my brain — first time we met, first date, first kiss, first fuck?

The first time we met was in an aerobics class at the university gym. From my perspective it was love at first sight. If I could pick one word to describe Allie’s physique it would be ‘lithe’. At 5’9″ she was reasonably tall and her limbs had a gracefulness to them that often left me mesmerised. At the same time, her shoulders, arms, thighs and butt seemed to give her an explosive power. Add to that a pretty face with green eyes sitting under a mop of ginger curls and I was sold.

At this point I should confess I had an ulterior motive. I like to keep fit and I spend a reasonable amount of time either in the gym or playing one form of sport or another. In my mind the gym is divided into two parts; the weights part and the fitness part. The weights part is mostly alpha male territory with relatively few women — definitely not for me. The fitness part, on the other hand, has several advantages – it keeps me lean and fit and I’m usually outnumbered three or four to one by sexy, athletic, scantily clad women.

Allie and I would often make small talk before classes and if there was a partner exercise to do, we would often pair up. After a while I managed to pluck up enough courage to ask her out.

Our first date was a casual afternoon at the lake and then dinner afterwards. Gym outfits can be pretty revealing in terms of shape and size but nothing prepared me for that afternoon and Allie in a bikini. My eyes almost fell out of my head. Her tits weren’t enormous, maybe C cup, but they sat high on her chest, almost as if they were defying gravity. She had the flattest of abs, the cutest of butts and the sexiest of hips. However, the most striking aspect was her pale alabaster skin. She glowed and I made every opportunity, as we played in the water, to have her in my arms. That night, as I dropped her home, I was rewarded with my first kiss. I was deeply in love.

Things progressed quickly after that. I quickly discovered, much to my delight, Allie loved being held and, within boundaries, caressed. We would often find ourselves intertwined on the sofa, binge watching something like Game of Thrones – the sex scenes made her horny. One evening, when her sister Maddie wasn’t home, Allie paused the TV and very casually asked me if I’d like to make love to her. My kiss was enough to answer her question. She stood up and slowly, one piece of clothing at a time, revealed her body to me. I worshipped her body and we made love there on the living room floor.

But none of that explained this evening; I couldn’t think of a single “anniversary” we could have possibly been celebrating.

Allie was most definitely keeping a secret from me. She kept looking at her watch, like there was someplace she should be, while at the same time making no effort to move on from the bar. By 10 o’clock I’d worked it out; for reasons unknown, Allie didn’t want to go home or at least didn’t want me at her place.

I thought that maybe she and her sister had had a fight. Allie shared a house with her older sister Maddie who worked cabin crew. Where they lived was an easy drive to and from the airport. It also worked for Allie as it was a convenient, but slightly longer, drive across town to the university that Allie and I attended.

In the same way that Allie was a little shy, Maddie, and most of her friends for that matter, were a little wild. Like Maddie, there were a lot of young female cabin crew who lived in and around town. Their favourite summer past time was blowing off steam over at the lake. There would often be a dozen or more of them and their partners partying all afternoon and well into the night. Allie and I joined them occasionally but not very often.

The one thing that Allie didn’t like was when Maddie had some random guy stay over for the night. According to Allie, it wasn’t often the same one twice. One guy had surprised Allie in the shared bathroom one morning while she was having a shower. Allie said he was polite enough and beat a hasty retreat, but I could tell it freaked her out a bit.

At 11 o’clock it was way past Allie’s normal home time. We weren’t budging. A slightly drunk Allie was kind of cuter, in a funny way — like she’d lost a level of seriousness somehow and was trying very hard not to appear in any way drunk. I’d stopped buying her alcoholic drinks an hour ago so hopefully she wouldn’t be getting any worse, just giggly with a light buzz.

Finally, at a touch after midnight, she decided it was time to go.

As I turned into Allie’s street, she let out a sigh of disappointment. The usually quiet street had a dozen or more cars clustered around the house where she and Maddie lived. By necessity, we parked a little further away than usual. As soon as I got out of the car, I could hear the doof, doof of music and a few female squeals. There was definitely a party going on. I was a little miffed to say the least. Why the hell wasn’t I invited.

“Allie, is there a party going on?” I asked in an overly innocent voice.

“Yes,” she groaned, recognising my mocking tone and screwing up her face in a wince.

“Any reason we weren’t here around four hours ago?”

“Sorry Andrew. It’s just not your type of party.”

What’s not my type of party? I couldn’t begin to imagine what sort of party wasn’t my sort of party. Obviously, Allie wasn’t involved, so this was all Maddie’s doing. My immediate thought was that it was a swing party. That definitely fitted Maddie lifestyle.

One thing I began to notice was a lack of male voices; usually they were the loudest and I couldn’t hear one. This was the sound of ladies having fun. Way too much fun.

Parked in front of the gate to Allie’s house there was a van with advertising on the side for Stephanie’s Boutique.

“Allie, is this a lingerie party?”

“Yes,” she admitted, accompanied by more wincing.

“I love lingerie parties,” I declared with enthusiasm.

“And exactly how many have you been to?” she enquired with a raised eyebrow.

“Maybe less than one. But what better opportunity to start?”

“Like the idea of trying on a few outfits, do you? I could post some photos online. Maybe send a few to your friends. Maybe your mum.”

“Maybe I could try on an outfit or two,” I said, calling her bluff. I did quite like Rocky Horror Picture Show after all.

Allie wasn’t convinced. “I think maybe we should sit on the porch and wait for them to finish up,” she suggested.

As we walked up the path two woman were walking out. We got an even louder blast of music and shrieking as the door briefly opened and closed. I recognised one of the women as Katie, one of Maddie’s friends.

Allie stopped to talk to Katie. So annoying, as I was super keen to get inside.

“Hi Katie,” said Allie. “How come things haven’t wrapped up yet?”

“Actually, we were waiting for you guys to return. Apparently, there’s some modelling to be done.”

More groaning from Allie. “I thought Maddie knew I wasn’t that interested.”

“Not you,” said Katie. She pointed at me. “It’s Andrew they’re waiting for.”

What!? My ticket to entry had arrived. Better late than never.

Allie looked at me sceptically as I mimed edging towards the door. “Oh alright,” she said. “But on two conditions.”

“You name it. Anything!”

“You have to do exactly as I say, exactly when I say it, without objection.”

“Agreed.” Truth be told, at this point I’d have agreed to just about anything. Done deal. I was in.

“And,” she added. “I know what you’re like around tits. Try and keep your hands and your eyes to yourself unless invited otherwise.”

“Of course.” As far as I was concerned that was a no brainer.

Entering the front door I could see a fair scattering of people throughout the living room, dining room, kitchen and spilling out onto the rear deck. Most attention was on the living room where a raucous game of Limbo was under way.

Maddie saw us and quickly came over. I’d seen Maddie in a bikini any number of times. Even caught a quick flash of her tits once. I’d never seen her in a corset and panties before tonight. Now I had. Her tits seemed to be making every effort to escape out of the top. Was it possible I could see the edge of her areola peeking out? It was neither the time nor the place for closer examination. My cock was definitely liking it and I sensed that Maddie was well aware of my level of interest.

Maybe this wasn’t Maddie’s and Allie’s. Maybe this was heaven. I thought I was good to drive as I hadn’t had many drinks at the bar. Maybe we’d been in a crash and had died. It was simply too good to be true. Should I be pinching myself? No! If it was a dream, I didn’t want it to stop now.

Allie started shouting at her over the music. “Aren’t we going to be annoying the heck out of the neighbours?”

Maddie shook her head. “I think our two closest neighbours are both still here somewhere. Actually, I think they’re probably up next.”

“Up next?” I asked.

“Somewhere along the way we decided that each of us would model one outfit.” explained Maddie. “The last group are the ‘mature’ ladies and Mrs C. and Susan should be about to strut their stuff.”

I could see a falling body in the background and a super loud cheer went up. Apparently, Limbo was over.

Maddie drew Allie and I further into the room. I began to get a good look around me.

I get that anyone looking to sell any sort of product in a party setting, from sex toys to kitchen appliances, was probably looking to get the clientele “well lubricated”. Maddie’s friends seemed intent on taking that to a new level. My sense was that alcohol consumption was high and inhibition was low. About a third of the people were “conventionally” dressed. The remainder were, well, mainly undressed. I could see bras, panties, suspenders, thigh highs, negligees, camisoles. My eyes were spinning around in my head and my cock was firmly growing in my jeans.

The music came down a couple of decibels and an older lady in a pants suite took centre stage. I assumed this was Stephanie.

“OK Ladies,” she began “our last group this evening are two very special ladies who just happen to be Maddie’s neighbours, Susan and Evelyn. I think they can amply demonstrate sexy doesn’t have a use-by date.”

Holy crap.

Susan, I’d always known as Susan. She was maybe mid-30s. I didn’t know much about her other than she had a husband and two early teenage kids. She usually dressed fairly conservatively and all I was conscious of was that she was fairly slender. Tonight, she’d decided to go what I’d call ‘old school’; lace bra and panties, suspender belt, stockings, heels. The bra seemed to be doing her a few favours in terms of how it accentuated her tits, adding a little volume and proving a nice bit of cleavage. When she turned around, I could see most of a firm arse and very little lace. With her hair pinned up, the outfit suited her ‘slick’ style.

Mrs C. I’d only ever known as Mrs C. I had no idea she was Evelyn. It suited her. So did what she was wearing.

She was a little older than Susan, maybe late 30s or early 40s. I’ve never seen a Mr C. But I’ve seen a lot of Mrs C. She has a pool in her back yard and was often swimming or lounging by the pool. Mrs C. was stacked and looked absolutely stunning in a swimsuit. She packed an impressive set of curves.

I was mowing Allie’s back lawn one afternoon and I stuck my head over the fence to say hi. Mrs C. was sitting next to the pool, topless, reading a book. I could see all of one breast and most of the other. Suddenly, catching me out of the corner of her eye, she jerked up her hands to cover herself.

“Sorry.” I yelled. Ducking back down. “I was just looking to say hello.”

I could hear her chuckling to herself. “That’s alright Andrew. No harm done. I think you got a bigger shock than I did.

Mrs C. must have relayed this story to Allie. Whenever Allie wanted her lawn done, she would tell me that I should come over as Mrs C. was out by the pool. Allie did however offer fair compensation. The deal was that, if I didn’t get to see a topless Mrs C, Allie would give me a blowjob in payment. I left Mrs C. to her privacy and took the blowjob from Allie every time.

Tonight Mrs C. was wearing a navy blue babydoll. It was good choice as the cut accentuated her thighs while minimizing her waistline. Her tits didn’t need any help with either volume or cleavage and were safely confined in a lace bra. The bra was lined with blue satin and not revealing any of its secrets. The rest of the lace in the outfit wasn’t lined, through the lace mesh I could make out the shape of a brief pair of panties underneath.

I wished I’d been here from the beginning to see the earlier displays.

Susan and Mrs C. did a few more spins and twirls before once again sitting down.

Maddie grabbed me by an elbow and guided me forward.

“Andrew, this is Steph. She’s our organiser for tonight.”

“Hi,” said Steph, giving me a quick, but approving, look up and down.

Smiling, she said, “Andrew, we’ve been waiting for you. I hope you don’t mind doing a little modelling for us. I sell a few matching his and hers outfits and one of the girls would like to see it modelled before she buys it.”

Digging into a bag she pulled out three of the smallest pieces of material I’d ever seen; two G-strings and what I assumed must be a bra. All in leopard print.

“Is that OK?” asked Steph.

My mind was spinning a little. I suddenly wasn’t so sure about this. Either of the G-strings were, to my mind, microscopic. I was super happy for one of the girls to be sporting her outfit. Me? Well, not so much. Sexist? Absolutely! My dignity was at stake.

Allie could sense my sudden discomfort. She didn’t give me a chance to respond.

“He’d love to do it!” she said. Giving me a look that said basically, “Well, you asked for it”.

“Hang on a second. Do I have a choice here?” I pleaded.

“What did we agree outside regarding your conditions of entry? Something along the lines of doing everything I said? I also seem to recall something about you wanting to try on an outfit or two?” Again, I got the raised eyebrows.

I needed a lawyer. A good one.

Jane appeared at my side deliciously dressed in a lace bra and matching panties. I’d met her before, most recently when a group of us drove over to the lake for a swim earlier in the summer. She was super tanned, blonde and had a figure much like Allie’s. She was also always flirting with any male within a 5-mile radius. I was the only male in the room and seemingly the sole focus of her attention right now.

Allie hated Jane and I suspect Jane was none too fond of Allie. Allie was maybe a little jealous of Jane’s tan and referred to her as the “Baked Bitch.” Rumour had it Jane called Allie “Snow White”.

Steph turned to Jane. “Andrew has kindly agreed.”

Steph continued, “Now, I sell these sets either with or without the bra. Which would you prefer?”

“Oh, I definitely want the bra.” With that Jane unsnapped the front of the bra she was wearing and, removing it, passed it to Steph, holding out her hand to receive its replacement

Holy fuck. Her tits were amazing. She was still wearing panties, so I couldn’t quite attest to her having an all over tan, but certainly her tits had the same golden glow as the rest of her body. Each was topped with a thick, equally tanned nipple. I was imagining them in my mouth.

It took way longer than Allie would have preferred for me to regain my composure. Speaking of composure, I could feel my cock now fully erect in my jeans.

Allie held out her hand to Steph. “Before Jane removes anything else, Andrew will get changed in my room.” She took a G-string from Steph and passed it to me. As I turned me towards the passage way she gave me a firm slap on the butt, sending me on my way.

I wasn’t exactly racing towards Allie’s room to get changed. It felt a little more like the walk of a condemned man. Things had gone south fast. Ten minutes ago, I was thinking I died and gone to heaven.

With the door closed behind me I began to get undressed. It certainly wasn’t the first time I’d been naked in Allie’s room; far from it. But it was the first time I’d been in here with an entirely unwanted erection.

I held the flimsy G-string in my hand. I haven’t got a super huge cock but no way was I going to fit what I was packing into the minuscule pouch provided for the task.

I stepped into it and slid it up my legs. Yep, short of slicing off the top half of my cock, no way was it going to fit. No matter how I rearranged it, a good 3 or 4 inches of my cock was poking out of the top.

I began to consider my options. I could think of two (having already dismissed the slicing in two option). I could wait it out, but that might take some time. Or, I could quickly jerk off, shoot a load, and “calm down” a bit. I tried option one for two minutes. No good. I resigned myself to option two.

I was about to start when Allie slipped into the room. My back was to the door.

“What the fuck are you doing,” she asked. “It’s not as if there’s a lot of ‘wardrobe’ to adjust.”

“Well, if there was more ‘wardrobe’ to adjust I wouldn’t be having this problem.” I said in exasperation, turning around to reveal my dilemma.

“Why the fuck are you packing an erection?”

“Did you not just see me in a room full of semi naked women, tits on display everywhere?”

“You men are so hopeless.”

Looking at my cock, I stated the obvious. “Look, the only way we’re going to get out of here quickly is if I shoot a load. Are you going to help me, or is this going to be a DIY job?”

Fortunately for me, Allie loved sucking cock. She wasn’t a big fan of swallowing, but she did love working a cock.

“OK. Come over here.” She gestured for me to sit on the edge of the bed, and began to remove her top. “I’m not getting completely undressed but, with a mind on expediency, you’ll probably want to play with these.” With that she removed her bra and tossed it on the bed.

Man, I love those tits with their pale pink nipples.

Allie sank to her knees, lowered her mouth and swallowed half my cock. Allie knew my cock all too well. She rolled her tongue around the tip, pumped and twisted one hand on the lower half of my shaft and gently massaged my balls with the other. I reached out with one hand and gently squeezed her breast, teasing the nipple. Slowly her pace increased and I could feel her sensing the tension in my balls. She let go of my shaft and swallowed as much of my cock as she could, working it down her throat.

I was getting close.

She could sense it.

She moved back to the tip, bobbing, swirling, sucking. With a grunt from me she took my cock out of her mouth and began furiously pumping her fist up and down my shaft.

I shot my load, pumping cum out of my cock — squirt after squirt. Most of it landed on her tits. The rest on her shoulder and neck and abs.