Nick’s cock slowly invaded the glossy pucker of Anne’s anus then exited at the same pace. The sensual scene replayed several times and the warmth of her tight channel soon had him longing for more. Trying to ignore his lack of control over the maddeningly sluggish speed, he focused on his wife as she worked her ass up and down his length. With both his wrists and ankles shackled to the bed, he had no option but to embrace the novelty of being used as her sex toy.

The unusual turn of events began the day before. While on his way to work, Nick’s cell phone rang at exactly 7:10 am, as expected. Even without checking caller ID, he knew it was his wife, who called every morning at the same time.

Answering the call, Nick greeted Anne warmly, “Hey Babe.”

“Hey! Miss me yet?” Anne’s voice was laced with humor, since they had just parted fifteen minutes earlier.

Nick snorted, “Of course! Did you read any good stories today?”

During her early morning exercise routine, Anne enjoyed reading stories on her favorite erotic literature website. She favored the ‘Anal’ and ‘BDSM’ categories and looked forward to scouring the new releases each day. If one tickled her fancy, she would relay it to Nick, in great detail, during their separate commutes to work.

“Actually, I read a really hot ‘Anal’ story,” she said wistfully. “A husband tied up his wife as punishment, then gave her ass a really rough ride. It made me super horny”.

Picking up on her not so vague hint, Nick’s tone was mild, “Oh, really.”

“You know… it’s been a while since we’ve had time to play some kinky games. And… well… I’ve been a very naughty girl lately. I’m pretty sure I deserve a punishment,” trying her best to sound contrite, she still managed to miss the mark.

Anne truly loved anal sex, which was a blessing in Nick’s mind. The problem was that she wailed like a banshee during anal orgasms. With teenagers still at home, their opportunities to cut loose were few and far between.

Knowing his wife was desperate for kinky sex, Nick took her not so subtle invitation in stride. She was right; it had been quite a while since they enjoyed a wild night. In truth, he was shocked it had taken her this long to propose a secret sex date and was fully on board with the direction of their conversation.

Responding to Anne’s obvious desire, Nick played his part. “I’ll be the judge of whether you really deserve a punishment. Now, tell me what you’ve done,” he said, in a commanding tone.

“Well, for one thing, it just so happens that I’m speeding at this very moment,” Anne knew it was a weak effort, but this was just the first pitch.

Underwhelmed, Nick sighed, “You speed every day. That’s not really worthy of a punishment.”

“Oh,” unconcerned by her swing and miss, she was ready for the second pitch. “Well, I ‘borrowed’ $30 from your wallet before I left for work.”

Nick chuckled, “Ok… no big surprise there. Most days I feel like your personal ATM. Is that all?” He asked, fully expecting more from his inventive wife.

Having saved the best for last, Anne was confident she was on the verge of a home run, “So, it turns out the Parkers asked us to dinner Friday night and I said we would love to come.”

Dead silence followed for several moments while Nick processed the unwelcome news. She knew perfectly well he didn’t enjoy spending time with the Parkers. Though the wife was a dear friend of Anne’s, the husband was socially awkward.

“Little One,” Nick said, after clearing his throat loudly, “you really DO deserve a punishment for this. Let me see what I can do about making room in my schedule tomorrow afternoon.”

When Nick used her sex toy moniker, Anne’s pussy clenched. Being at her husband’s mercy, while he used her body for pleasure, was the ultimate turn-on. Luckily, she would be done by noon the following day, which was perfect timing.

Giddy from success, Anne barely contained her delight, “Oh, boy! Um, I mean… oh no! Well, I’ll just have to accept whatever punishment you feel fits the crime. But, my ass has been feeling very left out lately.”

Annoyed by the upcoming dinner with the Parkers, Nick decided to tease his wife as partial payback. “Maybe your punishment will be forgoing anal intercourse,” he joked, in his most serious voice.

Stunned, Anne practically choked, “Babe, punishment should always include anal!”

“You’re in no position to make demands, Little One.” Nick kept up his torment, a wry grin on his face. “I’ll take your request into consideration, but don’t count on getting your way. This was a pretty serious transgression. Now I’m just pulling into work. We can talk more later.”

Deflated, Anne replied, “Love you.”

“Love you, too,” Nick hung up, pleased with himself for putting one over on his wife.

In her car, Anne was horrified by the turn of events. Her clever plot to induce a rough anal session had very suddenly gone off the rails. Surely, Nick must know how badly she wanted some kinky ass action!

Figuring she could entice him into compliance, Anne quickly came up with a plan to ply him with margaritas. There was no way he could resist the allure of her eager ass with a strong hit of tequila on board and she knew just the place that would cater to her needs.


The following day, Anne and Nick met at home just before lunchtime. When she suggested a quick trip to their favorite Mexican restaurant, he readily agreed. Not only were the drinks strong, the food was outstanding and most importantly, service was quick.

As usual, they requested an out-of-the-way booth. After being seated, two of their favorite Margaritas magically appeared at the table and their food order was quickly taken. With the preliminaries out of the way, they sipped their drinks and relaxed.

A very direct person, Anne had no qualms about speaking plainly. Hoping Nick had forgotten about his absurd idea to withhold anal, she decided to test the waters.

“Hey Babe, I’m pretty horny. Let’s get crazy this afternoon,” she said, while winking suggestively.

Nick chuckled to himself, guessing Anne was concerned about his threat to avoid anal play. Though he had every intention of drilling her ass long and hard, he thought it might be fun to keep up his ruse.

Cocking an eyebrow and maintaining his poker face, he said, “Today, we’ll keep it low key. After all, Little One, you DO deserve a punishment.”

“Haha, very funny. Get serious and quit goofing around,” she said, attempting mask her obvious concern.

Although typically a terrible actor, Nick felt confident in his performance. Anne was genuinely squirming before his very eyes and it was quite entertaining.

Leaning in, he spoke sternly, “Make no mistake, my mind is set.”

“But Babe, don’t you enjoy fucking my ass while I’m tied to the bed? You can put me on my knees, ass up, and have your way with me.” She tried to tempt him by painting an erotic image. “Picture your hard cock plunging into my little hole… imagine my screams when you make me cum…think about my ass clamping down while your cock empties its load inside me! Come on, I need you to deliver a cream pie to my back door! Pleeaase…!”

Always impressed by Anne’s anal enthusiasm, Nick’s cock immediately stiffened. Oh yes, he planned to do all of that, and more. But for the moment, he was enjoying the charade.

“I’ve made my decision. Anal, bondage and punishments are all off the table today,” he said, managing to sound disinterested.

Watching Anne’s face flicker with frustration was immensely amusing to Nick. He expected her to change strategies and was not disappointed.

Anne moved on quickly, trying to guilt him. “But Babe, you’re the one that got me hooked on anal! When you think about it, this is really all your fault. You owe me a good ass fucking!”

There was some truth to her statement. It had taken Nick over twenty years to convince Anne that anal sex was worth a try. Once she realized anal orgasms were real, and rivaled the vaginal variety, there was no stopping her. In a sense, he was responsible for creating this anal monster.

Intrigued to see where she might head next, Nick continued to yank her chain, “Missionary position and vaginal penetration will do for today, Little One.”

Anne’s face twisted in disbelief. That kind of sex was fine for weeknights, when they had to keep quiet because the kids were home. But this kinky opportunity was too precious to waste!

Deciding to try her luck at flattery, Anne didn’t miss a beat. “Ok, Listen. I’m going to be totally honest. If you weren’t so good at banging my ass, I wouldn’t even want to have anal. Skills like yours shouldn’t go to waste.”

Narrowing his eyes, Nick’s reply was simple, “Nice try.”

“Babe, please tie me up and fuck my ass! It’s been too long since we’ve played and I really need it,” she whined, as a last resort.

Shaking his head, Nick thought about taking pity on her. If he just confessed it was a joke at her expense, she would settle down. About to speak up, he suddenly felt her bare foot directly on his crotch. With her toes, she softly caressed his rock hard boner under the table while smiling in victory.

“You keep saying ‘no’, but your cock says ‘hell, yes’. Am I right?” Anne whispered, her eyes alight with merriment.

Suddenly unwilling to surrender, Nick took several deep breaths and tried to focus on unsexy thoughts. Picturing dinner at the Parkers brought him back from the brink.

Speaking slowly and softly, he replied, “My rules for today stand.”

Anne shrugged and sighed, “Ok, you win, Babe. Let’s just enjoy lunch and head home. Hell, maybe we should just relax. You do seem a bit tense.”

Their meals arrived and the lovers quickly ate, while discussing other matters. Nick was surprised that Anne managed to put the conversation behind her, since she was not fond of losing.

In the back of her mind, Anne felt justified about preparations made earlier in the day. Nick had chosen to play with fire and would soon get burned. She was fully prepared to act and take matters into her own ass.


Arriving at home, the couple went directly upstairs to their bedroom. Nick sat on the corner of the bed while Anne slowly removed her jeans and white button down shirt. Knowing full well he enjoyed a good striptease, she made sure to exaggerate her movements. When down to her black lacy bra and matching thong, she walked to her husband and took off her lingerie.

Standing naked before him, Anne looked at Nick with sincerity and asked, “Babe, can I give you a massage? You deserve one for being so patient with my shenanigans.”

Though Nick was ready to bang his wife’s ass senseless, he was moved by Anne’s thoughtful suggestion. Her massages were pretty decent and they had plenty of time. “That’s a nice offer, Little One. Go ahead. But first, undress me.”

Blushing sweetly, Anne replied, “With pleasure.”

Since Nick had left his jacket and tie downstairs, it didn’t take her long. She climbed on the bed and crouched directly behind him, setting her knees on either side of his body. Reaching around his chest, she unbuttoned his dress shirt and removed it. His plain white t-shirt followed.

“Stand up and turn around,” she whispered, seductively.

Nick followed her instructions which put his pelvis directly in front of her face. While staring in his eyes, Anne unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his trousers and then lowered the zipper. Tugging, she pulled down both his pants and underwear, leaving him naked and semi-erect.

“Now, come lie down and let my fingers do their work,” she said while tapping the bed lightly.

Happy to comply, Nick stretched out on the middle of the bed, face down. After straddling him, Anne sat on the center of his back.

Starting with his shoulders, she spoke with concern, “Oh Babe, your arms feel so tense! Put them over your head so I can work all your muscle groups.”

Nick was highly distracted by the wet spot forming on his back under Anne’s pussy, but managed to register her request. Stretching his arms towards the pillows, he was vaguely aware that Anne scooted forward, until situated between his shoulder blades. After leaning over the edge of the bed, she appeared to grab something. Then, quick as lightening, he felt cold steel around his wrists and heard the telltale click of handcuffs.

Nick’s head immediately reared as he pulled on his hands and found them restrained. Reality hit hard; his 95 pound wife had just gotten the drop on him, no small feat since he weighed in at 210. Immediately after, the nimble ninja scurried off his body and sat next to him.

Although reluctant to look at his wife, who was surely proud of the prank, Nick turned his head to the side. What immediately caught his attention was the slick pussy on display between her widely spread thighs. He groaned, feeling foolish that he had been snared face down.

“Ha! I totally skunked you!” she squealed.

Nick knew there would be no living this down, since Anne was prone to gloat. Being generally easy going, he was tempted to join in her mirth, but decided to take stock of the situation.

“Nice move, Little One,” he conceded, always gracious. “So, what happens next?”

Anne was not done crowing, “Holy guacamole! I actually captured you!!! I wish you could have seen the look on your face! Classic!”

“Yep, you caught me fair and square. So, what’s your end game?”

Cackling at his unintended pun, she replied. “It’s more like my ‘rear’ end game!”

Taking several deep breaths, she settled down. Giving pleasure to Nick was definitely part of the plan and she wanted to put his mind at ease.

“Ok, ok! Phew! These are your options. I attached the handcuffs to a small piece of chain that’s locked to the bed post. That leaves you free to roll onto your back. If you choose that path, I’ll put your cock to good use. But you’ll be completely at my mercy, for a change. Or… I can lay here and play with myself while you take a nap. It’s entirely your call, Love.”

Nick’s mind was made up immediately, but he made a show of mulling it over, “Let’s see, I can let you at my cock, or lay here like a lump on a log. I’ll go with option number one.”

Clapping like a three year old, Anne was overjoyed. While much preferring a submissive role during kinky games, Nick pushed a previously unknown hot button by threatening to withhold anal sex. He had no one to blame but himself for her extreme measures.

“Great!” she exclaimed. “Now, roll over and keep your legs together. I need to chain up your ankles.”

Supporting himself on one elbow, Nick flipped his body as Anne instructed. She hopped off the bed and produced metal ankle cuffs which must have been stashed under the mattress earlier in the day.

Once all of Nick’s limbs had been restrained , Anne proudly studied her work. Staring down at her husband’s face, she tenderly kissed his forehead.

“Don’t worry, Babe. I’ll be gentle,” she whispered directly in his ear.

An easy going fellow, Nick laughed at the tiny trickster, “Well, Little One, you seem to have me right where you want me.”

“Why, yes I do. Thanks for noticing,” she laughed while on her way to the door. “Now, you stay put and I’ll be right back.”

Being restrained was a new experience for Nick. The couple had engaged in bondage since early in their relationship and over their three decades together, Anne had spent countless hours in cuffs, chains and even a stockade. Never before had she expressed any interest in turning the tables, so this was an unexpected twist.

Nick was impressed that Anne drew on her wealth of experience when binding him to the bed. Testing his mobility, he was actually proud she had managed to secure him without causing pain. The cuffs weren’t too tight on his wrists/ankles, nor were his limbs stretched to the point of discomfort. All in all, it was a pretty successful effort.

His attention shifted after noticing Anne had returned and was standing in the middle of the room. To say she had dressed for the occasion would have been an understatement.

“Like what you see?” Anne eyes shone with mischief as she modeled her new outfit.

Usually preferring soft, feminine lingerie, this afternoon she had gone in a new direction. A strapless black leather corset gave her the look of a woman in control. Already petite, it further accentuated her tiny waist, while managing to make her small breasts appear larger. She opted to go without panties, leaving her hairless sex exposed for his viewing pleasure. A bit further down, thigh hi, black sheer stockings hugged her toned legs. Completing the erotic ensemble were severe looking black stilettos.

Nick’s jaw hung open at the site of his wife, dressed in the very risqué outfit. “Fuck! You look SO hot, Little One!”

Turning away from him, she stuck her hips to one side and patted her ass. With his cock now at full mast, he briefly strained to rise before remembering he was bound to the bed.

“Little One, let me up and I’ll give your ass the rough ride of your life,” he said, attempting to negotiate.

Anne shook her head while laughing, “Oh, I’ll get a rough ride, don’t worry. You had your chance and blew it. I’m planning to take what I want.”

“Come on! I was just joking about withholding anal. Let’s trade places,” he sniveled.

Shrugging, Anne replied, “You poked the horny bear, Babe. What’s done is done. Now if you insist on talking, there will be consequences.”

“But,” he began.

“Exactly! Butt…” she answered, making air quotation marks with her fingers. “That’s the name of this game. Now, I warned you to keep quiet and you disobeyed.”

Anne tapped her index finger against the side of her mouth and squinted in faux concentration. “Let’s see, how shall I deal with your disobedience? Hey, I have an idea,” she said, waving her hands in earnest. “Instead of jabber-jawing, you should use your mouth to pleasure me!”

Sensing the game was well underway, Nick wasn’t sure if he should respond verbally. Wisely, he chose to nod his head in agreement. Anne’s outrageous outfit and bawdy behavior had him longing for any type of contact with her body.

“Ah, you’re a fast learner, I see,” she said. “Let’s put your mouth to work. I want you to lick my naughty hole, like a good boy.”

Again, Nick nodded emphatically, happy to acquiesce. Allowing Anne this ‘switch’ moment only seemed fair under the circumstances and he was happy to go along for the ride.

Carefully, so as not to jostle her husband, Anne crawled back on the bed. She straddled him at the level of his neck and kneeled, placing her ass directly over his face. Ever the tease, she gyrated her pelvis while rubbing her hands along the gentle curves of her buttocks.

“Now, give me some sugar… in my ass,” she said, with authority.

Anne felt Nick’s body shaking from the laughter he struggled to suppress. Rimming his wife wasn’t really a punishment and watching her get off while he tongued her ass was a turn on. Consequently, he was more than happy to oblige.

Smirking, Anne bent over and looked between her legs, “I’m granting you access to a very special place, Babe.”

As if unveiling a treasured gift, she shifted her hands to the center of her toned ass and parted the creamy white cheeks. There, for Nick’s viewing pleasure, was her delicate star. In the light of day, he could easily appreciate each and every fold that made up her unmentionable entrance. Slightly darker than the rest of her skin, the tone gave it an almost exotic appearance. In all, it was a very appealing target and one he never tired of hitting.

Misinterpreting his pause, Anne spoke words of encouragement, “Come on, Babe. You know what to do. Put your mouth on my ass.”

With pleasure, Nick puckered his lips and pressed them against Anne’s anus, which now quivered in anticipation. Lovingly, he nibbled, sucked and kissed his way around the small circle, eliciting soft moans from his wife. No amateur, he knew exactly how to manipulate the crinkled skin surrounding her back door.