April is one of those months that makes you feel like you can never make any plans, since the weather could be anywhere from freezing your ass off cold, to boiling your nuts in oil, hot.

Looking outside, today looked like it was one big horrible April Fool’s day joke on the entire city.

Though winter was officially supposed to be over more than a week ago, the first of April showed up with a rude surprise for anyone hoping to get anywhere. The streets were covered in a thick coating of ice, making driving or even walking virtually impossible. Looking out up and down the street, from the living room window, it seemed like no one dared to even venture out their front door. It was kind of eerie to see the streets so deserted.

Seeing as it was still coming down hard and coating everything in a heavy layer of freezing rain, I knew my roommate and I would be together for at least the rest of the day, which I didn’t mind one little bit, since my temporary roomie was an absolute babe.

Since landing a new tech management position in Montreal, I had been staying at a friend of my younger sister, Joslyn’s place for a few weeks, while I worked on finding a place of my own. Once she knew I was coming, she’d been kind enough to insist that she had plenty of room and said I could stay with her, so there was no need for me to stay in a hotel, or look for a short-term rental.

Only problem was, I’d been hot to get with her since the day I’d first met her, seven years ago when she was just eighteen and I was twenty. She was my sister Jill’s best friend all through university, who often spent time with my family. And I don’t think I’d been able to spend two minutes with her, without imagining how good it would feel to kiss her pretty mouth, run my hands through her long golden brown hair, or strip her naked and let her know just what she did to me.

Last night I did my best to shelve my feelings for her, while we stayed in and made Chinese food together. Turns out Joslyn, in addition to be gorgeous and sexy as hell, really knew her way around a kitchen. What she whipped up was amazing; beef and broccoli, fluffy white rice along with stir-fried tofu and veggies with crunchy almonds and mouth-watering spicy shrimp.

I helped wherever I could, of course brushing against her nice tight ass every chance I got, making her laugh while I worked around her, cleaning up and handing her whatever she needed.

Just to be fair, I kept us in booze and always picked up groceries, figuring it was the least I could do since she wouldn’t let me help with any other expenses. Exceptionally bright, I knew she had a good paying job in biotech, but I didn’t like to take advantage of her generous nature. So, at least we always had plenty to eat and drink, while she did most of the cooking.

Once the meal was ready, the wine flowed as we ate, and I noticed her coly grinning at me all through dinner, like she might be fantasizing about what she’d like to do with me, too.

Not too surprising, since I was only wearing a thin pair of shorts, having shed my T-shirt, my well-muscled chest was bare. Women seemed to like my thick, dark hair, and big brown eyes, and the fact I was lean and tall and pretty well hung, too.

Sitting across from me, sexy Joslyn was nearly naked in just a pair of silky mauve boy shorts and matching little belly-baring tank top, with no bra. That of course had me hard all through dinner as I stared mesmerized at the sight of her rock hard nipples poking at the fabric, imagining how incredible it would feel to slip my tongue around each one, and get them even harder.

Though I’d seen women wearing a lot less at the beach, seeing Joslyn so scantily clad had to be the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

After dinner, we sat together in the living room, the tall room aglow in candlelight, listening to an old Stevie Wonder album. Both of us smiling at the words to the sultry Ribbon in the Sky, it felt so romantic. When Stevie sang, ‘May I touch your hand,’ I reached for her hand and gently stroked it, and she in turn stroked her thumb over mine. Both of us quietly smiling as freezing rain pelted steadily the windows, it was a perfect way to spend the night, warm and close when the weather outside was frightful.

I really enjoyed staying at her place, and not just because I got to spend so much time with the woman who’d been haunting my dreams for as long as I could remember. But the apartment itself was amazing, and really spacious, the main floor of a classic red brick Victorian with ginger-bread detailing at the peak. With incredible twelve foot ceilings, and a lot of the old features maintained, like the high base boards, and super long windows that let it lots of natural light. I couldn’t believe she’d been lucky enough to score a place like this, fully furnished, right in the heart of the city, and could understand why she fell in love with it on sight.

Only problem was, in winter, her landlord Mr. Dubois, who lived right above us, and had to be somewhere in his late eighties, kept the place hot enough to fry a monkey’s ass. So, we’d both ended up over the course of dinner, nearly stripping ourselves naked to avoid sweating balls while we ate.

I remember the first day I’d arrived, I wondered if she was dressing sexy just for me, clad in just a tiny pair of cut offs and a tank top when she answered the door, I soon realized that clothes were pretty much optional living in her hot as hades digs.

So, now in the morning, I found myself standing in just my black silk boxers staring at the ice covered streetscape and wondering what the two of us might get up to, trapped together with hardly any clothes on.

Joslyn came in carrying two big mugs of coffee, and I gotta say, I grinned, loving the sight of her barefoot in just a soft pink bra top and tiny silky pink shorts, leaving almost nothing to my imagination. I could feel my dick growing hard, imagining what it would feel like to strip off those two little scraps of fabric and get at her warm soft body beneath.

I willed my erection to go down when she came and stood close beside me to take a look outside. “Wow. Looks like Mother Nature’s wrath, was really unleashed on us overnight, wasn’t it?”

I nodded, as I took a sip of coffee. “And it’s still coming down, too. It’s like a skating rink out there, though it does look kind of pretty with everything shimmering in a coating of ice.” The sun made everything glisten like diamonds; the trees and bushes, the cars, even the sidewalks.

Joslyn agreed, “It really does.” Then she shrugged. “Well, how about a games day then, since I doubt either of us will be going anywhere today.”

When I nodded and said, “Sure,” she set down her coffee mug on an end table and opened a cupboard door in the hallway. And inside, was a lot bigger than it looked, filled with shelves of books, and loads of games.

She tipped her head, after choosing one of the board games. “How about Scrabble? Would you be up for that?”

“Okay. But I should warn you, I haven’t played in years, so I might be a little rusty.”

Grinning slyly, she carried the box out of the cupboard. “But what’s even more fun is dirty Scrabble. It’s got to be one of the best games ever. And I think you’ll like it.”

I was already nodding. Though I hadn’t played before, I knew I’d love it, especially playing with her.

She set the board down on the coffee table, and we both got settled on the couch with our coffee cups in hand.

After we’d chosen seven letter tiles each, I groaned at the mess I’d picked. Then I shrugged and started with a measly four letter word, ANAL, giving her the side-eye as I set the word down on the board, hoping it wasn’t too dirty and I hadn’t shocked her.

But it seemed she was cool with it. When without batting an eyelash, instead of using one of my letters to put a word vertically on the board, like I thought she might, Joslyn’s smile was wicked as she added to my word, with ANALFUCKERY.

I barked out a laugh and patted her on the back, though my eyes nearly bugged out of my head when I first saw what she’d put down. “Wow, and you used all your letters, too,” I said, trying my best not to choke on my coffee. “Don’t you get something extra for that?”

“Yep, fifty extra points for using every letter. Lucky pick for me, huh?” she said, jotting down our scores, like it was nothing.

“No kidding.” I picked four more tiles and smiled when I saw I could use a blank tile to put down the word COCK, feeling pretty proud of myself.

Of course Joslyn quickly used another blank tile for an extra C, and turned it into COCKSUCKER. And I realized she knew this game like the back of her hand, plus it was pretty damned arousing to see her choice of words.

When I drew a few more tiles, I thought I had a perfect word and used the Y already on the board to create PUSSY, which of course naughty Joslyn quickly turned into PUSSYEATER.

We laughed as we played for the next hour and a half, amused by the outrageous words we were choosing. I soon decided she was right, and dirty Scrabble was a lot more fun than the traditional game. Though it was challenging too, since we had to not only figure out a way to utilize the letters we’d picked, but also think of a filthy way to use them.

Next pick I got nothing but a bunch of vowels, so after rolling my eyes, I threw my tiles back into the bag and lost my turn. Then Joslyn quickly used the R in COCKSUCKER to go crosswise to make ORGASM.

“Nice,” I said, admiring her dirty handiwork. Then using the A in ANAL, I put down ASSREAM, getting a thumbs up from Joslyn, who I noticed was now smirking at me like crazy. I guess deciding I wasn’t a total computer nerd after all.

No surprise, a second later, quick with a comeback, she added to that with an E and an R for ASSREAMER.

Talk about a kinky game, my cock was not only twitching but getting thicker and harder with every dirty thing we put down, as I imagined how hot it would be to do some of this sexy shit with her.

When I used an S already on the board and put down the word SHOOT, Joslyn gave me a high five, but then we stopped when she got to her feet and said, “Be right back.”

And when she came back she had a platter full of pretty delectable looking munchies; cheese, dips, veggies, grapes and crackers along with a big bottle of red wine and two glasses, that I quickly relieved her of and set on the table.

So, it looked like the game was going to get a little wilder now that we were going to start drinking. But that was okay with me.

Though I nearly chocked on my wine when on her next turn, she put down the word, FISTING. Fuck, this game was getting hot.

The fun went on for a while with words like BONER, TITS, THRUST, POUND and SLAM, till we’d pretty well run out of letters and both of us were looking pretty flushed, chuckling at how kinky our dirty Scrabble board looked.

Once she’d put it away, we just sat and ate for a bit, listening to some bluesy jazz, enjoying some more wine, and grinning at each other, now that we’d crossed a line in the sand as far as dirty game playing was concerned.

Suddenly looking inspired, Joslyn held up her finger and said, “Hey, I just remembered, I’ve got another fun game.” Then she dug into the closet again, coming out with an X-rated version of Truth or Dare, that she explained was left here by the last tenant.

But in this one, the stakes were pretty high, since both the questions and what you were dared to do were pretty erotic.

Wearing a naughty grin, fearless Joslyn started the game. “Okay so what do you pick, Ted, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” I said, and waited to see just how kinky this game would get.

With a playful waggle of her eyebrows, she picked up and read from the top card, “What’s the least amount of time you’ve known someone before you’ve had sex with them?”

Never having shared this little naughty tidbit from my past with anyone before, I shrugged and decided to tell her the truth. “About ten minutes; I met a flight attendant when we got snowed in together at an airport bar, and we hooked up in the bathroom.” But what I didn’t tell her was that the little blonde sexpot dropped to her knees and blew me the second the men’s room door closed behind us, which was really fucking hot, considering I was only twenty-one at the time and had only been sucked off like twice before, and never so well. I remembered after I’d shot down her throat that my legs shook for a full hour after experiencing something as crazy hot as that, especially since I’d only just met her.

Joslyn’s eyes flared in surprise and she gave me a high-five for sharing that with her. “Oh, wow, ten minutes. Way to go, stud.”

I smiled back and asked her, “Okay, Truth or Dare?”

She grinned, and wiggled excitedly in her seat. “Oh, definitely Dare.”

Though I smiled, I tried not to groan when I read the card. “Okay, then I dare you to suck on my finger and pretend you’re performing oral sex on me.”

She bit into her lip, looking a little unsure at first, but finally she snatched hold of my wrist, and drew my hand over to her mouth. Then keeping her gaze locked on mine, her eyes shimmering with amusement, yet still pretty dark with arousal, I noticed, she slowly licked all around my index finger before sliding it into the heat of her mouth, where she showed me just how hard she could suck. Fuck me, I could feel sweat beading on my forehead, and the blow job wasn’t even real. I don’t think I’d ever witnessed anything as hot as watching her eyes drift shut and hearing her softly moaning as she got off on the sensation of sucking off my finger. I swear I almost came where I sat.

I couldn’t believe it, but it actually felt even crazier to watch gorgeous Joslyn pretending to suck off my index finger, than when the flight attendant dropped to her knees and actually blew me in the bathroom. No, surprise, when I looked down at my black silk boxers, my dick was not only fully erect, but making a pretty impressive tent by the time Joslyn finally gave me a smug little smile and let go of my finger with an audible pop.

Holy shit, who knew a day of game playing, could be so arousing?

After wiping a drip of saliva from her chin, with the back of her hand, she said, “Okay, stud, your turn, Truth or Dare?”

Feeling brave, and insanely aroused after that, I blew out a breath and said, “Dare.”

She picked up a card, read it and then nodded, looking pretty delighted about what naughty thing she was about to do next. “Okay, then while I lick your lips, I dare you to resist touching me or kissing me back.” She grinned. “Think you can do that?”

Right now, I wondered if my throbbing cock would reach out to try and grab her from my boxers, if she started toying with my lips like that. But I just nodded and said, “Sure, let’s go for it.” Because, wow, having Joslyn lick my lips was like a wet dream come true.

I watched as she got up on her knees, then she smiled into my eyes as she took hold of me by the chin. Then she lashed out her hot little tongue and started to slowly trace a path around my bottom lip, softly moaning as she trailed it along my upper lip, too. And Jesus, did I ever want to grab her and pull her into my lap, just to show her how much I wanted to sink my tongue into her mouth and really plant one on her.

I could feel my cock getting sticky in my boxers by the time she finished, and no way could she miss the flag pole I was sporting, she’d gotten me so fucking hard, just from that playful bit of licking. I knew if we kept up the game, I’d either be tossing her on her back, and ravaging her pretty hard soon, or I’d be losing my freaking mind, if I didn’t get some relief before I lost it and shot my boxers full of cum.

My hand felt a little shaky as I reached for another card and said, “Okay, Joslyn, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” she said, and waited.

“Okay,” I said, and read from the card, “How old do you think is too old for someone to still be a virgin?”

Her gaze shot to the floor, and I noticed it took her a moment to answer. Finally she looked at me and shrugged. “I don’t know if there is an age. Sadly some people go their whole lives without ever making love.”

Now she had me intrigued, since I wondered when she’d first had sex. Part of me was jealous of the other jerks she’d been with, though I knew this was just supposed to be a game, and we weren’t really supposed to be digging too deep into our pasts. Still, she had me curious…

She brought me back to where I was, when she heaved a breath, picked up a card and said, “Okay, Ted, your turn, Truth or Dare.”

“Dare,” I said, looking her straight in the eye, doing my best to remember to breathe with my poor dick twitching like crazy as I imagined what it would feel like to strip her bare and make love with her.

She smirked as she read the card. “Wow. This should be fun. But I have to put a blindfold on you for this one.”

“Okaaay?” Now she had every nerve in my body tingling with anticipation, wondering what other kinky things she had in store for me.

She grabbed the black blindfold from the game box, got up on her knees and slipped it over my head, covering my eyes. Then she said, “Now, while I’ve got you blindfolded, you have to put your hands behind your back and I’m going to put some part of my body against your lips. And I dare you not to touch me with anything but your mouth. Then you have to guess what part of me you’ve just kissed.”

Holy shit! This game was really starting to heat up, and I could feel I was starting to sweat, and not only because the room was hot enough to cook eggs on the damn heat vents. I actually wondered if the temperature inside had gone up another few degrees, or if it was just me.

Secretly, though, I hoped she’d be pressing her pussy against my mouth so I could slide my lips over the softness of her hot wet folds, but unfortunately I had my doubts, even with her naughty sense of fun, that she’d be willing to go that far.

I could hear her giggle as she took hold of the back of the couch probably to keep her balance, and then she pressed some incredibly soft, warm flesh against my lips. When I puckered up and slowly traced my lips against her skin, I started to smile, since I knew I had to be kissing her backside. I asked, “Is it your ass?”

She laughed out loud when I gave her a playful nip, but then sadly, put herself back together before she slipped the blindfold off me. She was smiling from ear to ear as she said, “Bet you never thought when you woke up this morning, that you’d wind up kissing my ass today, did you?”

Chuckling, I agreed, “You’re right, that was one thing I didn’t imagine I’d be doing.” Though I wished she’d have let me use my tongue on her too, then I could have traced a path along her ass crack all the way down to her hot little pussy where I could have shown her just how intimate a kiss could be.

I noticed her cheeks were flushed to a very pretty shade of pink and her nipples were so hard, I swore I could almost taste them after getting that intimate with each other.

“Okay, Truth or Dare?” I asked, smiling expectantly into her eyes, hoping the next one would be as hot.

“Dare,” she said, narrowing her eyes on me, starting to look a little anxious.

My smile was pretty big as I grabbed the next card and read out, “I dare you to put something sweet on a body part that you want me to lick off, and then describe it.”

Her eyes went big and she swallowed hard, while I just grinned and looked her over, imagining how hot it would be to finally get a chance to run my tongue over her soft, warm skin. Finally she said, “Um, I think I’ll need you blindfolded for what I have in mind this time, too, Ted.”