I jumped at the sound of the door opening and lifting my head from Brad’s shoulder, saw Ashley coming through the door.

“Hey guys!” she exclaimed, as she removed her long coat and hung it up next to ours in the closet in the front hall.

“Damn, she drives me crazy in that outfit.” Brad said softly from where he was sitting next to me on the couch.

I’m sure many wives would be upset at their husbands for checking out a pretty girl half their age. I, on the other hand, had already been thinking the same thing. Ashley was coming home from a shift at the restaurant Brad had gotten her a job at when she moved in with us several months ago. Ashley worked the bar area and her uniform consisted of a short red skirt with black stockings and matching heels. Her long legs showed why she was on the cheerleading squad at PC and although she was small on top the tight low cut black shirt did wonders for her chest.

“Hey honey.” I called out to her as I watched her remove her hat and shake out her long blonde hair. “How was work?”

“It was great!” she said in that sometimes sickeningly cheerful tone she always spoke in. “I got awesome tips again!”

“I wonder why.” Brad said, shaking his head.

“Be nice.” I whispered as I elbowed him in the side.

“What do you mean?” Ashley asked.

She was now standing in front of us and I had to force my gaze away from her firm young thighs that were at eye level.

“Oh, come on Ashley,” Brad laughed, “Why do you think you get such good tips?”

“Well,” she shrugged. “I guess because I have a big smile, and I’m always friendly.”

“Really, you think that’s it?” I asked, unable to help playing along.

Ashley frowned and her normally big blue eyes narrowed in concentration. Suddenly she snapped her fingers. “I know why!” she smiled, “Because it’s close to Christmas so everyone’s in a generous mood, right?”

“Absolutely.” Brad said with a completely straight face. “They see you and all they’re thinking about is giving.”

“That’s right.” Ashley laughed and as always it made me smile, “Tis the season!”

The two of us laughed and although technically it was more at her than with her, I felt a wave of affection for our adorable little border. She really was a sweetheart.

“Well, it’s late and I have an early class tomorrow so I’m going to head on up to bed.”

Leaning forward, she gave me a kiss on the cheek, “Good night, Trish.”

“Night honey.” I said softly as found myself staring down her shirt.

Her tits were small, but the red bra she was wearing had them pushed up quite well and I could just imagine the cute little pink nipples beneath the material. Ashley moved to the side and gave Brad a quick kiss good night as well. I couldn’t help smiling when I saw Brad’s gaze also go down her shirt. As she stood up, Ashley said, “Thanks again for getting me the job Brad, I’m making enough money that I should be able to fly out and see my folks on February vacation!”

“Thank you Ashley,” he said, grinning.

“For what?”

“For making me smile.” He told her. “You always put me in such a good mood!”

“I do what I can!” she said as she turned and headed for the stairs.

“Oh, you do plenty,” Brad said under his breath as we both watched her begin to walk up the stairs. The higher she got the more of her thighs we could see and I knew that Brad, as I was, was hoping for a view of her firm little ass. We were disappointed however, as just before she got to the top; she stopped and worrying that we would get caught looking, both turned our heads back to the television. Ashley removed her phone from her skirt and started chirping away as she took the last of the stairs and vanished down the hallway.

“Do you really think she doesn’t know she’s hot?” Brad asked, turning to look at me, “Is she really that naïve?”

“I think she is.” I told him. “It goes beyond naïve, she’s just really sweet. I’m glad she couldn’t live on campus; she’d get taken advantage of in a heartbeat. That’s why Bill and Kate were thrilled we said she could stay with us when he got transferred, so we could look out for her.”

“I’m sure Bill would just love the way we perv on her sometimes.” Brad rolled his eyes.

“Yeah well, she doesn’t even know when a guy is hitting on her, so I don’t think it would occur to her, we’ve had a few little fantasies about her.”

“You more than me.” He said, “I think she’s adorable, you’re the one who wants to corrupt her.”

“Just me?” I asked, cocking my head at him.

“You’re the pervert out of the two of us.” He said, still keeping a straight face.

“So you’ve never thought of that long blonde hair in your hands, or those big blue eyes looking up at you?” I leaned forward and began whispering in his ear, “Or better yet those soft full lips, pouting and trembling as she stares at your nice big dick and I tell her to suck it?”

“Well,” he said quietly, “Maybe once or twice.”

“Imagining those little squeals while you push your cock into the tightest little pussy you’ve ever had.” I sighed, “Hell Brad, I think she may even be cherry, imagine that.”

Brad had closed his eyes and was starting to breathe heavier. I squirmed in my seat as a warm sensation began to build between my legs. Running my fingers through Brad’s sandy brown hair I continued.

“I can just imagine holding her, cupping those perfect little tits and whispering in her ear that it’ll be okay as you ease into her.” I exhaled softly in his ear, “Of course that’s after I get her ready for you by sucking on her little pink clit, making her cum nice and hard, getting that sweet little pussy hot and wet for you.”

“Hot and wet, like you’re getting?”

“Oh yeah,” I purred, feeling my thong sticking to my now very excited pussy. “And you’ll be so fucking hard watching us.”

“I won’t just be watching.” Brad said and turning towards me, slipped his hand under my shirt. “I’ll be sucking and playing with Ashley’s tits and spreading her open for your tongue.”

His hand had made it up to my bra and pushing his fingers under it; Brad caught my swollen nipple and gave it a squeeze.

“Hmmm,” I cooed as his fingers lightly caressed my tit. “And you’d need time to rest because the two of us would suck you off wouldn’t we?”

“Oh, that would be hot!”

His sentence ended in a groan when my hand found his cock and gave it a good hard squeeze through his slacks.

“Yeah baby?” I whispered, rubbing my hand along the length of his hard cock, “You like that idea; sweet little Ashley on her knees next to me. I’ll take you nice and deep then feed your cock to her inch by inch? Nice and slow, those soft quivering lips struggling to take you into that pretty mouth? I….”

I was cut off, by Brad sliding his hand up my skirt and directly between my legs where he began rubbing my pussy through the thin material of my thong.

“Tell me more.” He smiled.

“More,” I asked, my hand tightening around his cock. “About sweet little Ashley, our best friends adorable little daughter you claim not to think about?”

“I wasn’t until you started talking about her,” he said, but this time couldn’t keep the smile from his face.

“Well I’m glad you weren’t thinking of our pretty little school girl, because right now.” I pushed his hands from me and standing up, pulled my skirt up and began shimmying out of my thong, “I want you to take care of your naughty school teacher.”

Brad licked his lips at the sight of my smooth pussy, but pointing at the stairs said, “What if she comes down….”

He stopped as I put my finger to his lips.

“She never comes back downstairs. She showers and goes into her room.” I gave him a mocking sigh, “Of course if you’re getting to be such a prude we can only fool around in the bedroom then….Ohh!”

I gasped when Brad reached out and putting his hand between my thighs slid his fingers through my wet pussy. I opened my legs wider and groaned as he shoved his fingers up inside me and found my clit with his thumb. Leaning over, I braced my hands on his shoulders and one at a time raised my legs and put my knees on his thighs. Sitting up on my knees, I began pumping my hips into his plunging fingers and moaning as he rubbed my clit in slow circles.

“Damn you’re wet.” Brad said, looking up at me, his dark eyes bright with lust, “You are a naughty teacher aren’t you?”

“So are you.” I replied as I began unbuttoning my white blouse, “Fingering your wife on the couch!”

I finished and yelped when grabbing the middle of my bra, Brad yanked it down hard. My full breasts popped out of the cups and I sighed contentedly as Brad’s lips immediately found my rose colored nipple. He took my other nipple between his fingers and began teasing it gently as he worked my clit. I started bucking my hips faster as his talented fingers worked me over. After twenty years of marriage, Brad knew exactly how to touch me. Between that and getting myself worked up with my impure thoughts of seducing sweet little Ashley, I could already feel my thighs trembling in anticipation of a good hard orgasm.

Speaking of hard, Brad’s cock had felt damn good through his pants and I couldn’t wait to get a taste of it! My breath caught as he began to thrust his fingers harder into my sopping pussy and I began breathing heavier. I closed my eyes and started grinding my hips in a circular motion, working his fingers into my pussy and moving in rhythm with his thumb. Brad was breathing hard around my nipple and reaching down I undid the buttons to his shirt and started teasing his nipples with my long fingernails.

I let my mind wander imagining Ashley’s mouth on my other nipple, whimpering as she sucked a woman’s tit for the first time. Brad would have his hand behind her, fingering her pussy from behind and causing her to moan and struggle to focus on my tit. I began to move my hips with more urgency as I envisioned, sucking on that young pink pussy. God, it had been so long since I’d tasted a woman!

“Oh yeah, baby.” I purred, “Make me cum for you and I’ll take such good care of that nice big cock of yours!”

Brad moaned around my tit as I squeezed his nipples between my fingers and began to bounce up and down, driving his fingers even harder into my pussy. Letting his nipples go, I slipped my shirt off and leaned my head back, enjoying the feeling of my long black hair on my bare back. Opening my eyes, I turned my head and smiled at our reflection in the mirror over the fire place. Unable to resist posing, I raised my arms over my head, taking my long hair up with them and admired the sight of me topless, with Brad’s face buried in my tit and his hand busy between my thighs.

My hips twitched and I began moaning softly as my body teetered on the edge. I started to turn my head to watch Brad working my nipple, when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked back up and swore I caught a glimpse of red at the top of the stairs. Shit! This would be the one time Ashley decided to come back downstairs. I was going to tell Brad to stop, but didn’t see or hear her and began to wonder if I hadn’t seen anything in the first place.

I slowed my rocking and was getting ready to tell Brad we needed to stop just in case, but paused when I caught sight of Ashley’s blonde hair. What made me hesitate was the small amount of her hair I could see was only a couple of feet from the floor along the edge of the wall. My eyes widened when it occurred t me that our sweet little house guest was watching us! Either she wasn’t so sweet after all, or maybe she was just curious, but whatever the reason, it sent a thrill through me.

Reaching down, I cupped Brad’s chin in my hand and prying his mouth from my nipple, lifted his face until he was looking at me. I gave him a quick kiss then whispered in his ear, “We have an audience.”

“What do you…”

“Turn your head to the right and look in the mirror; you can just see the top of the staircase.”

I nuzzled my face into his neck as he turned his head under the pretense of me kissing him. Brad looked towards the mirror. He turned back to me and wrapping my arms around his shoulders, I placed my face against his.

‘You see her?”

“Yeah,” he said softly, then to my dismay started to slide his fingers from inside me, “We’ll stop then in a couple of minutes go up…”

“No,” I hissed in his ear, grabbing his wrist. “She’s sitting there watching! Little miss innocent, may not be so innocent!”

‘Or,” he said softly, his thumb beginning to rub my sensitive clit, “She’s curious.”

“One way or another,” I paused and released an exaggeratedly loud moan, “Let’s give her a show.”

“Yeah, but she’s our best friends…”

“Are you that much of a prude these days?” I asked in his ear, punctuating my sentence by giving his earlobe a hard nip with my teeth, I continued, “Back in the day we fucked young girls, now you don’t even want one watching?”

“Oh, I’m a prude am I?”

I yelped in surprise when Brad leaned forward so fast I would have fallen off of his lap if he hadn’t gotten his arm around my waist. He pulled his fingers from my pussy and turning me sideways on his lap got his arm under my legs. Brad grunted and the muscles in his arms bulged impressively as he stood while holding me against him. Carrying me over to one of the small recliners across from the couch he put me down and said quietly, “Let’s give her a real show, and put your legs over the arms of the chair.”

“Hmm, now that’s the pervert I know and love,” I cooed as pulling my skirt up to my hips I threw my legs over the chair, exposing my smooth glistening pussy.

Smiling down at me, Brad took his shirt off then unzipping his pants pulled them off so that he was standing there in just his black boxers. Taking advantage of Brad not yet blocking my pussy from our little spy’s view, I spread my pussy open.

“How’s my pussy look baby?” I asked, speaking louder than I had to as I began sliding my fingers though my wet lips.

“Good enough to eat,” Brad also spoke loudly, giving me a wink.

He started to get to his knees, but with a smile I said, “No fair, I want to see what I’m going to taste!” Brad hesitated and I added in a whisper, “Come on baby, and show Ashley your nice hard cock.” I winked, “Give her something to think about while she plays with herself later.”

Brad grabbed his underwear and pulled them down, allowing his dripping prick to spring free. I licked my lips at the sight of it, and then held back a laugh as turning sideways, Brad made a show of kicking his underwear off and grabbing his clothes from the floor tossed them on the chair. This move allowed him to face our curious little tenant and figuring her eyes would be glued to my husband’s impressive body, I looked up at the top of the staircase. Now that I knew where to look, I easily spotted her shadow against the opposite wall and I smiled when I realized I could see just the hint of her knees where she was crouched against the edge of the wall.

I hadn’t seen them before and realized she had eased even closer to the top of the stairs to watch. That sent a fresh wave of heat flowing between my legs and dipping my fingers inside my aching pussy I began pumping them in and out while telling Brad, “Come on baby, show me how much you want your wife’s pretty pussy.”

After taking another moment to pose for Ashley with his long hard cock standing up at attention, Brad turned, dropped to his knees in front of me and with an eagerness that I loved, buried his face between my legs.

“Oh, yes!” I moaned loudly as he shoved his tongue inside of me, “Tongue fuck me!”

Brad obediently began moving his head back and forth, his rigid tongue sliding in and out of my oozing slit. Removing my feet from the chair, I placed them on his shoulders and cupping my heavy breasts in my hands started stroking my nipples. Between my legs Brad started sucking my pussy. I gasped at the feeling of him slurping my juices from inside of me and moaned at the loud sucking sounds he was making. I started rocking my hips as Brad’s lips smacked loudly against my wet flesh and again risked a glance at the top of the stairs.

Ashley was still there and the thought she was watching Brad lick me caused my hips to move even faster. As much as I would have loved for Brad to take his time and tease me, I wanted to cum quickly for our audience and give her a full performance so to speak.

“Suck my clit.” I hissed, “Make me cum nice and hard for you!”

Brad slid his tongue up through my soft wet lips and after tracing a slow teasing circle around my swollen button, sucked it between his lips.

“Oh, yeah!” I groaned while squeezing my nipples harder, “Right there baby! Suck your wife’s hot little pussy!”

Brad did better than that. In addition to sucking my clit as hard as he had my pussy, he brought his hand up and drove two fingers roughly inside me. I cried out in pleasure as his fingers started pumping rapidly in and out of my dripping pussy as his tongue swirled around my excited flesh. I let my head fall back on the chair and closing my eyes envisioned Ashley’s wide blue eyes as she watched Brad eat me out. I wondered if her slender fingers were sliding down between her legs, then gasped as Brad began pressing his tongue hard against my clit.

I started breathing heavier and pumping my hips in time with his plunging fingers, driving them deeper inside me.

“Oh, just a little more!” I whimpered as I felt my thighs starting to shake, “Make me cum nice and loud!” I said in a whisper, “Let’s give….oh fuck!”

I yelped in surprise as bringing his other hand up, Brad shoved a finger hard into my ass. My cry of surprise turned into a long loud squeal of pleasure as the brief pain followed by the pleasure of Brad’s finger penetrating my ass sent me over the edge. Still squeezing my nipples, I wrapped my legs around Brad’s head and started thrusting my hips. Brad groaned as I ground my convulsing pussy into his swirling tongue and thrusting fingers. He began to drive his fingers harder into both my holes and the feeling of my ass and pussy contracting around them sent me into another loud wail.

At this point I wasn’t making a show for Ashley; I was really cumming this hard. Although Brad and I had a damn good sex life, it had been a long time since we’d had an added thrill like this. I cried out even louder as my quivering pussy released a warm flood of my juices into Brad’s fingers. The room was filled with the wet sound of Brad’s fingers slamming into my sopping pussy and the small yelps I was releasing as my orgasm sent waves of pleasure through me. After letting out a long shuddering moan, I let my legs fall from Brad’s shoulders and forcing myself to sit up, said “Bring me that cock!”

Not having to be told twice, Brad immediately stood up. I started to reach for him, but Brad stopped me by reaching down and grabbing my face in his hands, gave me a kiss. I moaned at the taste of my pussy from his lips and opened my mouth to greedily suck it from his tongue as he shoved it into my mouth. I briefly imagined tasting a pussy other than my own from his lips, and even better the thought of tasting a strange woman from his cock. Pulling my face from his, I pushed him straight and grabbing his cock, tried to guide it to my mouth. Again I was stopped, but this time didn’t mind as Brad had pulled away to step over to the side of the chair.

He winked down at me and with a wink of my own; I slid onto my knees on the floor. At this angle Ashley would be able to watch me suck his cock and I eagerly opened wide and took him more than halfway down. Brad moaned and reaching down started to play with my tits as I began bobbing my head, sucking his long thick shaft in and out of my mouth. I sighed I pleasure at the sensation of his hard flesh sliding between my soft lips. I opened my eyes and looked towards the staircase. Ashley was still there and I could feel my pussy already beginning to heat up at the idea that she was watching me on my knees sucking cock like the dirty little slut I loved to be.