“Are you really sure you want to go through with this?” he asked her.

Jennifer smiled. “Relax, I’m sure. This is what a fuck buddy is for, isn’t it?”

Mike paced the floor around the bottom of the bed in the cramped little motel room. “Yeah, but it’s a lot to ask.”

Her auburn curls bouncing, she shook her head. “No it’s not, Michael. You and I have been friends since kindergarten and you’ve always helped me out with anything I wanted.”

Grinning ruefully, he dropped into the sofa facing the bed. “Jen, you still don’t understand men. You can’t call it a favour when you ask one to fuck you. Any guy would be happy to oblige. Especially with someone as hot as you.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” she winked. “But it is a favour you do me. If it wasn’t for the way you are so understanding about me I’d have to pick up random guys, and in this day and age that isn’t a good idea. You letting me use your cock whenever the urge takes me is a thing I really appreciate.”

“Not half as much as I do,” he laughed.

She batted her emerald eyes at him. “You’d be surprised.”

“I’m getting to the stage where nothing about you surprises me.”

Her beautiful face creased into a mock pout. “Oh? Guess I’ll have to try harder in that case.” Glancing down at her watch, she then looked at the door. “Come on, Sarah, you should have been here by now.”

“Maybe she doesn’t want to do it after all.”

Jennifer shook her head. “No, she always does this. The girl will be late for her own funeral, given chance.”

She leant back on the bed so that she was supported by her elbows. It allowed him to see far enough up her minidress to glimpse the shaven lips of her bare pussy. The way she shifted her legs a tiny amount let it peek from the shadows, promising him a great time to come. She smiled when she saw where his eyes were lingering and crossed her legs.

He had always admired Jenny’s killer legs, and she knew they were one of her best assets so took every opportunity to show them off. The dress she wore for their meeting was a one piece little black number that barely covered her modesty when she stood up. It was so tight that any underwear beneath it would have shown and so she wore none. It didn’t matter because, although Jennifer had breasts that were small for a girl of her age, they were firm and pert, needing no artificial support.

“Are you sure she’ll do these types of things?”

“Of course. Anal play is a huge part of our sex life.”

Mike frowned. “I didn’t think lesbians would do something like that.”

Jen giggled. “Bisexuals. Even Sarah likes a cock once in a while. Admittedly not as often as I do, but still. Just because we prefer to date women doesn’t mean that’s all we do.”

“Do you both play with your asses even when there is just you girls?”

“You bet! A tongue wriggling in my ass feels unbelievable, and so does fingers. Then there is the strap-on. God, that feels wonderful! I love it when she fucks me up the ass with one of those, pulling my hair as she does. Sarah loves it to be done to her, too.” She broke into a huge smile at the growing lump in his trousers. “Getting turned on by that, buddy?”

He shrugged, a little embarrassed. “A girl talking about being fucked up the ass by another girl. Who wouldn’t get turned on by that?”

Both turned to the door when there was a knock upon it. Jennifer sprung off the bed and flung it open. “Ta-da! Speak of the devil and she appears.”

Sarah stepped into Jenny’s arms and the two women exchanged a deep and passionate tongue kiss. The blonde wore frayed blue denim jeans and a yellow tee shirt. Her long golden hair cascaded about her shoulders like a silk waterfall. “Mmmm. Hi Babe. Hi Mike.”

“Hey Sar. Are you up for this?” he asked.

The blonde shot her redheaded girlfriend a quick glance. “Sure. I’d do anything for Jen and so here I am.”

“Yeah, but if you don’t want to do this, we won’t.”

“Oh, I’m up for it, alright. Reckon seeing my girl get her asshole fucked hard will be a complete turn on. You never know your luck, if I get turned on enough, you can do me too.”

That surprised him.

When he had first mentioned his fantasy about two women letting him watch them licking and fingering each other’s asshole to Jennifer, they had been lying in the darkness, hot and sweaty upon the twisted sheets. She had phoned him an hour before saying she ‘just had to get laid’ and, as always, he had been happy to help. After all, that’s what friends were for.

It had started when they were in school, the best of friends who used each other to satisfy their natural curiosity about the opposite sex. Jennifer had been his first for everything; she had been the first naked girl he had seen, during a game of ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’, she had given him his first blowjob, he had taken her virginity on prom night, and she had been the first girl to let him have anal sex with her.

“This is pretty one-sided,” she had said, turning on her side to lay her head upon his chest, her fingers drawing lazy spirals in the sheen on his stomach. “We fuck only when I want, in whatever way I choose. Isn’t there something you’d like to do? Anything.”

Staring at the ceiling, he gently stroked her back. “I’m happy with this.”

Her chuckle was dirty. “Sure you are. You get the best thing possible – pussy with no commitment.” She twisted to look up at him. “But I’m serious Michael. Tell me some fantasy I can fulfil for you. It can be anything. The more deviant the better. Want me to dress as a schoolgirl? Want to fuck me over the hood of your car?”

He nearly asked her then, but decided it was too embarrassing and so shook his head. Jennifer knew him well enough to know that he was holding back so she playfully tickled him. “Come on. Whatever it is, I’ll do it.”

“Well, er, I, ah… You know I love anal sex, yeah?”

“Honey, I am so grateful that you do. It’s a favourite of mine. Isn’t it weird? There is almost nobody who doesn’t feel strongly about anal. Either they think it is very sexy, or they think it is totally disgusting. No halfway with it.”

“Yeah. Well, I’ve seen porn of girls rimming…”

“And you’d like to see it in real life?” she finished for him.

He shifted uncomfortably. “It’s disgusting. Forget I mentioned it.”

“No. No, it’s not. Really. I can arrange that, no problem. Leave it to me. Sarah owes me a favour, I gave her brother a lap dance for his birthday.”

“Lucky him. Any chance I can get one of them for my birthday?”

She pressed her lips to his. “Mike, you can have one anytime, no need to wait.”

That had been a week ago. When she had phoned to say it was on for tonight, Mike had not suspected that Sarah would actually let him have sex with her too.

“Sit down on the sofa facing the bed Mike, and just watch until you’re invited to join in,” Jennifer told him, swaying over to the bed. “Sar, come give me a kiss.”

Sarah smiled. “Yes Ma’am.” She turned to Michael. “Makes me wet when she gets bossy.”

“A glimpse of ankle gets you wet,” Jen laughed.

Sarah wiggled her eyebrows lasciviously. “Sure does. And shin, and leg, and knee, and thigh, and…”

“We get the picture,” her girlfriend smiled, wrapping a hand in her long blonde hair and pulling her in for a kiss to silence her. Their breathing turned to whimpers and moans as they probed each other’s mouth quickly. Mike could see their tongues flicker against each other then dart into one mouth only to writhe their way back out and disappear into the other one.

Sarah pressed forward, pushing Jennifer flat onto the bed, covering her body with her own. The redhead’s long, graceful and slim legs rose around the blonde, hooking one ankle behind her knee and the other across her buttocks. The position made Jennifer’s minidress ride up so that her naked pussy made contact with her girlfriend’s body. With a wiggle, she ground her crotch against her lover, making her pussy rub excitingly on the girl’s denim groin. The doubled material over the zipper ran roughly over Jen’s clit, making her gasp into Sarah’s mouth.

“Oh, Baby, that feels good! Stay there!” she begged, hardly taking her lips a hair’s breadth away from the blonde’s.

Sarah grinned down at her girl, then gave her hips a thrust as if she were driving a cock into the spread young woman. “Tell me you’re going to lick my cunt, Jen. Tell me you’re going to work your nimble little tongue right up inside me. That you’re going to fuck me with it. That you are going to drag it over my asshole and spear it inside.”

“Yes!” Jennifer moaned, lifting her head an inch off the bedspread so that she could steal a kiss. “I’m going to tongue-fuck your cunt and ass! I’m going to suck your clit and bite your nipples.” As she spoke, she tangled her fingers in her girlfriend’s hair, feeling its silkiness glide through her grasp. “I love you Sar.”

Chuckling, the blonde rolled aside, pulling free from the ensnaring legs and playfully swatting the girl’s thigh. “You better.”

“I do. Terribly.”

Now that Sarah was off to one side, Mike had a clear view of Jennifer’s exposed cunt. Her bare lips had darkened with arousal, flushing and swelling, opening like a wet flower. He could see how she gaped in readiness for her lover’s touch, and how her oozing juices sparkled when they caught the light. He stirred and tugged at the front of his trousers, trying to ease the discomfort of having a stiff cock trapped within.

Grabbing the little black dress by the waist, Sarah tugged it up Jennifer’s body, and the sexy redhead lifted her hips to allow it to slip beneath her bottom. That only served to give Mike an even better glimpse of the pink depths inside her.

Now that the dress was past her hips, Jen sat up and lifted her arms, allowing Sarah to drag it over her head and off. With a dirty giggle, the blonde cast it aside onto the floor of the motel room.

Jennifer was now naked, and sat up so that Mike could see her upper body. He’d seen her breasts many times, but never got tired of them. They were small and pert, like juicy pears on her chest that ached to be sucked. Her nipples were delicate pink and quite long. They stood like little pillars jutting out from the cone of her breasts because they were taut and swollen. The smattering of freckles that ran over her cleavage had always appealed to Mike and he often tried to kiss each one.

“Oh, Babe,” Sarah moaned, letting her eyes trace all over her lover. “You are so beautiful it makes my heart soar.”

For an answer, Jennifer cupped a hand over the nape of the blonde’s neck and dragged her head forward for another deep kiss. Mike watched their mouth’s chew at each other hungrily, their passion making them rough. He doubted they realised all the little sighs and moans, gasps and groans they were making.

While they kissed, Jen’s hands sought out the hem of Sarah’s tee shirt and dragged it upward. They broke the kiss only long enough for the garment to pass their lips. The yellow shirt lay crumple where it landed on the floor beneath the window.

Sarah was now kneeling on the bed, clad only in her denim jeans. Jennifer sat before her, her neck craning upward for the lusty, wet and probing tonguing her mouth was receiving.

Although she was side on to Mike, he could still see Sarah’s breasts. They were slightly larger than Jenny’s, but just as mouth-watering. Probably a full cup size bigger, they pressed against the little mounds of the redhead and their nipples bumped and rubbed together as though in a miniature sword fight.

“Mmmm,” sighed Sarah, shimmying her upper body to increase the duelling contact of breasts.

Jennifer gave a sharp intake of breath as she wiggled back. Watching her girlfriend’s breasts bob for a moment, then leant forward and fastened her mouth onto the girl’s throat.

Sarah moaned loudly and grasped the back of Jen’s head, clasping it firmly to her. Mike heard sucking slurps as he watched his best friend draw a big love bite from the blonde’s flesh. When she was satisfied with it, Jen glanced at Mike and winked. “A girl’s gotta mark her territory.”

“I remember,” he smiled, thinking back to all the bite marks and scratches she had left upon him.

Turning back to Sarah, Jennifer used both hands to tug open the button and draw down the zipper in her jeans. Pulling the crotch down a fraction, she then thrust one hand inside, looking up into the girl’s eyes as she did so. “You’re panties are wet, honey. Is it turning you on to be watched?”

Sarah ran both hands through her own long hair, letting it cascade free down her back as she lifted her hips in a little grind against the probing hand. “Ahuh. And then some. I’m so hot I can’t wait to get sunk into your pussy.”

With a surprisingly girlish giggle, Jen swatted her friend’s ass. “Well, you’ll have to wait a few moments yet. Let’s get these things off you, okay?”

In one fluid motion, Sarah sat back from on her knees onto her butt. As she did so, she pulled her jeans off her ass and then Jenny helped yank them off her legs. The jeans hit the corner of the headboard and slid off the side of the bed.

Now the only garment worn by the two beautiful young women was Sarah’s panties. They were white cotton, with a little red logo on the front that said, “Kiss here”. Without a word, Jennifer obeyed and pressed her lips to the outside of her lover’s panties. Sarah leant back onto her elbows, watching her girlfriend closely, and spread her lovely legs wide for easy access.

Jennifer nibbled her lips against the damp cotton gusset. “Mmmm, you smell as edible as always, Babe.”

Mike could see Jen’s tongue flick out and run the length of Sarah’s hidden slit. The damp material clung to the wet flesh beneath and formed the outline of her pussy clearly. Using the flat of one hand to press Sarah’s inner thigh further away, Jennifer put her nose to the cotton, just above the hidden clitoris and inhaled deeply.

“Mmmm, oh yeah.” She turned to Mike. “Isn’t hot pussy just one of the best scents in the world?”

“It is,” he agreed, rubbing the covered length of his throbbing cock.

“Sure is,” Jennifer nodded, before making a show of lapping her pink tongue over the white cotton panel.

Sarah flexed her hips, turning her drooling opening upward a little. “Stop teasing, Jen, and kiss me. French kiss me.”

Jennifer chuckled and pulled at the top band of the panties, stretching them out so that she could peer down into the wet nest of silky blonde hair. She looked surprised. “Oh, you’ve trimmed it into a little landing strip.”

Sarah laughed. “Yeah. I wanted my lips bare but didn’t want to go all the way, so I compromised. I know how you like to rub your cheeks into my damp pussy hair.”

“Ahuh,” Jen grunted, flattening her hand inside the panties and thrilling to the feel of the damp hair tickling her palm. Her fingers were pointed downward and her middle one pressed between the fleshy inner lips of her girlfriend’s swollen sex.

Mike could see the blonde writhe her hips in response. The movement sank the tip of Jen’s finger into the opening of Sarah’s sheath, letting her feel the damp, soft, inner walls. “Baby, you’re flowing like a broken fire hydrant. I haven’t seen you this turned on since we did that straight girl.”

Sarah moaned and thrust her hips once more. “Yeah, that was good. Reckon we converted her, alright.”

“Darling, a lovely creature like you could convert the most dedicated of nuns.”

Removing her hand, Jennifer sucked her glistening fingers. She licked her lips, signalling how tasty she found the moisture. With a renewed vigour, she grabbed at the hips of the panties and pulled them down, watching them glide over Sarah’s smooth thighs.

Mike couldn’t see the woman’s pussy because her thigh blocked his view, but he could see the narrow two inch long and one inch wide strip of soft silk that was all that remained of the young woman’s pussy hair. It was trimmed close to her skin, but he could still see the juice sparkling in its matted curls.

Pulling the panties from Sarah’s pointed foot, Jennifer crumpled them into her hand and covered her nose and mouth with them. The girl’s tiny breasts rose as her chest swelled when she took a deep, slow lungful of the sexy scent.

“Pussy hound,” Sarah giggled, watching her lover’s emerald eyes glaze over with desire.

Jenny didn’t respond, she just took another deep breath of the damp garment. Moaning, she unravelled the white ball of cotton and turned it until she found the wet spot on the gusset. Staring at it for a moment, she then popped it into her mouth and sucked hard.

Mike felt his cock lurch forcefully and, for a second, though he was cumming. He’d never seen a girl do anything like that, and had assumed that liking panties was a guy thing. Obviously not, because Jennifer moaned as if she had just got a mouthful of the most exquisite tasting chocolate cake. Her eyes rolled up and she sagged down onto her haunches, letting the hand clasping the panties drop against her thigh. “Sar, I adore you.”

“Shut up and show me how much,” the blonde purred, wiggling her naked pussy in offering.

Jenny didn’t need another invitation. She threw the panties across to Mike and then put a hand on each of Sarah’s inner thighs as she ducked her mouth down to the glorious fruit that was on offer.

Mike fumbled catching the panties, but lifted them from his lap and pressed them to his nose to experience the scent that had so aroused his lifelong friend. The dampness was very noticeable, quite a bit more than he had expected. In fact, he doubted he’d been with a girl who juiced as much as Sarah. Although, that wasn’t that many; he’d not really been dating since Jennifer had started fucking him. Why eat anywhere else when your usual restaurant provided a wonderful banquet on your slightest whim?

Breathing deep, he drew in the girl’s intoxicating aroma. It was heady and contained hints of musk and desire. With a slight moan of lust, he reluctantly put the panties aside so as not to miss any of the act unfolding before him.

Jenny slid her tongue through the moist folds of Sarah’s sex. The blonde’s fleshy, floppy inner lips rippled around her probing tongue in a way that left the redhead buzzing with lust.

“Jeez, Jen!”

Lapping the full length of the hot slit, Jennifer fluttered her tongue around the hood of her girlfriend’s pearl, wakening but not touching it. Her warm breath gusted out over Sarah’s wet flesh, making it tingle.

“Oh God, Baby! Put it in, for heaven’s sake!”

Chuckling into the eager cunt, Jen used her left hand to spread open its petals, exposing the gentle pink inside. She pursed her lips and planted a puckered kiss upon the intimate area. Sarah bucked and issued a little gasp. With her index and middle finger, Jennifer made a vee, spreading the lips open around Sarah’s clit, making it stand out from its protective hood.

Gently, tenderly, she drew her tongue around the little nub, circling its sides. As she brushed the sensitive pearl, Sarah grunted and humped her pussy into Jen’s face. “Ungh! Oh, yeah! Come on Baby, do it, you know what I like.”

Jennifer did. She pursed her lips over the throbbing little button and wriggled her tongue over it in rapid lashes. At the same instant she stiffened two fingers on her right hand and thrust them inside the hot hole. Sarah grunted in delight at the penetration, feeling her lover shove them in to the hilt.

Curling them, Jenny twisted her fingers about, stroking all the crinkled inner flesh, probing to the very centre of her girlfriend. Her mouth and hand worked in unison, driving the blonde mad with delight. Long acquaintance left Jen knowing just how Sarah liked to be mouthed, just how she liked to be fingered. At the perfect moment, she stopped her tongue lashing, locked her lips and hummed as she pistoned the pussy like a rocket.