John made his way downstairs to open the front door for his roommate, Phil, who was weighed down with a large beer keg, and a number of Halloween decorations he had picked up while he was out. The plastic skulls with twisty straws were a nice touch, but they didn’t compare to the set-up John had been working on all day.

“Holy shit!” Phil said, as he looked past John into what had been the front hallway. John had covered it with plastic drop cloths to protect the wall, then coated it with a textured latex material, which was then painted black, and layered with a sticky slime. It made the hallway feel as though you were standing in the mouth of some living creature. The end of the hall was blocked off with black out curtains. When combined with only a black light for illumination, the people coming to the party would have a bit of a shock when they first entered. Which is exactly what John was going for.

“Ha ha, yea it’s starting to look pretty good,” John smiled, as he leaned in to help take some of the load from Phil, “Just wait until you see the kitchen.”

They walked through the blackout curtains into a completely different atmosphere. John had again protected the walls with clear plastic drop sheets, but this time it was so that he could use red paint (intended to look like fake blood) to smear words of panic, torture, and murderous intent all over the interior of the kitchen. An old meat grinder was set up on the island in the middle of the room with a half ground human arm, complete with manicured nails, posed mid-way through the grinding process.

Phil had to do a double take to be sure that the prosthetic was fake, before moving his gaze over the rest of the room. Bloody pots sat filled with organs, a couple of cutting boards were loaded with what looked like intestines, waiting to be stuffed with a maggot infested gruel, and the freezer in the corner stood open with half a corpse, eerily resembling one of the high school teachers that he and John had shared a couple of years ago, sitting upright and looking over the room.

“John, this is too much, man,” Phil said, still shocked at the gore splattered room, “How is anyone going to eat up here?”

John gave him a quick smirk, “Don’t worry about it. With that keg you have there everyone will be too drunk to worry about the props. This is just for shock value when people walk in.”

Phil shrugged, as he set the keg down across from the meat grinder, “Alright, as long as it doesn’t leave us stuck with a terrifying, yet completely empty house by the end of the night.”

John rolled his eyes, put the decorations on a free counter top and headed downstairs. Each year they held a party for about 40-50 people, but the amount seemed to have increased this year. The usual invites had been sent out, however, the infamy of their Halloween party had spread and they had double the responses come back than had been sent out. The guys didn’t mind though, both of them being single and expecting a high population of available young women that night, they were more than happy to put the extra work in to make the party a success.

As John descended the stairs into the once welcoming basement, he stopped to admire his handiwork as rusty shackles hung every few feet down the stairs and into the basement. Various body parts were chained within them, and oozed fake blood down the walls. Where the kitchen had been set up to look like some type of demented butcher shop, John had used the natural subterranean vibe of the basement to transform it into a torture chamber/dungeon, complete with various mock torture devices, and any gruesome elements John could think to include.

It wasn’t that John was some type of demented individual; in fact, he would have considered himself to be average, almost to the point of being boring in any other area of his life, but John loved Halloween. He had always loved Halloween, and had used some of the knowledge he had acquired from his father, who specialized in making movie props and decorations, to bring his love of Halloween to life every year.

Outside of the holiday, John was a regular guy. He stood at about 6 feet tall, had blue eyes, a crooked, roguish smile, and a fit, if not exactly athletic body. He had graduated high school a few years back, and instead of heading off to college he had chosen to stay in his home town, hoping to marry his high school girlfriend. He got a job in the construction industry and quickly worked himself into a managerial role, but his girlfriend had a different idea for their future. Namely that they didn’t have one together. She headed off to a college across the country and left him there with his monotonous career.

Phil, John’s best friend, was a bit of a geek. He was 5’10, skinny, but had an outgoing personality that could charm a nun out of her habit. Phil had tried the college life, but couldn’t find anything that really interested him. He chose to start a small business selling video games, and ‘geeky’ paraphernalia over the internet. When the business picked up to the point that he felt he could finally pay a monthly rent, he moved out of his parents’ house to buy a place with John. John paid most of the upfront cash for the little house, but Phil was good for his share of the mortgage every month.

Overall, the living situation was ideal for both of them. The guys got along together without any issues, and the house had enough space to give them each their privacy when it was needed.

John walked across the basement and collapsed onto a large couch at the far end of the room. He checked his face make up with his phone to make sure that the design was still good. John and Phil had both elected to go as skeletons this year. The skeleton shirt John had on went well with the professional make up job that an associate of John’s father had volunteered to do for him. John put on the black top hat he had acquired to top off the costume as he heard Phil coming down the stairs. A slightly impressed gasp and then Phil came into view. His costume wasn’t a mirror image of John’s, but where they both agreed on specific styles the similarities were obvious, not that either friend minded.

“Nice job down here, too. The party is going to be great this year,” Phil said, in awe of his friend’s decorating skill.

John nodded in agreement, “Yep, just one final touch,” he said as he got up and strode to the sliding glass door that lead out to a small back yard. John turned the light on, as the sky outside darkened, the water in their hot tub was illuminated with a creepy fluorescent green.

“Nice,” Phil said, just as they heard a banging on the door upstairs. John quickly climbed the stairs two at a time to make sure that the black light in the front hall was turned on, then flipped the switch in the kitchen to soak the room in a reddish white light, caused by a ‘blood’ spattered ceiling fan. “Alright, now it’s ready,” he said with a smirk, then proceeded to open the front door, welcoming their first guests.

As the night got darker the house started to fill up as more and more people arrived. John immediately took note of a few of the more attractive party-goers and made a point of learning their names. Harper was a young bombshell of a girl. She dressed as a slutty zombie, making sure that her clothing was ripped in all the right places to just barely cover her decency. She had deep brown eyes, black/grey hair with the added costume effects, a nice round ass, and perky breasts that practically dared the casual observer not to stop and stare. Even with the ghoulish make up, her smile lit up the dank, horror infested house, and her bubbly personality quickly made her a center of attention in whichever room she was in at the moment.

The next was Emma, she was a lithe, tiny thing. Her assets were not huge, but the little she had was practically shaped by the hands of an artist. Emma was dressed in a form fitting black leather costume, vaguely resembling a number of super hero/villains from the recently popular comic books made movies that had captured the nation’s attention for the last couple of years. Her black hair, pale skin, and almost violet eyes pulled the gaze of men and women alike, but the clincher was how she looked in that form fitting costume. Emma had small, modest breasts, but what they lacked in size they made up for with their shape and pure sexual appeal. Not to mention her tight, shapely ass, wrapped so comfortably in the body suit that she seemed to be naked. When John first saw her, he was sure that a bit of drool had time to escape his mouth before his brain was able to restart.

The final vixen that had made an impact on John’s brain, and other parts of him, was Zoe. Zoe was, for lack of a better description, an angel. Not only was her costume that of an angel, but her entire personality and demeanor was one of an innocent, pure, almost untouchable being. She was beautiful, and sexy, while somehow managing to not notice at all the effect she had on every male within sight. Zoe would giggle, hug, grab an arm, or sit on a lap, all without thinking that anything she had done would or even should elicit anything more than a friendly response. Combine that with perfect D cup breasts, a firm backside, and an athletic body that had to have taken years of rigorous exercise or training to attain, and she became one of John’s favorites very quickly.

Phil had noticed the three girls, and his friend’s routine stops with each of them and made sure to steer towards a different selection, because as they say, ‘Bros before…’ well, Phil wouldn’t dare call the girls here hoes, but his friendship with John came first, regardless of the girls’ sexual experience. Phil’s tastes ran more towards the geeky/funny girls anyway, and he spotted a few that caught his interest, but Naida’s humor and personality really attracted him to her. She was dressed in a full bear costume, and after talking and laughing back and forth for a half hour on the couch in the corner of the basement, she finally took off the head of the costume to reveal an incredibly cute, pixie-like face, “Whew, that was getting hot.” Phil smiled, holding his tongue, as he sat contemplating what else was getting hot at that particular moment.

“So, Phil, if you could have any Halloween wish, what would it be?” Naida asked him as she leaned in closer. Phil thought about it for a few moments, deciding that asking for sex outright wouldn’t be the best choice here. “I think for this Halloween it would be great if the atmosphere could become a little more…dangerous,” he said with a playful grin, hoping that she understood the direction that he wanted this conversation to go.

Naida removed a small hand from her bear gloves and slid it up Phil’s leg, biting her bottom lip as she did, pausing just before reaching his hardening cock, “Oh, do you? You like it dangerous, Phil?”

Phil could barely prevent himself from groaning audibly as he felt her hand tighten on his thigh, “Yes, yes. I love dangerous, please, let’s be more dangerous.”

Naida’s hand continued up his leg, avoiding his cock, she began unbuckling his belt so that she could slide her hand into his black jeans. Phil’s penis was already begging to be released from its prison, and he didn’t care if they were in the middle of a party. Phil eyes were locked on Naida’s hand, which was now wrapping itself around his throbbing member. Phil let out a small gulp as she began stroking him slowly. Naida leaned in close to Phil, running her tongue lightly up his neck, stopping to move to his lips, she kissed him deeply, as she continued to rub his dick. After 10 seconds, or 10 years, Phil didn’t know, Naida pulled away with black makeup on her lips. As he stared back at her, unable to contain the pleasure any longer, his cock erupted, spurting hot cum onto his chest, and all over her little hand. Naida leaned over him, licking his chest free of the mess before taking each finger deep into her mouth and sucking them clean. Naida bent further, taking his penis into her mouth, her tongue swirling around his cock head and sucking until he was dry. Sitting up and licking her lips she whispered in his ear, “Dangerous enough for you?”

At that moment, Phil’s ecstasy was broken by a scream, and his eyes jerked away from Naida to the rest of the basement, or what had been the basement. All around him people clambered away from the props that John had set up, and as Phil looked closer he understood why. The false decorations had somehow become real rotting flesh, dripping blood and ichor onto the floor. A chair in the corner of the room that had been a blunted, plastic version of a torture chair, covered in sharp metal spikes that the victim was lashed to, had become real, slicing open the leg of one of the more inebriated guys at the party when he had stumbled over it. Another guy had come forward and was bandaging the leg, but the truly horrific part of the transformation was the smell. Death and decay was a scent that seemed to choke the living with the sheer rancor of its intensity. Phil heard a small chuckle from the girl beside him and turned just in time for Naida to give him a quick wink, then disappear as though she had never been there.

Phil’s brain screamed at the unbelievable situation in which he found himself, but from some far corner of his mind he found the fortitude to pull himself together. He wasn’t sure what other details John had added to the decorations and he needed to get these people out of the house before anyone else got hurt. Luckily, the party had wound down some by this point and only 20 or so people remained.

Phil stood up, tucking his cock back into his pants and fastening his belt, he moved to the closest guests and tried to steer them towards the back door. Three people, a guy and two girls, listened to him and made their way outside, but as they were passing the haunting green hot tub, the steam pouring up from it seemed to envelope them, tendrils beckoning them closer. Phil watched, mesmerized, as the first girl, a short thin blonde, began undressing. It didn’t take long for the man, a short, somewhat stocky individual, to follow her lead. Last to strip was the second girl, she was tall and had light ebony skin, and a large, shapely ass to match her equally large, and shapely breasts. The three people stepped into the hot tub and it seemed as though a type of mad lust was upon them. The young blonde buried her head into the breasts of the tall, black girl, as the man positioned himself behind the blonde, driving his cock deep into her already sopping pussy. The blonde let out a slight gasp as she was penetrated, but continued her ministrations on the girl in front of her, kissing and sucking every inch she could reach of the big ebony breasts, until the man pushed her forward with a hard thrust, knocking the dark-skinned girl down into the water of the tub. She surfaced again, and instead of leaving the madness of the tub, she turned and bent her waist over the side, presenting her vagina to the blonde’s mouth, and leaving Phil with a stunning view of her beautiful breasts hanging unobstructed.

The blonde immediately drove her tongue towards the other girl, first licking her outer lips before probing her vagina as deeply as she could. The blonde grabbed both thighs and pulled the black girl towards her as hard as possible, driving her tongue deeper inside of her pussy. Finally, she released some of the pressure on the black girl’s thighs, returning to licking the outer lips of the vagina, but as Phil watched, the man pulled out of the blonde and strode through the shallow water to the prone girl bent over the edge of the hot tub. He hesitated for just a moment before forcefully turning her around to face him. As he looked down into her eyes, he greedily grabbed her breasts, twisting her nipples just slightly, enough to elicit a moan, then he pushed his manhood into her waiting pussy. The girl bucked once or twice, then gave into the control the steam from the tub had over the three individuals. The blonde, not wanting to miss out, helped to move the pair to one of the two benches in the tub, straddling the black girl’s face and leaning down to lick and suck the man’s cock while he plunged into the other girl’s hot pussy. The black girl saw the hovering vagina over her face and reached her hands up to pull the blonde’s tight body down to her mouth, licking first her clit, then tracing the pussy lips all the way back to her puckered rosebud. As her tongue circled the small brown bud, the blonde gave a startled jerk, but quickly returned to licking and sucking, with even more enthusiasm, if it was possible. The black girl used a finger to trace the blonde’s clitoris, stimulating it more and more as she continued to lick and plunge her tongue into the blonde’s cute little hole. They continued like this for a while, as Phil absently stroked his cock through his pants. Then, as though somehow timed, the blonde and the black girl began to orgasm, rocking, and twisting with the pleasure, still locked together, just as the man pulled out of the black girl, shoving his dick roughly into the mouth of the blonde, and exploded deep into her throat. Phil couldn’t believe it when she didn’t spill a single drop, but just as suddenly as it had started, the show was over. The three disentangled themselves from each other, sitting back to rest against the side of the tub, they passed out.

Phil couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed, but just then Naida appeared beside the threesome. She looked towards him, winked once and said, “Just because the chair back there is dangerous, doesn’t mean that everything will be exactly as the party designs intended.” Phil tried to ask her to reverse his wish, but just as suddenly as she had appeared, she vanished again.

Looking on briefly, Phil guessed that the threesome in the tub were the safest right where they were, and turned back into the basement. The scene had changed somewhat since his attention had been stolen by the naked gyrating bodies in the tub. There was only two people left downstairs with him now. One was the guy who had injured his leg on the torture chair. He now laid on the couch Phil had occupied previously. Phil checked on him, but it seemed as though he had just passed out from all the alcohol.

The other person was a girl who had come dressed up as a slutty school girl. She had red hair, pale skin, and long legs that led to an ass that was to die for. Phil couldn’t see much more about her as she currently had her arms strapped down to a table, and was bent over in a position that demanded that he spank her…Wait, what was he thinking? This situation was fucked up enough without him taking advantage of some poor girl. Phil moved to unbind her arms when she spoke up, “Oh, master, please punish me. Don’t let this bad girl out until she has her punishment.”

Phil stopped. He couldn’t do this, not even if she begged him. It was obvious that she was just under the spell of this place too, but what if she wasn’t? What if she really did want this? Phil didn’t tie her up, after all, and no one else was down here to do it, so she must have done it herself. Which meant that if she wanted to she could untie herself, too. Phil had rationalized himself into a corner and he loved it. Walking back down the table, he traced his trembling fingers up the outside of her legs until he had reached her hips, “Hmm, no panties today?”

“No, master, I’m a bad girl. I must have forgotten to put them on,” she said, in a half-scared, half-pleading voice, “Please master, just punish your bad little girl.”

Phil slid her plaid skirt up around her waist and got his first good look at her bare ass. The skin was milky white, and shaped so succulently that he couldn’t help himself, he bent down, grabbing one cheek tightly as he kissed the other one. Then he stood, rubbing his hand over her ass, running one finger up and down her crack, teasing her little hole, and sliding down to feel her sex dripping down the inside of her thighs.