I was excited as I clicked on the email that had just arrived in my inbox. It was from Hiroshi Yamamoto.

Hiroshi was my best friend while we attended a private school in Basel, Switzerland. Both of us were only children and our parents were working in Basel. My dad was a director at a pharmaceutical company and Hiroshi’s father was a director at another. We first met in our 10th year and both finished with IB degrees 3 years later. Sadly, after 4 years in Basel, Hiroshi moved back to Japan with his parents.

We kept in touch and both of us had selected chemistry as our subject at university. My family remained in Switzerland and I attended university in Basel.

I started to read the email and smiled at the good news. Hiroshi and his parents were taking a trip through France and Germany ending up in Switzerland. This meant I was sure to see him again. I continued reading and was excited to see that he was inviting me to join them in Paris. He’d complained to his parents that it would be boring for him, so they suggested he ask me to come along.

This was great news as I had an upcoming holiday and was already dreading 3 weeks of nothing to do. The timing was perfect. I quickly replied to my friend and told him I’d love to accept the invitation. I’d met his parents many times. His father was somewhat withdrawn, but his mother was the opposite and I’d had a secret crush on her! She was in her late thirties when I’d last see her, but she looked much younger. Petite, with long silky black hair and to me a perfect female specimen.

Despite many dreams and fantasies, of course, nothing had ever happened between us, but I’d enjoyed every minute of her company and looked forward to seeing her again. Another email arrived and it was from the always efficient Hiroshi. He was happy I’d accepted and sent me their travel itinerary. He’d even already found the train I could take from Basel to Paris!

The plan was to spend three nights in Paris then rent a car and drive to Colmar for another night before heading to the Black Forest in Germany. We’d stay at a hotel there for another two nights and then drive to Basel. It didn’t sound that exciting to me, but I wasn’t interested in sightseeing anyway. Instead of email, I gave him a call on WhatsApp.

“Hi, Hiroshi!”

“Hi, Patrick!”

“Thanks so much for inviting me. I’ll book the train ticket to Paris today.”

“Great. I’m so glad you can come along, I would have died of boredom with just my parents!”

We both laughed and spent the rest of the call talking about what was going on in our lives at the moment. Both of us were very similar in character and were typical geeks, focused more on studying than having fun.

“So, have you finally got a girlfriend Patrick?”

“No, sadly no progress in that area despite my best efforts. How about you?”

He shook his head somewhat sadly, “Nope. I did go out with a really hot girl, but she never answered my messages afterwards.”

“Sorry to hear that, but at least you got to go on a date. You’ll have to give me some tips during our trip!”

He laughed, “Will do. I’ve got to go now but I can’t wait to see you next week!”

We ended the call and I went downstairs with a spring in my step.

“Mum, I’m going to join Hiroshi and his parents in Paris next week and then travel with them through France, Germany and back to Basel.”

“When did this happen?” my mother said in surprise.

“Just now. It’s all arranged, I only need to get a ticket from here to Paris.”

“Are you sure it’s OK with the Yamamoto?”

“Of course, it was their idea!”

“Well, that’s very generous of them. I hope I get a chance to see Sakura again, she was a very nice lady.”

An image of Hiroshi’s mum flashed through my mind. It was one I’d used many times when I fantasised about her and was the only time, I’d ever seen her in a swimsuit. She’d taken Hiroshi and me to a local waterpark and I’d burned the image of her delicate, small body into my mind. I could remember every detail as if it had been yesterday. Mrs Yamamoto had been wearing a robe when we left the changing rooms and when she slipped it off to enter the pool my heart had stopped.

The suit was a simple, conservative one piece, but it was skin-tight. The stretchy black fabric seemed to be unlined, like the suit’s professional swimmers wear. I couldn’t help but stare at her firm and perfectly formed bottom as it was showcased by the suit. To my horror, I’d felt my penis react and quickly stiffen to form an obvious bulge in my loose trunks.

Luckily Hiroshi was distracted as he was looking at other girls, that despite showing off far more flesh in their skimpy suits, didn’t interest me as much as his mother. When she turned towards us after depositing her robe on a lounger, I shifted my eyes up quickly but still managed to catch a glimpse of, what I would later learn, was called a camel toe and the small bumps of her breasts capped by the two rather obvious points of her nipples.

I gulped as I met her eyes. She’d caught me giving her the once over and I detected a slight blush on her pale skin. I felt like a pervert and when her eyes dropped to my crotch I wanted to die on the spot. However, instead of being angry, her eyes widened slightly, and she had a tiny smile on her face as she turned and entered the water. I’d quickly followed her, anxious to hide my arousal from everyone else.


“Um, ah, yeah?”

“You were a million miles away!”

“Sorry mum, I was just thinking about something.”

“Yes, well I asked if you’d offered to pay your share?”


“Really dear, sometimes I wonder what goes on in your head! Write a quick note to Hiroshi to ask. They’ll probably refuse any money since but it’s basic manners to ask.”

“OK, I will!”, I said as I pictured what mum would think if she knew I’d been thinking of Mrs Yamamoto’s sexy body.

I went back to my bedroom and quickly fired off a text to Hiroshi then bought my ticket to Paris. As expected, Hiroshi wrote back saying I was their guest and since I’d be sharing a room with him there were hardly any extra costs.

The days passed slowly and every night I had trouble falling asleep as I imagined all sorts of unlikely scenarios involving Hiroshi’s mum and myself. Without fail, each day began with morning wood and a wet sticky patch of my nocturnal emissions at the front of my PJ’s. I began to worry about sharing a room with my friend as it would be very difficult to hide my condition from him.

“Are you ready Patrick?” my dad called from downstairs.

I stuffed the last of my belongings into my bag and replied, “Yup! I’m coming.”

I got a hug and a kiss from mum as I left with dad for the station. He gave me a short lecture about how to behave properly on the way and I was glad when I was able to leave the car. I stood on the platform waiting for the train when my phone vibrated. It was a message from Hiroshi telling me they’d arrived in Paris and were heading for the hotel.

The TGV train would take just over 3 hours to reach Paris and Hiroshi confirmed that they’d meet me at the station. After settling into my seat, I texted back that I was about to get underway and was looking forward to seeing them all again.

With the countryside flashing by I found myself daydreaming about Mrs Yamamoto again. Would she have changed much since I last saw her? I closed my eyes and again saw the image of her in her swimsuit. I knew that some guys would find her unattractive due to her petite build, but for me the opposite was true. I was attracted to a well-formed arse and small breasts with big nipples. Asian women often met these criteria and I knew Mrs Yamamoto was one of them.

I felt my penis begin to stiffen and quickly used my jacket to hide the bulge forming between my legs. Jesus, I had to get things under control, or I’d really be in trouble when meeting my friend and his parents.

With the train slowing as it approached the station, I gathered my belongings and walked down the aisle to stand in the queue waiting to exit. I looked out at the platform as the train pulled in but failed to see anyone recognizable. Once I’d disembarked and the crowds dispersed, I saw Hiroshi and his parents at the same moment they saw me.

I waved and Hiroshi rushed towards me with a big grin on his face. I grinned back but then focused my attention on his mother. She looked exactly as I remembered and hadn’t aged at all. She was smiling widely as she followed her son with a more sedate pace. A few steps behind was her husband. His hair was grey, and he’d put on quite a bit of weight. His expression was neither friendly nor unfriendly (I’ll call it neutral) as he stood waiting.

“Hi, Patrick! Great to see you!” Hiroshi exclaimed as he hugged me.

“Yeah, it’s been too long, my friend!”

“Hello, Patrick,” a soft voice said.

Hiroshi released me and I turned to his mum. I blushed slightly as she looked more beautiful than ever. Extending my hand, I said, “Hello Mrs Yamamoto, thank you so much for inviting me.”

She smiled, ignored my hand and said, “You must call me Sakura now, you are all grown up now!”

My body stiffened as she stepped forward and gave me a quick hug. I was thankful for the cover of my jacket and bag as even this brief and innocent contact had caused a reaction down below.

Hiroshi took my bag as we started walking towards his father. I draped my jacket over my left arm and held it strategically as we approached him.

I extended my hand and said, “Hello Mr Yamamoto, thank you for inviting me.”

His expression didn’t change as he took my hand and mumbled a greeting. Switching to Japanese he said something and then turned and walked away. He’d never been particularly friendly, and it looked like nothing had changed. Hiroshi shrugged and Sakura looked a bit embarrassed as we followed her husband out of the station.

A taxi was waiting and whisked us to the hotel.

“You can get cleaned up and have a quick rest, then we can do some sightseeing,” Sakura said.

I nodded and smiled at her. The taxi was a small Renault and I’d offered to take the middle seat, but Sakura had insisted, saying she was the smallest. I tried to sit as close to the door as possible but avoiding contact with her was impossible. In the close quarters of the car, I could also detect a lovely fragrance that must be her perfume.

My penis hadn’t relaxed since the hug and remained stiff for the entire trip. I was mortified by how little control I had of my body in her presence and was glad when we finally parted ways. Our rooms were next to each other, but thankfully without a connecting door. We had twin beds and a nice bathroom with a shower and even a bathtub. Thankfully, the absence of his mother meant my excitement subsided and I was able to hang up my jacket as I chatted with my friend.

“Go and take a quick shower and then we can catch up”, he said.

I nodded and removed a few things from my bag before stepping into the bathroom. As I was closing the door, Hiroshi said “Leave it open a bit so we can talk.”

I wasn’t too keen on the idea as I’d been planning to jerk off in the shower in the hope of avoiding any embarrassing situations later. Apart from that, I’d never been comfortable being naked around others and despite having seen Hiroshi naked a few times in changing rooms I’d managed to keep my private parts private.

Not wanting to seem rude I did as he asked and left the door open a few centimetres and quickly removed my clothes before stepping into the shower. The hot water felt good and I’d totally forgotten that the door was open when I heard Hiroshi’s voice above the water.

“Hope you don’t mind but you couldn’t hear me from outside.”

Thankfully the glass of the shower cubicle was steamed up so he couldn’t see me properly.

“Um, ah, no, um, that’ OK.”

“Good. We should probably get used to seeing each other in various stages of undress as it’s hard to share a bathroom and not do so.”

I didn’t like the sound of that, but it did make sense. “I suppose so. I’m just not used to it.”

He chuckled, “You always were shy! I’ve always been used to being naked around other men so it’s no big deal.”

This sounded weird, “What do you mean?”

“Oh, you know, the bathing culture in Japan is quite different to what you do in the west. Growing up, my dad would often take me along to an onsen or public bath and everyone is naked there.”

“God! I don’t know if I could handle that.”

Laughing, Hiroshi said “You get used to it. Anyway, for me, it’s not a problem but I’ll respect your privacy as much as possible.”

“Thanks mate!”

We chatted about this and that and then thankfully he left the bathroom before I used up the entire water supply of Paris.

With the coast clear, I left the safety of the shower and quickly dried myself. Wrapped in a warm and cosy bathrobe I left the bathroom and sat on the bed. Hiroshi was reading a book and put it down when I settled on the bed.

“So, tell me about this date you went on”, I said.

“Well, I met this exchange student at uni. Korean and built the way I like’em!”

I laughed, “So how is that exactly?”

Hiroshi smiled and used his hands to indicate extremely large breasts. “The bigger the better!”

I shook my head and laughed. “You’re as crazy as you always were! So, what happened?”

“Well, like I told you. I asked her out and to my delight, she said yes. We went to dinner and the cinema and then I took her back to her student digs.”

He paused so I prodded, “And?”

“Things were going well, and she invited me up for a drink.”


“Yeah wow.” He said without much enthusiasm.

“Don’t keep me in suspense!”

He frowned and his expression was rather depressed. “We talked and drank a bit and then she kissed me.”

“OMG! You lucky bastard.” He still looked sad and I wondered what had gone wrong.

“Things got quite steamy and she removed her top, her huge tits were almost falling out of her flimsy bra and I got my first feel.”

I felt myself getting aroused by his story and adjusted my posture and the robe to keep things hidden.

“Then she removed the bra and I almost died. You can’t imagine how amazing she looked. Every dream I’d ever had was coming true and she let me touch and fondle them and even pinch her nipples.”

My cock was now fully erect. “Bloody hell Hiroshi! This is hot.”

He frowned, “I wanted to taste a nipple but when I leaned closer, she said, ‘no so fast Oshi, you get undressed first.”


“Yeah, that’s what she called me.”

“What did you do?”

“What do you think? I stripped off and was about to resume playing with her tits when she pushed me away and started laughing.”

My heart sank as I imagined what had happened next.

“Christ Hiroshi, I’m sorry.”

He looked at me with a sad smile. “Yeah, well at least I got my first feel of tits.”

“That’s true and it’s way more than I’ve ever had.”

I wasn’t going to ask for details, but it seemed like he needed to tell someone.

“I really thought I was finally going to lose my virginity and instead the girl of my dreams was laughing at my manhood.”

I didn’t know what to say to that and just looked at him with sympathy.

“The worst is, I think my cock was bigger than it had ever been, and she thought I was puny.”

“This girl sounds like a real bitch. Anyway, you know everyone always says size isn’t everything.”

This seemed to cheer him up and he switched the conversation to me. “So how about your love life?”

It was my turn to be depressed, “Ha, nothing — nada, not a trace of one.”

Hiroshi was shaking his head, “I don’t get it, Patrick. I’m not gay or anything but I think you’re quite a good-looking guy and I don’t understand why girls aren’t chasing you! Even my mother thinks you’re handsome.”

My heart missed a beat when his words sank in. Had his mother really commented on my appearance? Before my excitement became obvious, I quickly replied.

“Thanks for the compliment but it’s not just the fact that I seem to be invisible girls I’ve also never met one that I’m really attracted to.”

“You know what I like in a girl, but I have no clue about you! Spill it, boy!”

I laughed, “I like petite girls with nice buts.”

“Really? You should move to japan, that description would fit half the female population!”

An image of his mum flashed through my mind as he continued. “So, you’re not into big girls with big tits?”

I was shaking my head, “Nope, I like a firm and prominent backside, small breasts with big nipples and all on a tiny body. Long dark hair would be a bonus.”

He looked astounded, “You’re describing virtually every Japanese woman I know!”

I shrugged, “Japanese, Chinese, Thai, I’d be happy with any of them.”

“Ah, you have yellow fever?”

“Yellow fever?”

“Yeah, you’re into Asian chicks!”

“I suppose.”

Hiroshi laughed, “I should have invited you to Japan…”

Our conversation was interrupted by the ringing of the room phone. Hiroshi jumped off his bed and picked it up.


There was a pause and then he responded in Japanese before hanging up. “We’re going in ten minutes. You better get ready!”

Without thinking, I stood up and headed for the bathroom.

“Whoa bro…!” Hiroshi exclaimed.

I turned to him, “What?”

He glanced at my crotch and said, “Is that a banana or are you just that excited to see me?”

I followed his line of sight and realized I’d forgotten my erection. It was tenting the bathrobe obscenely and I was extremely embarrassed. What would he think of me? I quickly dropped my hands in an attempt to cover things up.

“Shit, I’m sorry mate.” I stuttered with a red face.

He laughed, “Don’t be embarrassed Patrick! As long as it’s not for me I don’t mind.”

“Of course it’s not for you! All that talk about you getting a feel of some tits and then talking about Asian girls got me a bit excited.” I exclaimed.

Hiroshi made a calming gesture with his hands, “Chill, I was just kidding.”

“Oh, OK then. Sorry.”

“Like I said no problem. All I can say is that any woman would be more than happy with what you seem to be packing.”

An inappropriate image of his mum flashed through my mind and caused my cock to jerk which in turn lifted the bathrobe even more.

Hiroshi broke down in laughter “I see you like that idea!”

I ignored his comment and quickly went to the bathroom, closing the door firmly this time. I looked in the mirror and had to admit that the tented robe did look pretty impressive. What would Sakura think if she could see me now? I pushed the thought from my mind and started to get dressed. It wasn’t easy, but with my still rigid penis standing vertically, squeezed under the waistband of my underpants I was able to get my pants on and, leaving my shirt untucked, was able to conceal my erection quite well.

Hiroshi gave me the once over when I left the bathroom. “You should have taken care of that! I can still see it you know.”

“Shit, I thought it wasn’t noticeable anymore.”

He shrugged. “I suppose if no one stares at your crotch they won’t notice. No time now anyway.”

Feeling very conspicuous I followed Hiroshi out of our room. He walked over to his parent’s door and gave a quick knock. His mother opened the door and gestured for us to enter. It was the last thing I wanted to do, and I stood behind my friend trying to hide my discomfort.

“Are you alright Patrick?”

I blushed, “Um, yes, fine thanks.” Then added, “Just a bit tired.”

Hiroshi couldn’t suppress a giggle and I wanted to kick him. His mum looked at us suspiciously and then turned to get ready. She was wearing a simple but very elegant black dress. It was quite short and revealed her toned and slim legs nicely. From behind her well-shaped behind was highlighted by the perfectly tailored design.

My penis swelled and I quickly looked away before Hiroshi or his dad caught me staring at Sakura’s arse.