Gilbert unlocked the door to the apartment and walked in. It was Saturday morning, so he expected to be alone. His younger roommates spent every weekend visiting with their families. He had kissed his family goodbye six years ago, and never looked back. Well, almost never, he thought as he strode through the living room and into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and noted with annoyance that there were only two beers left. His roommates had once again left him hanging.

Jason and Kevin weren’t quite old enough to buy beer, but they didn’t let that stop them from drinking most of his. A note sat on the counter next to the refrigerator. The note didn’t catch Gilbert’s attention so much as the fifty-dollar-bill on top of it. He chuckled as he read,


Had some friends over and they drank your beer.

So Sorry!


Hey, if they were willing to cough up fifty bucks for nine dollars worth of beer, that wasn’t going to bother Gilbert. It did mean he had to go back outside and delay his normal weekend routine, but since he was still dressed he headed out the front door and made a quick trip to the store for beer and snacks. He knew everyone that worked at the corner store across the street from his apartment complex. He chatted with the manager as his beer, chips and pretzels were rung up.

Gilbert lived for his weekends alone. He and his hippy parents had their differences, which had eventually led to him telling them off and leaving to join the military. Even though he had been out of the Corps for two years, he still kept his hair cut short. Not high-and-tight short, but he would never be comfortable with his hair growing over his ears again.

The one thing he did miss about home, though, was the comfort of casual nudity he had growing up. Now that he was out of the service, he embraced the opportunity. Every weekend, his younger roommates would drive three hours to their hometown to stay with their families. Gilbert took advantage of their absence to simply relax naked in his apartment.

Occasionally he would prioritize sex over relaxation. He had no shortage of opportunities to date now that he was in college full time. He had his G.I. Bill to pay his tuition, fees, books, and rent. A part time job gave him “beer money.” Wednesday and Friday nights he worked security at a fairly popular dance club, and that provided not only income, but additional occasions to hook up. Last night had been a prime example of that. Sitting naked on a towel on his living room couch, Gilbert popped open a beer and took a nice slow sip as he let his mind replay those events.

Two drunk guys had gotten into a fight in the club. They had been tossed unceremoniously. That had not been an issue. When the club closed and their girlfriends realized they had no ride home, Gilbert had gallantly offered to give them a ride. They were drunk and horny and extremely grateful. Both were very attractive young ladies. They hadn’t had to pay for a single drink all night.

Back at their apartment, the girls invited him inside for “coffee.” They didn’t actually have any coffee, but they did have eager cocksucking mouths. They also had wet little pussies that badly needed to be fucked. He also discovered a pair of tight, horny assholes that were in dire need of a good, thorough stretching. He had just the tool for the job.

One girl went to shower, as soon as they were inside. The other pushed him onto the couch, fished out his thick dick and licked and sucked him eagerly. By the time her friend emerged from the bathroom, Gilbert was at full mast and his hand gently guided her head up and down in his lap. She slowly revealed his hard cock to her friend as her lips withdrew.

Both girls had dyed their hair blonde. They had done a good job of it; if not for the tiny patch of dark pubic hair revealed when the freshly showered blonde dropped her towel, Gilbert would not have known. After she had gotten a nice mouthful of his erection, she led him into her bedroom. She crawled up onto the bed, looking saucily over her shoulder. Gilbert quickly slid to his knees behind her.

She was watching him in her bedroom mirror as he took her snug pussy. The girl had a very expressive face. He enjoyed seeing her wildly horny expressions in the mirror. Especially captivating were her wide-open eyes looking right into his as he took her. It was almost as much of a turn on as the visual stimulation of his cock opening her up while she knelt on the bed in front of him.

She gasped and came on him for the second time when he started teasing her throbbing little sphincter. This little sweetheart nodded eagerly at him and handed him a bottle of something called “Pro Anal Lube.” Gilbert had to hand it to her, once he had applied a little of the stuff to her tight little rubbery ring and his throbbing cock head, she did indeed take it like a pro.

Her helplessly turned on expression in the mirror, and her wildly swinging breasts, just added to the insanely erotic sight of her back door gobbling up his dick. The gripping heat of her horny ass was too much. He exploded inside her after only three strokes once he had worked his full length into that sweet bottom. The girl went into a spasm as her own climax was triggered. Her eyes rolled up into her head, and then she passed out cold. Gilbert was a bit concerned, until the other girl spoke softly from the doorway.

“It’s okay,” she said, “she passes out sometimes, if she’s been drinking. But only when she has a really intense orgasm.”

Gilbert had turned in surprise when he first heard her. He nodded when she finished. She looked at his cum-covered cock and licked her lips.

“Did you save any for me?” she asked.

He had indeed. Unlike her friend passed out in the other bedroom, this one was insatiable. It wasn’t that he was keeping score or anything, but Gilbert was certain of at least five intense orgasms that her molten pussy had around his invading dick. This darling girl was very tight. He almost believed her when he first penetrated her snug ass and she gasped, “Oh! No! What are you doing? Nobody’s ever done that to me!”

It didn’t stop him, of course. It merely made him savor her tightness more. If it was indeed her first time taking it in her ass, she certainly took a liking to it. As he was coming into her clutching butt for a second time, Gilbert made a mental note that he needed to secure a supply of this “Pro Anal Lube.” The stuff was downright magical.

Gilbert kissed the second girl tenderly before he left. He didn’t leave his number or anything. These two had boyfriends who were obviously trouble. If they sorted that out and wanted more of him, they knew where to find him.

After finishing his reflection and his beer, Gilbert ambled into the bathroom for a relaxing shower. He dried himself off completely and hung the towel up to dry. He was on his way to the kitchen to make himself a late breakfast when he realized his solitude had been invaded. A pretty young woman was standing in the living room. Her eyes were wide when she saw his naked body strolling by.

Gilbert managed to remain calm. Obviously, this wasn’t a burglar. His expression was stoic as he turned to face her. He smiled thinly, once he made eye contact, but he made no effort to cover his nakedness or apologize for it. He recognized that it was Tiffany, Kevin’s girlfriend, who was standing there. Even though he was the one who was naked, she was the one who was embarrassed.

“Hey, Tiffany,” he said evenly, “What can I do for you?”

Involuntarily, she looked at his thick dick before forcing her eyes back up to his face. She was blushing furiously when she finally managed to stutter out, “Oh, uh, uh, Gilbert! I was just dropping by to, um, that is, I didn’t think anyone would be here.” She shook her head, pulling an annoyed face and closing her eyes. She took in a big breath and blew it out. “That didn’t come out right. I was trying to, um…I was thinking…”

Gilbert thought to himself, “This could take a while.” Out loud, he said, “Look, Tiffany, you’re obviously uncomfortable with this. I’ll put something on and be right back.”

So much for a nice relaxing Saturday.

Gilbert pulled on some baggy shorts and an oversized t-shirt. It took two minutes. Tiffany was still standing exactly where she was when she first saw him. Gilbert motioned her to have a seat, and joined her on the couch.

“Okay, Tiffany, just so you know, I usually like to chill out naked on Saturdays and Sundays when Kevin and Jason are at their folks’ places. My parents were always nudists, so it’s very comfortable for me. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, what brings you here today?”

“Well, I’m sorry to intrude, Gilbert. Do you know my roommates?”

Gilbert shook his head. Hell, he barely knew Tiffany.

“Well,” she continued, “I have two roommates. One of them, Tanya, likes to have her family come visit on weekends. They all use the pool, barbecue on our patio, that sort of thing. But it’s like eight or nine people all show up every weekend. I just thought…I thought nobody was here and I could get away from that noise and relax. I’m sorry to have bothered you.” Her voice had trailed off quietly at the end.

She stood to leave, but Gilbert felt sorry for her. Tiffany looked so sad and desperate. He could certainly relate; his relaxing weekends were what kept him on an even keel through the insanity of his busy weeks.

“Hey, Tiffany,” he said softly, “I don’t have to be naked this weekend.” He shot her a genuine smile then, and she smiled weakly back at him. “I was about to make some breakfast,” he continued, “Have you eaten?”

Tiffany was enormously relieved. The tension visibly flowed out of her and she said brightly, “All I’ve had was a quick cup of coffee. Would you like me to help you cook something?”

They relaxed together and made some eggs and French toast. Fresh coffee washed it down. Once again, Tiffany started to thank him and leave, but Gilbert beat her to the punch.

“How long would you have hung out if I hadn’t been here?” he asked.

Tiffany hadn’t really thought about it. She took a moment before answering, “I would probably have stayed until tomorrow night. I would have slept over, and been glad for the peace and quiet.”

“Does Kevin even know you’re here?” Gilbert asked.

“No,” Tiffany looked a little nervous about that. She didn’t want to be seen as untrustworthy. Kevin had given her a key, after all.

“Maybe you should call and let him know that you’re here,” Gilbert prompted, “just so there isn’t some unpleasant accusation later on. Let him know that I’m here, and that I’m cool with you hanging out as long as you want.”

Tiffany was both relieved and intrigued. It was a smart suggestion, and one she hadn’t thought of at all. She had perhaps seen Gilbert around the apartment a dozen times before today, and he simply hadn’t been all that friendly. She pulled out her phone and called Kevin.

“Hey, babe,” she said when he answered. She explained the situation at her apartment, and mentioned dropping by Kevin’s place. She didn’t mention that Gilbert had been naked, but did say that he was there and was “cool with me hanging out, as long as that’s okay with you.”

Kevin was fine with it, although a little surprised. Gilbert always came across as a little gruff with his younger roommates—even though he was only four years older. While Tiffany was on the phone, Gilbert cleaned up after breakfast. As he was putting away the butter, a bit of it got on his thumb. He idly rubbed it between his thumb and index finger before washing it off. It reminded him of the lube from earlier and he mumbled, “Oh, yeah. I need to write that down so I don’t forget.”

He grabbed a post-it note and scribbled “Pro Anal Lube” on it, stuffing it into his shorts pocket. After he had finished the dishes and Tiffany had finished her phone call, they relaxed on the couch and tried to find something interesting on television. Instead, they found themselves bonding as they rejected awful show after offal show. Seriously, how did these network executives still have jobs after they put all this crap on the air?

Rather than watching television, they somehow wound up having a really stimulating discussion about economic theory. As ludicrous as the idea would have seemed, it arose out of a class Gilbert was taking and that Tiffany and Kevin had taken the previous semester. None of them would have taken the class if it wasn’t a required course. Gilbert had to admit he was enjoying the class and learning more than he had expected.

“Kevin hated that class,” Tiffany giggled, “We took it together. I wound up doing most of the work on my own to carry our little group project. He had no interest whatsoever in talking about that class.”

Gilbert was aware of what Kevin’s interest in the lovely young lady was. A couple of late weeknights he had heard them going at it through the apartment walls. To be honest, if he were her boyfriend, he wouldn’t be sitting on the couch discussing economics either—pleasant though that had turned out to be.

Noon rolled around, and an alarm went off on Gilbert’s phone. He grinned as he turned it off.

“Do you have to be somewhere?” Tiffany asked.

“Nah, that’s my ‘beer o’clock’ alarm.”

Tiffany had to choke back a laugh. “You have an alarm for that?”

“I try not to drink before noon. Some bullshit study said that people who drink before noon are much more likely to end up alcoholics. So I avoid that.” Gilbert’s grin said that this was a running joke. He did get up to grab a beer, though.

“Would you like one?” he called from the refrigerator.

“Um, sure, I guess,” Tiffany answered. She wasn’t a big fan of beer, but thought it would be rude to turn down the offer.

Gilbert shook his head at her. “If you don’t like beer, I can get you something else. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do with me, Tiffany. I’m not the one trying to get into your pants.” He waggled his eyebrows to let her know he was trying to be funny.

Tiffany had to really think. She honestly couldn’t recall any alcoholic beverage she had ever consumed that she really liked. “I think there was a wine cooler that wasn’t awful,” she finally said, “but I couldn’t tell you what it was.”

“Be right back,” Gilbert walked back across the street and cleared it with the manager, pulling together a mixed six-pack of various wine coolers. A couple of young female customers commented that two of those were not very good, so he took their recommendations for replacements. It took all of ten minutes.

When he came back to the apartment, Gilbert thought he heard moans of a sexual nature coming from inside. He stopped and put his ear to the door. The unmistakable sound of porn came softly through the door. He grinned and imagined how Tiffany’s face would look, before he decided against embarrassing her for a second time today. He dropped his keys loudly, then picked them up and took his time unlocking and opening the door.

Tiffany had time to turn off the video player and to rearrange her shorts so that it wasn’t obvious that she had been playing with herself. Gilbert presented the beverage offering with a flourish.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, before he ducked into his bedroom and returned with a small notebook and a mechanical pencil. “We’ll take notes on these wine coolers. We’ll figure which ones you can stand, and which ones never to buy again.”

She had three of them over the course of the afternoon. The third one, one of the ones that the young women at the store had recommended, was the only one to make the cut. Gilbert went to the kitchen to get another beer and another wine cooler for her. He was unaware that his receipt and the post-it note dropped out of his pocket. He came back with the two beverages and Tiffany was red-faced as she handed the two pieces of paper to him.

“You dropped these,” she managed to say. She couldn’t bring her eyes up to meet his.

When Gilbert saw the post-it note, he barked out a laugh before apologizing. “Wow, I am so sorry about that. I had a…hmm. I can’t think how to put this without it being more embarrassing. I just jotted that down so I wouldn’t forget to check on it.”

He was a little buzzed from the beer, so he figured he would check on it now so he could get rid of the post-it entirely. In his bedroom, he opened his laptop. The search results were not promising. Evidently, the product was one that a company called Adam and Eve used to carry, but no longer did.

“That’s a damned shame,” Gilbert said softly.

“What’s a damned shame?” Tiffany asked. She was standing in the doorway to his bedroom, with her fourth wine cooler in hand.

Gilbert turned the search screen toward her. “They don’t make the stuff anymore. I only found out about it last night. I was hoping to buy some of it.”

Tiffany made a sour face after a big slug of the wine cooler. “Ugh. This is the worst one by far.”

“Just dump it out, then. I’ll make another run before they close and get you more of that one you liked.”

He hopped up, looking at his watch. He had another couple of hours before the store stopped selling alcohol.

“Tell you what, come here.” He led her to the kitchen, and handed her the other ‘recommended’ wine cooler. He took the open one from her and took a sip before dumping the rest down the drain. It was pretty bad.

“Try this one before I go. Two female customers recommended this brand, and the other one that you liked. Tell me if I should get you three of each, or just six of that other one.”

Tiffany took a sip, and lit up. “Oh, wow! This is the best one of all. Get me more of this, please.”

Gilbert nodded and left. It took no time at all to make the purchase and return. When he got back, Tiffany was on her phone.

“I’m ordering pizza. What do you like on yours?”

“What are you having on yours?” he asked.

“I was getting pepperoni and sausage.”

“That will work for me.”

The pizza arrived a half hour later and Tiffany paid for it. They munched on pizza and chatted for another hour. Gilbert had consumed a six pack of beer over the afternoon and evening. Tiffany had also had six drinks. She was really starting to feel them. She started slurring a bit, and Gilbert gently took her drink from her.

“It sounds like you’ve had enough for today,” he said softly to her, “I think it’s time for bed.”

Her eyes shot open wide. At her reaction, he calmly continued, “Please don’t make a mess in Kevin’s room tonight. I would rather we don’t have to spend all day tomorrow cleaning up in there.”

He walked Tiffany to Kevin’s bedroom, and she slumped into the bed. Gilbert turned off the light, closed the door, and then went to his own room. He was asleep immediately.

The next morning, he woke up to the sound of rather loud snoring. At some point in the night, Tiffany had gone to the bathroom, and she had left the bedroom door ajar when she went back to bed. Gilbert rose from his bed with a sigh and went to close that door. He stopped in the doorway.

Tiffany had taken off her clothes. She was mostly under the covers of Kevin’s bed, but her gorgeous bottom was sticking out from beneath the covers, pointed right at the doorway. Her lightly-fuzzy little peach and pale pink, wrinkled sphincter both looked delectable. Gilbert could easily imagine how tight those inviting orifices would feel wrapped around his thickening cock.

He shook his head as he closed the door. A large glass of ice water helped him calm down immensely. He was pleased to see that Tiffany hadn’t made a mess in the bathroom as he showered. He got out and was toweling his back when she walked right in.

“Oh, sorry!” she got out, “I really have to pee.”

Gilbert nodded and walked past her to finish drying in his room.

He lay back down on his bed to relax for a bit, once he was dry. His arms were crossed behind his head and he stretched out his shoulders and back. He heard a soft knock on his door, and sighed before answering.