“Do I recall that one of your favorite holidays is coming up tomorrow?”

My wife Kaci and I were enjoying a peaceful, relaxed summer dinner on our porch deck, overlooking the river that runs by the back of our house. We eat all our meals out here all summer long, it’s just so delightful. We face west so the sun sets over the river, there are boats going by, it’s a perfect setting for relaxed conversation with a nice bottle of wine.

“Favorite holiday?” I responded. Actually, I knew what she was referring to — it’s an informal holiday, of course, but the following day would be National Nude Day. The previous summer, I had to go on-line to get Kaci to believe that, yes, there really is such a thing, and she kindly tolerated my inclination to be unclothed for at least parts of the day — when I was indoors, or was swimming in our pool (where I am nearly always fabric-free, but no one can really see me while I’m in the water), and even when I was hanging out on the porch, though she wanted me to take care I stayed towards the back, lest I be visible to boaters passing by.

“Yes, isn’t tomorrow that National Nude Day thing?”

“Well …. yes it is. I’m surprised it’s on your radar screen — it’s not exactly a holiday you celebrate.”

Kaci and I are together via a second marriage, roughly fifteen years ago. We’re very sympatico in most things, but there are areas where we differ a bit, and this is one. Kaci knows that I simply enjoy the feeling of being naked, while that’s not really a thing for her. She does a good job of tolerating my interest, and she will — very occasionally – skinny-dip with me if we’re alone and it’s totally private, but in general, she prefers to keep her clothes on. Going topless on one of the more remote beaches when we visit our timeshare on St. Martin, so long as it’s not very crowded, is about as baring as she’ll be.

“It looked as if you enjoyed it last year, so I just filed the date away in my electronic calendar, and I noticed this week that it’s come around again. Are you going to celebrate it tomorrow?”

“Why, yes, I think I just might do some celebrating,” I replied, with a smile. “Is that okay?”

“Honey, yes, of course it’s okay. In fact, since in the past year you’ve managed to convert me to the delights of being more assertive and frisky with you, I’ve been thinking that this year you should go all out in your celebration. Obviously, you’ll have to wear some clothes when we take Duke for a walk around the block, or if you run out to the supermarket or something. We don’t want to get you arrested. But otherwise, Honey, tomorrow, I want you naked 100% of the time you are around the house, from when we get up to when we go to bed. Doesn’t matter whether you are inside, or out here on the porch, or even down there in the back yard, as long as you’re here at home I insist that you celebrate National Nude Day totally in the nude.

“Really?” You’re not worried about boaters or neighbors seeing me? You’ve always been concerned about that before!”

“Nope! Not tomorrow, anyway. We both know you like being naked, at least when you feel like you are in control of the situation. But, you’ve also told me you want me to have some fun with you, to challenge you to take a few risks, and over the last year I’ve come to realize that I like having the power that gives me. Plus, I figure if you truly like being naked, who am I to get in your way? In fact, I think my role, as your loving, frisky assertive wife, is to help you really celebrate this affinity of yours. And National Nude Day is the perfect day to do that. So, for tomorrow …. I’m in control, not you, and I’ve decided that you will be naked and I just won’t care a bit who might happen to see you.”

Well! Everything she had said was correct – including the part about my liking being naked, but generally when I have some control over the situation. When I can use a well-placed tree to shield me from passing boaters while getting in or out of our pool. When I’m shedding my bathing suit on a beach a thousand miles away that is specifically designated as clothing optional. When I’m just hanging around inside with Kaci. But being totally nonchalant about it, no matter who might see? Here in our hometown? That’s another thing altogether. She was also right that I had been pushing her to assert more control, to have a little fun by challenging me to take a risk or two that might be outside the normal guidelines. And, I’ve promised her that if she did ….. well, I wouldn’t question her, wouldn’t complain, I would just obey. If I don’t obey, she has it in writing that I will never bug her again about being assertive. So ….. it seemed that I had little choice in the matter.

“Okay, I responded. As I’ve said, you’re in charge! I just hope you don’t get me into trouble.”

“Actually, I was thinking I might make you a banner to hang down on our deck rail that says “Happy National Nude Day”, so that if anyone does see you, they’ll at least know why you’re not wearing anything,” she responded, cracking a smile.

And with that, our dinner dishes picked clean, we got up to clear the table, grab a little chocolate for dessert, and watch some tv. I have to admit, I was a bit distracted — part slightly worried, part secretly excited, part totally impressed with my wife’s willingness to have some frisky fun with me. Each of those elements became even more real when, as we were getting ready for bed, Kaci suddenly asked me “What are you planning to make for dinner tomorrow, when Skyler and Steve come over?”

Oh Shit! I had totally forgotten about that. “Wait a sec here,” I exclaimed. You just told me I have to be naked all day tomorrow around the house. Did you forget about this dinner?” When we were having our earlier conversation, I was so surprised by what she was saying that it didn’t even occur to me that we had invited friends over for some simple grill food, some good wine, perhaps a swim in the pool. I hoped the same was true for Kaci.

“Did I forget? No, Honey, I knew they were coming over. They’re pretty relaxed people, and while they’ll probably be surprised when you answer the doorbell naked, once we explain that you are just celebrating National Nude Day, I bet they’ll be fine with it. Besides, I already told you … I’ve decided that for tomorrow, I just don’t care who sees you naked, and that includes friends. But of course, if they do seem uncomfortable, you should certainly cover up and in that case I’ll let you off the hook.”

So, my first reaction was that this was beginning to really push the limits of my comfort zone. Totally surprise some friends by being naked for a dinner gathering? I’ve always said I’m comfortable being seen by others — though generally it’s strangers – in settings where nudity is anticipated or permitted, and pretty much where they might be naked as well, but this sure doesn’t fall into the realm of it being anticipated. But then I realized … well, at least it’s being permitted, by my wife anyway, so what the heck! Maybe it would be fun?

“Okaaaay, if you say so. After all, you’re the Boss.” And with that, we finished stripping off — I have managed to convince her of the delights of at least sleeping nude — brushed our teeth, climbed into bed, and engaged in some fairly delightful marital sex, no doubt enhanced by our respective imaginings about just what tomorrow would bring.

In the morning, we awoke with the front of my body spooned around Kaci’s backside, my right hand gently gathering the heft of one of her delightful breasts. They’re just the right size for holding, and we often wake up in this way. She reached back and gave my cock and balls a little caress — her way of saying “good morning, these are mine and I love you, husband” — and we climbed out of bed to take Duke, our dog, for a walk around the block. “Guess you’ll have to be dressed for this part of National Nude Day,’ she said, and I pulled on a pair of shorts — commando underneath — and a t-shirt. It was a beautiful morning, suggesting that the weather would be gorgeous all day.

As soon as we returned, however, she promptly insisted, with a delighted smile, “Okay, time for you to celebrate and get naked for Nude Day.” I stripped off my shorts and t-shirt, and went to grab a cup of coffee. “Oh, Honey, I do have favor to ask. Before the sun gets really hot, could you please go out back and water all the planter boxes and flower pots? I’ll work on breakfast while you’re doing that.”

My lovely wife certainly wasn’t wasting any time playing this up! “Going out back” meant going a couple floors down to the yard behind our house, which features our pool, a few deck chairs, and some nice in-ground landscaping but also quite a few planters and pots of flowers, which in the summer need frequent watering. It also sits right on the bank of the river than runs past the back of our house. Luckily, this year National Nude Day fell on a Wednesday, so we wouldn’t have the absolute parade of boats that normally goes back and forth on a nice summer weekend. But it was still pretty likely there would be a boat or two passing by, fairly slowly, as the river is a no-wake zone — and that the folks in those boats would be looking around, enjoying the scenery. Luckily, we do have a couple of strategically placed trees and some bushes, but I was going to need to be careful with my movements to avoid enhancing someone’s morning view. Of course, I could also just throw caution to the wind and parade around naked as if I hadn’t a care in the world as I watered the flowers on a beautiful day, but I wasn’t sure I was quite ready for that. At least, I thought to myself, she didn’t ask me to water the flowerpots out front! Not yet, anyway.

Given our rules, there was no possible response other than “Yes, Dear, whatever you say,” and with that, I headed down the stairs and out the back door. At least initially, it looked like the morning hadn’t really kicked into gear yet. No boats in sight other than the empty ones usually moored out there. I walked around the pool to the little pump house where the garden hose is kept, unfurled it, and started watering various plants. Before long, of course, a boat motored into view, and then moments later, another one from the opposite direction. While I was watering the planter boxes on the pool deck, I think I managed to stay mostly shielded, so long as no one had binoculars handy for a close-up view. But then, I had to hit the various flowerpots, one of which was down on the deck at the very edge of the river, while others were scattered on the steps leading up towards the house — and none of which were visually protected. I glanced up at the house and saw Kaci, standing out on the porch deck on our top floor, enjoying a cup of coffee along with, I presume, the view of her naked husband. She sort of flipped her hand towards the deck by the river, which I interpreted as meaning “go on, water that one next.” Thankfully, at least there wasn’t a boat directly in front of the house, though now I could see a couple of kayakers coming my way.

Well, might as well just do it,” I thought to myself, so I walked over to the deck and watered the flower pot, deciding to just be oblivious as to whether anyone could see me. Then I headed over to the pots on the steps leading up towards the house, and started watering those. Now there was no question — if the folks in one boat passing by — or either of the kayakers — happened to be looking in my direction, they could easily see a middle-aged guy out watering his garden naked. All I could do was hope that an hour later, the harbor police boat wouldn’t be pulling up to respond to a complaint.

The watering finished, I went back to the pump house, coiled up the hose, and then rewarded myself with a leap into the pool. I usually have a towel handy for shielding me as I climb out. Not this time, however, so after a few laps back and forth, I just walked up the pool steps and out of the water, headed dripping wet up the steps to the house, and didn’t even look behind me to see what might be out there. It would be what it would be. Same was true for the one next-door neighbor with a potential view into our back yard. I did hear a boat horn sound a couple of times, perhaps in appreciation, but just ignored it. When I got all the way upstairs, Kaci was waiting with a smile and a towel so I could dry off. “Excellent watering job!” she offered, I think as a compliment more to my willingness to comply with her insistence I water naked than to my skill as a waterer. “Breakfast is ready, out on the deck.”

That’s pretty much how the day went. I did have to go buy some steaks and other supplies for dinner that night, and was permitted to get dressed to do that. Kaci asked me to wash the big slider windows on our two decks, which are fully visible to passing boats, but I just threw caution to the wind and grabbed the squeegee. At least the view from the river was of my backside. And she kindly didn’t ask me to water the gardens and pots out front, which are clearly visible from the road. We spent several hours sunning ourselves on our deck chairs down near the pool, which are “mostly shielded” from passing boats, and jumping in and out of the water, which as I said is pretty safe except for the moving-from-chair-to-pool part of the process. I declined a suggestion that perhaps we should take our kayaks out onto the river, and Kaci didn’t push that, I think agreeing with me that such a venture would in fact step over the accepted mores in this community governing public decency. It’s one thing to be naked on our porch decks or in our own yard, even if there is a chance I might be seen, but another to be blatant about it in a very small boat out on a public waterway.

When late afternoon rolled around, we headed back in to get cleaned up for dinner. For Kaci, that included picking out what she would wear, while for me, of course, that only involved a shower, shave and running a brush through my hair. “Are you sure you want me to do this?” I asked, not sure myself as I asked the question whether or not I was hoping she might possibly have changed her mind.

“Absolutely! You can’t celebrate National Nude Day without being nude for dinner. That simply wouldn’t do.” She responded, almost as a retort. “Now get out there and start getting organized.”

So, I headed into the kitchen, prepped the steaks for grilling with some salt and pepper, cut up the veggies that I was also going to grill in a basket, wrapped the corn cobs in foil the way we like to grill them, and pulled out some nice bottles of wine. Kaci, meanwhile, was setting the table out on the deck. Suddenly, as I knew it would sooner or later, the doorbell sounded. “Oh, Honey, can you get that please?” Kaci piped out in a very delighted-sounding voice. Totally unsure of what the reaction would be when I opened the door, I headed to the front hall, gulped, and reached for the doorknob.

“Welcome,” I offered cheerfully as I opened the door. Skyler and Steve just stood there, dumfounded. “We’re so glad you are here,” and Kaci seconded my greeting, coming up behind me.

“We …. We …. We’re glad to be here too,” said Skyler. “But are we early? Are you not ready for us yet?”

“Oh no, you’re right on time,” said Kaci. “Come on in. I expect you’re wondering why Cal isn’t wearing clothes, though?”

Well, kinda, yeah?”

“Well, it turns out that today is National Nude Day, a holiday that Cal first pointed out to me last year and seemed to enjoy, at least when he is hanging around the house with me. So this year, I suggested that if he really likes this holiday, he should embrace it fully and completely, for the entire day, to get the most he can out of it. So, he’s nude for the holiday. You guys are pretty cool so I figured after you get over the surprise of him being naked, you’d be okay with that, but if you’re uncomfortable, he can of course get dressed.”

“Skyler turned to her husband Steve and asked “So, what do you think? I guess I’m okay with Cal being nude. It’s kinda weird, but …. we both know what a naked man looks like, and we’ve seen them before, so if he’s happy this way, I can go with it.”

“Sweetie, if you’re okay with it, then it’s fine with me as well. I’ve seen plenty of naked guys in various locker rooms over time. But I bet there’s more to this story, so after we get settled in with some drinks, I want to hear all the details!”

With that, Steve handed me the really nice bottle of wine they had brought along, and we all headed back up the stairs to our main floor to get the party started. I opened two bottles, a red and a white, Kaci finished setting up the olives, cheeses and other hors de’ oeuvres we had ready, and we headed out to the porch to settle in for some conversation. We started out with what had been going on in everyone’s lives, what was up with the kids, all that usual stuff, but after a while, when there was a break in the conversation, Steve piped up and said “Okay, so I want to hear more about this National Nude Day thing. It’s really a holiday? You’re not making it up?”

Kaci turned to me and said, “Honey, why don’t you give some of the background on the holiday, and then I’ll fill in some details about how you actually came to be naked this evening.”

“Okay. Well, yes, it really is a holiday, in the same way that National Assistant’s Day, or National Nurses Day, or National Chocolate Day is a holiday. There’s some group out there that maintains a list of holidays that fall on every day of the year. I expect they had to make a few of them up. I think this one actually got started in Sweden maybe ten years ago, but it is an official unofficial holiday, landing every year on July 14th, that is recognized and celebrated by nudists and naturists around the world.”

“So are you a nudist?”

“No, not really, though if Kaci was up for experiencing that life-style with me I probably could get into it from time to time, maybe on vacations. But I do like the feeling of being without clothes. I always swim naked in our pool when I’m alone or just with Kaci, and sometimes I’ll hang out naked afterwards to fully dry off. I’m also comfortable being nude on a recognized clothing-optional beach, like a couple of beaches we’ll visit down in St. Martin. Last year I even went on a “Naked Boat Cruise” over to St. Barth that one of the tour operators down there offers. Without Kaci, of course, she only had a week of vacation and had already come home. But we had about a dozen folks on board. We had to get dressed for walking about town, but in the boat and on the beaches, we all happily stripped off. Kaci will tolerate my being naked in some situations, but isn’t really interested in that for herself. She might sometimes skinny-dip in the pool with me if we’re totally alone, but that’s about it.

“How the heck did you learn about this holiday?”

“Well ……” and I paused for a moment, before proceeding. This was turning into something of a a true confessions session for me, but then I realized I was already sitting here totally naked, so what would be the harm of another confession or two? “Have you ever heard of Literotica?”