I sighed as I put the car in park. It was nice to be home, but it was bittersweet. I looked at the window as I stepped out of the car, and there she was, with her hand pressed against the glass.

Janie was a secretary at the law firm that handled my divorce, and ten years my junior. I had interacted with her at least as often as I did the lawyer, and some way — somehow — we connected. I asked her out when it was obvious the details of the divorce were almost hammered out. We were made for each other. A year later, I was happier than I’d ever been in my life.

I had been ring shopping and making plans to propose when Covid-19 hit. I was essential, since I was a supervisor at a distribution center. That meant I had to go out every day during the pandemic and be in too-close proximity to not only the hundreds of employees, but the truck drivers coming in from all across the country. I absolutely refused to risk exposing the love of my life to that danger, because she had auto-immune issues. I moved into my man cave, where I would be until the spread was tamped down enough for me to feel safe being around her.

She was only a few feet away, and I missed her more than words can describe.

She lifted her phone, and I tapped to answer it as soon as it rang.

“I love you. I miss you,” she said as soon as I picked up.

“I miss you too. So much. I love you. You look beautiful.”

I saw her lips curl up into a smile, and her cheeks reddened. She shyly glanced away for a moment and ran her fingers through her blonde locks before looking back at me. “Thank you.”

I said, “Let me decontaminate, and I’ll call you back.”

“Okay. There’s a package by the door. Take it in once you’ve cleaned up, but don’t open it until I say so.”

My brow furrowed as I gave her a confused look.

She laughed — somewhat nervously — and said, “Later. When you call me back.”

I chuckled, wondering what she was up to. “Okay. Love you.”

“Love you. Bye.”


The package was right where she told me to expect it. I left it where it was, opened the door, and grabbed my supplies from the shelf just inside. As always, she remained in the window looking stunning the whole time I was spraying down the seat and wiping off everything else I’d touched in the car. We waved to each other as I returned to the self-imposed exile of my man cave.

The one positive thing to come out of my first marriage was everything inside that man cave. I’d purchased a bed for my old one, because I spent a fair amount of time sleeping there in the later years of the marriage. I had a microwave, a small convection oven, and if I needed burners, the gas grill had them. The bathroom was a necessity, but I’d gone whole hog and added a shower in the new cave so I wouldn’t track up the house when I came home from fishing, or got filthy working in the shop. The same reason had prompted me to add a washer and dryer for heavily soiled clothing.

I had everything I needed, except Janie.

After wiping off the doorknob and the light switch, I emptied my pockets and stripped down on the concrete floor of the shop half of the cave. Naked as a jaybird, I walked straight to the washer and tossed my clothes in. I hosed down the controls with disinfectant once the washer was running. Then it was off to the shower.

I disinfected everything from my pockets, wiped down the Lysol can, the wipe package, and then finally stepped into the shower. After giving my hands a good wash in the warm spray, I sighed in relief as I scratched my cheek. You don’t pay any attention to how much your face itches until you can’t scratch it.

Finally decontaminated, I dressed in clean clothing, and called Janie.

“I’m out, love,” I said when she answered the phone. In my mind’s eye, I could see her shivering as she always did when I called her that. “I’m headed back to get the package now.”

“Don’t open it until I tell you to,” she reminded me. Then I heard a change in the sound that let me know she’d put me on speaker. “Promise.”

“I promise,” I said, and then punctuated it with a chuckle. “Find anything good to watch on Netflix today?” I glanced toward the window as I picked up the package, but Janie wasn’t there.

“Not really. Go get on your laptop, and I’ll tell you when to open the package. Don’t open this email until I tell you, either.”

I was getting quite curious at that point. I was tempted to look at the email when the alert sounded telling me it had arrived, but I refrained. “Okay, I’m headed for my desk now. See you in a minute.”

By the time we said goodbye, I was already pulling out the chair to my desk. I sat down, booted up the laptop, and did a quick check of the camera, because we always spent at least a couple of hours video chatting after I returned home from work.

Sure enough, her video chat request arrived a few seconds later. I accepted the request, and then my jaw hit the floor when I saw Janie sitting on the couch completely naked. She was blushing furiously, but she smiled when she saw my stunned expression.

“Surprise,” she said, and then covered her face for a few seconds.

I let out the breath I’d been holding as a groan and said, “Oh, love… You look so good. Where did this come from?” Janie was a little shy, and when I’d hinted at the possibility of video sex a couple of days into my exile, I could tell by the fear in her eyes it was time to change the subject. Now, out of the blue, she was naked on my screen.

“Open the package,” she told me.

To my amazement, she reached up and began to caress her left breast. Those nipples I knew so well were visibly erect, and she teased one as I fumbled blindly for the package sitting on the corner of my desk. Tearing my eyes away from the sight of her took a tremendous surge of willpower, but I located a pocket knife to open the resealed package, and busted through the tape. I opened it to find a fancy looking masturbator, and a bottle of lube. When I looked back at the screen, Janie was holding a rabbit vibrator.

“Open the email and download the app,” she said. “We can control each other’s toys with the app, but they can also be linked so they react to what the other is doing. I made a list of how to do that in the email.”

Let me tell you, I tapped that link at lightning speed. “It’s downloading,” I said once the progress bar popped up.

“Let me see you.”

She moaned when I whipped my shirt over my head, and pinched her right nipple. I heard her draw in a shuddering breath as I stood, and she gasped when I pushed my shorts down to reveal that my cock was already rock hard. When I sat down, I pushed the chair back so she could see me below the waist, and gave my cock a squeeze.

Janie licked her lips. “Hurry and set it up, or I’m going to have to start without you. Seeing you is making me ache.”

“Don’t torture yourself, love. You need to be touched, so do it.”

I moaned when she did exactly that. The hand gliding over her breasts slid slowly down her body, over her smooth-shaven mound, and then her legs drifted apart. Her head lolled back and she whimpered when a finger slipped between the parting of her nether lips.

I glanced at the phone and saw that the app had installed. Though I had told her not to torture herself, that was exactly what I was going through every time I had to look away from the laptop screen at the email or the app to follow the directions she’d given me.

Janie slowly teased her need, causing her body to undulate on the couch. My cock was throbbing like mad and screaming for attention. Finally, the app indicated that our toys were synced. Janie gasped upon hearing the alert sound from the app on her phone, and lifted her vibrator to her lips.

A groaning growl escaped me as she sucked her toy, wetting it. I gave mine a generous squirt of lube, and then drizzled more over my erection. I stiffened and gasped from the initial sensation of the cool gel slithering over my hot flesh, and then stroked my cock to spread it.

Janie pulled her vibrator from between her lips and turned it on. At the same time, my toy came to life with vibration where it sat on the chair between my legs.

“I need you inside me,” she pleaded while rubbing the vibrating tip of her toy up and down over her folds.

I picked up the humming sleeve, taking note of the control buttons. One was for the intensity of the vibrations, and the other for the strength of the squeezing action. I tipped up my toy, and pressed the head of my cock against the simulated vulva. Janie and I locked eyes through the screen for a moment, and simultaneously penetrated.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but the surprised groan I let out as I slid inside spoke volumes. The textured sleeve felt wonderful compared to masturbators I’d used before, and the closed design created suction. It was a little noisy, but the motorized rings inside were reacting to Janie slowly sliding her vibrator into that sweet pussy I missed so much. The vibrations were also synched to her toy, intensifying when it was deep inside her, and then ebbing as she slid the toy back out of her canal.

For a few seconds, I simply held the toy in place over my erection, reveling in the sensations it was delivering and the sight of my love plunging the vibrator into her needy depths. We were connected despite the walls between us, and I felt the intimacy that I’d yearned for ever since my self-imposed exile swelling within me.

I gave myself a stroke, and saw Janie lurch. I don’t know exactly what that caused her synched toy to do, but the look on her face and the excited laugh that followed encouraged me to keep it up. I pumped the sleeve over my cock — grunting from the pleasure — which grew even more pronounced as the sleeve warmed from my body heat.

“Oh yes, just like that,” Janie cried.

“Feels so good. God,” I growled.

In no time, we were writhing and breathing heavily. The toys weren’t the only thing that had synched. I felt more connected to her than I had ever imagined was possible with the distance between us. I stroked faster, and she matched me, plunging her vibrator inside her. Her breasts began to quiver. I could hear the squishy sound of that artificial cock thrusting into her. I groaned and growled. She whimpered and yelped.

“Faster! Fuck me!” she suddenly cried.

“Ah! God!” I responded, just as loudly. I was feeling the tickle of an approaching orgasm, and had to steel my will to comply with that request. “Come for me. Come for me,” I growled as I took the toy in both hands and stroked it fast.

Janie let out a squeal and fucked herself hard. Her hand slapped against her thigh, while the other clawed at the couch cushions. Her head lashed, whipping her hair into golden fans that sometimes covered her face. I could feel my face growing warm, and I could see the flush in hers as her expression tightened.

She screamed, “Don’t stop! I’m going to come!”

“Oh, fuck yes. Come for me baby!”

“Come with me! Explode inside me!” she screamed. Her eyes went wide for a moment, and then she loosed an ear-piercing screech as she lurched in orgasm.

A shocked roar escaped me when my cock erupted with sudden intensity at the same time. When I could keep my eyes open, I saw Janie writhing and thrashing on the couch with her toy buried to the hilt. I was buried just as deeply inside the masturbator, squeezing the plastic shell as rapid, powerful jets of cum pooled around my pulsing cock.

My toy was still working its magic, and once I started to dribble, it was just too much. I pulled my sensitive member free, and heard a yelp through the laptop speakers. Janie jerked the vibrator out of her dripping pussy and held the squirming phallus in a tight grip for a few seconds before letting it tumble to the floor.

We panted, gasped, and jerked as the aftershocks ripped through us. Cum and lube dripped down my twitching shaft, and I could see the glistening puddle between Janie’s legs. I had just about caught my breath when I locked eyes with my flushed-faced love, and we laughed. It was weak, and sometimes broken by particularly sharp jolts of pleasure shooting through us, but it was full of a satiated joy that we had both needed desperately.

Janie glanced down, snorted, and then nodded toward where she was looking. “It’s walking across the floor.”

“It’s doing better than me, then. There’s no way I could walk right now.”

She giggled. “Me either. Mmm! Oh, that was wonderful.”

“I came so hard.”

“I can see,” she said, and then licked her lips. “Me too.”

She looked absolutely angelic in post-orgasmic bliss. I said, “I love you so much.”

Janie moaned and hugged her arms around herself. “I can feel it. Can you feel how much I love you?”

I could. “Yes.”

“That was close, wasn’t it? It would be so much better if you were here with me for real…”

“But it was incredible,” I finished for her.

“Hope you still feel that way when you see the credit card bill.”

We both laughed, and I said, “Whatever it cost, it was worth it.”

“Uh huh.”

We eventually shut off our toys, but clean up had to wait. We stayed naked and sticky as we talked and laughed for another hour. We switched to our phones when we decided it was time to clean up the mess we’d made, and continued to talk as we washed the toys and wiped up the drippings. We left the connection open while we took turns showering. Janie left the shower curtain open while she washed up, so I did the same. She grew more comfortable with being naked, and only ended up putting on a pair of clean panties after her shower. Eventually, we were both nodding off, and had to surrender — though neither of us wanted to.

My bed in the cave felt a whole lot less empty and lonely from then on.