It was a typical day at Love Limo’s; the chauffeurs were in the break room waiting for their assignments. They sat around chatting, reading, playing cards {such as, hearts, poker, solitaire}, and enjoying a cup of coffee, tea, soda or whatever. There were always plenty of things to munch on as well.

The more experienced drivers had a habit of exchanging their stories about some of the strange things that had happened in the back seats of their limos. The stories were the usual, told over and over again by drivers.

It was Ernest’s turn to tell his story about the adventure in the backseat. The old guy scooted his chair up to the table with an annoying screech. Most of the other drivers in the room settled in for what they thought would be some boring little story. What else could they expect from this grey bearded, chubby, no not chubby, big, fat man who wheezed when he talked?

The room was silent, except for Ernest’s breathing. He took his bottle of cherry flavored diet cola, turned the twist cap, took a long drink and then burped. “Oh, oh, excuse me,” he said with a smile. He then ran his hand over his sweaty brow, pulled a handkerchief from his back pocket, wiped his hand off and then carefully folded the handkerchief and put it back into his pocket. Already two or three of the other drivers had wandered off and there was a bit of a buzz in the room as a few comments passed through the group, “Is this guy going to live long enough to tell his story?” “Hell, am I going to live long enough for him to tell it?”

Ernest made an odd face, leaned to one side and then the other, scooted his chair again and then leaned to the right. “If he farts I’m gone folks,” someone moaned. Just then Ernest cleared his throat with a disgusting hack, grabbed the table edge and began his story:


Hot. You wanted hot, I’ve got hot. Some of you know me, I’ve been here a while and I’m neither blind, nor stupid. I know how it goes. You guys get the new Mercedes or the hot stretch Lincoln and I get the ’95 Towne Car complete with squeaking brakes, a cassette stereo and a broken moon roof.

Yeah, you can go count your fancy clients and their big tips, I get people, all kinds of people… real people, interesting people. And yeah, on this trip I got all this along with a broken air conditioning system.

Fortunately I got to the airport early and parked the car in the shade of the parking garage. The limo area was in a well ventilated part of the garage so when I climbed out of the car it felt like a cool breeze rolled over me. I slipped on my jacket, hoping it would hide the sweat stains under my arms and across my chest, and walked into the terminal.

My sweat had caused the writing on my sign to run, so I had to borrow a piece of cardboard from one of the rental counters and rewrite the passenger’s name: Kobolowicz. It took three pieces of cardboard to get the name right. Anyway, I was able to wait in the frigid terminal air for about an hour, when finally I saw that the flight had arrived and I stood up with the rest of the drivers holding signs.

I had waited there while most of the other drivers hooked up with their clients and wandered off when an older gentleman approached with two women and a skycap, pulling a badly overloaded luggage cart. One of the women appeared to be the man’s wife, an attractive lady perhaps in her early fifties. Her hair was nicely colored, with only perhaps a faint hint of gray at the scalp. Though not thin, she had a nice figure, certainly with some interesting curves.

“Just one driver, but we ordered two cars,” the woman said in an intriguing, low toned voice. “We were supposed to have two cars,” her husky voice seeming to tell me, “Take my breasts and squeeze them.”

“I… I don’t know Ma’am,” I replied, wondering which twit back there in the break room was about to cost me this fare.

Looking at her husband she said, “I’ll take care of this,” and grabbing her cell phone out of her purse, she walked off, her hips swaying enticingly.

I looked back to the gentleman who said apologetically, “Please excuse my wife, she gets worked up at times. What do you think?” he asked, looking at the trunk and then back to his pile of luggage, “Can we fit the luggage in your trunk okay?”

Looking over the pile of luggage I said pensively, “Well, if all three of you sit in the backseat and I put some of the luggage on the front seat beside me we should do okay.” I wasn’t about to split this tip with anyone else, I’d make the luggage fit.

Nodding, he then looked at the other woman and said, “Mindy, you don’t mind riding with my wife and me, do you?”

“Oh, no sir,” she replied, “it will be fine.”

I could tell the young lady was cold, her nipples created two large creases in her blouse, emphasizing her otherwise unimpressive breasts. Looking back up at her face I noticed her beautiful blue eyes, which seemed to shine exuberantly from her youthful face. Her nose was a little large and though she lacked the classic beauty of the gentleman’s wife, she seemed to glow with excitement at everything around her.

“Harold, are you sure you made it clear to Christine that we needed two cars? I mean we hired Mindy as a personal assistant for your mother, she’s not a maid. She should ride in her own car. She is a professional, though she seems a bit young to be a personal assistant if you ask me,” she said pertly.

“Yes Kath, two cars, one for us and one for Mindy. She came highly recommended and remember she’s also going to be mom’s nurse. There weren’t many people interested in doing both for us.”

“Well, I tell you one thing, poor Christine is losing it, I mean she has messed up every trip we have taken this year,” she said, sounding very exasperated.

“I know, I know, but for as long as she has worked with Dad and me, I just can’t get rid of her. The office would just not be the same without her,” he replied, sounding a bit sad.

“Yes, yes I understand, you are such a pushover. But what do we do now?” the wife said, tossing her chin up, ready to persevere.

“Kath, everything is fine. The driver says that the luggage will fit in the trunk and front seat of the car. Mindy can ride with us in the back, she doesn’t mind.”

“She’ll ride with us?” the woman asked incredulously.

“She’s not very big, and there’s plenty of room in the back seat, she can sit between us. This is not a problem, we’ll be fine,” he said, almost smiling as his wife nodded. He looked to me and repeated, “We’ll be fine.” He then smiled, though I’m not sure whether it was because he had finally quieted his wife down or because he’d seated next to the attractive young assistant.

I grabbed one of the suitcases about to fall off the skycap’s cart and said as cheerfully as I could, “Okay, everybody, please follow me.”

It was a short walk out to the car and it only took about ten minutes or so to get the luggage worked into the trunk, with three pieces wedged into the front seat beside me. Not wanting to lose the fare, I kept quiet about the air conditioning until I got away from the airport.

After a few miles, the wife said, “It’s very hot in here, can you turn up the air conditioning.”

“Well ah… Ma’am the air doesn’t seem to be working, you might want to roll down the windows,” I said, acting surprised.

“No air conditioning? How do you expect…,” her voice wavered as if she was near tears.

“Kath, it’s just a short drive home,” the man interrupted, “we’ll open the windows, take off our jackets and continue our ride home.”

“Our jackets, are we to simply undress here?” his wife whined dejectedly.

“I’ll have the driver put the screen up so he can’t see us, okay?” he said, trying to keep his wife as comfortable as possible.

“At least do that Harold,” she replied, removing her jacket and tossing down to her feet.

“Driver? Could you…” I had already hit the switch to close the screen between us. I did notice that as soon as the screen closed, the back windows opened. With a slight adjustment of the side mirror, I found that I had a perfect view of the man’s wife. She had removed her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse so I could see all the way down to her white laced bra. Her face and chest were covered with droplets of sweat and I watched as a droplet ran down from under her chin to the valley between her breasts. Her face had flushed some and she was slowly fanning herself with some magazine.

For much of the drive I couldn’t hear much from the back seat with the wind blowing through the open windows, so I simply continued driving while watching the older woman in my side view mirror. As it got hotter, she seemed to be slipping out of more and more of her clothes. By then she had removed her blouse and both her bra straps had slipped off her shoulders. With each bounce of the car, those fine and very sweaty breasts were flopping up and down and up and down.

As we were getting closer to our destination I began to hear bits and pieces of the conversation in the back seat as the voices got louder. I slowed down the car down a bit so I could hear them better.

“Why don’t you just go ahead and take off her bra, you’re staring so hard,” I heard the wife say. She continued, “I can’t believe you just did that Harold.” I twisted in my seat trying to see what happened. What the hell did he do?

“Well you told me to,” he replied loudly. Damned if he didn’t remove Mindy’s bra, just as his wife had taunted him to do. Wishing there was some way to see through the screen behind me, I glanced over at the other side mirror but I couldn’t see anything. All I could do was watch the look of shock on the older woman’s face slowly loosen up, as if she were somehow intrigued, maybe turned on watching her husband remove Mindy’s bra.

“And if I told you to just grab her breasts…,” she stopped with a gasp. “And then pinch her nipples?” This time she seemed less surprised. “Pinch them harder, yeah, like that.”

Glancing in the mirror, I could see the lady had slipped her bra beneath her breasts and was sliding her palms over her nipples as she gave instructions to her husband. “Now Harold, are you going to suck that poor girl’s nipples, why she’s younger than your daughter,” she said with a high pitched voice, mockingly scolding him. Yeah, she wanted him to do more.

“I’m twenty,” I heard the young woman say with a sigh.

“She’s twenty Harold, now take off her panties,” she said, reaching her hand down the front of her own body.

Looking for a nearby tree, I pulled the car into some shade and parked. Hitting the intercom, I said, “I need to stop here, the car is overheating. It’ll only be a few minutes.”

“Okay, okay,” the woman said, as she shuffled some. Looking into the mirror I watched as she took off her bra and looked like she was removing her skirt, perhaps even her panties. “Harold, let her see your cock. You have seen a cock before Mindy?” she asked petulantly.

“Yes,” she answered, breathing hard.

“That’s right, Harold, pull off your pants. See there Mindy, he’s already hard. He usually needs to take a pill to get that hard for me. I guess he likes you, but who can blame him,” she said admiring the view herself. Hell, I was hard and I couldn’t even see her.

“Yes Ma’am,” Mindy answered, obviously very distracted.

I could only stare in the mirror as the woman toyed with her nipples as sweat poured down over her breasts and dripped off. I could see her hands then move down towards her lap, as they would slip out of sight. It was obvious she was touching herself as she watched her husband. Damn I would have loved to have seen that.

“What are you doing Harold, are you going to put your tongue in her pussy?” she paused, taking a deep breath. “Yes, I see there… tell me how she tastes Harold.”

“It’s salty, and a bit tangy,” he replied, pausing for a moment. I could then hear his loud slurping as he returned to between Mindy’s legs.

“Is it good Harold? I see you licking your lips, I know you like it. Yes Harold, put your tongue back inside her. You know Harold, I like it, I like her pussy… can you see mine, here, look now, see how wet I am,” she continued on and on, getting more and more excited as she directed her husband and Mindy.

She had now moved in a way that by straining my head out the window, I could see her stroking her pussy, dipping her fingers into the wet opening and then sliding them up her slit. Her glistening fingers circled the clit as she continued talking, “Do you see me Harold, I’m fucking myself while you’re eating her, can you see me?” Her voice began to sound urgent and demanding.

“Yes Kath, I see you,” Harold replied breathlessly and a bit annoyed.

“Oh God Harold, are you going to make her come? If you make her come, I’ll come too Harold,” she said insistently.

I could hear Mindy moaning and saw the woman begin stroking faster and faster. “Yes Mindy, you come Mindy, will you come? Will you?” she begged.

“Yes, yes,” I could hear Mindy moan as she was getting closer and closer. It sounded hot, but my eyes were glued on the lady, I wanted to watch her face each instant while she came.

“When Mindy, tell me when you come,” she said, grinding her teeth.

“Now, I’m coming now,” she screamed ecstatically.

“Oh Harold, I’m coming too, can you see me.”

I could see her and it was magnificent, her body, glistening in sweat, looked so beautiful. Her hips pumping up and down as her fingers slid into her pussy and moved back up to her clit where they circled. Two large breasts bounced as she moved and then she suddenly arched her back and simply moaned, before collapsing back onto the seat. I don’t know if Harold had watched her, but I’m not taking my eyes off her.

Still catching her breath she said, “Harold, let her suck your cock. Let her suck your cock and you tell me who is better, her or me.”

The lady smiled coyly, toying with one of her nipples until it glistened with her juices left on her fingers. She watched the young woman take Harold’s cock into her mouth and I could see her as she moved her mouth, perhaps mimicking what Mindy was doing to her husband, perhaps, silently coaching her. Either way, all I could do was imaging she was doing that to me. After a few minutes she spoke up, “Well Harold, who is better?”

“You are Kath,” he said, somewhat surprised.

“Mindy, have you sucked cock before?” she asked with an evil look in her eye.

“A few times,” came her shy reply.

“Would you like me to show you how to do it right?” Oh yeah, I could tell she wanted to show this sweet young thing how to really please her husband.

“Yes Ma’am,” Mindy said, sounding surprised.

“Mindy, would you let Harold put his cock in your pussy, so I can taste you on him?” the wife said. She sounded anxious to begin her demonstration.

“Well, yes,” she replied reluctantly.

“Okay Mindy, you just climb over him there. That’s it, now let him get in there good, you get him good and wet okay,” the wife coached, very insistently.

I watched as the older woman nodded, perhaps matching Mindy’s nod. Her hand moved back to her pussy as she watched Mindy bouncing up and down on her husband’s cock. She let it go on for quite some time before saying, “Now Harold, don’t you come in that little girl, she doesn’t want to get pregnant. That’s right Mindy, move aside, it’s my turn.”

She disappeared from view and in a short time I cold hear Harold moaning a bit. The woman then sat up with a bit of Harold’s cum running over her chin. Leaning back in the seat, she swallowed and then slipped her fingers over her chin, wiping up the white liquid. I watched as she slowly, so sexily licked the last of his jism from her fingers. When she finished she said, “That Mindy, is how to suck a man’s cock.”

The woman then looked into the mirror and said, “Driver, I think we are ready to go home now.”

Damn, she had known I was watching the whole time. I guess, looking back on it now, the way she moved so I could see all of her did seem a bit awkward. She was just giving me a better look.

I started the car and drove the final two blocks to their house in silence. When we arrived I got out and opened the lady’s door. In the short ride she had gotten her skirt and bra back on. She handed me her blouse and I helped her out of the car and then held the blouse open for her. Slipping into it, she buttoned her buttons and then ran her hand along my beard and whispered, “Well did you come too?”

“Well, ah, not really,” I told her, a bit embarrassed.

The woman glanced down and smiled, “Well at least you don’t need a pill for me to get you hard.”

“I’ll get the bags,” I said, but before I could move several men came out of the doors and moved to the bags. I looked back to the lady and shrugged my shoulders.

She stepped closer to me and handed me two one hundred dollar bills, whispering, “Harold is a bit cheap on the tips, this will help you some.”

I nodded and quickly slipped the money into my pants. Harold then come over to me and counted out five one hundred dollar bills. I couldn’t believe it, a seven hundred dollar tip for a twenty minute drive from the airport, which actually took about an hour, all in a car with no air conditioning.

I stood by the car while the crew carried in the bags and the three passengers walked toward the front door. I was about to climb in and drive back here when the lady turned and called me sweetly, “Oh driver?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“What is your name?” she said, smiling invitingly.

“I’m Ernest Ma’am.”

“Okay Ernest, I may need a driver sometime later in the week and I need to know who to ask for. You see, there’s this shade tree I want to visit again with you… Ernest,” she said with a wink.

“Thank you Ma’am…”

“And enough of this Ma’am stuff, just call me Kat,” she said, seeming to flirt with me.

“Not Kath?”

“Hell I hate it when he calls me that. You call me Kat, okay?” Yes, she was definitely flirting.

“Certainly Ma…, I mean certainly Kat, I look forward to seeing you again.”

I climbed into the car and drove back here.


The room was absolutely silent as Ernest stood up, reached a hand into his pocket and showed them one, two, three, four, five, six and seven brand new one hundred dollar bills. He headed toward the old 95 Towne Car shouting back, “Sorry, I have to go now. I have to see a lady about a shade tree.” Walking towards the limo, Ernest smiled as he listened to the complete silence he left behind him. Twisting his feet as he walked, he let his beat up tennis shoes squeak on the concrete floor. He then climbed into the car, waved at the others and drove off.