I’ve been writing my erotic stories on and off for almost 10 years now, and I think my well of creativity may finally be running empty. I might post the occasional story here if the muse strikes me with a good enough story, but I think overall I might be done with actively writing erotica. Before I go, I thought I might write a kind of farewell letter to my fans, as well as answering a lot of my more frequently asked questions. So here is a mishmash of my story, me answering questions about myself, and my musings about whatever I feel like writing.

I’m also contemplating writing an “author’s commentary” kind of thing about all the stories I’ve written, giving insights about how I developed the story, any inspirations for the story and such. If that’s something you’d like to read, please let me know in the comments/feedback and I might do it later.

First things first: yes, I am female.

I get asked a lot about my username, so I might as well tell its origin, while also telling basically the story of why I left and why I came back. My story kind of begins back on the IncestTaboo forums, where I needed to find a catchy but fairly anonymous username that summed up my fetish and my age bracket. All the more common ones were taken – hornydaughter, daddysgirl, etc – until I came up with randydaughter, and it just stuck. I was a fairly randy girl, and I loved to play the daughter in roleplay.

A few months – or maybe years? It’s impossible to check anymore since the forums have died and started again so many times, and I think they’re finally dead now – of lurking and occasional posting passed before I gathered up the courage to start writing and publishing my own erotic incest fiction. My first one got some fairly positive feedback, which inspired me to keep writing and posting more.

But it wasn’t quite a success – the erotic story section paled in comparison to the views the image and video sections received. And my ego was big enough that I felt like I had a gift for writing fuck stories, so I sought a bigger audience and found Literotica. I think I started publishing here in 2010 or thereabouts, and I had quite a number of views and a fair bit of good feedback, but then my greed got the better of me.

“I could totally make money from this! I could self-publish on an online store and get rich like that Bigfoot erotica author!” But one of the catches was that I wasn’t allowed to have my stories available for free when I was publishing them for sale. So I made the stupid decision to delete all my stories from Literotica and to hell with my loyal fans. This was maybe 2013 or 2014.

After maybe 3 years, I’d barely made $200 from my stories. I flew too high and got burned. Then certain real life circumstances (which I won’t go into here, or anywhere) happened, and in 2017, I felt like I had to completely delete any trace of randydaughter from the internet, including my Twitter account, my Ins-Dream account, as well as removing my stories from sale. I even deleted my Hotmail account. I didn’t want a single scrap of this life to exist online anymore. But for some reason, I still saved my stories on my computer. I couldn’t quite bare to delete them entirely from existence.

Now almost a year later, it’s 2018 and the real life stuff has settled down. And randydaughter came back for a kind of farewell tour. I’ve republished every single one of my stories, including my embarrassing early works, as well as finally completing the “Five Years Of Lust” trilogy.

And holy shit, did you guys welcome me back with open arms! It was so humbling to get all those emails and comments saying not only that you remembered me, but that you missed me. Even the less popular stories got far more love than they received in the years they were up the first time around. It truly was special to me that my smutty stories meant so much to so many people. Let me just say that the feeling is mutual – your enthusiasm means the world to me, and thank you for showing me that republishing on Literotica was the right thing to do. All those late nights on my computer, and my lunch breaks at work writing on my phone actually felt worth it.

I enjoyed the warm welcome back so much that I came back for one new story – Looking After Pop – that I submitted for publication just before I started writing this. But like I said, after that I’ve decided to stop writing unless I come up with an especially good/original story idea. Think of my retirement kind of like Stephen King’s in that way. He was meant to retire, what, in 2004? And he keeps on writing. But I don’t mean to imply I’m anywhere near as prolific or talented as Stephen King, but you know what I mean, right?

And now, time for a few other of my FAQs and general musings:

Yes, I certainly do get turned on by my own stories. I’ve always set out to write the kind of erotic stories that I’d like to read. The lack of incest erotica with a “realistic” female POV is part of the reason why I started writing in the first place. So I started thinking about stuff that turned me on, and began writing it down. I usually either come up with a general “hook” for a story (a road trip, an anniversary dinner, or a girl who thought that abandoned place would be a good place for a fuck) or a pairing I haven’t explored before (grandma/grandson) and see how much it turns me on when I’m masturbating. I’ll think about the idea for a few days, letting the story kind of build itself around the initial kernel of the idea in my mind. And if I think there’s enough there to make a fun/interesting/hot/new kind of story, I start writing.

I’m Australian, but I’m not being any more specific about where I live. I wish I could believably write about people from other cultures, but unfortunately I’m a middle class white girl from Australia, so that’s mostly what my characters are, too. I think writing about gay men having sex is the best I can accomplish in getting inside someone else’s head, mostly just because man-on-man sex turns me on so fucking much. I confess it was kind of hard to put myself in the mind of someone of the opposite gender, which is probably why the gay stories I’ve written are way more focused on the physical acts than the internal “crossing the line” aspect I usually like to focus on.

Apart from “Annie Wants A Baby” (which was really just written to cross a breeding story off the list), none of my stories have characters getting pregnant. This is because personally, I don’t want kids and find idea of pregnancy in general a major turn off.

I’m a straight woman, but yes, I have written a couple of stories with lesbian sex. These stories were pretty much written for the fans, since I know most guys love lesbian sex, and because I thought it’d be a fun challenge for me as a writer. The same thing applies to the stories about mother/son. Mother/son stories have the most views by far, but don’t really do anything for me personally, since like I said, I don’t want kids. But they were a fun challenge to see if I could get into the mind of older women with families. Based on their success, I must’ve done an okay job, so thank you for enjoying them so much.

This is the only writing I do. I’ve had requests from people wanting to check out some of my non-smutty writing, but I’m afraid no such thing exists. I just feel like I don’t have any interesting stories in me that don’t involve graphic descriptions of people fucking their relatives (apart from the two stories that involve graphic descriptions of girls fucking either a tentacle creature or a bug). But I appreciate the sentiment that you think I’m a good enough writer to have “serious” writing published somewhere.

I don’t have Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any forum accounts anymore. I did upload my stories to a certain torrent site at the same time I began republishing them here, and I think they’re still on there. I also believe some porn pictures with incest-themed captions I wrote can be found on Tumblr with the tag #randydaughter (uploaded after the guy asked me permission, which is rare on the internet), but otherwise I have no online presence anymore. Because I’m wrapping this part of my life up, I don’t think there’s any point to having accounts on any other sites. Literotica is going to be randydaughter’s only home.

I’m never going to answer questions about whether I have real incest experience, so please stop asking. But I have no shame in proclaiming that I definitely have an incest fetish, and I genuinely believe consensual incest between adults is something that shouldn’t be demonised by our society. Love is love, and sex is sex. If people want to fuck their family, then let them. If people fall in love with their family, then let them. So long as it’s mutual, nobody’s getting hurt, and there’s no pregnancies, I think incest should be legal amongst adults. Just because horrible, disgusting paedophiles abuse their children doesn’t mean all people who practice incest or have an incest fetish want to abuse children.

I was born in 1985, so you can do the maths on my age based in when you read this.

My favourite incest pairing is obviously daughter/dad, followed by sister/brother, dad/son, granddaughter/grandfather, and brother/brother. Mother/son, mother/daughter and sister/sister don’t do anything for me, as I explained above. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t done any brother/brother stories – the muse has just never really pointed me in that direction.

I do watch porn. And I’m beyond happy to see just how much incest porn has proliferated ever since I first discovered it as a fetish. Back in my teen years, the only incest porn you could find was the Taboo movies and porn photos with incest-themed captions (which is still going strong, to the point where I’ve even written maybe two dozen). But now incest porn is fucking everywhere and it’s amazing. I love how it used to be this obscure little niche online, but now it’s on almost all the mainstream sites, even if they hide behind the “step” family disclaimer (something I also grudgingly had to do when I made the mistake of trying to monetise my work). When I’m not watching incest porn, I’m mostly watching the slow, make-out heavy, high production values kind of porn with good looking couples, or homemade stuff, since that’s a lot more “real” or focused on intimacy, rather than focusing on non-stop hard fucking and calling the women whores, sluts, etc. I have watched some lesbian porn as research for my lesbian stories to see what positions and acts seem popular, and I did appreciate how a lot of it now is very focused on making out and slow, intimate sex. If I was a lesbian, I’d be fucking ecstatic about the abundance of quality lesbian porn these days, but it’s good to see straight porn waking up to the fact there’s a market for quality porn made for women too.

I find transsexual women (you see them most often described as “shemales” in porn) fascinating and gorgeous, but I could never write a story featuring one that didn’t feel exploitative. That might sound stupid coming from a writer of incest fuck stories, but it’s true. I like my characters to be human, but I felt like if I featured a trans character in a story, it’d just be another story about “a chick with a dick” rather than a celebration of what makes trans people brave, beautiful and unique. I’m glad that there’s been such an increase in trans representation in the mainstream, and I feel that better writers than me could bring an interesting, exciting new voice to erotica by writing stories from a real trans viewpoint.

I was bi-curious for a time in my teens, but never acted on it. Porn was enough to help me realise I was definitely not bisexual. This is random, but if you want a hilarious take on a “girl who thinks she’s bisexual but discovers she’s not” story, I highly recommend a song called “The College Try” by Garfunkel and Oates.

Like I’ve said in my Literotica bio, I’m a feminist, and I don’t think any woman should be afraid to say they are one. I’ve got a large number of views on my stories, and apart from helping people get off, I hope that my writing has helped people get into someone else’s head, and realise that we’re all human, and sex is natural. It’s not just guys who want sex – women want it too, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of our sexuality, and we shouldn’t let anyone make us feel bad for being horny. Religion has fucked up a great deal of things in our world, and women’s sexuality is amongst the worst. Thanks to the church, we’re made to feel like we should only want sex to procreate, or to please our husbands. But that view is outdated, unnatural and unhealthy. So if even one person has read one of my stories and realised “Hey! Women can be just as horny and perverted as I am”, then that’s amazing to me.

I’ve now said all I wanted to say, and a lot more that I didn’t realise I wanted to say. Thank you for reading, and thank you all for your support throughout the years. It truly has meant the world to me, and our collective perversions have helped me through some dark, lonely times. And if I’ve helped you in any way – even if it’s just “You helped me get off so many times – then I’m always happy to hear it.

Thank you for everything, randyreaders