My First Master

I’ve known my Master for the better part of my adult life. Initially we were close friends. The kind of friends who were always there for one another. I had often been the shoulder she cried on. The confidant with sound advice. The one who helped her moved even though I hate moving. Personally wise, we are complete opposites and I often wondered how this friendship found a way to flourish. She’s incredibly outgoing while I was quiet and shied away from attention.

While I always viewed myself as average looking and was never comfortable talking to the opposite sex. She turned heads where ever she went. As the years piled up our bonds strengthened but I never let her know how I felt. I kept every raw emotion hidden from view. Every secret look, every day dream I had of her was locked away. She was beautiful outgoing, ambitious. What would she ever see in me.

If I’m being honest was not what she went for. So I never viewed myself as her type. So I fawned over her in secret. I would get excited when she called or texted. The sound of her voice was music. I craved her emotionally and sexually.

One of the other secrets I kept from her for so long was that I was a deviant. I was attracted to her strong personality. The confidence that her shoulders carried. The way she refused to be taken advantage of. She was regal. The kind of person that commanded respect no matter what room she entered.

That strength was intoxicating.

A few years ag, we were hanging out at her apartment. She had stepped out for a few minutes to run some quick errands. I don’t really remember what for. All I knew was that it was my opportunity. She had her laundry piled up on the floor, ready to be sorted and washed. My cock had been throbbing most of the day. She had no idea what she did to me. I went through her used panties, picking a style as if I was at a store shopping. While I was in a rush, I wanted something sexy.

Once I found the right pair I brought them up to my face. The scent nearly drove me over the edge. I did tell you that I’m a deviant, right? If I had known I had as much time as I ended up having I would have masturbated right there on the spot. Instead, I stuffed them into my pocket and waited for her to return. Once she came back, the day flew by. The deviant side of me was so occupied by my future plans that I found it hard to pay attention to the conversation. My cock was rock hard and all I wanted to do is masturbate with her panties.

Every time she spoke there was a charge of embarrassment that flowed through me that, I was getting high on. Once it was time, I rushed home. I sped through traffic with only one goal in mind. I remembered the minute I got home I threw myself into my fantasy. I was so wound up, I didn’t even bother to get undressed. I pulled the panties from my pocket and took a long deep pull of her scent.

I undid the button and zipper on my jeans then pulled them down just enough to pull my cock into my hand. Long slow strokes. My eyes were closed. I pictured myself at her apartment in front of her dirty laundry and her walking in on me. I let the would he shock and embarrassment wash over me. The look that I imagine she would have etched on her face.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

In my fantasy she would laugh at me. Call me names like pervert or sick fuck. She would order me to finish while she watched. She wouldn’t touch me, I didn’t deserve it.

“Put them in your fuckin mouth and hurry up and cum!”

In my fantasy I do as she says. Her facial expression is one of judgment. The orgasm that starts to peak roars to life quickly. Her and I lock eyes, I should be ashamed but I don’t feel an ounce of it. I explode all over her laundry with a huge grunt.

My body shivers.

Fast forward a few years, our worlds were very different but we remained friends. We were older and far more comfortable with each other. One day our I.M. conversation got far more real than I ever anticipated. We decided to share some of the things we were holding close to our chests. She tentatively expressed many of her BDSM and Femdon kinks. I was shocked and turned on all at the same time. All the cards were being laid out on the table. She told me about past encounters where she was both the willing abused submissive and the raging dominant figure.

For the past few years I was secretly delving into both BDSM and Femdom porn, never thinking that it could ever become a reality. I didn’t think that there were others like me in the real world who were into any of this. I loved hearing about her exploits. I asked questions, wanting to digest every detail of both the things she’s actually done and still wished to do.

Our conversations on the subject blossomed over the coming weeks and months. I tentatively began to share my secrets. My kinks, my fantasies, and the feeling that I had held fiercely from everyone. I don’t know which was harder to reveal. The fact that I loved her or the fact that I was into Femdom porn and wanted her to be my Master. Both scared me to no end. Would she be willing or receptive to either. Would it strain the friendship and make things weird?

One evening I decided to open up through texts.

She was currently telling me about an issue she was having at work, so, probably not the greatest of timing on my part but at this stage in my life, I was tired of hiding. So, I just went with it. My thumbs took over and I nervously typed. If there was a visual I could give you, it would be that the words just tumbled out.

“I love you.”

Not being able to see her facial reaction was both a defensive mechanism on my part and utterly terrifying. What was she thinking? Neither of us were in a position to act and be in the kind of relationship that warranted such a phrase. The minutes ticked by. Maybe she was busy, maybe she was weirded out.

“I love you too.”

I froze for a second. Reading and rereading her response.

“No. I’m in love with you. And have been for years.”

“Wow. I don’t know what to say. Why didn’t you ever say anything before?”

“I always thought you were out of my league. You’re beautiful and amazing. Why would you ever pick me to be with?”

Another long pause.

“I’ve had feelings for you for a while, too.”

I felt a wave of relief wash over me. I remember taking a deep breath and staring at my phone. I couldn’t believe it.

“I know this isn’t great timing but I have something else I need to ask.”


My hands started to shake nervously. I could feel my heart racing. If it wasn’t weird enough that I was letting her know that I had secretly loved her for years from a distance, here I was getting ready to share even more of myself and the first bomb hadn’t even cleared yet. In a quick furious spell of my thumbs the rest came out.

“I know this is going to sound weird, especially with what I just told you. But, would you be willing to be my Master?”

Time stopped. It felt like an eternity but in reality, it was just a few minutes.

“Really? This is a lot to take in.”

“I know. I’ve held it in for so long, I just can’t anymore. I had to let it out.”


What did Hmm mean?

“I’ve never admitted to anyone that I’m into Femdom, and when you shared that you were into it, I thought, finally, just maybe I’ll be able to live some of these fantasies out. I understand if this is too much. I know neither of us is in the perfect place. But…”

“The answer is yes. How exactly would this work?”

“We could play it by ear. Whatever you’re comfortable with, I would be more than happy with trying.”

“It’s not like we see each other often, but, I would be honored to be your Master.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you, what?”

“Shit, I’m sorry, Master. Thank you, Master.”

For the past three months, oddly our friendship grew. We held nothing back. While we hadn’t spoken much about me being in love with her, she did wield her power over me without even being in the same room, city, or state. When she commanded something, I gladly did it. As ordered, I purchased a cock cage and a few pairs of pink and red women’s panties of varying styles.

At her direction, she would send me a text with her orders for the following day. If she was in a bad mood, I would wear the cock cage. On the other hand, if she was feeling like rewarding me, I wore panties. For example, last week she ordered me to wear a pair of silk boyshorts that clung to my body. I remember how hard I throbbed feeling them against my cock.

While at work she would send me messages to entice me further.

“Are you sitting at your desk wearing your panties, Slave?”

“Yes, Master.”

“How do you feel being in an office full of women knowing you’re wearing women’s underwear?”

“I’m throbbing hard. I fuckin love it, Master?”

“I wonder what they would think about you, that the big strong man of the office is such a submissive.”

I could feel my cock ache even more. I had this long-standing fantasy that the women of the office would dominate me and make me their office bitch. Force me under their desk to please them orally. One particular fantasy had me on my knees in front of them masturbating as they watched. Master knew this. She liked when I shared my fantasies, the more depraved the better.

She fed off of them.

“Part of me loves the idea of them knowing what kind of a sick fuck I am.”

“I would show off that thick cock of yours. Maybe we will do that when you come for a visit, have a group of women watch as I dominate you. I bet you would like that.”

“I would.”

“How’s your cock feeling against those panties, Slave?”

“It’s throbbing, Master. I’m so horny.”

“Get into the bathroom and show me.”

I immediately got up. The fabric of the panties pulled against my strained cock. I walked into the single occupant bathroom and pulled my jeans down to my thighs. I pulled my phone out and took a picture of my cock in its underwear enclosure then sent it to her.

Her response was immediate.

“Look at that cock. Mmm. You may cum. Hurry up, pervert!”

I started by rubbing myself over the fabric then pulled myself out completely. I spit on my hand and feverishly started working my thick throbbing cock. The sound of my hand sliding over my engorged cock slightly echoed in the small bathroom. I slowed down enough to conceal the sound of what I was doing. My mind raced. I could already feel my orgasm peaking. It came on suddenly. My body tensed up and I soon went careening out of control.

Standing over the toilet, I placed one hand on the wall to keep myself upright while the other worked my cock. Gritting my teeth, I exploded. Yanking back one last time, I stifled a heavy grunt through gritted teeth.

I cleaned myself up and went back to work then sent Master a text.

“Done. Thank you.”

“Good. That will be the last time you cum before your visit. Got it?!”

“Yes, Master.”

Today is the day. I see Master for the first time since adopting my new role with her. I’m excited. So much so, I hardly slept last night. The plane ride wasn’t terribly uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I was on edge. I had stuffed myself into my cock cage after clearing TSA security. It wasn’t the first time I had worn it but I still wasn’t used to it’s confines. It was a constant reminder that I was someone’s property. Every impure thought I had was followed by the punishing restraints of the unforgiving cage.

I could have lied to Master and put it on once I landed, but I knew she would know. Plus, I liked fulfilling her orders.

Once I was off the plane, I grabbed my bag, and met Master outside in the loading zone. Once she saw me, a big smile filled her face. I loved her smile. She wore a cute top and form fitting skirt. Her heels seemed to show off her long legs and well cared for feet and toes. She looked amazing.

We embraced, I took a long deep inhale of her perfume. It had been a while since we last saw each other. I didn’t want to let go so she pulled away first. She looked at me lovingly, our friendship taking center stage at the moment.

“I’ve missed you. You look good.”

I smiled, almost blushing at the compliment. I could feel nerves rustling about in my chest.

“Thank you.”

Her hands settled on both sides of my face gently, then she kissed me. Just lips, no tongue. Her left hand left my face. She placed it on my imprisoned cock. Then smirked devilishly.

“Good. You followed instructions. I love when a man follows instructions. Now, get your bags in the trunk and let’s go.”

She handed me her keys and made her way to the passenger side.

The ride to her house was quiet, with a thick air of sexual tension. My balls ached and my cock strained against the cage. The only words she uttered were driving directions which lacked emotions. She seemed to be in Master role. The friend I knew was locked away somewhere for the time being. I pulled up and parked.

She didn’t say anything, just opened her car door and stepped out. I watched her legs moving gracefully. I got out, grabbed my bags and followed her into her apartment. My breathing was starting to get shallow. I know what to expect. If I was being honest, I was a little scared.

She went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine then sat down on the couch.

“You can put the bag in my bedroom, get undressed and walk back on all fours.”

I did as she instructed.

I made my way out of her bedroom on all fours, the only thing I was wearing was my cage. I stopped at her feet. She ignored me. The TV was on, more as background noise than anything. My eyes were on her feet.

“You like them don’t you, Slave?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Show me then.”

I kneeled down further and started kissing her feet, licking, and sucking her toes. I heard her moan softly. She abruptly stood up and pulled down her panties. She stepped out of them placed them up against my nose. I closed my eyes and inhaled.

“Put these on, Slave.”

I quickly did as I was told. I could feel her wetness against my balls and cock. She sat down with her ass on the edge of the couch, then laid back down with her legs parted. After taking a sip of her wine, she looked down at me.

“Fucking eat me.”

I immediately dove right in. My lips engulfed her clit and sucked gently. My tongue circled and danced around every curve. Tracing out every impression, darting in and out, and savoring every gasp or moan my actions elicited. She took another sip of wine before putting it down. One hand gripped her chest and the other rested on my head.

Her back arched, legs parted a bit wider. I found the right pattern to her lock. The pitch of her moans rose. My tongue continued to move around intricately as I enticed what I hoped to be the first orgasm of many to come. She clinched her teeth, with her jaw flexing she let out a deep heavy grunt followed by a long hiss. Her chest started to heave, both her hands clung to the cushions.

“OH. My. FUUUCK!!”

Her hips bucked against my hungry mouth. My hand gripped to her thighs as they clamped down on my head. My tongue was a bit tired but I refused to let go until she was done. As she came down from the first peak but I kept going. I expected her to tell me to stop but she hadn’t. I brought my hands under her ass and squeezed tight. My lips and chin were coated in her juices. She had a light sweat going. Without having me stop she took off her top and tossed aside.

“Make me cum again, Slave. You’re almost there, come on!”

I pushed forward and started to loudly slurp at her.

“Oh, shit, yes. FUCK, yes! Eat that fuckin pussy!!”

The slurping noises got to her. Her back arched again, almost to the point that she was sitting up completely. I pulled her even closer to me and she exploded. Her gasps were heavy and loud, her chest rose and fell dramatically.

“Okay, stop. God damn.”

“Are you pleased, Master?”

“Yes. Shit. Yes, I am.”

I laid my head on her knees and closed my eyes. She stroked my head while she caught her breath. I was so horny, my balls hurt by this point.

She got up and walked into her bedroom and when she returned she had a wireless vibrator and lube in hand. She had kicked off her heels but was still wearing her skirt. I noticed that her skirt didn’t lay down along the front like it had before. She had a wicked smile on her face. Standing in front of me, Master pulled up her skirt.

She was wearing a strap-on. The black simulated cock was thinner and shorter than my own cock. She pressed the tip against my lips without saying a word. I opened up and let her slide into my mouth. She was slow at first, coating it with my saliva. Then she picked up her pace and forced it up against the back of my throat, causing me to gag. She didn’t care. Her hips started thrusting forward.

“Suck my cock, you little faggot.”

I had never been called that before. The sound of it sliding off her tongue with her sultry voice made my cock throb. She started fucking my throat hard. Saliva started to pour out of my mouth and down onto my chest. She pulled out then spit in my face.

She pulled me up onto my feet and pushed me onto my back. She parted my legs and started using the vibrator on my panty covered caged cock. The sensation was almost too much to handle. It was intense and nearly sent me over the edge right away. I fought off the sensation to let go.

“You haven’t cum since you last had my permission, have you?”

“No Master.”

“Good. Now you’re going to. This first one is on me. You did such a good job eating my pussy that I’m going to let you cum when the urge hits you. It’ll be good to get this first one out of the way anyway.”


She ordered me to sit closer to the edge and lay back down. I did as such. She parted my legs again and put the vibrating wand onto the cage but under the panties, holding it in place so she could lube up some of her fingers. Her face was void of any emotion. It was as if it was another day at the office. This wasn’t her first time, and I certainly, wasn’t her first slave. She pulled the panties to the side and gently massaged my opening. She lowered the intensity on the wand, just low enough to pull the moans out of me but not enough to send me over.

One of her fingers slid in, almost effortlessly.

“I see you’ve been using your butt plug as I suggested.”

“Yes, Master. I have.”

She slid her finger all the way in and hooked it upward, searching my insides. I gasped, both from the wand and what she was doing with her finger. She slowly finger fucked me, taking the time to nearly pull all the way out then sliding back inside me. After a few minutes she added another finger. I moaned out. She twisted her hands and picked up the pace.

“I am going to milk you. I know it’s something you’ve wanted done to you for a while. Isn’t it?”

“Yes. Fuck yes, Master.”

“Good. Now let’s get you out of this cage. You’ve been in it long enough.”

Being released from the cage caused me to grunt. I was sore and swollen. I was slightly tender. It’s a weird sensation to express into words.

“Get on all fours, now.”

I turned over and got onto my hands and knees. She lubed up her hands and slid her first two fingers on her right hand inside of me. With her left hand she worked my shaft with practiced experience. She worked the entire length, twisting her wrist whenever she slid down to the head then worked her way back up. Her fingers massaged my insides, forcing my back to arch. Grunts and moans started filling the living room.

“Shit, Master. Fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh God!”

“Tell me when you’re ready to cum, Slut.”

My toes curled as I bit down on one of the cushions. I squeezed my eyes shut as my cock nearly gave in.

“I’m going to cum, Master!!”

She completely withdrew from my ass and let go of my cock.

The spasms tore through me in giant waves but the orgasm was held at bay.