Why the feet?

I believe foot fetish guys enjoy the total submission of a nice cute or sexy pair of feet because, first, I believe the feet represent the “lowest” part of a female yet have a very distinctive feminine quality. That feminine quality separates our feet from guys’ feet. We are the ones who have the smaller more dainty features, we are the only ones who wear toe nail polish, we are the only ones who wear nylons or heels, and so forth. When I say lowest, I am referring to the closest to the ground by proximity. Just by anatomical location alone, feet get the “dirtiest” quicker than any other part of the female anatomy. A girl could walk across the yard barefoot or wear a pair of heels in the heat for 5 minutes and her feet would already be dirty or sweaty. The fact that a guy could feel himself completely committed to that submission, is what I believe heightens his arousal to it. If females walked on their hands, we might be discussing why so many guys have a “hand fetish.”

As I just stated, guys who are aroused by feet, are sexually excited by the submission they feel in themselves for being aroused in the first place. I also believe the proverbial “worship at someone’s feet” or “kneeling at someone’s feet” show that total submission as in the traditional “master vs. slave” relationship. Subconsciously, guys that have a foot fetish, want to be dominated by a girl’s feet. They want to be close to them and will do anything they can to please them. This is why most foot guys love to “worship” a pair of cute feet. Using all their senses, whether its sight, smell, touch, taste, or even hearing heels clicking across a hard floor, they can’t help but relate that to their sexual impulses. This is why, I believe that guys get really kinky when it comes to feet and some even go over the top.

We girls also need to remove the stigma that a guy who likes feet is weird or a pervert. Nothing could be further from the truth. If he loves feet, is that any different that if he loved your breasts, or vagina, or ass? Sure it’s not a traditional “sexual” body part but that just means it’s not traditional to us. We girls might not think like that, so therefore we might think it’s strange. Is it any stranger than if we liked big cocks, or nice smiles, or big thighs, or tight asses, or muscular bodies? Absolutely not. If a guy likes your feet, then flaunt them. A guy’s number one sexual sense is sight. He likes what he sees. We wear tight pants, low cut tops, wear makeup, show skin along with many other visual apparel, so let’s show off our sexy feet as well and don’t discriminate against a guy who might find them sexually appealing.

If our feet can intensify his sexual gratification and his orgasm, he will be a much happier mate and at what price to us? He will in turn intensify our sexual gratification. I have watched television in bed and had a boyfriend, fuck my feet and have a powerful orgasm and I really didn’t have to do anything but let it happen. I even made him get his own lotion and a towel. Here is my point, he wants to do that stuff! He wants to be totally submissive to your feet! You could tell him to go clean the kitchen before he is allowed to fuck your feet and it will be done in a matter of minutes. I am not suggesting, if he is totally selfish and wants no connection with you or isn’t interested in pleasing you sexually, then we should give into his fetish. I am saying, using your feet can be a win/win situation with pleasing your man and help satisfy that sexual craving along with us keeping some control.

You have to start by keeping those feet looking good

The first step in using your feet as part of your sex life is cleanliness. You need to keep your feet clean and bathed. Now, I know some guys like “dirty” feet but there are two types of dirty feet and the type that foot fetish guys enjoy are the ones that have some wear or dirt on the bottoms not the kind that are unclean. “Unclean” is if you haven’t showered in two days and “dirty” is if you have some dark wear from your flip flops or they are sweaty from wearing your boots at work. Cleanliness also keeps your feet sanitary and that is important because if he is a licker or sucker, he will stay healthy and we can get more into that later.

The second step in preparing to use your feet as part of your sex life is grooming. You must have well-groomed and presentable feet. The toenails need to be prepared and they need to be sexy with toenail polish, French tips, or just naturally shown. Your toenails should be trimmed neatly and without fungus or discoloration. Your feet need to be smooth and without blemishes such as callouses or bumps. Girls, we need to make our feet just as desirable as our body and faces and to do this we need to put time in our feet with pedicures and products just as we would with anything else. A guy really appreciates and is aroused by the effort we make in keeping our feet in good shape.

The third step in using your feet as part of your sex life is flexibility. No, I’m not referring to the ability to stretch but I’m talking about adapting your feet to your guy’s taste. For your lover to truly enjoy your feet, you need to simply, adapt your feet to “what he likes.” I do know that guys with a foot fetish are very specific in their “likes.” Those specifics can range from particular colors of nail polish, to certain shoes, heels, socks, nylons, etc. I will discuss more on the specific of each one later in this writing.

To summarize, girls, you should keep your feet clean, groomed, and flexible. Yes, we will always mimic the latest styles and fashions. That is what we do but we can always make time to please our man with our feet. It is a small gesture and will make him so happy and sexually satisfied. The nice aspect about feet is there is such a variety of things that can be done to spice up your “foot sex life.” Hopefully, I can help you realize some of those.

A little bit of teasing goes a looooong way

When I use the word “teasing” I am not just referring to flaunting your feet without deliverance. I am referring to a girl’s ability to start, continue, or enhance her lover’s interest and arousal in using her feet as part of her sexual persona. The key to good teasing has three components. The first, is it needs to be sincere. There is nothing a guy hates worse than if he feels you are teasing but your heart and sincerity aren’t in it and you are just doing it for his purposes. The second component needs to be the element of surprise. If he has to tell you when and what to say, then that destroys the spontaneity and excitement. The last component to good teasing is variety. Don’t get caught doing the same thing over and over. Mix it up and sometimes just be flat out kinky and off the wall. He will absolutely go nuts. He needs to reciprocate those components back to us in our desires.

There are several ways to tease your man and like I mentioned before, use all his senses, but because his number one sense is vision, never stop showing him what he is missing and his reward. Not only does your “foot man” want to be teased, he also likes to hear you talk about your feet, shoes, socks, hose, or situations that involve any or all of them. Treat your feet like they are their own person with feelings just like a guy treats his cock. I have the “Jeopardy” teasing philosophy which means I like to phrase much of my teasing in a form of a question. I am going to discuss several examples, that I have personally used, of how you could tease your man with your feet.

1.You are sitting there wincing and rubbing your own feet when you ask, “Honey, I’m not used to my heels yet (any shoe that you wore that day) and my feet are so sore and tense, do you think you can give me one of your slow foot massages that you are so good at?” Then you point your foot at him.

2.You come home for the evening wearing your leather boots or heels and you have your guy, unzip them for you, take them off and you ask, “Do my feet smell ok? That cool air feels so good, my feet were so cramped and sweaty.” You offer your feet up to his face where he doesn’t have a choice but to inhale them.

3.You and your lover are eating and conversing at a table while facing each other. You slyly remove your shoe and slowly take your foot and first, play “footsie” with his foot, proceed up his leg, and eventually ending up on his crotch through his pants. You then proceed to give him a “cock massage” with your foot. I have had a guy actually cum in his pants from this. You can also do that while you are sitting together on the couch, bed, or floor together.

4.You want your man to go shopping with you and he is whining around and generally doesn’t want to go. You bargain with him, “If you go, you can pick out some leggings, or hose or shoes for me. I will let you try them on me.” When you get there, you look at those things together and let him give his opinions on what he likes and try on several pairs for him.

5.When you are putting on your socks or hose, lift your leg skyward, point your toe, and slide them on real slow while he watches. You won’t have to say a word, his eyes and mouth will speak for you. Remember, a lot of toe pointing is a good thing to a guy who likes feet.

6.You say, “Baby, my feet are cold. Would you suck on my toes and warm them up, pleeease?”

7.You arrive home from getting your pedicure and continually ask your guy how it looks with lots of holding your feet in positions he can see them. Say things like, “Honey, lookie at this. Are you sure they look good?”

8.Your man is in bed sleeping and quietly walk in and lay next to him head to toe. You get his cock out and either start sucking or stroking it while you put your feet in his face to wake him up! He won’t mind.

9.Just out of the blue, you point your foot at your guy and ask, “Honey, would you jack off on my feet? That is so sexy” or “Honey, go get the lube and fuck my feet. That is so hot and I love watching you do it.”

10.Your man is fucking you in the missionary position and without asking, you mash your feet in his face and demand him, “Kiss my feet while you shoot your load in me” or “Suck on my toes while you cum in me” or “Baby, will you pull out and cum all over my toes when you’re ready?”

11.While you’re jacking him off, whip off one of your shoes and command, “I want you to cum in or on my shoe.”

12.Allow him to get his phone out and conduct a little photo shoot of your feet, dressed and posed as he wishes. This is a great way to tease him.

These are just 12 out of hundreds of ways you can initiate or tease your foot loving guy and enhance his sexual arousal. If your man loves feet, then use that as your weapon. Be creative and kinky. He will also be more cognizant of your own needs as well.

Paying attention to the details

Earlier in this writing, I mentioned that foot fetish guys have very specific tastes in what they like about feet. The easiest way to find out is simply, ask. When he tells you, don’t ridicule or act as if anything your guy likes is strange or weird. Of course we girls love to have the latest fad or fashion and we will wear that in public. However, you can make your guy feel special if you allow him to pick out your footwear for an evening once in a while. Of course you may have to limit the choices so it will match your outfit. Now, let’s discuss the details to each type of foot fetish.

The most common foot fetish is bare feet. I have known many guys who love a girl’s bare feet. Now there are many parts to a girl’s foot. Some of the specifics to a guy’s taste that I have witnessed, are the toes or the valley under the toes before you get to the pads. Other specific areas are the pads, arches, heels, ankles (I know they aren’t really the feet but I knew a guy who was obsessed with girl’s ankles while wearing ankle socks), top of the foot, the sole of the foot and many types of angles for each. Some examples are, a guy may like to see a girl’s foot while it is up over her head while she lies on her stomach, or a girl’s foot lying on the ground, upside down so he can see the soles, or a guy who likes to see the toes spread out or scrunched up. Many guys love to see the side angle of the foot with the heels upward as you would see in a pair of high heels. There are many more and that is why you should ask your man what he desires and for him to be very specific.

Toenail display also would technically fit into the bare feet category but because there are so many ways you can prepare them, I am giving them their separate section. It all starts with length of nails. Some guys love longer toenails whereas some love them to be very short. I prefer to keep mine short to average. Foot fetish guys who love toenail polish are usually particular about color. I have known those guys who love the dark colors that represent rebellion, Emo, or Goth such as black, navy blue, or hunter green. I have known guys who love the neon or “carefree” light colors such as lime green, yellow, sky blue or hot pink. Other colors include the traditional mature feminine cherry red, maroon, purple, or dark pink to the modern polishes like glitter, bling, or combo colors. You name the type or color, it is out there. A popular polish currently is picture painting or picture addition. Some of the salons can do just about anything and everything and the more different and feminine, the more foot guys love it! It truly is art and my salon girl is amazing. Some guys like no polish. They enjoy the natural look of a foot with plain toenails. That is why we girls need to keep them well-groomed because polish can hide lots of flaws. Finally, there are French tips or press-on nails. French tips have become popular and accentuate femininity because of the white tips and the glossy enamel. We will always prefer the top fashion and what promotes our personality or maybe even what matches our weekend outfit but it doesn’t hurt to allow your man to choose how you wear your nails from time to time.

I call the next section “blinging those feet out.” Bling is anything that spices up a look, usually with something that sparkles, glitters, or dresses it up. There are foot guys who love the jewelry like toe rings, chains, and anklets. They can be silver, gold, black or any type of personal preference as long as it blings out the foot. I have had a couple guys love my sterling silver S swirl toe ring. Tattoos are another form of expression and bling that can dress up an ankle or foot. There are some foot guys who go really crazy for tattoos whether they are in color or black and white.

The next foot fetish element is socks. Some guys just love the different types of socks that girls wear. The first difference is the length which range from knee socks to calf length to ankle to no-show. The sock encases and protects the foot which guys associate with his sex property and from my experience, it seems as though the knee high sock is the top preference. If you want to get your man’s attention, wear a pair of knee high tube socks with stripes at the top, panties, with a full length football jersey and nothing else. He will be putty in your hands. The next specific quality about socks are the material. This makes a difference to a foot fetish guy. Sock material can range from the traditional thicker cotton athletic sock to thick furry or fuzzy types to dress socks that include argyle and finally the thinner ones made from lycra, nylon, or spandex like you would find in trouser socks. Guys love that tight, slick feel and you can rub your feet on your guy’s face as you jack him off or order him to jack himself off. There are now toe socks where each individual toe is separated like a glove and toe fetish guys like these. Color can also excite your man. Many guys like the snow white socks because white represents purity and innocence like you would find in a school girls outfit or a low cut white sock with a pair of canvas tennis shoes. Some guys get off on the different colors just like girls wear on their nails. There are also socks with many different designs such as stripes, polka dots, zig zags, flowers, along with many additional varieties. Socks house your feet and your feet turn your man on and therefore your socks can turn your man on.

Let’s discuss nylon or hose. From my experience, foot guys either love them or hate them without much in the middle. Foot guys who are pro hose, once again love the material, encasement and the ability to see the foot through the fiber. Foot guys also have their preference with hose. Color is the number one difference because hose have multiple varieties such as skin colors like tan and nude along with traditional colors like black, white with a variance of shades in each such as off black, jet black, antique white, off white, etc. After those, there is any color you could imagine. As like socks, there are different lengths that make a difference to a foot fetish guy. Nylon comes in 4 basic lengths and those are pantyhose that cover the entire crotch and legs along with the feet, stockings which are thigh high and can be held up with elastic or garters, knee highs which are held up with elastic, and finally ankle hose which are also labeled as socks but also can be made with thin nylon.

Now, length really doesn’t change the look of a hose covered foot but the overall sexual presentation makes a difference to guys. The next variety in hose is material or fiber. Some guys favor thicker hose like you would find in spandex or lycra tights or leggings while others prefer the thinner material like nylon and silk. Fishnet and similar looks have also become very popular in which some foot guys favor. Another difference in hose is an additional layer across the toes or heels called reinforced. These are made to prevent against wear in the overused areas of the foot and cause the toes or heels to be darker in color. The final variance in hose are additions like seams running up the back, or bows tied on the top, and so forth. I have known foot guys to be so particular in their tastes so that is why we girls should always be taking good mental notes.

I’m going to have to limit my next foot accessory because I would have about ten pages and that accessory is shoes. Foot loving guys get so excited over our shoes because nothing really accentuates and showcases our feet more than the type of shoes we wear. Just to list a few are tennis shoes, boots, heels, slides, wedges, slip ons like Vans or Toms, pumps, crocs, stilettos, flip flops, and the list goes on. Foot guys also are particular in their tastes of color, style, open or closed toe, length of heel, thickness of bottoms, strappy vs. no straps, what part of the foot is showing, representation of the shoe which means who predominantly wears it, and that list goes on. He will act like your shoes are no big deal but to him, they are a big deal. Yes you will wear the shoes that match your outfit or fit the occasion but you can sometimes treat your lovemaking for that evening when you get home, separately, and he can choose your shoes for “that occasion” and truly appreciate it.