The day after my fourteenth birthday, my father took me to Barton Court, the local ‘big house’, where I was to be taken on as the most junior servant. Daddy patted me on the head and said he would see me on Sunday. He left me there in my Sunday best with just a change of clothing in a package clutched to my chest. A girl, who told me her name was Faith, took me in hand and led me first to the Housekeeper’s door. She was just a year or two older than me.

We entered her office when called in; Faith bobbed a little curtsy and hissing at me to copy her. Mistress Sharp was a tall, imposing woman wearing a starched, tight white blouse and voluminous black skirts. Around her waist was a wide belt from which hung a large ring of keys. “Well?” she almost barked, glaring at the intrusion.

“Please, Mistress Sharp, this is the new girl, Jane Fairfax,” said my guide.

“Harrumph,” Mistress Sharp grunted, looking down her long nose, which was as sharp as her name. “Come here girl, I do not bite. I want a proper look at you.” As she looked me over, motioning for me to turn this way and that, she continued, “I am in charge. You will always address me as Mistress Sharp or just Mistress. I am Lord Barton’s Housekeeper and so control his domestic staff.” She finally gripped my jaw and looked straight into my eyes. “I will not tolerate misbehaviour. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Sharp.”

“Faith, take her to the Linen Keeper for a uniform, then to the still room. Then return to your own duties.”

“Yes, Mistress.” We both had to curtsy again before we left.

That was four years ago. In that time I had made my place in the big house until, one day, Mistress Sharp summoned me. It was with some trepidation that I went. My only other visits to her office had been to be disciplined for infractions of the rules. I left each time with a very sore bottom imprinted with the marks of a large wooden spoon and tears flooding from my eyes. However, this time I knew of no reason to be summoned.

I entered her office, dropped a curtsy and stood before Mistress Sharp and Master Johnstone, the Butler. I had learned in my time that Master Johnstone was even the Housekeeper’s boss, only one-step below God, so I was even more nervous. It was almost like having the clock turned back when I was instructed to turn my head and my body this way and that, this time for Master Johnstone’s inspection. “Show me your legs, Jane. Lift your skirts.” I did as bidden, holding up my skirts and turning to give him views all round, until he told me cover up again.

“Yes, Mistress Sharp,” he turned to the Housekeeper. “She’s a comely, buxom wench. M’lady told me to bring her although I cannot think where M’lady saw her. She has been kept downstairs?”

“Master Johnstone, last week, Faith was ill in bed and Jane was sent to empty the chamber pots. Perhaps M’Lady saw her. I trust she has done nothing wrong?”

“I think not, Mistress Sharp. M’lady did not seem annoyed or distressed when she instructed me.” Turning to me, he said, “Come.” He walked out of the door and I had to rush to keep up with him. “When did you last bathe, Jane?” he demanded over his shoulder.

“All Souls Day, Sir,” I responded. Without breaking his long stride, he turned to a side passage and took me to the large bathing room. He called for hot water and within minutes, four maids had filled the bath, meanwhile I had been ordered to strip. I obeyed reluctantly but I could have been a marble statue for all the attention he paid to me. A quick glance up and down, an almost imperceptible nod and then he turned to speak to one of the girls. She was to run and get me a new uniform. “And I mean ‘new’,” he finished.

I scrubbed myself everywhere, yes everywhere, with carbolic soap until my skin was almost sore but felt tingling and glowing. I then dried with a big white towel and stood there shivering for a minute until my new uniform arrived. I quickly dressed myself and brushed my hair as best I could until Master Johnstone was satisfied. Finally, I was taken into the Family part of the house and it almost felt like hallowed ground. At the door from the servants’ area into the Family area, he stopped and told me, in a very soft voice but his tone was hard as steel, “Whatever you see or hear beyond this door is Private. You will never tell anybody, not your friends, not your superiors, not even me. You will obey any orders M’Lady gives you instantly. If you transgress, you will be severely whipped and taken to prison. Is That Absolutely Clear?”

“Yes, Master Johnstone.”

His face softened with a friendly smile. “Jane, M’lady has not told me why she wants to see you but I think your fortunes are changing for the better. Mistress Sharp has given me good reports on you so I am confident you will fit in. Good luck. Now, chin up and come with me.”

He led me into another world where everything was beauty and elegance. Up a grand staircase, he led me, and along a couple of passages until we stood outside a large, heavy door. He rapped loudly then opened the door and ushered me in on command from within.

“M’lady, you wanted to see Jane.”

“Ah, Jane is a nice name. Come in girl, come in. Carry on, Johnstone.”

“Yes, M’lady.” He closed the door as he left.

I did not know what to expect so my heart was in my mouth as I curtseyed deeper than I had ever done in my years of service.

“Come here, Jane. I want you to stand right there,” she pointed to a spot just in front of her seated form. “Remove your clothes and set them down there.” Again, she pointed, this time to a nearby chair. Twice within 30 minutes, I had been ordered to remove my clothing. I was nervous and embarrassed as I slowly removed my clothes and stood there in my birthday suit. I could feel my face burning and blushing and, as I looked down at my bosom, I saw the same deep red flush spread down there as well.

I was not allowed to cover myself with my hands. I was turned round, bent over at all angles, touching my toes and any other position M’lady required. She touched me all over, examining every secret place with her fingers and hands, even her mouth on my nipples, which tingled and gave me a strange feeling very new to me. I went weak at the knees as her finger tried to push inside my privates. What was happening to me?

I felt disappointed when she withdrew and ordered, “Kiss me, Jane.”

How was I to know what she meant? The only people I had ever kissed were my parents and my siblings so I leant forward, pursing my lips and kissed hers and withdrew.

“No, no, Jane. Kiss me as if I were a boy who is courting you down behind the lake.”

“Please, M’lady, no boy has ever courted me. I’m a good girl.”

“I’m sure you are, Jane,” she said, ringing a little hand bell.

A maid appeared within scant seconds. “M’lady?”

I had to look twice before recognising my dear friend, Faith, the very first girl I met at the Big House and with whom I had shared a room for two years. But my, had Faith changed since. Her hair was prettily brushed and tied back behind her cap. She was always a slim girl and it seemed that the only bits which had grown with her age were her breasts and hips. The rest, if anything, had slimmed down even more. Her bosom seemed about to break free of her very tight blouse and seemed almost freakish against her narrow waist, not much more than eighteen inches round, flaring out to child-bearing hips. Her uniform seemed tailored to fit her like a tight skin. She looked beautiful. I smiled in friendship and in admiration for her beauty.

“You know Jane. You will be training her until you leave. First, teach her how to kiss properly.”

Faith stepped towards me smiling reassuringly. I did not know what to do so I just stood there as she put one hand behind my head and latched her mouth onto mine. Her lips were apart and very mobile. It seemed quite exciting and made my privates tingle, but when her tongue tried to push between my lips, I resisted at first then allowed it to invade my mouth. Her tongue was trying to ‘play’ with mine and I found myself liking it so I tentatively pushed my own tongue forward and it was hungrily sucked into her mouth. Faith held me in her embrace, our mouths glued together and our tongues entwining and exploring. Exciting feelings were coursing through my body and, for some reason unbeknown to me, there was a trickle of liquid on the top of my thighs. My breathing was heavy by the time Faith finally released me.

“You may go, Faith. Now, Jane, come here and try again,” instructed my Mistress. Her hand went straight between my legs as soon as I was close enough and I became more aware of the slickness as a finger easily penetrated my privates. She pulled my face close to hers and her mouth mashed onto mine. I tried to match her enthusiasm, kissing as Faith had taught me. M’Lady seemed happy with my new skill and I felt so good and tingly all over as her finger played around inside my privates. Strange new feelings were taking over my body and I yearned for … for something. M’Lady’s spare hand took a firm hold on my breast and pinched my nipple very hard and, as she did, I felt wave after wave of warmth spreading from my privates, through my belly, taking over my body. I tried to suppress it but I found myself calling out “Oh, Oh Mistress. Ooooh.”

I was almost senseless and my legs felt like one of Cook’s jellies. Suddenly I realised that I was hanging on to M’Lady’s shoulders. “I’m sorry M’Lady, I don’t know what happened.” I made to step back from her but she did not release me. She made me look at her, for my head was bowed. She was smiling, her eyes shining and her own breathing was speeded up.

“You learn fast, Jane. I am very pleased that you climaxed quickly and I do not mind you calling out. Was that your first climax?”

“If you please, M’Lady, what is a ‘climax’?”

“You just had one. It was when your body felt wonderful all over.”

“Yes, M’Lady, I have never felt like that before. I did not know what was happening but it felt so good.”

“I am quite sure,” M’Lady chuckled, “you will have many, many more climaxes. You have a lovely body for me to play with and you will come to worship my body. Now come, lay across my lap.”

Nervously, I complied with M’Lady’s instruction and found myself face down staring at the rich colours of the rug. M’Lady pressed my legs apart and her hand cupped my private parts. I could feel much wetness down there and soon her hand was spreading that wetness over my buttocks. The good feelings were coming back with each caress of her hand and each caress spread more of the fluid leaking from me.

Suddenly, M’Lady’s hand smacked my left buttock. It did not hurt too much, not after Mistress Sharp’s discipline, but I flinched from the shock. Then I received another smack on my right buttock before her hand was once more dipping into my private parts. I made so bold as to whisper, “That feels nice in my privates, M’Lady.”

I received another, harder slap then her finger invaded me again. “You will call this your pussy. What is it Jane?”

“Please, M’Lady, it is my pussy.”

Her finger nudged at the entrance to my back passage. “This is your arse.” Her other hand grasped my breast: “These are your tits. You will use these words. So, you like me feeling your pussy?”

“Yes, M’Lady.”

With that, she started spanking my bottom, very fast and hard. I felt my bottom cheeks getting warmer and warmer with each smack. Her strokes were stinging now, which made me squirm on her lap. She stopped smacking me and her hand went to my pussy again again. The glow from the smacks travelled to my pussy and, once again, the warmth spread itself through my body. Once more, I could feel those marvellous sensations building in me. My breaths were coming hard and fast and I felt a very hard smack on my bottom, and for some reason, the pain of that made me lose my senses again.

I was given a minute or two to gather my wits then I was told to kneel between M’Lady’s legs. She lifted her skirts and told me to kiss her cunt. “Cunt is another word we use for pussy,” she told me when I hesitated. “Kiss my pussy.”

It seemed like a disgusting thing to do but I followed my orders. I kissed her pussy lips, which were open and wet. The taste was a little salty, but sweet. I instinctively started to lick up the delicious juices, which made my Mistress push my mouth harder onto her pussy, which she ground over my teeth until she gave out a loud cry and slumped back in her chair.

I had been given no further instructions so I continued to kiss and lick M’Lady’s pussy, which caused her to start bucking against my mouth again and in a few minutes she was throwing herself back in her seat and calling out, “Yes, Yes! Oh keep doing that.”

Eventually she stopped squirming about and pushed me away from her cunt. I was strangely reluctant to lose the wonderful taste and smell of her. She made me kiss her again, it was a slow and languorous kiss, without the fervour of our earlier kisses, but soft, and tender, until she sighed and had me kneel at her feet.

“Listen carefully to your duties while you are with me, for you will be staying here as my personal servant. Faith is leaving me in two weeks and she will teach you what you need to know. My husband will summon you on occasion: Faith will tell you what you must do. You are a virgin. Yes?”

“Yes, M’Lady, I have lain with no man.”

“Lord Barton will enjoy taking your virginity so you may expect him to send for you soon.” She tinkled her little hand bell once again and Faith appeared within seconds.


“Take this delectable creature, have the seamstress come and take her measurements for a set of appropriate uniforms for her new duties, which you will explain to her in full. She will sleep with you until you leave for your new position. You must play with each other so she will learn how to pleasure me. Now go, both of you.”

Faith told me to pick up my uniform and led me through a door and across the passage to her room. She took me into her arms and flooded my face with kisses. “Oh, I am so happy for you, Jane. I suggested to M’Lady that you might be a suitable replacement for me and she seems to like you.” Her voice took on a serious note: “M’Lady likes to hurt her maid.” She turned me around and inspected my bottom. “I see you have already been spanked. Well, girl, you will get many spankings, and worse, should M’Lady feels so inclined. Sometimes she will whip you, just for her own pleasure.

“Lord Barton will also want to use you, but he is altogether different. He will want you to whip him and he will then want to fuck you in your cunt or your arse or your mouth. Whatever he tells you, you must do it, no matter how strange you find his orders.”

Faith dropped her voice until it was a conspiratorial whisper. “He married M’Lady for her family’s money and she married because she wanted the title. It is a marriage of convenience but a happy one although they do not enjoy ‘marital relations’: that is where you come in. You will have to take care of both their needs. Get yourself dressed now, while I bring the Seamstress to come and measure you.”

Faith left me alone so I slipped into my uniform and sat waiting for her to return. As I was sitting there thinking about my new position and what duties I might have to perform, I heard the tinkle of M’Lady’s bell. As Faith was missing, I felt I had to answer the summons.

“If you please, M’Lady, Faith has gone for the Seamstress. How may I help?”

“Very good, Jane. Through that door is my bedchamber. There is a robe on my bed. You will bring it here.”

I opened the bedchamber door and was entranced by the beauty of the room. I saw a deep red silk gown laid on the bed so I retrieved it and took it to my Mistress.

“Undress me.”

I opened all the buttons on her blouse and eased it off her shoulders, folding it and setting it to one side, on the same chair where my own uniform had been placed earlier. Her breasts were firm and stood proudly underneath her shift. I loosened the buttons on her silky skirt and steadied her as she stepped out of the garment. I removed M’Lady’s underclothes, getting a good look at her slim body, then held the robe open for her to put her arms into the sleeves and I wrapped the robe around her and tied off the belt at her waist.

“Take those away,” she indicated her discarded clothes, “Faith knows what to do with them. Tell her I wish to bathe as soon as she returns. If the Seamstress is with her, she must wait until I have bathed because you must help Faith. Go now.”

“Yes M’Lady.” I bobbed a courtesy and took the soiled clothes with me. I did not have to wait long before Faith and the Seamstress arrived. I relayed M’Lady’s message, which sent Faith rushing back out again, presumably to summon hot water for M’Lady’s bath. Again, I had to respond to the tinkle of her bell: M’Lady told me to bring before her the Seamstress who was instructed to make my uniforms tight around my body, accentuating my breasts. We were then dismissed.

When Faith returned this time, two strapping boys carried a large tub into the suite and deposited it in a room in which the floor was covered with tiles. They placed it on the floor and left quickly. Soon there were four scullery maids, each struggling with two large pails of water yoked across their shoulders. They emptied those into the bath, but one pair was just set on the floor still full, and scurried away with the empty pails.

“Tell M’Lady her bath is ready,” said Faith as she checked the water temperature and added a little cold water from one of the pails. I went quickly to M’Lady’s chamber and gave her Faith’s message. She rose slowly from her bed and, with me following respectfully, repaired to the bathroom. Faith was standing by the bath, wearing nothing but a smile. “You must undress too, Jane. Whenever you bathe me, you will remove your uniform.”

I complied, thinking that I seemed to be naked as often as not around here. Faith removed M’Lady’s robe folded it and placed it to one side while I was once again getting out of my clothes. I had to stand on the other side of the bathtub and assist M’Lady into the water. Faith started washing M’Lady’s body and I was instructed to do the same. As the water splashed all around, I realised why we were naked: our uniforms would have been soaked.

We were drying her off when a snagged nail caught across her breast. M’Lady immediately slapped me very hard across my face, bringing tears to my eyes. “Trim your nails, girl. Faith, make sure she does.”