Jordy rolled his eyes as I cracked open another beer.

“Dude, slow down. We have all night.” I glanced at him. Mmm. We had all night but we were heading to the pub very shortly. And at the pub, hopefully already halfway to trashed were Rico, and Mikey, and Mo and last, but so far from least-


And it had been… only a week? Jesus. A week since I’d seen Elijah. And I really, really, didn’t think I could face him sober.

“Ah, you guys are lightweights. Gotta get ahead.” I teased. Jordy rolled his eyes.

“For someone who can’t go to the grocery store without me to reach the shelves you sure can put away the booze.” He conceded. I hit him playfully.

“Managed it by myself yesterday.” I crowed in faux pride.

“Is that why we have off-brand everything?” He grunted. Which actually. Yes. That is why we had off brand everything. There was a shortage of disarmingly handsome tall men at Pak n Save yesterday. I told him as much and downed my beer. Ah, fuck it. I had to rip the band aid off at some point.

“Alright.” I stood up and pulled on a jacket. “Let’s go.” Jordy laughed as he looked at my face.

“We’re meeting up with the guys.” He said. “Not going into battle.”

“Potion master…” I ignored him and started riffing. “I’m going into battle, I need your strongest potion…” Lucky Jordy is a huge dork and that completely distracted him.

“You can’t handle my strongest potion!” And we continued that all the way to the pub.


Elijah and I only barely caught each other’s eyes as we ‘sup’ nodded each other. Wooo boy. This was gonna be so damn awkward. We avoided being too near each other, tuning into a different conversation if someone invited us in. The beer was helping though. After a couple he even sat next to me and I didn’t feel the need to jump away immediately. He nudged my knee.

“You good?” He asked. I smiled at him.

“Yeah man. You?”

“Yeah.” He cleared his throat and glanced around the bar.

“So do we talk about it?” He murmured. I burst out laughing. He’s such an idiot.

“No!” I said. “God no! And here?!” I nodded towards our friends and he grinned goofily.

“Aight.” He said. “So, you hired a new barista yet?”

“Na, no ones looking.” I sighed. “We’re paying an insane rate as well. $27 an hour, that’s unheard of but still- no one biting.”

“I’ll keep my ears peeled.” He said.

“You don’t want to come back?”

“And work for you?”

“Guess so?”

“Na, I can’t take you seriously.” He laughed. “Don’t know how anyone does, actually.”

“Ah, my staff haven’t seen me on a Friday night.” I laughed. “That pretty much destroys all credibility.”

“As soon as Dua Lipa comes on you turn into the world’s most flaming homo.”

“Hey!” I thumped him. “You can’t say that!”

“Can, do, and will.” He raised his eyebrows and sat up straight with his arms folded, as though that would intimidate me. I rolled my eyes at him.

“We both know I can take you in a fight.” I said. Elijah looked at me and opened his mouth. I felt myself starting to blush as his eyes slowly drifted down my body and back up to my face.

“Well.” He said eventually. “You got me there.”

Luckily Mo interrupted by looking for a tie breaker in would you rather, and we all got distracted by the merits of carrying a goat around for the rest of your life or sleeping with one in your bed for the rest of your life. Elijah kept his eyes to himself and we barely spoke for the next two hours.

And then he caught me tumbling out of the bathroom.

“Woah, shrimp.” He caught me. “You’ve had too much.” I rolled my eyes and straightened up.

“I’m good.” Elijah didn’t let me go. He held onto my shoulders and raised his eyebrows. He cleared his throat.

“You don’t think you’ve overdone it?” He said slowly. His grip sort of tightened and loosened again as he stared at me. “Because… maybe I should take you home?” I looked into his eyes, to make sure he meant what I thought he meant and I swallowed.


“Or was that a one off?” He said quietly. I shook my head.

“Game if you are.” I said. My voice sounded a lot steadier than it had any right to. Elijah grinned.

“Then let’s get you home, you little inebriate.” I laughed and pinched my cheeks, to make them go red and the whole thing more convincing. He pretended to help me back to the others as I put on quite a convincing stagger. “Right.” He said. “I’m taking Gideon home. Fucker needs to learn to pace himself.”

“Told you so.” Jordy said.

“Fuck off.” I mumbled.


We didn’t say much in the Uber home. What do you say? He cleared his throat and drew a breath from time to time, but he obviously didn’t have the nerve to commit to saying whatever he was thinking.

I was trying really hard not to think. To lower my expectations. To stop stressing out. To stop worrying about what this would mean.

We arrived at mine and I turned the lights and the heater on and opened my mouth to offer him a beer but as I turned to him he was looking at me- the exact way he looked at me last time. Last time. Oh god. We were doing this weren’t we? Once is… whatever it is.

Twice is a thing.

Elijah’s eyes were narrowed and steely.

“Gideon.” He said. His voice was low and firm.

“Yes?” I swallowed.

“Strip.” Elijah said. I felt the heat rise up from my stomach and I almost moaned. Actually I think I did moan as I obeyed him and fell out of my clothes. God. He was straight out of a porno.


All of this was.


A week ago we were at his, playing video games because he’d had a party the day before and I crashed for the night. We were shooting the shit about nothing in particular when for whatever reason he was moaning about the lack of action he’d been getting. I was teasing him because, quite honestly, lack of action is far from a problem for me.

“You just need to broaden your horizons.” I said. “Bet you could have blow jobs on tap if you went on Grindr.”

“That’s a bit shitty isn’t it?” He laughed. “I mean, it’s an app for gay men.”

“It’s a hookup app.” I corrected him. “Trust me, ‘straight guy looking for cocksucker’ might work in your favour.”

“Would you suck a straight guy?”

“Dude.” I laughed. “I must have sucked a hundred straight guys.”

“They can’t have been that straight.”

“Getting your dick sucked is getting your dick sucked.” I shrugged.

“Huh.” He glanced at me. “And you don’t care?”

“Why would I care? Sucking dick is sucking dick.”

Elijah sat in silence for a minute before he sighed deeply.

“Well.” He said, and he nudged me. I glanced at him.

“What?” He nodded pointedly at his crotch and I blushed as I realised he was rock solid.

“That’s your fault.” He said. I laughed.

“I’m flattered.” He raised his eyebrows and me and cocked his head to the side.

“So…” My gut suddenly twisted. Uh-oh. What had I talked myself into here? Elijah was looking at me hungrily. He shrugged coyly, looking at his dick again, knowing I knew exactly what he meant. “Sucking dick is sucking dick right?” He said quietly.

“Yeah but that’s YOUR dick.” I said slowly. My body was kinda betraying me though.

“So? No homo, no nothing… You want it, or at least part of you does.” He looked pointedly at my own somewhat noticeable bulge. “I want it too… I mean… it doesn’t matter right?” I bit my lip. Probably a bad idea? But I did want it. We both did. Maybe we could make this work.

“I mean… Ok.” I said slowly. Elijah grinned and sat back triumphantly, spreading his legs and looking at me.

And in spite of my misgivings, god I mean, I was so horny. He was so hard. I slowly slipped off the couch and nestled between his legs. He moaned as he looked at me.

“Yeah.” He whispered. “Take it out.” I reached for his trousers and slowly undid them. His voice was sending me straight to wanting to submit, wanting to make him feel good, wanting to be there at his feet, serving him. I shuffled his pants down and gently released his cock. I moaned as I took it out, and he moaned as I moaned, turned on by how turned on I was. I paused, with my hand on it and looked up at him. I needed him to instruct me. “Sniff it.” He muttered. I closed my eyes and leant in. See, this is why straight guys like gay men sucking them. What girl is really gonna sit there on her knees and truly worship a dick like that? But I just obeyed, because him teasing and making me work for it was so damn hot. I inhaled his scent, pressing my nose to his pubes and just gently brushing his cock with my lips, knowing I didn’t have permission to kiss or taste just yet.

His hand found itself in my hair and he played with it gently, his hand firm on my head.

“Good.” He said. “You can kiss it.” I glanced up at him.

“Thank you.” I mumbled, before closing my eyes again and missing the tip reverently.

“Go on.” He said as I paused, and I took that as an invitation to start really working on him. I gently started to lick his shaft, his balls, switching between long strokes with my tongue and French kissing. He moaned and lay back. “So good.” He mumbled. “Suck it.”

I obliged him, and started to suck properly. He moaned.

“Oh you’re such a cocksucker.” He whined. “Damn whore. Wish I’d known about this earlier. I would have had you on your knees for me years ago.” I moaned in agreement, starting to fuck my throat on him. He was thrusting back with increasing intensity, and slowly his hands wrapped around my head, and he held me still as he fucked my throat. “You like this?” He panted. It wasn’t really a question, which didn’t matter because I did like it. Elijah and I were built for each other. I moaned and wrapped my hands around his calves, so he knew. “Oh god.” He moaned. “Oh Jesus, Gid…” I moaned around him as he tensed up. “Shit dude, sorry, I’m cum…” He grunted as I glanced up at him and our eyes met. I swear time stopped. He stared at me, with my mouth wrapped around him. His mouth opened a little as we made eye contact and he moaned as he started throbbing and spurting into my mouth. I held his gaze as I swallowed. He bit his lip and his eyes slowly rolled back and closed as he finished pumping into my willing throat. I closed my eyes in supplication as his hand once again rested on my head, just nestling in the curls at the back.


I wasn’t expecting him to tell me to strip, but my cock throbbed because being told what to do by Elijah was so hot. I wasn’t joking earlier, I totally could take him in a fight because I train- but just to look at us you wouldn’t guess it. He’s as tall as I am short- and I am short, I know. He’s brown because he’s from the Islands, and I’m brown because my Mum’s from Mexico but he’s all dark from years tanning in the sun and I could pass for white on the right day. He has that ‘I work in film’ scruffy beard and short hair thing everyone he seems to work with has. I like my hair a little longer, and I try to hold onto what little facial hair I get just to make sure I never slip into looking too femme.

Elijah could not take his eyes off me as I undressed. I half heartedly tried to cover my dick with my hands and he stopped me.

“Don’t hide.” He said. “It’s so hot that you’re hard for me.” I blushed furiously, but I dropped my hands to my sides and he moaned. “Come here.” He motioned for me as he sat down on the couch. “Here.” He guided my hand to his dick. “I’m hard as hell.” He said. I moaned. He was. He was so hard.

“Seems a little unfair that I’m naked when I’m the gay one.” I said, as I felt him up over his jeans. Elijah raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah.” He coughed. “But… dude. You…” He slowly stroked my abs. I glanced at him. We stared at each other. I mean. Yes. My body is a finely curated fucking artwork. It’s entirely over compensating for the fact that I’m 5’6 on my best days. Pre Covid I had a six pack but it’s a slightly more modest four pack right now. And no one has complained about the extra weight on my ass, because boys like that, but I’m well aware of it.

All of that aside, I didn’t expect Elijah to particularly notice my body, because we were both in this pretty purely for the dick sucking, and if anything I thought the fact that I was solidly all man underneath my clothes would be kind of a major turn off.

But Elijah had that glint in his eye. That ‘I am a wolf, little boy, and I’m about to devour you’ look. He didn’t even need words, he just raised his eyebrows and glanced at the ground beneath him and I was kneeling again, looking up at him. He ran his fingers through my curls and clasped my chin.

“You want this?” He said.

“Yes.” I replied quietly. He probed my lips with his thumb and he moaned as I parted them and started to suck on it. He guided my hand back to his dick and I started rubbing it through his jeans.

“You’re my cocksucker now.” He whispered. “Whenever I want it, you stop being my friend and become my slut.” I squeezed his dick and moaned appreciatively. Yes, absolutely yes. I’d had this arrangement before and I’d always loved it- just being a hole for a guy to fulfill his needs.

Elijah withdrew his hands and sat back on the couch. I looked up at him.

“Take it out.” He instructed. I gently fumbled with his trousers and boxers, pulling them down and trying not to run my hands all over his thighs and pubes… I was here to worship him, but not like a lover. Like a cocksucker.

I was leaking, so damn hard, as I looked up at him. He held the base of his dick in his hand and slapped me gently on the face with it.

“You like this?” He whispered.


“You like being my bitch?” His voice was low and growly. I stared at him, my lips parted… for all I knew I was drooling.

“Yes, Eli.”

“Good boy.” He stroked my face and I shivered. Huh. He’d even got the noun right. I’d been called a good girl in this position more times than I cared to count. And I didn’t love it, being girly just isn’t my thing, but I can go with it. “Kiss it.” He held his dick in front of me and I tentatively reached out and placed my lips on it. I looked up at him, and he nodded his permission and I closed my eyes and began to make out with it, kissing up and down his shaft, licking it gently as he offered to me- tasting his sweet pre, mingled with his sweat. “Gideon.” He whispered. “You want to suck on my dick?” I reluctantly pulled away.

“Yeah.” He smirked at me.

“How much do you want it?” Pretty bad. My gut lurched and my face blushed as I realised he was going to make me beg.

“Please.” I mumbled quietly. “I want your cock so bad. Please can I suck it?”

“You’re hot when you beg.” He stroked my face. “Are you always a submissive little slut for dick?” I moaned.

“Not always.” I panted. “Just for good dick.”

“You want my dick, slut? You gonna be my subby little cocksucker?”

“Yes please.” I whimpered. I reached for myself but thought twice. I’d have to jerk off later. This wasn’t about me. Elijah noticed though and he smirked.

“You can touch yourself while you suck me.” He whispered. “That’s hot.” I moaned.

“Can I start sucking then?” Elijah noticed the note of sarcasm in my voice and laughed. He flicked my nipple, which sent me right back into sub space, and he leant back.

“Go on then, cocksucker. You have my permission.”

He didn’t need to tell me twice. I’d been admiring it since I knelt before it. Elijah was large, bigger than me for sure although mine looks bigger because I’m like half the size of him in general. He’s uncut, lucky bastard. I wish I had a foreskin to play with. I love them so damn much. His cock is girthy, with a little hair at the base because he’s straight and has never heard of manscaping, but it’s so hot.

I wrapped my mouth around the tip as I pushed his foreskin back, and savoured the taste. He hadn’t lasted long last time and this time I wanted to enjoy myself properly. I went so slowly- appreciating every inch of his dick as I licked it, tasting it- the difference between the tip, and his foreskin, and the base, and the underside… And his big heavy balls… Oh god. I started jerking myself off gently.

I had teased him for long enough, and I was impatient anyway. I opened my eyes and his were locked on me. He was staring at me so intensely. I started to swallow him, half of him, then a little more, and finally I gagged just a little as my lips pressed against his pubes. He was flushed as he looked at me.

“Good boy.” He whispered. I moaned and closed my eyes again, and bobbed my head up and down, feeling him slide in and out of my throat.

He didn’t let me lead for long, before his hands wrapped in my hair and I felt myself held down. I jerked myself furiously as he used me, I really was just a receptacle for his cum. He moaned and I could feel him getting hot and shaking and I waited eagerly for his load… But he pushed me off and leant back over the couch. I panted and looked up at him, confused. He blinked as he caught my eye.

“Don’t wanna cum yet, give me a minute.”

“We have all night.” I pouted. “Let me finish you and we’ll go for round 2.” Elijah snorted as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“God, you really are a slut Gideon.”

“Sure.” I shrugged. “Can I have your load then?” He laughed.

“I wanna try something.” He said, shuffling around on the couch. To my surprise he discarded his shirt as he rearranged himself. He noticed me checking him out and smirked. “Come here.” He gestured. I wasn’t sure what he meant. Did he want me to…? “Head there.” He directed. “And then I can suck you too.” I blinked. Not the arrangement.

“Can… we… Not?” I suggested. Elijah’s face fell as he looked at me.

“I thought… this worked for you…” His voice was full of dismay. Idiot. I rolled my eyes.

“This works really well.” I said. “I am so down for being your cocksucker. But A) I can’t do you properly if you’re doing me, I need to be fully in the zone to worship you, and B) 69ing sounds hella gay and we said no homo.” Elijah laughed as he looked at me.

“I’m willing to admit that this whole thing is a little gay.” He said. I laughed.

“No way man! It’s just a bro job!” He smiled at me and sat up again, and in spite of myself I rested my head on his thigh. He kept playing with my hair, running his fingers through it and curling it around his fingers. We gazed at each other. “Should I keep going?” I asked eventually. He nodded.

“Real slow. I’m sensitive.” I nodded and closed my eyes, and took him in slowly. He moaned. “Fucking hell.” He moaned. “Imma have to tell the guys about this. Criminal to keep this mouth to myself.” He moaned as I flicked my tongue over the base of his dick. “I am pretty selfish though.” He whispered. “And I might get jealous if I thought you liked anyone else’s cock more than mine.” I rolled my eyes internally. “You’re such a good cocksucker.” He whispered, and I was hard again. Uh, he knew how to turn me on.

As I sucked I felt his hands wander, just touches here and squeezes there. My pecs, my biceps… he was almost caressing me.

“All this.” He whispered. “Hard muscle. But you’re so soft. You’re my little bitch.” I moaned and pulled off for a second.

“Yes Eli, I’m your bitch.” He moaned and pushed me back again, and he started the relentless pounding from before, holding me firmly in place for him- still, my throat wide, on my knees as he used me. He didn’t stop himself this time and gave me a quick warning. Like last time I opened my eyes and as he came we were staring at each other, our eyes filled with lust.

Before he’d finished cumming I found myself pulled up off my knees, and half in his lap. He was pressing his face to mine feverishly and sticking his tongue down my throat. Who am I to turn down a hot kiss like that? We moaned into each other’s mouths with total unbound lust and I held his dick tight as he squeezed out the last of his cum. He lay his head on my shoulder, panting for a second, before turning to me. He pressed his lips to my neck.