Gillian Anderson sat by lamplight in her front room, a chick flick, and drinking a favourite wine of hers, red naturally. She’d already polished off a bottle and opened another, sipping the end of her first glass from it. She liked a good drink now and then, and since she was feeling a bit down she figured why not now. The problem was men, or rather the lack of them. Well…that wasn’t strictly true. It was the lack of a specific man, someone who wanted her for who she was, not who they thought she was. She had plenty of men come onto her, all hoping to try their luck, and sure some of them were hot but too many of them were far too aware of it and seemed to think she’d just bend over for them, which wasn’t the way.

She enjoyed casual sex now and then, and her looks and fame had helped her indulge that and live a full and adventurous sex life, however right now she wanted more of a keeper, or at least someone that would take her, Gillian Anderson to bed, and not go to bed with some image of Agent Scully as a personal play thing, breaking past the business suit as it were. She gave a sigh, reading through a magazine as she sipped at her red wine.

“I hate being single,” she said aloud, despite being alone. She knew she could be enjoying a romp, with some young stud too, however she just didn’t want to. They either didn’t know who she was really, unaware of how big she’d been when on the X-files, which was something she did get off on she had to admit, or they did know and wanted to fuck Scully, not her. Gillian read through the magazine, all the various articles, interviews, fashion, problem pages and stuff about the newest sex toys out, which caught her eye briefly, though she was happy with the ones she had already. She reached the adverts, which took up around half of the magazine like every other these days. Unlike most people who closed it and wondered where most of their money went, she kept reading through it, picking up on a small advert hidden away under modelling.

“Wanted: Female model for student photography project. Ideally slim but, anyone considered.”

It was very vague, and seemed very low-key as well, as stated something for a course with little money involved. All about the artistic merit as it were. She pondered for a moment, tempted by it, even though it was just someone using her for what she looked like, nothing long term. However they wouldn’t know it was her coming, so wouldn’t get any ideas about Dana Scully. She downed the rest of her glass, giving a satisfied sigh, feeling a little shiver run through her, the wine well and truly loosening her up.

“Oh the hell with it, why not,” she said, putting down her glass and picking up the nearby phone, quickly dialling the number in the advert. She knew it was late, but had to do it right then. Being sober she’d never do it, it was a spur of the moment thing. It rang for a minute and then was answered by a tentative voice.

“Hello?” said a male voice, just as she’d figured it would be.

“Hi there, I’m calling about this advert you placed, wanting a model?” she purred, well at least she tried. She might just as well have slurred, being a little inebriated.

“Oh right…yes I’m still looking, you interested?” he said a little disjointedly, clearly not used to dealing with people, or perhaps she was purring really nice she figured. She was indeed purring nicely, and her American accent wasn’t helping to keep him cool, since the fact a woman had decided to model for him was one thing, but she also seemed rather keen.

“I just have a few questions though, if you don’t mind?” she said, pausing for him.

“Um sure, what you wanna know?” he said, a little concerned sounding, as if he was worried he’d lose his model before they’d even started.

“Well, would it show my face?” she said a little hesitantly, since she didn’t really want to get recognised in some less then professional photo shoot. It would make her look rather easy and give even more guys ideas about getting her between the sheets for a quickie.

“Well, I hadn’t thought about it, but if you don’t want to we can work around that, it won’t really affect the shoot I guess,” he said, thinking about it for a moment.

“Cool, and is there anyone else coming?” she said, since she didn’t need someone else there who’d blab about it. She was pretty sure she could convince him not to tell anyone who modelled for him.

“No…no just you, nobody else has called,” he said quickly, making her smile a little, able to hear his heavy breathing over the phone.

“Good, nice to not feel part of a line of ladies waiting for you,” she said with a smile, her voice taking a smooth tone as she did, hearing him give a stuttering breath.

“Nope, just you and me, have you all to myself,” he said, almost groaning to himself at the end of the phone at the line he’d used, just because this woman happened to have a sultry voice.

“Good. Is there anything you’d like me to wear particularly, since I guess you don’t have wardrobe being a student thing?” she asked, pondering what she could do.

“No I don’t…it’s sposed to be light and dark, using shadows, reflections, contrasts…stuff like that,” he said, explaining his objective so at least she had some idea. Gillian pondered a moment, and then grinned to herself as a naughty thought crossed her mind.

“Well…I have a skin-tight black latex rubber catsuit, almost mirror shine. Perhaps that would work?” she teased, practically hearing his heart stop over the phone, which it almost did, before squeezing into a rapid pumping motion. He let out a heavy breath which barely refrained from a groan, something she’d heard from men countless times, usually not over the phone though, and couldn’t help but give a slight giggle.

“Yeah that’d be just…wow…couldn’t be better really,” he breathed, his mind rushing with the mental image of this woman that he’d built up from her voice alone, wrapped in a black catsuit, moving at his whim.

“Excellent, I’ll bring that along then. Anything else?” she said, making sure it was all settled.

“Um…yeah….what size are you? I mean like height, build and stuff you know,” he quickly added, realising how rude he was to ask. She just smiled, surprising him with her bold answer.

“I’m five-foot-three, 34C, 25, 35, red hair, size seven feet,” she said with a little laugh.

“Thanks,” he said after a pause, “I didn’t mean to be so rude,” he quickly added, wanting to make sure she knew he wasn’t like that.

“It’s fine, so where is it and when would you like me?” she purred. After a bit more panicked and hasty breathing and fumbling of words he gave her the address and asked her to show up around six in the evening, which pleased her as it gave her more time to sober up and do something with her day.

“Excellent, I’ll see you tomorrow then,” she purred.

“Yeah, see you soon, can’t wait to get you here…I mean get started,” he fumbled, again almost groaning to himself at the pathetic line.

“It’ll be soon enough, goodnight,” she said with a giggle in her sultry tone, blowing a kiss down the phone and then hanging up. She laughed out loud to herself after she did, settling into a giggling fit as she poured herself another glass of wine, thinking of what was to come after her teasing of him over the phone, which she realised had got her more than a little turned on. Her nipples were stiff and pointing through her light top since she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her pussy felt a little damp as well. The wine and her little phone fun had helped to get her going, and she pondered how she might deal with it, thinking to her trusty sex toys, which had never let her down when she was single. They’d certainly be getting a little run tonight…

Dressed in a simple pair of jeans and a top, her red hair down round her face and wearing sunglasses, Gillian strutted on a pair of black high heels to the door of the address she’d been given, a simple suburban flat. She pressed the bell, then stood back and waited, glancing around briefly till she glanced a shape through the glass of the door, which soon swung open to a guy in his early twenties. He had to be over a decade her junior with ease, taking him in from behind her dark glasses as he looked her over with wide eyes, taking her in.

“Hi I’m here for this photo shoot thing?” she said with a smile.

“Um…oh yes of course, come in,” he said, directing her up the stairs, a little surprised at this older woman coming to do it, rather than some young wannabe, though she was still smoking hot. He hadn’t recognised her, though she did seem very familiar to him, something that was kind of sidelined as he followed her up the stares, taking in her arse through her tight jeans. They got into his flat, closing the door and leading her through to his front room and offering her a seat with a wave of his hand.

“Um…can I get you something to drink? Tea, coffee?” he said, being polite and once again trying to work out why she seemed so familiar to him.

“No I’m fine thanks,” she said, just looking to get on with it really. She was sober now and had to hold her nerve.

“Ok, then we should uh…just get down to it I spose?” he said, grimacing internally at his phrase as soon as he finished speaking.

“Sounds good,” she said, ignoring any innuendo he’d created.

“Ok then, it’s just through here,” he said, indicating she should follow and leading her to one of the bedrooms, which had been set-up as a mini studio, with lights and a background.

“Not bad, pretty professional for a student project if you ask me, you must be pretty good at your course,” she complimented, buttering him up a little.

“Yeah well…I guess, not if I don’t get this assignment done,” he said, glancing to her.

“Well that’s what I’m here for,” she said, pulling her dark glasses off and flicking her red hair back a bit, letting him see her properly, where it immediately fell into place.

“Oh…my…god…” he breathed, his eyes practically bulging as he stared at her, as she smiled back before extending a hand.

“Hi, I’m Gillian Anderson,” she purred soothingly with a grin. He stared at her in disbelief for a moment before he quickly took her hand and shook it, allowing her to pull herself forward and peck him on the cheek.

“I can’t believe you’re…that you…I mean wow. What are you doing here?” he spluttered, trying not to fall over his tongue.

“You needed a model, I was curious, so here I am. Hope I’m good enough for you,” she teased.

“You’re perfect, better than I could ever…he fumbled

“Glad to please, where can I change?” she said, holding up her bag.

“Oh er…the screen, behind the screen,” he stumbled, pointing to it, which at a glance looked like part of the reflecting scenery.

“Thanks,” she said, giving him a grin sure to stiffen him up before stepping behind. Knowing he was going to be watching, trying to see through the screen, she made a movie-style show of it. Peeling her top off, she threw it over the top of the screen to hang it, so he could see it and his mind could work with the image of her with no top. She wondered if he’d imagine her with a bra or not, though she was wearing one, a simple black one, which she kept on for now as she kicked the heels off and unbuttoned her jeans. Wiggling her hips, she pushed them down to her ankles, which was visible below the screens bottom edge, before stepping out of them and throwing them over the screen as well. Now she unhooked her bra, slipping it quickly off and throwing it over the top of the screen, before reaching down for her knickers. She could probably keep the black thong on under the suit, only a thong because she liked wearing them and it matched her bra, but she was looking to tease him and realistically after a fuck, so decided to do away with it. Pushing it down, she kicked it off her foot, deliberately under the side of the screen so he could see it, hearing his breath catch a little, making her smile.

“So you all ready for pics, what camera you got?” she asked, standing totally naked behind the screen, reaching down to run her fingers over her completely shaven pussy, bumping her clit, sending a thrill through her that made her bite her lip. Broken from his daze of imagining Gillian Anderson naked, he quickly worked out what she’d said.

“Nikon digital SLR, fifteen megapixel,” he said, looking up at her bra hanging over the top of the screen.

“Pretty fancy, must’ve cost a packet,” she said, undoing her bag and retrieving her black rubber catsuit. She’d bought it for an old boyfriend, he’d wanted to see her in it after she did a photo shoot in a latex suit, and she’d happily obliged. It’d led to some fantastic sex, especially when she’d said she’d only do it if he ate her pussy really well afterwards, which he’d done.

“Yeah, well I got this grant and then a loan as well, covered it, figured I might as well get something good. Need to capture beauties like you in very high detail,” he said, putting himself out there a bit. It was just what she wanted. He was certainly up for it, and a young guy like him would be nice and energetic for her, however he would still have to work to get in her knickers.

“Hard to get models then?” she said, undoing the suit and pushing it down to step into it. It was full body, including her feet, leaving only her face revealed, though the rest of her was completely shown by the way it hugged her curves, and it was not unknown for her nipples to show through when they stiffened up.

“Yeah, lots of girls just don’t want to do it unless they’re getting on the cover of Vogue or something,” he said, fiddling with his camera as she pushed her feet into the snug rubber, working it onto her feet. Once they were in, she rolled the legs up, the tight rubber stretching round her slender legs as she rolled it up, grasping the sides and pulling it up, the crotch pulling onto her bald pussy, which she’d shaved just that morning in the shower in readiness. She gave a little gasp, which she knew he could hear, then worked her arm into the tight black latex rubber, squeezing it in. Gillian refrained from cursing as it pulled at her skin a bit before sliding properly, pushing her hand out the sleeve. Turning her attention to the other side, she forced her left arm in as well, which pulled the suit together over her body, only it didn’t. The suit was tight, and that meant it had to squeeze her body just like the rest of her limbs, and right now it was on the outsides of her breasts pushing them in, up and out, which was something she was sure he’d love if he saw her this way.

“Nearly ready?” he asked tentatively.

“Not quite, gotta squeeze myself in,” she purred, giving a little giggle as she reached up and pulled the suit over her breasts as best she could, leaving her with a very exposed cleavage as she reached down to find the zip. Well, there were two. This was a kinky suit, and it had one zip but two pullers, one from each end, meaning it could be opened just between her legs for obvious reasons, or pulled down at the top. Finding the highest one, she pulled it up, pushing the other one down to completely seal the suit and keep her concealed, then stood up and pulled the zip up, pressing her breasts down as she pulled it up to let it shut, stretching over her 34Cs as she pulled it up to her neck, reaching down to cup her breasts, giving a quick squeeze to thrill herself and then pull at the rubber to settle it. Stood in the corner was a mirror, which he’d had the foresight to put in so his models would be satisfied. Stepping over to it, she saw herself in it, just about holding back from giving a little happy cry as she saw herself in the suit for the first time in years, and looking just as hot. Gillian couldn’t help but run her hands over her silky smooth body, brushing her hair forward so it hung down round her face. Quickly finding her bag, she added some deep red lipstick and a quick flick of some more mascara to finish her “look” off, then stepped back into her black heels.

“Ok I’m ready,” she called. He picked up his camera and didn’t even dare to blink, not wanting to miss a thing as she revealed herself. He almost dropped his camera again as she stepped out, revealing her slender, diminutive curves hugged skin-tight by the shiny black rubber, accentuating all the important parts. She stood for him to take in, to match to his dream of her, her cute face with its foxy make-up, the skin-tight rubber bulging over her ample breasts, running down to hug her waist and out over her hips, round over her pussy, the zip running in line with where he’d love to slip into her, and then hugging her legs all the way down to her toes in her black high-heels.

“Goddamn…” he breathed, staring at her without even pretending not to.

“Well guys always seem to like this, and I’m thinking it reflects light for all your light and dark type objectives huh?” she said, turning round to show off her ass, hearing him draw breath. Standing straight at first, she gave him a second and then arched her back, pushing it out, before putting a hand on her hip and twisting up towards him a bit, before really going for it and bending right over in front to just touch her toes, giving him a glance at her hot ass and the bulge of her pussy between her encased thighs before she stood up.

“Well, let’s get going huh?” she purred, smiling as she strutted out on her heels to his photographic area, which had a desk and chair at one side. He glanced at her bright red nails quickly, loving the contrast with her suit.

“Um…sure, sure,” he said quickly, turning the camera on, the whirr of it powering it up cutting the intense atmosphere.

“How do you want me? Remember no headshots,” she said, striking a pose with a smile as he flicked on his lighting.

“Of course, well need to do some basic shots first, just get this dialled in and all,” he said, “so if you could just stand there against the plain background we’ll do some simple shots and get it all sorted,” he said, managing to be quite professional despite the semi he was concealing in his jeans as she stepped into place, facing him as she stood against the background. Holding her arms out slightly and spreading her legs a bit more offered his camera a view at every little curve of her body, which was quickly captured by the beep as he took the first picture.

“How’s that?” she asked as he checked it on the screen. Carefully studying it for a second, he started adjusting some things.

“ISO’s a bit high, it’s almost spot on though,” he said, changing the settings a bit.

“Good stuff,” she said, ready to pose.

“Yeah, if I could just take a couple more test shots…” he said, holding it up.

“Sure, just tell me how you want me,” she giggled, standing back again as she had been. He took another picture, same as his first, to check it was how he wanted.

“Turn around,” he said with a slightly shaky voice. She did as asked, arching her back a little so he got a good look at her ass, which she knew he wanted. She heard the beep of the camera.

“Now to your left, arms at your sides, deep breath,” he said quietly, just barely able to push it through his nerves. She knew exactly what he wanted, which was a side-profile of her, with her tits pushed out, though he didn’t say it. With a smile, she turned to her left, pulled herself up straight, arched her back and breathed in deeply, pushing her chest out, and with it her tightly squeezed breasts. He positioned it so her head wasn’t in shot and took the photo, the distinctive beep as he did. She turned back as he checked them on the screen, looking at them a bit longer than she was sure he really needed to, smiling as he did, glancing at the slight bulge in his trousers as he flicked through them.