King Acrisius of Argos loved his daughter Danae dearly, therefore he was absolutely horrified when a knowledgeable soothsayer predicted that her son would kill him. Although he wanted to deny this telling of the future, he knew that the soothsayer had never been wrong, and that to ignore the warning would be to ignore the Gods. Sadly, he decided that he must keep his daughter from ever bearing him a grandchild.

Unfortunately Danae was beautiful beyond reckoning as she grew older, sweet-faced and figured with a wealth of golden hair that fell to her feet, glinting in the sunlight. When she was 14 her father knew that he must give up his daughter, keep her safe from the men and boys that she was already drawing with her sweet smiles. So he locked her in a tower, had his men smelt the doors shut so that no one could go in or out. There was only one small window on the tower, large enough for her to lift a small basket of food and no more… there was no chance that anyone could ever fit through the window to woo the unlucky maid.

Then, one day, at the sweet age of 18, Danae stood at her window with the sun glinting on her hair, singing sweetly despite her unhappy existence. Her sad, but beautiful song, reached the ears of a God.

Zeus looked down and saw the beautiful maiden, her sad face surrounded by glowing hair as she looked out the window. His heart went out to her beauty and her loneliness… and fortunately for him, Hera was away on other business for awhile.

That night, in the darkness, the mighty god fell to earth in the form of a golden shower, mimicking the golden shower of her hair. As misty cloud he trickled in through the window, the mist forming into the shape of a man that strode forth and pulled the covers away from her maiden body. Danae slept naked.

With a groan of lust, the mist fell upon her, not very heavy, but wrapping her body in exquisite pleasure that made her moan in her sleep. It tickled her nipples to hardness, dewey drops of moisture gathering between her thighs as she began to wake. Phantom lips nuzzled at her neck, and wispy hands cupped her breasts.

Danae awoke with a start, afraid and uncertain of what was happening, while at the same time feeling unspeakable pleasure.

“Who is it?!” she cried, frightened by the golden mist that looked like a man.

The head-shape leaned toward her and she cowered in fear as it said, “I am the god Zeus… I have heard your song and come to comfort you…”

And with that, the mist hardened and firmed into the shape of a gorgeous man, heavy and hard against her soft body. Although she was still frightened, Danae couldn’t help the surge of lust that spread through her loins as she looked upon his perfect features. The mighty god leaned down and kissed her lips, her first kiss. Gentle and warm at first, and then his tongue thrust into her mouth and the kiss deepened, spreading warmth throughout her entire body.

Here was someone who the tower would not keep her from! A man, a gorgeous man, who could be with her! A lover, from whom her father could not keep her.

Danae’s thighs spread without her even being aware of it, her virgin responses sweet and innocent. Zeus cupped her breasts with his hands, nibbling on her cherry nipples and awakening fires inside of her that she hadn’t known were possible. Everything seemed to be burning with pleasure, yearning for the feel of a man. Her hands slid up and down his shoulders, down the front of his chest and stomach… and then she touched his member and gasped.

Greek Gods cannot help but be extremely well-endowed, and even though she’d been locked in the tower these past years, when she was younger she had seen other men naked. None of them aroused, it was true, but the god’s penis reminded her of the male bull that she’d seen at pasture with a cow.

“Don’t worry,” he murmured, caressing her body gently, “I will not hurt you.”

Danae moaned as one of his thick fingers slid between her pussy lips, opening her thighs even wider as it entered her. She gasped, her hips lifting off the bed, shocked at her own response as the finger quested deeper, breaking her virgin barrier and brushing against a spot inside of her that sent a shockwave of pleasure throughout her entire body. Zeus smiled at the virgin maid writhing on the bed in front of him, her golden hair spilt underneath her body, thighs spread wide to receive him.

Adding another finger to the one inside of her, Zeus leaned down and began to suckle at her breasts again, swelling the pleasure that was growing inside of her. His fingers did hurt a little, stretching out her tightness, but nothing compared to the pleasure that he created. As her hips began to move back and forth with his thrusting fingers, Zeus’ swollen member brushed against her thighs.

Suddenly Danae was wild to have him inside of her, to feel his huge cock stretching her open, to be one with a man – or a god.

“Please,” she begged, whimpering as her nails dug into his shoulders, her nipple teased by his tongue, “Please, please please…”

But Zeus wasn’t ready yet. His mouth slid down her body, and as his fingers slid from her wetness, his tongue replaced it. Danae’s hands clenched the sheets of her bedding, unable to believe the incredible sensations that his mouth created on her sex. Soft and yet firm, melting, yielding… Zeus’ honeyed tongue wasn’t only for talking himself out of sticky situations.

His tongue pressed against her crinkled anus, making her scream with delight as the sensitive bundle of nerves was aroused. Zeus was showing her all the pleasure spots that she had never imagined. Another swipe up the center of her being, and Danae’s head tossed as her body shook with the pleasure. One fat finger began to press into her ass as his tongue slid in and out of her hole, fucking her with his mouth as his finger sodomized her.

Danae was lost in the pleasure, no longer even comprehending what was being done to her body, only able to feel the sensations. When Zeus’ lips closed around her clit, she screamed her ecstasy, her first orgasm ripping through her like a tidal wave.

As she thrashed on the bed in exquisite pleasure, Zeus pulled away and pressed the swollen head of his cock against her pussy. He began pushing in carefully, but firmly, her tight wetness a snug fit around him. Danae thrashed and moaned as he worked himself into her body, the pain and pleasure mingling to bring her to further heights of passionate ecstasy. It was one of the reasons male gods were so fond of bedding mortal women, their responses were much more heightened than when one bedded a goddess.

Danae was caught in one unending orgasm as Zeus pumped in and out of her, enjoying her tight passage, her passionate response. Although he enjoyed pleasuring her, he didn’t have to spend nearly as much time as he would have on a goddess before taking his own enjoyment in her body. The poor girl felt faint with exhausted pleasure as Zeus’ thrusting picked up speed, bruising himself against her loins.

When he made his final deep thrust, burying himself in her body, she could feel him pulsing inside of her. The pleasure was so fantastic, so exquisite, and she was so exhausted, that Danae fainted as Zeus filled her with his seed.

Later that night she would awaken, alone in her bed, and she would have felt like crying except that next to her head lay a perfect golden rose. Danae knew it was the god’s promise that he would return to her arms, and her bed.


And return Zeus did, many times even when she was swollen with child and he could only hold her in his arms. Then, when her son Perseus was born and his cries were heard by those bringing her food, Zeus’ name was all that saved the babe from certain death. Afraid to kill a child of the greatest God, Danae’s father placed her and her son in a wooden box, sending them to sea. He knew it was certain death, but at least this way it was Poseidon’s fault.

Instead, Zeus commanded that sea nymphs bring Danae and his son food, and his own gentle hands guided them to safety in a far away land.