Medusa is the name of a monster, passed down through the centuries… the grotesque hag whose very gaze turned men into stone. The daughter of two Sea Gods, she was eventually defeated by the Hero Perseus, he cut off her head and from her neck sprang her offspring Pegasus and Chrysaor. But from whence did these off-spring come? What man could lie with a monster who would turn him to stone?

But Medusa was not always a monster… when she was a young woman she was as beautiful as any maiden who walked the earth, beautiful features and a lush body, with hair of curling gold that fell about her like a cloud of shining light. Hear now, the story of her transformation and her tragedy.


Medusa, one of the most famed beauties of Greece, walked along the shore-line, singing softly to herself. Her flesh moved seductively beneath her simple toga, her crowning glory was her hair which blew and flowed in the wind like a trailing comet behind her. Clutching a basket on incense, she hurried onward to the Temple of Athena. Although she had no particular prayer in mind, she thought it was good policy to always be favored by the Gods… her own parents were Sea-Gods and they were very strict about the respect paid to the Greater-Gods.

As the beauty hurried along, sand kicking up with every step, the greatest Sea God, Poseidon, looked out from his ocean and saw her… immediately his loins filled with lust at the sight of this luscious maiden, and he knew he had to have her. Rushing through the waves, he followed her path and watched as she hurried up the path to his niece Athena’s temple.

Gathering himself, Poseidon strode out of the water, a large brawny figure of a God with rippling muscles, clothed only in draping sea-weed that looked more costly than any garment of silk. Stroking his beared, Poseidon gripped his staff and began to ascend the hill behind the beauty.


Medusa was kneeling at the alter, praying over the lit stick of incense when the God stepped inside. His broad shoulders practically covered the the light, and she turned with a startled look upon her face to see who had entered the temple behind her. Although she had never seen him before, Medusa immediately recognized the God Poseidon, and she was in awe at the glory of his presence.

Stepping forward, Poseidon smiled at the awe-struck beauty, his eyes tracing the curves of her body beneath thin cloth.

“Lord,” she murmured, and prostrated herself before him.

“No,” he said gently, “I did not come here to be worshiped.” And he put his fingers beneath her chin and lifted her face to his, lowering his lips for a kiss. At the touch of his lips, all of Medusa’s fear and reservation’s melted away, overcome by the lusty God’s power. Her parents had warned her of the God’s, but now her body was molding itself against his, her soft flesh pressing against the Sea-God’s hard chest.

She moaned, low in her throat, as he released her lips and began to work his way down her neck, his hands were on her body, caressing and stroking… sliding her clothes off of her skin… and it felt fantastic. Medusa cried out with wonderment as his mouth locked onto one pert nipple. Throwing her head back, she realized that her clothing was pooled around her legs, and that his hands were swiftly taking away even that protection… and yet she couldn’t bring herself to protest.

Poseidon’s mouth moved to her other nipple, suckling on it and sending incredible waves of pleasure through her body as his hands slid up her now completely bare thigh… his beard was scratchy against her breast and his hands hard on her soft thighs, spreading them before him. Medusa shuddered as his mouth began to trail down her stomach, blushing as he gazed upon her open mound. She could see the long hard shaft of his cock, curving up to meet his belly and she whimpered with desire and fear…

But the Sea-God knew she would not yet be ready to take him. So he lowered his mouth to her pussy, and began licking and sucking on her succulent peach. Medusa shrieked, she was so shocked by his actions, never having imagined that this was something anyone would do… or that it might feel so amazing. Her fingers twined through his hair as she writhed before him in absolute ecstacy, his tongue making her melt like butter with the fiery heat of passion. Then something was inside her, stretching her open, so wide that it made her gasp…

It wasn’t until she looked down that it was only his finger, pumping in and out of her tightness… and she shuddered with fear… his member was so much larger than his finger. But slowly, as he continued to fuck her with his finger, licking all around her tender flesh, the stretched ache disappeared and the pleasure grew. When he added a second finger, the discomfort only lasted a minute… and then he pressed something inside her that took her breath away.

Medusa’s hips lifted as his lips wrapped around her clit and his fingers pressed again… and again… and again… and suddenly she was flying on cresting waves of pleasure that rolled over her like the tide, spreading throughout her entire body. As she thrashed on the floor of the temple, Poseidon positioned his great body over her, pressing his large member against her ready hole, and began to push in.

With a groan, Medusa spread her legs even wider, her body still vibrating from the pleasure received at Poseidon’s hands and lips… but the wide meat entering her was much more than his fingers. Her hands clutched at his shoulders as he continued to press into her, his weight shoving him deeper into her body…

By the time her pussy was filled with the meaty flesh of a God, Medusa thought that it would be coming out of her throat it felt so deep inside of her. She shuddered, her pussy gripping his cock as it began to recede… and then he thrust back in and she spasmed.

“Oh please!” she cried out, “Oh please!” not knowing whether she was asking him to stop or keep going and never stop.

Poseidon’s strong hands reached underneath her body, cradling her shoulders as he began a steady thrusting in and out of her body, holding her against him as he pleasured himself inside her. Medusa felt like she was on fire, her hair was a golden curtain beneath them, her pussy easily accepting his lance… she felt so small and delicate in his arms, so helpless…. and so good.

She could feel the strange ache beginning in her center again, growing quickly with fiery tendrils that flared through her entire being. Poseidon was groaning on top of her, his body hard between her legs, thrusts almost painful in their intensity. Then he was pressed against her, inside her much more deeply than he had been before, and she could feel him swelling in her belly. Medusa shuddered and screamed as her delicate clit was crushed against his hard groin, and she orgasmed blissfully as he began to fill her with his seed.

They writhed together in mutual ecstacy, his potent seed already traveling to her womb, even before their pleasure had ended.

Medusa panted in his arms, faint from the pleasure… and the Sea God smiled and arranged her clothing over her body tenderly. She curled into his arms, nestling against his shoulder as slumber swiftly claimed her. Poseidon slowly drifted off as well.


The myth ends with Athena’s anger at having her temple desecrated… but instead of punishing her powerful uncle, she turned Medusa into a hideous monster. The soft supple flesh became hard as rocks, a sickly green color, wings sprouted from her shoulder blades, and her crowning glory, her gorgeous hair turned into a writhing mass of snakes.

Poseidon would wake with a cry of horror as the snakes climbed up and down his arm, and leave her abandoned there weeping… her sisters would take her to an island, where her gazed would turn no men into stone, and they could be alone.