As the server took their lunch orders, Grant looked around the table at each of his three friends. Bethany, Claire, and Jennifer were even more beautiful, now that he knew them so intimately. Bethany and Claire had been living in his house for a few weeks, each renting their own rooms. But since Jennifer was married with two children, the only time the four of them could regularly be together was at work over lunch.

After having a variety of sexual encounters with all three women, the culmination had occurred the previous week at Grant’s house. Jennifer and her husband Danny came for dinner, and stayed for what turned out to be a sex party. The whole affair had been arranged by the three women without Grant’s knowledge. In fact, he had no clue that there was a plan, until Jennifer’s mid-coital admission. Bethany and Claire had successfully seduced Danny, so that Grant and Jennifer could be together. And it all happened in Grant’s pool. Grant loved Bethany and Claire, but he was in love with Jennifer. Here was how their evening ended.

In the background, Grant could hear some moaning. He hoped it was going well for the other three. Nothing could top what he had experienced with Jennifer. He touched her face, she opened her eyes, and smiled. They shared a lingering kiss.

“I do love you, you know,” he sighed. “It’s not just lust. You are everything I could ever want in a partner.”

“I love you too, G-man. But savor this, because…it can’t continue.”

“Why? I mean…” he stammered, “we can work out something.”

“You should know,” she said with a solemn look, “it took a lot to make this happen.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your girls love you so much,” she answered, “and they love me so much that they planned it all.”

Grant was dumbfounded. It had all unfolded so naturally, innocently. Or so it had seemed to him.

“I was in on it, of course,” she continued, “but they were willing to make Danny so blind with lust, that it didn’t matter if his wife was fucking you.”

Gratitude mingled with a dose of manipulation in Grant’s brain. However it happened, it had allowed him to indulge in his greatest fantasy. Intimacy with Jennifer is what he craved. Deep down, he knew that this had not put out the fire. It had merely stoked it. He lifted her breasts and planted a kiss on each nipple.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish, baby,” she breathed.

“Oh, I’m going to finish it,” he declared confidently. “The only thing that can keep me away from you, is you. Until you tell me to go away, I’m yours forever.”

Jennifer sighed, and smiled. She ran her fingers through his hair as he continued kissing her breasts. She felt him growing hard against her leg.

“Maybe,” she said thoughtfully, as she felt her own desire stirring again, “maybe, we can find a way to do this…oh, right there…maybe the girls…will join in…maybe I should taste pussy…you seem to like it…so…you’re hard…”

Grant mounted her again. The sound of her gasp drove him crazy with desire. He would fuck her now. The only way it would be for the last time, was if the world exploded at midnight.

“Excuse me Sir, are you ready to order?”

Grant was jolted back into the present. “Yeah, sorry…I’ll have the Cobb salad. Thanks.”

So technically the world hadn’t exploded, but there had been some implosions. Claire and Bethany were now a couple. They couldn’t get enough of each other. Even now they were holding hands under the table. Every night, Grant tried not to listen as the two women shared the same bed. He was happy for them. Their lesbian escapades had turned into love, and the closer they got to each other, the less they included him. His sexlife had gone from a break-neck pace to almost a complete stop and many of those lonely feelings that he once experienced after his wife’s passing were now coming back.

In the sober light of day, Jennifer had regained her resolve. She made it clear that she was no longer available to him…sexually. Danny had felt guilt (or so he claimed), over his threesome with Claire and Bethany. He didn’t say much about Jennifer’s romp with Grant, but it was clear he was not a fan. In a complete reversal of fortunes, Grant had gone from the most sex he’d ever had, and three beautiful women he loved; to no sex, and three close female friends without the benefits. It felt like emotional whiplash.

“Snap out of it, G-Man,” Jennifer said, interrupting his regrets.

“I’m here,” Grant responded. “Tell me again what you have in mind.”

“It’s time for you to get back out there and I want to hear what your plan is to make that happen,” she said playfully.

He wasn’t in a playful mood; yet, he didn’t want to ruin their evening and he quickly attempted to pull himself out of his doldrums. “I don’t really have a plan,” he said honestly.

“What about that dating app?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah, when’s the last time you checked it?” Bethany chimed in after she somewhat pulled herself away from Claire.

“It’s been a while,” he admitted. “And it never connected me with anyone as fantastic as any of the three of you.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, big boy,” Jennifer retorted, “Almost.”

“What about that one woman, what was her name, Issa, right? Have you heard from her?” Claire asked.

“I haven’t heard from her in quite a while,” he admitted, even though he wished he had. He’d taken her out, they’d spent a wonderful night together, and he thought they’d made a real connection. However, their relationship had quickly gone cold and he reasoned that she was no longer interested in pursuing any type of relationship with him. She’d obviously moved on and attempting to contact her again would be pointless, if not a little creepy.

“Well, it’s time to get back into the saddle, cowboy,” Jennifer teased.

He looked at her and tried to keep at least some of the longing out of his eyes. It wasn’t easy listening to the woman he loved tell him in not-so-subtle terms that he needed to move on. More than anything, he longed for one more night with her, but he knew that one night wasn’t going to be anywhere near enough. Besides, Jennifer made it clear it could never happen anyway. “Yeah, maybe you’re right,” he said solemnly.

“So, get that phone out, we’re all here for you and we’ll help you pick someone great,” Bethany said gleefully.

Hesitantly, he pulled out his phone. It was still a little embarrassing for him and he felt vulnerable. He’d been intimate with all three of them, he reminded himself. Nonetheless, he still felt very exposed, even though he trusted the women at the table implicitly.

Grant opened his dating app. His username, Takeme4Grant, hadn’t gotten much attention. There were some obvious bots who had messaged him. As his three friends peered over his shoulder, he self-consciously began swiping through profiles. Since this app was geared toward mature adults, most of the women were at least in their 40s. Some appeared much older. Grant realized that his experiences with Bethany, Claire, and Jennifer had transformed his desires. Having tasted, entered, and ejaculated in these three beautiful women who were all at least 20 years younger, he wanted more of that.

“They’re all too old for you,” Bethany said, as if reading his thoughts. “They might be your age, but you’re not acting your age.”

“I agree,” added Claire, “you should change apps.”

The three women slid away from him which gave him a small measure of privacy, Grant felt relieved from scrutiny.

“Is there one for sugar daddy’s?” Jennifer smirked, “maybe he can convince some empty headed bimbo that he’s loaded.”

“Ummm, I’m not looking for a gold-digger.”

“Don’t worry,” said Jennifer consolingly, “you’re a silver fox. The salt and pepper hair is a real turn on for a lot of women. You bagged the three of us, remember?”

“Not really,” Grant joked, “can you help jog my memory? I think if we retrace our steps, it might all come back to me.”

“Now, now,” warned Claire, “we’re not on the menu. That’s why we need to find you someone new. You need to put in some effort. We can’t do all the work.”

Grant sighed. His heart wasn’t in this. As much as he wanted to share his life with someone, getting Jennifer out of his mind seemed impossible. Bethany and Claire were in there too, but less so given their attachment to each other. He was happy for them, but his hunger lay solely with Jennifer.

“I’ve been thinking,” Bethany said with a look of concentration.

“It’s about time, girl,” Jennifer quipped, “I was starting to worry.”

“You’re funny for an old married woman,” Bethany teased. “I’ve been thinking about that friend of yours from the gym. You know, the one you work out with who’s just been through a breakup. What’s her name… Melanie, right?”

“No, you mean Meghan. What about her?”

“You told us she’s pretty, right?”

“She’s blonde, fit, sexy, and seems reasonably intelligent,” responded Jen, “What’s not to like?”

“For one thing, Meghan’s still not over her ex.”

“Grant could help her through that, won’t you Grant?” asked Clair. “You’ll help her forget.”

“You could fill her void,” Bethany said with a leer, making Jennifer laugh.

Grant just stared back, his face expressionless. He knew when they got like this, there was no stopping. Commenting only encouraged them.

“It could be a tall challenge for the G-man,” said Jennifer. “I guess you two didn’t know about Meghan’s ex.”

“What about him?”

“That’s just it. He was a ‘her’ not a ‘him’.”

“Meghan dated a trans person?” asked Bethany, with a puzzled look.

“No, silly,” Jennifer explained, “her ex, Lisa, is a woman, both now and originally. A beautiful one too. She’s a Physician Assistant. They were hot and heavy for at least a year. Then something happened. I don’t know the story, but Meghan was heartbroken.”

“So, she’s a lesbian,” Grant stated matter-of-factly, breaking his silence, “you want me to date a lesbian. Great.”

“I didn’t know,” Bethany replied, throwing her hands up in the air. “Besides, with me for a reference, anything is possible.”

Jen thought for a moment. “Well, the truth is,” she said, as she toyed with the food on her plate, “Meghan is bi. I know because her ex was the first woman she’d ever been with.”

“Once you try bi, you never go back,” Claire quipped, squeezing Bethany’s hand.

“What do you think, Jen?” Bethany asked. “Isn’t it worth a try?”

Grant jumped in. “Wait, don’t I get some say in this?”

“No,” the three women said in unison.

It was the easiest date Grant had ever arranged. He did nothing. Jennifer set up the day and time with Meghan, and picked the restaurant. Bethany and Claire got him ready. They selected his clothes, made him buy a new shirt, spritzed him with body spray, and fussed with his hair. Grant’s suggestion that they also join him for dinner was roundly rebuffed.

In his mind, he wasn’t dressed up enough for The Capital Grille. He would have felt more comfortable in a suit, or at least a jacket, but the girls insisted on something different. Claire picked out the Brooks Brothers dress shirt. It had a button down collar, and was a lavender gingham. The color was something he would never have selected on his own. He was just glad Claire hadn’t pushed for the pink one. They paired the new shirt with grey dress pants. Grant pushed aside feelings of self-consciousness, counting on the choices his friends made for him.

Having been assured by Jennifer that Grant wasn’t a psycho killer, Meghan agreed to have him pick her up for dinner. Grant enjoyed their brief phone conversation the day before. He liked her voice. She laughed easily. It didn’t feel awkward at all. He’d immediately saved her address, and mapped out the route.

He arrived at her condo 15 minutes early. He circled the block once, and then decided to park out of sight and wait. His patience lasted only another 5 minutes. He circled again and this time took a spot close to the front entrance.

“Hi Meghan. Your chariot awaits,” he texted.

“Be down in a few,” came the quick reply.

“No rush.”

Grant got out and stood on the sidewalk beside the passenger door of his QX60. The Inifiniti was four years old, but still looked good, especially after he had it detailed in preparation for this date. He stood up straight and stuck his hands in his pockets. Feeling awkward, he leaned up against the vehicle instead, and tried to look relaxed. That lasted until she appeared. Meghan stepped through the doorway and time seemed to stop. It was like all his senses melted away and she was the only thing that existed.

Her long blonde hair perfectly framed her beautiful face and was styled in loose, flowing curls. There was a smile as she spotted him. Grant tried to smile back. That was when he realized he was already smiling, so hard it hurt. He straightened up as she stepped toward him. Her white top was squeezed tight against her large, heavy breasts. She was wearing a flared, short skirt with a floral pattern. It was pleated, and stopped several inches above her knees. Grant tried not to stare at her legs, but took them in as she stepped toward him. They were long and toned, graceful and gorgeous. She was wearing 4-inch black pumps and as she got closer, he realized she was probably 5’8″, without the heels. Not as tall as Claire and Jennifer, but tall.

“Hello Meghan.”

When she approached him, her face broke into a soft smile. “I assume you’re Grant.”

He momentarily lost himself in her green eyes before taking her hand and pressing it to his lips. It was old fashioned and corny, but in the moment, it felt like the absolute right thing to do.

“Even if I wasn’t Grant,” he said, raising his eyebrows, “I would be tonight, because I want to be the one you’re waiting for.”

“Cute,” she replied. “Jen said you were a smooth talker.”

Still holding her hand, Grant reached for the door handle with the other. Opening it, he guided her in, staring at her legs as she stepped up into the SUV, and swiveled into her seat. Once he closed the door, he practically ran to the other side. He didn’t want to miss a second of her presence.

They chatted easily the whole way to The Capital Grille. When they arrived, the valet helped Meghan out of the vehicle before he could get there to do it himself. Grant envied the kid, but contented himself with the reality that he had Meghan to himself for the next couple of hours.

They had an appetizer and ordered their entrees, and the conversation flowed back and forth freely. They covered work, weather, and workout routines, before there was a second of silence. Meghan filled the void quickly.

“I haven’t been on a date in awhile,” she confided, “so I’m a little rusty.”

“You’re doing great. It’s like riding a bike. Once you learn…you’re too beautiful to forget how.”

She smiled in response. There was no laugh, but the smile didn’t seem to be pity, so Grant pressed forward.

“How long has it been? No one like you should ever be alone.”

Meghan’s lips pressed together. She seemed to be weighing whether or not to answer.

“Let me rephrase. It’s been awhile since I dated a man.”

Grant didn’t know if he should feign ignorance about her ex-girlfriend, so he attempted to find some sort of middle ground.

“Jen mentioned you just got out of a relationship. Is that right?”

“Yes,” she paused and looked away. “It was with a woman. My first.” Her eyes shot back to his. “Does that bother you?”

“That you just got out of a relationship? Of course not, I’m the lucky beneficiary of your new single status,” he playfully teased.

She giggled. “No… I… ummm…. that’s not what I mean.”

He loved it when she smiled and laughed. So, he attempted to keep his little joke going. “I’m very willing to take one for the team and be your rebound. I’m very unselfish like that.”

Her bright smile made a brief reappearance. “Does it bother you that my ex is a… you know…”

When she faltered, he quickly broke in. “Does it bother me that your ex was a woman?”

Meghan nodded.

“There are a few things to consider,” he said, holding up his index finger. “One, it doubles the amount of competition I have for your attention. The odds aren’t in my favor.”

Meghan gave a noncommittal shrug.

Holding up the next requisite finger, he continued. “Two, I can’t compete with a woman. I’m a man, and I bring all my maleness with me. I don’t look as good, I won’t share my clothes, and I can’t begin to understand your feelings as well as a woman would.”

“We wouldn’t look good in each other’s outfits anyway,” she teased. “And the potential of doubling my wardrobe has never been a major factor in selecting my dates.”

He kept silent as Meghan picked up her glass of iced tea and sipped on the straw. Her eyes remained on him as she did so. He was wrapped up in watching her lips circle the tip of the straw, the suction of her cheeks as she drew in the tea, the sparkle in her green eyes, and the way she swept aside a strand of her long blonde hair. Then he remembered it was his turn to speak.

“Ummm… if I may ask, were you in a relationship with a woman because you were damaged by one man or disillusioned with men in general?”

She stopped sucking and swallowed. He enjoyed every second of it.

“Neither,” she said, shaking her head from side to side. “When I fell for Lisa, it caught me by surprise. I’d never had romantic feelings for a woman before. It happened slowly. We enjoyed each other’s company and our friendship deepened quickly. I started spending more and more time with her, and I lost interest in pursuing any other relationships.”

“So there wasn’t some catastrophic event that pushed you to her?”

“None. I knew she was married and separated from her husband, but I didn’t know she was bisexual until it happened.”

“Until what happened?” he asked, trying not to sound eager.

Meghan’s eyes looked into the distance as she re-lived a scene from the past.

“I made dinner at my place. I don’t cook a lot, but Lisa never does at all. I offered a home cooked meal for her birthday, and she accepted. Looking back, I unconsciously created an intimate atmosphere. Great food, candlelight, soft music, just the two of us.”

“Sounds nice,” Grant commented as a way to keep the story going.

Meghan didn’t react as she continued. “We’d just finished dinner, and I was about to get up and serve dessert. The Eagles song, ‘I Can’t Tell You Why’ came on. Lisa stood up, walked around the table to me and held out her hand. I didn’t know what she wanted, but I took her hand and she pulled me up, held me close, and we began to dance. It felt so strange… and at the same time it felt so natural. I was safe in her arms. Safe in a way that was different than I have ever felt with a man. I can’t explain it even now. When the song ended, she looked into my eyes, and slowly moved her lips toward mine. I let her kiss me. It felt so unlike anything I’d ever felt before. So soft, so sensual, so intimate. I began to kiss her back, and she just took control from there.”

Meghan stopped talking. Her eyes focused back on Grant, and he realized the story was ending there and she wasn’t going to divulge anymore of their romantic experience.

“Wow. That sounds intense.”

Meghan nodded. “It was. I know that’s probably too much to share on a first date, but you kinda asked.”