If there was a sexual encounter meter, Grant’s had gone from zero to redline in two weeks. During Katie’s illness and then death, sex never entered his mind. But months later, his three co-workers had reawakened his interest. Now, the seal was broken, and the flood gates opened. Grant had to admit that once you had sex, what you wanted was more sex.

Creating his online dating profile was the start, but the real action happened when Jennifer talked him into jerking himself off in the car. The tall, dark-haired, curvaceous beauty was trying to help her work friend. Taking pity on a sexually-frustrated widower, she’d crossed a line. Although slightly inebriated, she was not drunk enough to forget she had a husband and two children. She had stayed physically faithful, while encouraging him to the point where he shot a geyser of sperm over his steering wheel onto the dashboard. Never before had a woman watched him masturbate. The act would have felt perverse, except that she instructed him to do it.

Grant struggled not to think about Jennifer. He enjoyed her wit and bawdy sense of humor. She was fun to be around, and he was more fun and more alive when he was with her. Jennifer was responsible for organizing his cheering section of co-workers. These included the equally tall and lovely Claire. She was blonde and more taciturn. Yet the night of her birthday party had revealed a wild side that Grant would replay in his fantasies until he died. And then there was Bethany. While both Jennifer and Claire were in their mid-thirties, Bethany was in her early twenties. Though average in height, she seemed small when standing next to her Amazon-sized co-workers.

Forever emblazoned in Grant’s mind was the sexual tableau of last weekend. Bethany’s ponytail swinging wildly as she brought Claire to a violent climax with her tongue. Claire’s first lesbian experience would undoubtedly not be her last. Seeing Claire spread-eagled in front of him, with another pretty young woman eating her out, was beyond stimulating. But there had been so much more. Bethany’s naked backside had wiggled in the air invitingly as she perched on her hands and knees over the arm chair. Her tight, toned ass was as artistically beautiful as it was sexually provocative. When Bethany directed him to fuck her from behind, he eagerly obeyed the order. Despite the nearly thirty-year age difference, Bethany seemed to have no qualms about sliding his mature, average-sized penis into her young, glistening vagina.

Again, all of that was more than tantalizing. But Jennifer was also in the middle of the mesmerizing mix. She touched no one, other than holding Clair’s right leg. Inexplicably more alluring than Claire’s wide open pussy, incomprehensibly more enticing than Bethany’s tight box, were Jennifer’s incredible tits. They were on full display that night. Something about the pendulous breasts with saucer-sized areolas, triggered his lust. It wasn’t just the body parts. They were attached to a person and personality he couldn’t get enough of. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s libido was powerful enough to cause her to finger herself while watching her co-workers fuck. Her dark pubic hair plastered to her thighs, revealed swollen lips, as her fingers slid in and out of the slick hole. He knew that image would never leave his mind. And though Grant’s penis was in Bethany’s wonderful cunt that night, his eyes and mind were fucking Jennifer. And he felt she was eye-fucking him in return.

When it was over, the four of them had interacted normally enough. Normal is hard to gauge when you are naked, sweaty, and wiping wet spots off the furniture. However, returning to the office felt awkward, to Grant at least. Most of Monday went by without seeing any of the three women. He wasn’t avoiding them. It just didn’t happen. Then, late in the afternoon, he encountered Bethany in the copy room and felt his face flush. Was he embarrassed or excited? He wasn’t sure.

“Nice to see you, Grant,” she said and leaned closer to whisper, “even with your clothes on.”

He swallowed hard before responding quietly, “Did I ever say thank you?”

“Only about six times,” she smiled. “You’ve been very grateful. And I think it’s sweet.”

“I thought my life was complete before…but now I could definitely die a happy man.”

“Again, that’s sweet, but please don’t die any time soon. You have more chapters to write.” She winked at him, and Grant found the subtle act intoxicating. He wanted to say more. He was even going to ask if he could take the three women out to lunch one day this week. But just as Grant summoned the courage, Michael came in.

“Hi guys. Is there a line?”

“Hi Michael. Grant was behind me, but I’m finished, so you can get behind Grant.” After saying this, Bethany snickered and winked at Grant. It took Grant a second to catch the double-entendre. Michael seemed not to notice.

It was a couple hours later, on the way home, that the loneliness hit him. Grant realized that the longing for connection had disappeared over the previous two weeks. All the attention from his three co-workers, and the night with Issa…

He had put Issa out of his mind. Meeting her through dating app had been exciting. Then their only one-on-one real date had ended with hot sex at her place. But maybe the sex hadn’t been so great after all. For Issa at least. Grant had thoroughly and completely enjoyed himself. Divorced, with a son in college, the self-assured woman was close to his age. Her thick thighs and generous backside, combined with a confident attitude and aggressive sensuality to produce a memorable night. But in the days after, Issa didn’t seem responsive. He’d decided to leave the ball in her court. It was still there.

That incident made him realize Issa was his first and only connection through the dating app. Even as a newbie to online dating, Grant was certain that his immediate success was unusual if not unbelievable. Number 1, a woman responded to him; Number 2, she was real; Number 3, she was desirable; Number 4, she was willing to meet; Number 5, she asked him to fuck her on the first date. Grant began to wonder if it had actually even happened. Since that night in the 420 Bar, when Issa joined Grant and his three co-workers for a drink, he had never since even checked the app. Curious, he pulled out his phone. Apparently, he’d turned off notifications, because when he opened the app there were a dozen messages for TakeMe4Grant.

He was momentarily excited by the first, until he realized it had to be a bot. The glamor model looks in the pic and the bold invitation for sex were too obvious, even for him. The second and third were similar, and he ignored them. The fourth read:

Dear TakeMe4Grant, I think your sexy. Maybe you think Im sexy to. Lets chat and see what happens? FlirtyFitForty

Whatever else triple F had going for her, Grant doubted he could get past the bad grammar. Moving on to the next message, it was a girl who was apparently searching for a sugar daddy. The sixth message was an invitation to an OnlyFans site where more entertainment awaited. He also quickly dismissed numbers seven through eleven.

It was number twelve that gave him pause.

Dear TakeMe4Grant, you describe yourself as a silver fox. Do you have a silver tongue? I’m such a sucker for smooth talkers, I’d settle for bronze. Tryouts are open now. Hit me up if you would like to enter the medal round. TinkerBell71

He liked the attitude in the profile and the smile he saw in the pic enough to write back.

Dear TinkerBell71, Even though I’ve been training for the gold, my goal is never to finish first. Perhaps we could train together. Team Grant is willing to venture into Never Never Land to find out. TakeMe4Grant

Closing down the app, Grant went to bed. As he drifted off to sleep, he remembered a Disney trip, years before. One night, he and Katie stood on a crowded sidewalk to watch the light parade of Disney characters. On one of the last floats was “Tinkerbell.” Something about the fairy outfit, her cute face, enthusiastic smile, and wave had gotten to him. When she seemed to look directly his way, he was hooked. He knew she was just doing her job, but Grant couldn’t help the attraction. Strange the things that stick in your mind and tangle themselves into your heart. He realized that it was probably just the name that made him respond to TinkerBell71.


“Is the Grantster in?” It was Jennifer’s voice.

He stood up to see both her and Claire approaching his cubicle. Grant’s heart thumped as they stepped toward him. Having seen both women naked, a tangle bare flesh, he couldn’t unsee it, and didn’t want to. One blonde, one brunette, both nearly six feet tall. He’d not had sex with either of them, but was in the room where it happened. Grant felt close to them in one way, and a million miles apart in another.

“The runway models convention is two doors down,” he said with a confidence he didn’t possess.

“You are a charmer,” Jennifer said with a wink. “What do you make of this guy, Claire?”

Claire’s cheeks appeared to blush. Grant felt a little embarrassed for her. The last time the three of them had been together, the golden down of Claire’s glorious bush was fully exposed. Her long legs spread wide, and Grant had stared at her, just as he was doing now, trying to imagine how she felt.

“Any guy willing to host my birthday party is ok in my book,” Claire said smiling. “I won’t forget it.”

“Neither will I,” added Jennifer, “and it wasn’t even my birthday.”

Talking about that night, even in coded language, eased Grant’s mind.

“Can I take you ladies to lunch?”

“Sure,” responded Claire quickly. Then looking at her partner said, “Unless you can’t make it Jen.”

“Aren’t you the eager one,” Jennifer smirked. “I’m in. Any meal I don’t have to pull together is my favorite.”

“Bethany’s welcome too. Can you ask her? And where would you like to go?”

“We’ll check on Beth,” Jennifer agreed. “How about Mario’s?”

“Sounds good. I’ll drive. Meet you in the lobby at noon?”

It ended up being just the three of them. Bethany couldn’t get away. Jennifer rode shotgun. Seeing her in the same seat she was in the night he exploded like a bottle rocket, made him hard. His eyes flicked up to the dashboard where a jet of his sperm had landed. No sign remained. Grant had cleaned up that night when he got home, making sure to retrieve the wad of tissues he’d thrown in the back seat. He glanced in the rearview mirror to make sure Claire was comfortable. Jennifer had described her jerk off instructions for Grant to the other two girls. Grant wondered if Claire realized they were visiting the scene of the crime.

He looked over at Jennifer and smiled. She stared back at him as she reached over her shoulder, grasped her seatbelt, and blindly clicked it into place. Grant had no idea safety could be so sexy. She bit her lip, raised her eyebrows, then said, “Let’s go, G man.”

The conversation was comfortable enough. Grant was funny. Claire laughed a lot. Jennifer mostly rolled her eyes at his comments, when she wasn’t making cracks of her own. She had a Caesar salad with chicken. Claire got a panini. Grant had a burger with a side salad instead of fries. They were halfway through lunch, when Grant mentioned his dating app.

“What?” Jennifer said with mock outrage. “You’re still looking for a date?” She leaned forward and with a wicked smile whispered, “Aren’t we enough for you?”

He raised his eyebrows and shrugged. “But I don’t have you. Besides, you guys got me up and running on that site. Apparently, you see my pity game as strong.”

“Oh, you’ve got game, Grant-daddy,” Jennifer cooed. “I’ve witnessed it.”

Claire said nothing. Grant didn’t know how to respond. Jennifer was married. Bethany was almost thirty years younger. And Claire, though recently single, was also his junior, maybe by fifteen years. Claire was attractive, but he sensed she saw him more like a big brother. All three of them were desirable. But all three were out of his reach, for different reasons.

“Well, since you’ve got to get your hedges clipped every so often,” Jennifer said while shaking her head, “I guess we’ll have to let you outsource the job.”

Claire made a slight nod of agreement, but still said nothing.

“Speaking of previous trim jobs,” Jennifer added, “still no word from Issa?”

“Nope. And I took your advice not to reach out.”

Jennifer nodded. “That was a little odd. She seemed nice, and normalish. Not the type to fuck and run. You didn’t blurt out that you loved her while you were boinking did you?”

“I was grateful and satiated, but no vows were exchanged.”

“Just bodily fluids?”

Grant sighed, and squirmed in his seat. Jennifer’s comments still made him uncomfortable. He looked around to make sure no one could hear.

“Yeah, there was definitely some of that.”

“You’ve been a veritable fountain of fluid in recent days, G man. I don’t want you to hit a dry spell. You could probably hit up Issa for a booty call if nothing else turns up first.”

“Maybe Grant’s looking for more than easy sex,” Claire spouted.

“Is that true?” Jennifer asked. “Do you want more than ‘insert post A into slot B’?”

“Maybe,” Grant said thoughtfully. “It was so great to have sex again. I think that distracted me. I mean, I saw things the other night that were beyond a fantasy.” He looked from one woman to the other. “But I guess I’m looking for connection, not just satisfaction.”

“Very adult of you, Grantster. And by the way Claire,” she said turning to the other woman, “Sex is never easy. It might happen easily when you’re single. But it comes enmeshed with all sorts of complications. Married sex isn’t easy either. It’s great when it can happen. But time, weariness, and routine get in the way.”

“I get that, Jen. And for the record, it hasn’t even happened easily for me. The other night was the first…release I’ve had in a long time. I don’t feel any regrets. But I’m also not sure what’s next.”

“Work, for one thing,” Grant said grabbing the check.


That night he tried to message Issa. It took several tries.

“You up?” sounded like a booty call. [Delete]

“You ok?” seemed desperate. [Delete]

“How are you?” felt pathetic. [Delete]

“What’s up? Juvenile, but he sent it.

There were dots.

He waited.

“Nice to hear from you.”

It was non-committal, but it felt like a good response to Grant.

He took a chance. “How about a drink sometime?”

“Sure. How about tonight?”

This was sounding better.

“We could meet at the 420 again,” he texted, but really hoping she suggested her place.

“Works for me. 7:30?”

“See you there then.”

Grant decided to shower. Never hurt to be fresh. He put on a blue and white checked dress shirt, and dark blue slacks. He turned up the shirt cuffs to look casual. He dabbed on a little cologne, careful not to put on too much. He felt strangely nervous. The fact that he had previously buried his face in Issa’s backside, given her at least one orgasm, penetrated her, and spilled his seed all over her chest, should have made him more confident. Instead he felt uncertain, unsure of where he stood. Maybe he would find out tonight.

He arrived first. The bar was busy, but most of the tables empty. He picked one farthest from the bar, and kept his eye on the door. When Issa entered, he almost jumped out of the chair, but caught himself. This time, instead of a dress, she wore a print blouse, jeans that hugged her generous curves, and cowboy boots. He rose to meet her, kissed her cheek and pulled out her chair.

“Always the gentleman,” her voice was silky, and sent shivers down his spine.

He didn’t know what to say.

“What would you like to drink?”

“Champagne cocktail sounds good.”

He ordered that, and a bourbon.

“It’s been a couple weeks, hasn’t it?” Grant hoped it didn’t sound like he knew exactly how long it had been since their night together.

“Thanks for giving me some space.”

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted to see me again, so I didn’t push it.”

Issa smiled and said, “This is where one might say, ‘It wasn’t you, it was me,’ but in this case it was you.”

Grant felt like the wind was knocked out of him. He had done something wrong, but he had no idea what. She touched his arm.

“Sorry, that sounded mean. Our time together was completely enjoyable. I loved every second of it.” She looked around before adding, “You had me going and coming, so to speak.”

“I found the experience quite enjoyable too. But I hear a but…”

“Just a precautionary but,” she said with a shrug. “After the thrills subsided, I realized that our sexy time was your first rodeo since your wife died. I figured you would have one of two reactions. Either regret, that would cause you to run for the hills; or eternal gratitude, which might make you get immediately fixated on little ole me.”

As he sipped his drink, Grant realized she wasn’t wrong. His gratitude had overwhelmed any regret. And there had been a feeling of attachment, maybe even a longing to cling.

“Yeah, I could have easily followed you around like a puppy dog. I hadn’t had any sex in a long time. And then to have that kind of exciting, mind-blowing sex, with an incredible woman…”

“That’s sweet, Grant,” she touched his arm again. “I guess I prefer that reaction to a dash for the exits. But since I’m not ready for any real attachments yet, I didn’t want to encourage you otherwise. I’ve enjoyed dating different guys since my divorce. Even though none of them have been the kind of man you are, no sense in rushing things.”

“What kind of man am I?” He couldn’t hide his curiosity.

“Giving. Considerate. But still a man. One I wanted to fuck.”

“Don’t put up a sign. There’ll be lines around the block.”

She laughed. It was musical. He decided to take it a step further.

“So maybe I can call you once in a while? You know, like a date when you’ve got nothing better to do?”

“I’d like that. I’m just not ready for your toothbrush in my bathroom,” and she whispered, “You’ve been in my house. You’ve been in my bed. Hell, you’ve been in my pussy.”

Grant liked where the conversation was going, but was determined that it not go beyond talk. At least not tonight. They lingered over a second drink, and among other things, discovered a mutual love of tennis. He hadn’t played in a couple of years, but Issa played in a league twice a week. They made tentative plans to hit around on Sunday. Grant had courts in his community that were seldom used. He promised to bring the balls.

He paid the bill and walked her to the car. He wasn’t tentative when he pulled her close for a kiss. It wasn’t a friendly good night kiss. He pressed himself into her warmth. His lips engulfed hers. Their mouths were hungry. The eagerness grew. His hardness sprung up between them. His right hand slipped down to cup her ass, and he pulled her tightly into his erection. She moaned into his mouth, and that was when he broke away.

Grinning, he said, “I’m resisting the urge to eat you up.”

“I’m about to let you,” Issa said, breathing hard. “Grinding on each other in the parking lot seems like high school all over again.”

“Oral sex in the backseat is high school.” Wanting to sound like he was in control, he added, “But I won’t let that happen tonight.”

Issa froze for a second, then looked away.

“What is it?”

“Nothing. I just…” she stopped.

“What? You can tell me.”

“Well, I guess you should know now.”

“You didn’t go to high school?”

She pushed his shoulder and smiled.

“No. I went alright. It’s just that, I don’t really enjoy…”

Grant waited a couple beats, but couldn’t keep his mouth shut. “Rap music?”