Sex with Claire had been amazing. Experiencing her charms, having her long legs wrapped around his body, had been amazing. At nearly six-feet tall, she was like a blonde goddess. There was the added excitement that night of Bethany, who was not only involved, but directing the action. Grant was enthralled with both women, as well as with Jennifer, the other member of their group. And he enjoyed the benefits that came with the friendship they shared. Grant had experienced those benefits at various levels. Jennifer had been first. The dark-haired beauty was basically the same age and height as Claire, but with a husband and two children. Grant was captivated with Jennifer’s wit, flirtatious comments, and loyalty to her family. Despite that loyalty, she had been the one who awakened and released his sexual desire.

Their encounter in Grant’s car was now weeks in the past, but he remembered it in vivid detail. Recognizing his need, she offered to give jerk-off instructions. Jennifer had insisted there be no touching. However, she had willingly complied when he asked to see her breasts. Jennifer ‘tits out’ was still the most erotic experience of his life. Her large breasts and saucer-sized areolas were enough by themselves to make him squirt a geyser of sperm on the dashboard.

Not counting his sexual encounter with Issa, who was outside their group, the next member of the quartette he experienced was Bethany. Younger than the other two women, and nearly thirty years younger than Grant, the lithe brunette surprised him. She was the aggressor, and the administrator of their threesome. It wasn’t really a foursome, because Jennifer only watched the action. Although she managed to expose herself and masturbate to climax, she had touched no one but herself. That happened as Bethany was orally pleasuring Claire. It was Claire’s first girl-on-girl encounter. Grant was invited to join the action by fucking Bethany from behind. He had never felt so sexually free as when he shot his cum into Bethany’s pussy in view of two other sexy women.

In the days that followed, Grant managed to have an incredible night with Bethany, whom he now called B. While he was willing to have sex with her as often as she would invite him, he knew no real relationship was possible. The same was true of Jennifer. Although entranced by her, a husband and children made her unavailable. From their group, that left Claire. Blonde, beautiful, and just an inch or two shorter than he was. The night the two had been alone, B asked why he hadn’t tried to date Claire. But then she distracted Grant by fucking his brains out. Not long after that encounter, Grant found himself under B’s spell again. This time Claire was included in the action, while Jennifer was not present. B had basically seduced them both. Claire had obediently eaten out Bethany. Then Grant had fucked Claire for the first time, while B sucked and licked his balls. He euphorically emptied himself into Claire.

In the aftermath, Grant wondered if he should ask Claire out. The statuesque blonde was far closer to his age than Bethany, but still maybe 15 years his junior. He was attracted to her personality, which was at times overshadowed by Jennifer. Surprising no one, he was also attracted to her body. He wondered how long these amazing sexual experiences would continue, and if his 51-year-old stamina would hold out. Grant was getting more action than he’d ever had in his life. He had only slept with two girls prior to meeting Katie. And he had been faithful to her throughout their marriage. Until she’d gotten sick, their sex life had been healthy, with the usual ebbs and flows. In the months after her death, when the grief had eased, loneliness took its place.

The Triple Threat, as he now referred to Jennifer, Claire, and B, thrust him out of emotional isolation, into ball-draining ecstasy. But it was more than sexual. There was a level of caring and connection that warmed him from within. Jennifer’s time with the group was understandably more limited because of her family. But the four of them had lunch together most weekdays, and the occasional drink after work.

Lunch today was a food truck that served surprisingly good barbeque. After getting their orders, the foursome walked half a block to a park. They shared an empty bench in the sunshine. It was cool enough that the sun felt good. They were about half-way through when Bethany broke some news.

“They’re raising my rent. And I won’t pay more for that place, even if I could. I’ve got to find something I can afford, and soon. You guys know of anything?”

“I haven’t apartment hunted in years,” Jennifer said, shaking her head.

“Me either,” added Grant. “Can I ask what you’re paying?”

“It’s going to be almost $1,300 a month. And the place is a hovel. I don’t feel safe there, and pest control spends more time in my building than I do.”

“You can definitely crash with me for a while,” Claire said while reaching over Jennifer to pat Bethany’s hand. “The only reason I wouldn’t offer to make it long term is because my condo is so small. It’s just right for me, but you can only sleep on a couch for so long.”

“Thanks Claire. That’s so sweet of you. I won’t take you up on that unless I can’t find a place by the end of the month. I might have to look for a new job.”

“We don’t want to lose you,” Grant chimed in. He spoke quickly and sincerely. “If we’re talking about space, I’ve got plenty of it. Three bedrooms, two of which sit empty. A pool and spa I don’t use nearly enough. You’ve seen it…”

There was a moment of silence as all of them flashed back to their various sexual exploits on the sectional in Grant’s living room, or on his king-sized bed.

“Long term?” Bethany sounded incredulous.

“Sure. Or until you piss me off,” Grant said with a smile.

“How much is the rent?”

“I don’t need to charge you anything,” scoffed Grant. “The room is just sitting there.”

“I appreciate it, but I have to pay you. If I’m not a tenant, it’d be like I’m your girlfriend or…” she cleared her throat, “…daughter.”

“Ok,” Grant nodded. “How does $500 a month sound? Utilities, laundry, and fiber optic wifi included. That would more than compensate me, and you’d be able to save at least that much each month from what you’re paying now.”

“That sounds more than reasonable,” agree Bethany. “Do we share cooking duties, do our own thing, or what?”

Grant shrugged. “It doesn’t matter to me. But is this a tenant/landlord negotiation? It’s starting to sound more like a relationship. I don’t want to cramp your social life.”

“What social life? You guys are it,” then looking at Grant, Bethany asked, “What about your social life? How are you gonna bring dates home when you’ve got a ‘daughter’ in the next room?”

“I don’t need to bring anyone home,” Grant explained, “and I don’t really feel like dating anyway.”

“What happened to Issa?” said Jennifer, finally jumping into the conversation. “And there was that other gal, the Spanish teacher.”

“Valentina,” supplied Grant. “I like them both. But I’m not all that interested in something serious with either of them. I’d rather spend time with any one of you…and I’m not talking about sex. I have fun with you guys.”

“I don’t know whether that’s sweet or just sad,” smirked Jennifer. “Damn, I wish I had shorts on instead of pants,” she stretched her long legs out in front of her. “I could be tanning right now. What are you thinking, Claire? You’ve been quiet.”

“I don’t know,” she replied, with a shake of her blonde head. “About what? Tanning? Sex? Rent?”

“I know what I’d be thinking if I were you,” Jennifer said with a sly smile.

“What?” Claire seemed genuinely curious.

“I’d be thinking about selling my condo and moving in with Grant and Bethany.”

Grant started to laugh, but was interrupted by Bethany’s enthusiastic response.

“That’s a great idea! Don’t you think so Grant?”

He transitioned his laugh into a stifled cough. “Gee. Sure, I’d be fine with that, if Claire wants to.”

Claire’s face had a look of intense concentration. She was clearly thinking this through.

“You guys should be a throuple!” volunteered Jennifer, with a note of glee. “It’s not like the three of you don’t know each other…intimately. Why not move in together?”

“Throuple?” Grant was bewildered. “Did you just make that up?”

“G-man, you’re out of the loop,” Jennifer said teasingly. “You ought to trade in your set of encyclopedias and use this new thing called the internet.”

Claire spoke up. “A throuple is when three people are in a relationship together. They aren’t just roommates. It’s a consensual romantic bond between all three.”

“Thanks for that clinical definition, Claire,” spouted Jennifer. “It’s more like when three people decide to have sex with each other, whether in couples or as a threesome. The three of you have already checked those boxes.”

“That takes it further than I was thinking,” admitted Bethany. “But I know that if the three of us were under one roof, we’d end up fucking at some point.”

Grant shifted on the bench as he felt himself harden. B using the “f” word brought back lots of hot memories. He looked at Claire and noticed her cheeks reddening slightly.

“In all honesty,” Claire was hesitant. “There’s…uh…nothing…everything we’ve…I…um…there’s nothing we’ve done I wouldn’t like to do again.” She looked at Bethany when she spoke. It was clear that Claire was taken with her first bi-sexual experience.

“I’ll pay $750 a month,” she said to Grant as she got off the bench and turned to face him. “I’ll take up more space with my stuff. My sofa can replace your sectional. You wanted to get rid of it anyway because of all the stains.”

“True,” Grant found it hard to believe how quickly his life was changing during one lunch hour. But he didn’t feel hemmed in. he felt excited. “Are you saying this is going to happen?”

“I’m in,” replied Bethany.

“So am I,” agreed Claire, and she leaned down and kissed Grant on the lips. It was soft and sensuous, and he returned it readily. Then Claire bent towards Bethany and kissed her.

“I’m feeling like a fourth wheel over here,” Jennifer announced. “You guys should get a room.”

“I think we just did,” replied Bethany. And then she sealed the deal with a kiss. This time Grant was the beneficiary.


“I told hubby about this throuple thing,” Jennifer said, as the four of them had lunch at Mario’s.

It had been three weeks since the idea of Claire and Bethany moving in with Grant had emerged. Now it was a reality. Bethany had moved out of her apartment in a week. Claire was in the process of moving now. She’d decided to rent her condo, and had quickly found a prospective tenant.

“Danny doesn’t usually ask a lot of questions,” she continued. “In fact, he doesn’t talk that much at all. But when I mentioned this,” Jennifer circled her finger in the air, “he wouldn’t shut up.”

Grant smiled. What little he knew of Danny, he liked. Not to mention his taste in women. If he was in Danny’s shoes, he’d have a lot of questions too, and probably some jealousy.

“What’s he want to know?” Grant asked. “Like how can some senior citizen be in the same house with two young, gorgeous babes?”

“He didn’t phrase it quite that way,” Jennifer replied, “but that was the gist of at least one question. He wanted to know, ‘Do they all have sex together?’ ‘Does he take them one at a time?’ ‘Does he just watch?’ ‘Does he take any medications?’ ‘Is he wealthy or something?’ You know, the usual stuff.”

“Hate to disappoint Danny,” said Bethany. “Nothing too scandalous has happened. Unless you count moving furniture among your list of thrills.”

“We did start a new tradition that I’m rather fond of,” remarked Grant. “On Bethany’s first night in the house, we shared a bed. Then on Claire’s first night, the two of us got together. The next night, I think the ladies had some alone time.”

“So the three of you haven’t connected in a tangle of sweaty, conscious throupling?”

“No Jen,” Claire smiled. “You’re trying to live vicariously through us, aren’t you?”

“I don’t deny it,” Jennifer admitted. “And I’m not alone. Hubby wants to be Grant. Since he knows the three of you, but especially you two girls, it’s like an aphrodisiac. He’s been all over me like a rutting rabbit. Obviously Danny’s got a thing for tall women, like me. So Claire’s in, because she’s not only a hot Amazon, she’s blonde and fair, as opposed to my dark and swarthy. Add in Bethany, whose youth is only overshadowed by her girl-next-store sex appeal, and Danny’s a puddle lustful jealousy.”

“Well, Danny’s doing more than fine being married to you,” Grant said, with a tinge of longing.

“Why G-man,” countered Jennifer, “that’s a smooth compliment. But it sounds a little curious coming from a guy living with two hot women.”

Grant didn’t know how to respond.

“Hey,” broke in Bethany. “Why don’t you two come over for dinner?”

“Yeah!” Claire added. “You could see what we’ve done to the place. And Danny’s never been. He wasn’t there the night of my party.”

“He was away on business,” recounted Grant. “Your mother was with the kids. Without that, there might not have been an…after party.” His thoughts immediately returned to the scene that was forever etched in his memory. Claire and Jennifer side by side on his couch. Their long legs spread wide. Jennifer’s incredible tits jiggling as she frigged herself to orgasm. Bethany on all fours, perched over the easy chair, as she devoured Claire’s pussy. Bethany’s delectable bottom wiggling at just the right height. When she’d invited, no, commanded Grant to fuck her, he’d ravaged her. Plunging his steel hard member in and out of Bethany from behind, Grant had stared into Jennifer’s eyes. She’d returned the lustful look, as her fingers brought her to satisfaction. By the time Grant exploded into Bethany’s tight pussy, it was the greatest night of his life.

“Is that a real invitation,” said Jennifer, shaking Grant out of his reverie.

“Uh, absolutely. I’ll grill some salmon.”

“How ’bout this Saturday?” suggested Bethany. “If you came in the afternoon, we could go swimming.”

“Can you get a sitter for the kids?” Grant asked a little too eagerly.

“For the chance to see these two girls in swimwear,” Jennifer quipped, gesturing at Claire and Bethany, “Danny would give the kids up for adoption.”

Saturday was scorching hot. Danny and Jennifer arrived at 4:00, bringing two bottles of white Pinot Noir. Claire delighted in showing them around. Since moving in, she’d made some changes to the décor. There were different window coverings, some impressionist art on the walls, and a few pieces of her furniture replaced some of Grant’s.

“I like your couch, but what happened to the other one?” Jennifer said with a wink only Claire could see. “That was nice too.”

“It’s in the garage for now,” answered Claire. “Do you want it? It’s a little stained.”

“I guess it depends on what the stain is,” Jennifer said with a sly smile. “What do you think honey?”

“I don’t know,” Danny replied. “We don’t really have room for another couch anyway.”

“Guess you’re right, sweetie.”

“Come on out here guys,” Grant called from the covered porch. “I’ve made a whole pitcher of Hurricanes.”

They went out through the French doors. The porch had two fans installed in the ceiling. At one end was the barbeque grill. The other end had a small flat screen TV mounted on the wall. In front of it was round coffee table, surrounded by two matching love seats and two arms chairs. The pool and spa sparkled invitingly.

“All the comforts of home,” Danny said admiringly. “Not our home of course.”

“The pool’s a lot of work, for how little I use it. Maybe it will see more action, now that the girls are here.”

“I’m sure there will be more action,” commented Jennifer with a grin.

Grant gestured them to sit. The married couple shared one of the love seats. Claire and Bethany took the opposite one. Grant poured drinks and brought them over on a serving tray. Then he sat in the arm chair that faced the pool.

“Delicious,” Jennifer said after a sip. “What’s in this?”

“Three different kinds of rum, passion fruit syrup, lemon juice.”

Bethany raised her glass. “A couple of these, and you feel like a hurricane hit you.”

The five of them chatted, finished their drinks, and decided to go for a swim. Grant directed Jennifer and Danny to change in his room. Grant was already dressed to swim, wearing trunks, flip flops, and a t-shirt, so Claire and Bethany went to their rooms to change.

The girls emerged first. Both were in bikinis. Claire’s was solid blue on top and a floral print bottom. Grant’s eyes traversed her body, admiring every inch. Bethany’s bikini was red. Her bottoms covered much less than Claire’s. It was nearly a thong, with most of the material disappearing between her toned cheeks. Grant let out a low whistle.

“Danny’s not going to know where to look.”

At that moment, Danny appeared. He was shirtless and in decent shape. He was wearing board shorts that were black with blue swirls. Jennifer stepped out from behind him. Grant couldn’t help but stare. She was wearing a white one-piece suit. The legs were cut high, making her long legs seem even longer. Her large breasts filled out the top. Grant felt like he could see the dark shadows of her areolas and her pubic hair, but maybe it was just wishful thinking. He realized his mouth was hanging open, so he shut it, and thought of something to say.

“There’s a whole rack of beach towels over here,” he pointed in the general direction, but didn’t take his eyes off of Jennifer and Danny, but mostly Jennifer. “Feel free to use whatever you want.”

Claire and Bethany stepped out from under the covered porch toward the pool.

“It’s hotter than Hades out here,” exclaimed Claire. “I’m jumping in. Come on!” She grabbed Bethany’s hand, walked over to the deep end, and together they hopped in feet first.

When they surfaced, Bethany reported that the water felt great, and that the others should join them. They swam and chatted and had another round of Hurricanes. Grant strung up a net across the middle of the pool and they played volleyball. First, it was the married couple against the throuple. After a couple of games, Jennifer demanded switching up teams, guys against girls. Danny and Grant gave it their all, but they were no match for the women. With the two Amazons in front, and Bethany getting to everything that went over their heads, they crushed the two men.

Grant had to admit that he spent more time gazing at all the gorgeous wet flesh jumping up and down than concentrating on the game. Jennifer’s suit was translucent. And he absolutely could see what he’d only previously imagined was visible. Danny also seemed distracted by the view on the other side of the net. The men finally surrendered, and Grant excused himself in order to start dinner. He declined all offers to help, and left the four of them in the pool. Soon he had the salmon on the grill, coated in grape seed oil with some sea salt. He also roasted some potatoes, red and yellow peppers, and broccoli. When it was just about ready, the others got out of the pool and toweled off. Claire and Jennifer put on cover-ups, Bethany didn’t bother, Danny pulled on a t-shirt, as had Grant.

“This is great,” Jennifer said between bites. “You’ve got lots of different skills, G-man.”