The voice whispered through her mind, making her stir in her sleep. She rolled over, her body unconsciously seeking a cooler spot in the bed.

Clawed fingers slipped over her hip, dragging gently down her stomach. The sharp tips of the nails tickled her skin, making her giggle quietly. Her sleeping mind moved her own hand, making an attempt to slap the invading appendage away, but only succeeded in brushing warm skin. A quiet laugh whispered past her ear, and the hand continued its playful touch.

Claire groaned and smiled in her sleep. Her lover’s touch was calming and necessary since her encounter with Tarrin. The caress made her feel safe and warm, a feeling she hadn’t experienced for a very long time. She squirmed against his hard body, the feel of his warm flesh against hers making her feel more at home.

The hand traveled down her abdomen, the fingers brushing the tops of her thighs. She groaned again and softened her body, loosening her limbs to welcome her lover’s touch. The hand took advantage of her openness and slid between her thighs. The pointed fingertips gently raked against the folds of her sex, making her jump as a spark of pleasure raced up her spine.

“So warm,” the voice whispered.

One clawed finger slipped between her labia, slowly pushing into her pussy. It massaged her body gently while another finger made feather-light circles around her clit. Her body twitched slightly, a soft moan escaping her throat.

“And so soft. I’ll bet you’re tighter than vice.”

“Maybe,” she mumbled sleepily into her pillow.

Darrow laughed again, his finger lightly stroking the inside of her pussy as he continued to tease her flesh. He drew his fingers back, pushing them in again to draw a groan form her throat. His free arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her flush to his body. His hand reached up to cup her breast, massaging the soft flesh with his fingers. She moaned louder, slowly being coaxed out of her sleep.

“More…” she whispered.

Hot breath tickled her neck as his warm lips dolled out tender kisses on her skin. Another thick finger slid into her warm sex, making her bite her lip in anticipation. He pushed them in deep, stopping just before brushing against the thin film of flesh that secured her virginity.

“So tight. So warm. You’re perfect.” He ran his tongue along the curve of her neck, making her shiver.

“Don’t stop.” She writhed at his touch, her body begging for more.

His arm pulled her tighter against him, his hand squeezing her breast and his fingers pulsed in and out of her.

“Mmmm, yes.” She squeezed her legs together, pressing his finger harder against her clit. “More.”

He pumped his fingers faster, massaged her breast harder. Her body roared to life, her climax building at an incredible rate. She buried her face in her pillow to hide her cries of pleasure. The last thing she needed was Darrow getting chewed out by Thaltos for teasing her again. His fingers felt so good, his warm palm melting the flesh of her breast. She moaned again, so close to release she could taste it.

“Such a beautiful, playful creature. He doesn’t deserve you.” The voice growled the words into her ear. “None but I deserve you.”

She froze, fear now replacing pleasure. “What?”

It finally hit her, her gut twisting in terror: The voice that had teased her, the voice that had promised her more pleasure, didn’t belong to Darrow.

His arm tightened painfully around her waist. “I deserve you, not him. Come with me, girl, and I’ll show you pleasure you couldn’t even dream of.”

She screamed, clawing at the sheets to escape. He held her tight, never ceasing his delicious teasing. She cried as she fought his strength, desperate to find a way to avoid his touch. She inhaled deeply, letting out one last frantic plea for help.


Claire bolted upright in bed, the layers of blankets pooling around her waist. She whipped her head around, searching for any sign of Tarrin or his menacing strands of shadow. The room stood empty, the table still piled with food and the wreaths of flame burning softly. Nothing moved; the only sounds she heard came from her own panicked breathing.

She settled back into bed, placing a hand over her chest to calm herself. Her nightmare had been so real, so believable. She felt his hands, heard his whispers. Tears welled in her eyes. Being ravaged by him in the hallway was awful enough; now he had found a way to torment her in her sleep. She pulled her knees to her chest, burying her face in her hands as she whimpered softly.

She turned to look at Darrow, still fast asleep next to her. His breathing was deep and even, his fingers twitching now and then as he slept. Thaltos and Silthos remained deep in slumber. None of them had left her, even for a moment. She was still surrounded by her three lovers, well protected from the dark that Tarrin brought with him.

Shaking out of fear, Claire slipped back under the blankets, pulling them tight around her. She rolled over, lifting one of Darrow’s arms so she could slide under it. She curled up against his body, looping her arms around his neck to hold him close. Burying her face in his neck, she wept softly against his skin, horrified that she would dream about someone so sinister and painful.

She remained awake for another hour, her eyes flicking around the room at each tiny noise. Her nightmare had drained her, leaving her exhausted and terrified. Against her will, her eyelids slid closed. She tightened her grip of Darrow’s neck, clinging to him as she fell asleep in case Tarrin was fool enough to find her here. If he did, at least he’d have one hell of an obstacle to get through.

In her sleep, Claire swore she could hear Tarrin’s menacing laughter seeping in from the shadows.

* * *

“Wakey, wakey, sleepyhead.” Darrow’s deep rumble shook her body awake, making her groan and roll over to cover her ears.

Mumbling to herself, Claire pushed herself up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She yawned, stretching her arms high enough to crack her spine back into place. She rolled her neck, working out the kinks and soothing the muscles. Her stomach rumbled impatiently, hunger coursing painfully through her veins.

“I second that opinion.” Darrow walked over to the bed, her plate of rice and beef in his hand. In his other, he managed to juggle two goblets of wine. He balanced a platter of roasted pork on his arm, the plate dangerously close to falling to the ground.

He sat down beside her on the bed, his weight making the mattress dip sharply. She smiled and reached out to grab his plate of food and one of the glasses, letting him organize himself and the rest of breakfast. Darrow smiled back, placing her plate of food in his lap and taking his own back. He settled into the bedding, taking a long sip from his cup and starting to devour his food. She followed suit, stuffing her face with the delicious meat to satisfy her own hunger.

“How did you sleep?” He asked, his mouth full of food.

The question caught her off guard, nearly making her choke of her breakfast. She swallowed quickly, staring down at her own plate, her heart starting to pound in her ears. Should she tell him? It wasn’t that she was afraid of him raging at the though of her dreaming about Tarrin. She was more frightened of possibly hurting him by admitting it. The last thing she wanted was for Darrow to think she didn’t love him just because she’d dreamt about that disgusting piece of garbage.

“Not good,” she said solemnly.

“Oh?” Darrow turned his head to look at her. “What kept you up?”

She chewed her lip nervously. “Can we talk without you getting mad?”

His face turned stern. “Perhaps. What happened?”

She swallowed loudly, dreading the act of coming clean. “I dreamt about Tarrin last night.”

Darrow went still, his eyes completely focused on her. His face was devoid of expression, though a small flame began to burn in his eyes. She avoided his gaze, shame and fright starting to swirl in her gut. She questioned dropping the subject there, saving them both an unimaginable amount of pain and anger.

Just say it. It’ll be a lot easier if you tell him now. Keeping it a secret will only hurt you later.

She rubbed her arms, suddenly cold. “He was touching me, kissing me, rubbing against me. It…it felt so good.” She blushed at the last part, fear and shame coiling in her gut. “I actually asked him not to stop.”

“It felt good?” His voice, like his face, was emotionless.

She nodded guiltily. “I thought he was you, so I begged him for more.”

He scoffed slightly. “Well that doesn’t do him much good if you think he’s me.”

She whipped her head around to stare at him, fear blazing in her eyes. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to-”

He waved a hand, silencing her. “I’m not angry at you, Claire. I couldn’t be. None of this is your fault. That bastard has been stealing girls from other demons for centuries.”

She pulled back slightly, confused. “You mean you’re not the only one he’s screwed over?”

He barked out a laugh. “Fuck, no. I was just the one who got him caught. That’s why he hates me.”

She rubbed her arms again, staring at her food. “So, you’re not mad at me?”

One clawed finger stroked her cheek. “Not at all. Tarrin’s been a bad seed for as long as I’ve known him. The only reason he’s coming after you is because he desires you and wants to get back at me. None of this mess is your doing.”

She smiled weakly, relieved to know he didn’t think of her as a harlot or a heartbreaker. He saw her for what she was: an innocent pawn in some fucked-up demon’s game of revenge.

What an exciting role to play. I hope I win an Oscar for this.

She picked up another strip of beef, chewing on it slowly as she tried to wipe away the memory of her nightmare. “Where are Silthos and Thaltos?”

Darrow took another drink from his goblet. “Off to inform the Counsil of Tarrin’s return. They’re probably going to lockdown this place for a day or two while they search for him.”

She scowled at her plate. “So we’re locked in here until they find him?”

“Yep. Trust me, they’ll tear this place apart to look for that piece of shit.”

Claire shook her head slowly, memories she’d tried to push down bubbling up again. “The place he took me to…he said you wouldn’t find it.”

He grunted. “Probably one of his hiding places. Unless you know exactly where it is, you’re shit out of luck finding it again.”

“I wasn’t paying attention.” Guilt started to rise in her belly again.

“I don’t blame you. After being dragged off by him, my thoughts wouldn’t be on where I was, either.” He swallowed another mouthful of food. “Don’t worry. They’ll be patrolling the halls for a while, so I doubt he’ll come sneaking out.”

She nodded. “Will Thaltos and Silthos make it back in time?” She turned to watch for his answer.

He swallowed a gulp of wine, wiping his mouth on his arm. “Yes. They Counsil won’t start the lockdown until everyone has reported to their rooms. They don’t want anyone wandering around and accidentally getting mistaken for Tarrin.”

She sighed in relief. Even if they didn’t find him, at least they’d be safe for a while. And if Tarrin was stupid enough to come looking for her, she had three strong demons to defend her and help her escape. If things got really bad, Kerion and his family would offer some much needed help. She smiled, happy to know she was protected for now.

A new though crossed her mind. Two days was a long time to be locked in a room with three horny demons. Since her first sexual encounter with them, her hormones had been going haywire, her body demanding more stimulation each time they pleasured her. It was becoming evident to Claire that oral sex simply wouldn’t do anymore. Her body craved something stronger, something far more potent than soft lips and warm tongues.

“You said all four of us would be locked in here for a couple of day, right?” She traced the rim of her glass absentmindedly.

“Yes. Until the Counsil calls off the search, we’re trapped here together.” He stuffed his face with more food.

She shifted uncomfortably, nervous about the question she was dying to ask. “You also said I get you pick when I lose my virginity, right?”

He nodded. “That’s one of the perks of being a virgin.”

She bit her lip again, inhaling a long breath to steady herself. “What if I said…while the three of us are stuck here…that I might be ready?”

Darrow paused, turning his head to stare at her. His eyes were wide, a spark of uncertainty and elation shining in their black depths. “Claire, you don’t have to. Not unless you’re ready. None of us have meant to push you-”

She shook her head, rubbing her thighs together nervously. “No, you haven’t. It’s just…I think I’m ready.”

He eyes her carefully, joy slowly seeping into his expression. “Are you sure?”

She turned to smile at him. “No offence. All three of you…your oral sex is amazing, but I don’t think that’s going to satisfy me much longer.”

Finally, a smile cracked on his lips. He nodded and inhaled deeply, a desperate attempt to calm himself and keep from tackling her. “When Thaltos and Silthos come back, we’ll tell them.”

“Are you three going to share me?” She smiled playfully.

“It’s only fair that we do. Once we break you in, we’ll each have a turn at you.” He winked at her. “At you leisure, of course.”

She smiled back, her playfulness coming out again. “Do I get to pick who goes first?”

He bowed his head. “My dear, you can choose whatever you want.”

“Good.” She leaned forward and kissed his forehead, pulling back to smile innocently at him. “You’d better rock my world, you hear me?”

He laughed and pressed his fist to his heart. “I will do my best to leave you breathless.”

She pulled away and giggled, scooping up a handful of flavored rice and stuffing her mouth. Darrow did the same, still grinning at her while satisfying his own hunger. She chewed slowly, her gaze drifting down from Darrow’s chiseled features. Her eyes traveled lower, past his sculpted abdomen to his strong thighs. Nestled between his muscular legs, his cock pointed straight out, thick and proud as always.

Something in her gut stirred, a small flame of lust slowly building into a roaring blaze. Her belly twitched instinctively, a warning that her body needed something to quell its hunger. She moaned softly, pressing her thighs together to quiet the burn. But her body would not be ignored, instead intensifying her hunger to near frenzied levels. Claire growled at herself, chastising her body for making her delicate relationship with Darrow even more treacherous. Her body responded by cranking up the pressure, her pussy now begging for any kind of relief.

She grunted angrily, setting her plate and glass down on the floor. Exasperated, she leaned back and rested on the bed, her hand reaching down automatically to relieve herself.

Darrow turned to look at her, concern in his eyes. “Are you alright?”

Closing her eyes, she nodded hastily. “I’m…a little uncomfortable right now.” She cracked her eyes open to look at him. “Would you mind if I…”

He snorted at her, humored by her question. “Do I look like a person who would be offended watching you get off?”

She let out a relieved sigh, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. “Thanks.”

“Would you mind if I watched?” he questioned. “It’s been quite a while since I gotten a show like this.”

She smiled slightly, shaking her head. “Just be quiet. I can’t do it if there’s noise.”

“You won’t even know I’m here.” She could hear the smile in his voice.

She nodded again, settling into the bed to get comfortable. Her hand drifted lower, finally reaching her burning pussy, the first gentle stroke of her fingers lighting the fire in her belly. She bit her lip as the first sparks of pleasure slipped into her veins. She moaned slightly, her fingers now tracing delicious circles around her clit. Her back arched an inch, her body reacting to her masterful manipulations with joyous greed.

Still focused on quenching her body’s thirst, Claire felt the bed dip beside her, felt Darrow’s hot breath on her neck as he watched. She giggled at the feel of warm air on her skin, slightly enthused that he got off while watching her. Something about being under his gaze made her stomach clench, exciting her. She’d never had anyone watch her masturbate before, but her body was carving release so much she didn’t mind his stares.

She put more pressure on her clit, trying to ease the burn of her body. One of her fingers toyed with the slit of her sex before sinking in deep, making her back arch. She sighed, biting her lip harder as she worked herself into a slow frenzy. Her free hand reached up to cup a breast, massaging it gently and squeezing the flesh in her hand. She tweaked her nipple lightly, drawing out a gasp. She squirmed in the bed, excitement and anticipation mixing in her veins.

She creased her brow in frustration. As much as her body reveled in her own teasing, it wasn’t enough to stifle the burning. Her body still craved more, begging for a new sensation to break the monotony.

Taking a deep breath but never slowing her touch, she turned her head and stared into Darrow’s dark eyes. The look on his face was of pure fascination, his eyes locked on the soft curves of her body and the quick movements of her hand.

“Darrow,’ she whispered.

His eyes snapped up to hers, startled out of his admiration of her body. She squeezed her breast in her hand, lifting it so his eyes drifted down to the supple mound of flesh.

Claire sucked in a shaky breath. “Can I have some help?”

He stared at her in shock, his mouth hanging open for an instant. He recovered and nodded, sliding closer until his breath scorched her skin. He reached out a hand, gently brushing her hand away from her breast to make room for his own. He gripped her breast lightly, testing her flesh to see how far he could take her. She moaned at his touch, the warmth of his skin melting away her fears and inhibitions.

Darrow growled his approval, leaning forward and blowing a hot puff of air against her skin. She groaned at the sensation, her fingers sinking in an inch deeper into her sex. Her thumb had taken the place of her other finger, twisting quick circles around her clit. She groaned at his hesitancy, wanting him to use more pressure to bring her to release.

His tongue flicked out, painting her nipple with a lightening-fast brush. Her belly tightened, her thumb moving faster. He licked her again, this time running his tongue along the entire curve of her breast. He twirled his tongue around her nipple, finally wrapping his lips around the tight nub and sucking gently. Her back arched as she sucked in a harsh gasp, her body finally on course to finding release.

She pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy, her thumb now spinning furiously around her clit. Her moans grew louder as Darrow’s tongue twisted around her breast. His hand cupped her other mound, rubbing and squeezing gently to ensure no part of her was devoid of attention. He sucked harder at her breast, scraping his teeth lightly against her flesh, making goosebumps rise of her skin.

Claire sighed. This was exactly what she needed. The dual pleasure allowed her body to go wild, every nerve ending exploding as she climbed higher and higher. Darrow’s loving touch soothed her soul, wiping away the horrific nightmare of Tarrin at the vicious torture her inflicted on her body. She tensed, her muscles tightening in anticipation of her climax. She was close, so close she swore she could taste her release on her tongue.