Her to Him

It was already after two and Anne had not turned up to meet me after all. Her text was short and to the point and she was clearly annoyed that the Tube delays meant she would not be able to meet me. Never mind, I can finish my coffee and get a cab home. It’s not such a big deal.

So that’s how it happened. There I was sitting alone in the middle of the lovely Viennese coffee house on the Strand, when I looked up and saw a very handsome young man, clearly animated talking to a work colleague or a friend. He was looking out the window, then at his friend then out the window again, anything but inwards to where I was suddenly desperate to see just how handsome he actually was. I could feel my heart beat a little faster as I crossed my legs a little closer. This was not a reaction I was expecting. I looked down and smiled to myself, “Helen, what are you thinking!”

I looked at my phone, if only as a distraction, but nothing had changed. No text or social post to focus on. I looked up again, he was still in animated conversation. And then…

His companion stood up and had put on his coat. They quickly shook hands, and he was alone. Alone, just like me, with some coffee still to finish. I could not help but to look over at him. He was maybe at most 25, tall and with an amazing frame, at least the way his shirt sat on his body it was clear he was athletic, if nothing else. He was quite beautiful, and I felt myself now pretty much staring at him, figuring out his life story and his job, his reason for being here and how much I wanted to… “Helen, enough! This is most unlike you!”

But then he looked up and straight at me. For a second, I thought he meant to, but then quickly realized he was probably just looking at the inside of the room. But he wasn’t, he was actually looking directly at me. He smiled and it was the most gorgeous smile, young and handsome indeed. I knew I was fidgeting, but I also knew that I could feel a sensation in my spine, my stomach was butterfly central and I could sense my toes wiggling inside my shoes. At least I had worn nice heels today and a shortish, but elegant skirt to meet Anne. I had wanted to make the effort for my oldest friend to take her to a job interview, that of course she was not now going to make. That did make me sad. I looked down and at my phone, it was probably time to go. So, I picked up my phone and was just going to reach down to pick up my bag.

“I am so sorry to bother you, but would you be offended if I offered to buy you another Macchiato?” I was quite taken back by the perfect manners and deep sensual sound of his voice. Now my whole body became involved in the conversation and yes, I could feel that actually deep down, my vagina had just picked up on the interest my brain was showing.

“Well, yes, I suppose so, of course. But why? I mean, well is there something I can help with?” He smiled.

“Not help exactly. I have just been let down with a business colleague who can’t make a meeting this afternoon. I am going to Brussels in the morning and needed to see him before I left. So, I am now at a loose end for a couple of hours and, well, I saw you here and you seem to be in the same situation. I saw you on your phone and your face said it all. So, I am offering coffee and company. It’s a busy public place so I hoped you would not think I was some kind of crazy guy.”

“A macchiato would be perfect.”

“Coming right up. I’m Alex, by the way and I run my own sports equipment company. I am independently wealthy, haha, and I hope I have a good sense of humour. Let me get the coffee and I want to hear everything about you.”

It was all a bit surreal if I’m honest. Here was this really quite young, but incredibly sexy man buying me coffee and wanting to get to know me. This certainly does not happen every day. I was suddenly aware of what I was wearing. Why? It’s a coffee with a stranger! I was conscious that I was wearing boring functional underwear. Wait! What am I thinking?

Alex was soon back with fresh coffee which of course smelled delicious, very much like Alex. I was now quite aroused, and my body was definitely interested in this beautiful young man.

“I’m Helen and I have all my own teeth, not sure about wealthy, but I definitely have a sense of humour.” Alex smiled and it was an electric spark, dare I say it, right between my thighs. I could feel a little sensation I had not felt in a long time, my body having had so little male attention in quite some time.

We were there for an hour and I don’t remember him looking away from me once in that whole time. I’m used to men telling me their life story and them never asking me once about any of my interests, but Alex wanted to know all about me, and he was interested in my past life as a professional ballerina and my middle-distance running for Great Britain. It was a most sensuous and sexy hour and I felt myself leaning ever closer to him. But then, well, all good things…

“I have to go just now and make two important phone calls Helen. They will take some time, so I should go to my hotel and make them. I’m not a crazy, so I ought not to ask you back to the hotel, but perhaps would you let me buy you dinner tonight? As I said, I’m on a flight in the morning, but I would love to continue this conversation. You probably have better local knowledge than me, so if you choose where and when, I will be there. I really want to hear more about you, and I am loving talking with you.”

And so it was, we had a date. Well, I had a date with a gorgeous and interesting younger guy, who clearly had an amazing body. I had three more hours to get ready and fret over the evening. I hurried home and went straight to my wardrobe. I found a nice black dress, not too daring, but it was quite short. I know I still have long and slim ballerina legs and this would be attractive and not especially naughty. Was I already thinking about that? Is that what I was expecting this evening? I clearly was because before I knew it, I was rummaging through my underwear drawer, tossing aside the knickers that just were not for going out, or as I was clearly thinking, for the eyes of a 25-year-old guy. Fuck! I was thinking about that. Was I expecting to sleep with Alex tonight? I rather think I was, because I chose some very tiny panties that showed my bum and a bra that would put up very little resistance to a strong masculine hand. In the mirror I looked at my figure. I’m very slim, I have very few lines on my face or my body for that matter, which is a blessing of course and I know I do have a good body. My life had been spent looking after this little temple and it had looked after me very well indeed. I was ready to meet Alex again. I was excited, and it was exhilarating to be on a date…

The cab ride home was full of laughing and giggling. Alex, like me, was not really a drinker. We were both still quite sober, but we just found so many things to laugh about together. He was quite beautiful, his strong body was confident and sexy, his whole being exuded heavenly vibrations to me. I really wanted him, that much I now knew. But I had not been with any man in eight years and even then, only one man for quite a few before that. This was new and daring territory, but I really wanted to go there right now. I was so aroused and every nerve was drawn tight at the crazy, probably idiotically unlikely prospect of lovemaking with this young man.

If it was going to happen, then I wanted it to be in my own flat, because I was safe there, it was familiar and although I really knew Alex was a lovely man, I was out of practice in overnight dating. It would be, frankly, just fucking amazing to take him into my bed.

When the cab stopped, I got out and insisted on paying the fare. Alex did not move to get out. For a second my heart collapsed. I had obviously misread him in my silliness and ludicrous thoughts of the age gap not being an issue.

“Can I kiss you goodnight Helen? This has been a wonderful and fabulous evening.” He wanted me to meet him halfway and signal he wasn’t expecting to get out the cab.

“No Alex, I want you to take me up to my flat. Is that okay with you?” Even as I said these words, my heart was pounding. I noticed that I had just edged one slender bare leg in his direction. I was flirting and I used to be quite good at it. I’m quite naughty when I’m turned on it seems. As the cab driver took my money through the window, I saw Alex gather up his jacket.

Alex smiled and with almost cat like moves he was next to me with his arm gently but firmly on the small of my back. The cab slowly drove away. He was here and was not going to disappear in a puff of diesel fumes from my life just yet. He so gently caressed my face and then kissed me first softly and gently, but then with smooth hands he drew me close to him and kissed me deeply, with just a hint of a sigh as he did so. My body was trembling and I could feel that just like in the coffee shop, my vagina had just cottoned on to what my brain was thinking. I could feel him tremble as well, he was nervous, but also gorgeously masculine and in control for one so young. I was probably already actually falling for him.

I did not bother with the usual apologies for the mess, I had tidied up and had pretty much come to the conclusion that we would be coming back here, right now and doing exactly this. Alex pressed me gently against the wall in the hallway and kissed me now openly with passion, his hands tracing along my arms and my hips. He was exploring my shape and my figure. His hands then slid along my thighs as far down as he could go without stooping then back up my bottom. I was alive with sparks and desire for more.

“Helen, you have the most amazingly gorgeous body, you are such a sexy lady.” I drew a breath. This was enormously erotic already. I just wanted everything right now.

I reached for his shirt and began to unbutton it. It was another formal shirt, I guess he had not packed for this encounter with an older woman as part of his trip. As I revealed his fabulous chest, I kissed whatever skin I could reach and then slipped the fabric off his shoulders. He was strong and muscular without overdoing it. Yes, gym equipment was his thing. He was a walking advert for the sexy male body.

I hesitated to undo his trousers, as I was sure I would have fumbled his belt in the dark. Sensing a pause, he gently slipped off his shoes and asked where I wanted to go now. I took his hand and started to climb the stairs. After three steps, he turned me around, his face now level with my stomach and gently slid his hands along my thighs and in doing so lifted up my short dress so that he could kiss all of my legs and caress my hips again. He kissed down my legs, almost all down my calves and ran his hands over my feet. I had small feet and my legs were toned from my years of training. He seemed to enjoy the experience and as he kissed back up along my long legs, I felt his breathing quicken. He now had a perfect view of my tiny panties and did not seem put off. His touch was electric and now I wanted more. I could feel his breath on my still hidden vagina, and it was at that moment I realised I was going to be naked with this man and have this gorgeous young body make passionate love with mine.

In my bedroom, I unzipped my dress, but let him slip it off my shoulders. I have strong-toned shoulders and wanted him to see them and feel his kiss on my whole body. I have very small boobs, good for ballet, but maybe too small for satisfying sex with this gorgeous young man, or so I thought. They were still quite pert, but I thought that maybe he would find them flat, empty or disappointing. But I was so very, very wrong as it turned out.

He took a step back and looked at me, I know he was savouring my slender shape and taking in my whole, practically bare body. He clearly loved my long slim and toned runner’s legs, my small runner-and-ballerina round peach-shaped bottom, my middle-distance trained hips and my broad dancer’s shoulders. He quite obviously loved my long hair, tied into a very high ponytail for the evening.

He leaned forwards and kissed me again, but this time his hands moved deliberately from my shoulders and arms around to slip off my tiny bra. As hoped, it gave up the fight quite easily and slipped to the floor between us, falling on my bare feet. His kisses slipped slowly down my neck, and I felt his hands slide so very gently across my now completely bared boobs to feel their size, such as they were. He squeezed them and his pleasing sigh made me feel so good about my body.

“God, I love your boobs.” My god I loved him squeezing them and taking my whole breast in his hand. It sent a direct message to my aching clitoris. I nearly orgasm in the right hands, as it were when my boobs are adored. Doubly so, with these beautiful deep and loving kisses.

His mouth moved down and found my now solid and swollen nipples and he licked them one at a time, clearly enjoying just how firm and aroused they were.

So, there we were stitched together, me topless in my bedroom and Alex slipping off his trousers, to share in an amazing experience.

I wanted to pleasure him in return and to put my hands all over his young body. So, I guided him to the bed. As I crawled on to pull down the duvet, making sure I let him have a slightly naughty view of my bottom, he put his hands firmly upon my hips and slowly, deliberately slid my little knickers over my bottom along my thighs to my knees, leaving my bottom bare and my eager vagina for him to see. He gripped my panties so that I could not slip them right off, or move, really. He kissed my back and bottom cheeks lovingly but with a desire I cannot remember experiencing before. He released me and I turned over, my knickers still on, but now somewhere around my ankles with my body now completely naked for him to take in and enjoy. And also for me to be loved by this incredibly sexy man.

He wore tight underwear, and my gaze was automatically drawn to his whole body, but of course to how big his cock was going to be. I can be classy, when I’m so turned on. He lay by my side, and we deeply kissed, his hands free to explore every inch of my body. The first time his hands touched my vagina I could not help but jump, the sensation was just so strong. He was still kissing my boobs and soaking them in his saliva, wet trails all over them. He did seem to love my breasts. I felt his hand just ease apart my thighs a little more. His fingers explored my clitoris, and it was at that moment I realized that I was unprepared in the waxing department, with me not expecting male company and given my age, he would probably be put off altogether. Wrong again, thankfully. Very wrong.

He circled my clitoris, first with one finger then with two and as he sensed my hips and vagina responding to him, he began to slide a finger inside me. Mixed with kisses to my boobs, I was already sensing the first perfectly delicious tingles of an orgasm. My breathing quickened and all I wanted to do was push my boobs deeper on to his face and guide his fingers into me. Classy to the end.

By now I was confident that my body had not put him off, my inhibitions had long ago receded and I wanted more. His fingers were now moving deliciously in and out of me and occasionally and quite deliberately brushed over my anus, which was an entirely new and sexy experience.

I had to touch him; I could not keep my hands off of him. My hands moved along his muscular abdomen, loving the firm feel of him and with a flat palm slid inside his underwear. This was the moment of truth. And Holy fuck.

“Oh my god Alex, you are so big.”

That involuntary sound came out my mouth as my fingers felt this huge, caged granite-hard cock. I don’t know where those words came from. Alex just kissed my boobs a little more passionately, sucking my entire boob into his mouth. His free hand drew me closer to him. I sensed his already perfect erection respond and his fingers on my clitoris were driving me crazy with desire.

“Oh Helen, you are such a sexy lady. You’re so fucking gorgeous.”

My hand tried to encircle his shaft. His cock was simply incredible. My hands found a thick, mushroom head, smooth, hot and firm to my touch. I was careful not to scratch it with my nails, I was out of practice, so I slid my fingers down his shaft. A little of his precum helped to lubricate my movements. His shaft was long and thick. The root of his cock was hard, veiny and masculine and his lovely big full balls were soft and smooth, I noted also with not a hair on them. My touch made him move so that I could explore his body all the more. My hands now slid excitedly between his legs, tearing off his underwear then squeezing his balls as I moved back up. His trimmed cock felt to my touch to be so incredibly sexy. As my hand tried to encircle his shaft, with him now almost on his back, I could clearly see that he had a very, very big penis and it was some distance for my hand to slip back to his wide head again! My god this was going to be a once in my lifetime fuck!

“Oh god, you have such a huge cock Alex. It’s fucking gorgeous.” Still classy, but I was so turned on. His flat stomach and firm thighs were the backdrop to his beautiful strong, young cock. My hands tried to move up and down to pleasure him, but it was a long way from his head to the base. His foreskin was thankfully loose, and I could easily expose his head, dark red and inviting.

“Helen, let me see your gorgeous body move, I want to see your boobs whilst you make love with me.” I could sense he was moving me on top of him, so I did, my thighs had to spread apart over his abdomen and my vagina was of course now very wet and willing. I moved to find his enormous manhood and help it find its way inside my body.

“Let me see your whole body my lover. I want to see your pussy.” He placed his hands on my hips and gently tilted me back. It was startling to hear him say the word ‘pussy’. I felt like a teenager. My now exposed and wet vagina was on show for him. His thickening cock told me that he liked what he saw.

“You’re so gorgeous, just delicious.”

Feeling now much more body confident, I slid back and realized that I would have to sit up high to get his heavy and massive dick inside me. It was just so fucking huge and obviously I had never had something this large anywhere near me before. He first teased me and guided it across my clitoris and the sensation of a large cock sliding over my wet aroused clitoris was almost enough for me to orgasm on him and I wanted to, but as it started to rise in me, he moved his wide head inside. He let out a loud sigh as his cock penetrated my vagina, I had not been in this position for quite some time, and I felt quite tight. I was being stretched over it and the sensation of being so full of young cock was exotic and energising.

My small boobs bounced as I began to rock back and forth on him. I hoped they would not be a disappointment, not as youthful and firm as they had once been. Also, I could not take him fully inside me, he was just too long and thick. I thought he would be disappointed, but he was looking at me longingly as I pushed him as deep in me as I could. I felt his fat head squeezing my cervix with every move and it was sexy, as well as making me feel a little vulnerable. I’m sure he could feel it as well. I slid down as hard as I could on his shaft and threw my head involuntarily to the ceiling, with my boobs wildly swirling, as the first wave of orgasmic pleasure took hold with each squeeze on him.

I wanted him to like my body, the sexy sensation of me spread very wide across his muscular frame and the feeling of his large cock pressing hard against my womb, taking me to heights of pleasure I thought had passed me by.

There I was with a young, strong and thick penis inside me, buried deep up to my helpless cervix, the eager head searching for a womb to soak in sperm. Oh, how I wanted it.