Her Weekend.

I enjoy the occasional submission to my wife and recently lived out this scenario.

It was a Friday and we had the entire weekend to ourselves. All through the day my wife sent me text messages letting me know that this weekend she will take charge and fulfill some of my fantasies.

One test in particular makes me lose my concentration for the rest of the day.

“I will restrain you in our living room and completely use you for my pleasure whenever I want.”

Another text tells me.

“Stop by the Love Shack on your way home and pick up the items I have selected, the sales girl will have them waiting for you.”

Not being able to concentrate any longer, I inform my boss that I have an appointment and head out he door. As I am driving, another text comes in saying. “Don’t forget the lube!”

I pull into the parking lot of the Love Shack and notice that there seems to be a lot of cars. I walk up to the counter and ask the salesgirl if there is a package behind the counter for me to pick up, she asks my name and after looking under the counter she comes back up and hands me a list.

“What’s this?” I ask.

Your wife wanted us to have you pick out all of the items instead of us.” The salesgirl tells me.

I look at the list and it is not that long actually.

“Here, I’ll help.” The sales girl says and snatches the list from my hand.

“Sorry, it’s part of your wife’s deal, look at the bottom of the note.” She explains and shows me the words written at the bottom in my wife’s handwriting.


“Ok, where do we begin?” I ask.

“We’ll start out small, follow me.”

She leads me over to a wall that has an assortment of toys ranging from butt plugs to anal beads to cock rings.

“Lets see, the first thing on the list is a butt plug, the one she has picked out has a wireless vibrator in it, you’ll love this one! It has a range of 50 feet and the vibrator is quite powerful, your wife can be anywhere in the house and turn it on.”

She unceremoniously tosses it in the basket I am carrying.

“Um, Ok what’s next?”

“Aah, restraining straps.” She says rather loudly.

Moving along we come to a shelf with assorted restraint devices.

“Wwhich one do you think she picked?”

“I haven’t a clue.”

“Your wife must be serious about keeping you in place, these are the same type they use at hospital psych wards, you’ll never get free unless she wants you to.”

Again, taking them off the shelf and tossing them in the basket. I’m beginning to really feel nervous when the sales girls asks. “What’s next on the list?”

Looking at the list it says. “Pick out a dildo for me and one for you, then find a harness they both will fit in, make good choices, we don’t want any holes to be disappointed!”

I relay this to the sales girl and she walks me over to the back wall where dildos of every imaginable size, shape and color are on display.

“I already know what size and style harness your wife wants so I’ll get that while you pick out your dildos.”

I have to mention that the entire conversation is happening in a normal voice and many of the other customers appear to be eaves dropping.

Having never picked one out before, I am still looking when the girl returns. Dropping a box into my basket, she tells me that the particular harness she picked can be used by either man or woman and has special features depending on who is wearing it. She explains that it holds the dildo tight for easy use as opposed to others that move around and make it hard to use.

Rather loudly she asks, “Find one you think will fit?”

I’m not sure I can get much more embarrassed, but this girl is sure trying.

“I’m not sure what to look for.” I tell her.

Again, rather loudly she replies, “Well it is obvious that one of them is going to be used on you, so what do you think would fit?”

Several people have turned to look, but I try to ignore them. I reach up and pick out a small bullet shaped device, however the salesgirl tells me that won’t work in the harness.

“You need to choose from this wall section here.”

The dildos on this wall are extremely life like and much larger than I would have liked. Seeing my hesitation, the salesgirl finally pipes up saying.

“Look, your wife already picked some out so I’ll show you those and you decide which ones you want to buy.”

Well the choice I had ranged from average to humongous, I settled on an average 6 incher in blue (for me) and a larger eight inch, porn star molded version for my wife.

“I think we are all done.” I tell the girl.

“Almost. We still need lube, and lots of it according to your wife.”

“Here we go.” she says showing me a rack of assorted bottles.

“Personally, I prefer this stuff.” She says picking up a very large bottle.

“This is the favorite of both our male and female customers.”

“I’ll take it.” I tell her.

We head to the counter to pay and as she is ringing everything up she asks me. “Any idea what’s in store for you at home?”

“Not a clue.”

“Well, from what we heard you should enjoy it, but I know your wife will!”

She hands me my bag of purchases and as I leave she yells out. “Enjoy, I can’t wait to hear all the details!”

Embarrassed beyond belief, I get in my car and head towards home. When I get in the garage, I notice a note hanging from the door. Getting out of my car and taking the bag with me I stop to read it.

“Your first task is to remove all of your clothes. Do this then continue reading the rest of the note!”

I set the bag down and begin to remove my clothes. Once I am completely naked I unfold the rest of the note and read on.

“Get the lube out of the bag and apply some to your asshole, I want it greased up and ready. Next take out the butt plug, turn on the switch and insert it. Once this is done knock on the door ONE time.”

I place my clothes and the bag with the rest of th eitems on the work bench. I’m hard as a rock in anticipation of things to come.

The next step is a bit daunting, my wife has fingered my ass several times, but I have never inserted a foreign object. The plug feels huge in my hand, I can only guess how big it will feel in my ass.

Doing as I’m told, I squirt some lube on my fingers and smear some around and into my asshole. I do this several times, I want to be fully greased up for whatever she plans. I grease up the plug and after struggling a little manage to get the plug in place. Although not too large it does have me feeling quite full, the curved end of it sitting rather pleasantly on my prostate.

I knock on the door once as directed and almost immediately, the plug in my ass begins to vibrate, the sensation almost brings me too my knees. I realize how bad I was set up at the store and my wife has already taken the remote control portion of the plug.

Through the intercom, my wife tells me to enter the house but stand just inside the door. As I open the door and begin to walk the vibrations increase. This time my knees completely buckle and I end up crawling through the door. The vibrations ease a little till they are just a low hum.

Once inside I notice another note on the floor. This one tells me to take all the purchases into the bedroom except for the restraining devices. I am to leave them in the living room.

I take the box out and place it on the sofa, all through this event the vibrating in my ass goes up and down in strength, making it difficult to function let alone walk.

I am not sure where my wife is watching me from but she seems to know my every move. Once in our bedroom I see another note.

This one reads, “Go into the bathroom and clean yourself completely INSIDE and out.” She had put extra emphasis on the word inside.

“Then take all of the dildos out of the boxes and take them into the shower with you and wash them with soap and water very thoroughly.”

Our enema kit was hanging from the shower door in case I had any questions as to what “inside” meant. I filled up the bag with warm soapy water and let it do it’s thing. Once I have completed my “inside” cleaning, I remove the dildos from their packages.

In my hands they seem much larger than they did in the store, I am definitely having second thoughts. Once the water has warmed up I step in and wash up my body. Almost forgetting her other instruction I step out and grab the dildos.

Even though I know they are fake it still feels wild soaping them up and running my hands over such realistic feeling fake cocks. The way they are formed with real life heads and thick veins, it’s almost as if I had a real cock in my hand. My wife had obviously been watching me because she scared the hell out of me when she spoke up.

“You seem to really be enjoying jacking that cock, and boy does it turn me on to watch you do it.”

I had been soaping up the larger of the two dildos and I guess I had spent a little too much time with it.

“Get out and dry off, I have big plans for you tonight.”

As she leaves she grabs the black dildo out of my hand saying. “I’ll take this for now, you’ll get plenty of time to play with it later. Oh, and put your plug back in before you come out.” She said just before closing the door.

I grease up my hole as much as possible and after a little struggling I get the plug to slip in, again, the curved head is doing magical things to my prostate.

When I come out of the bathroom and into our bedroom I am greeted by a sight to behold, the only thing she is wearing is a smile, it is obvious she is excited, her beautiful breasts are flushed and her nipples are standing very erect.

As I am drying off she reminds me that she already has the butt plug remote by turning it on full blast. Again this drops me to my knees.

“Ooh, I like that. On your knees already!”

She slowly lowers the speed until it turns off. As I start to get up she hits it full blast again saying, “Oh no, I like you down there, remember, you wanted to be my servant, and servants should always be on their knees.”

As I mentioned earlier, the plug is resting squarely on my prostate and all the vibration not only has my cock hard as a rock, but pre-cum is practically running out of the tip.

“Follow me, and bring the toys.” She says and turns and walks out the door.

Thankful for carpet I follow her on my hands and knees. It is very difficult to crawl with the dildos in my hands and she notices this.

“Here, let me help you, she then takes both dildos from me and starts to walk out the door.

Turning around, she comes right back saying. “I have a better way for you to carry these, open your mouth.”

When I hesitate, she maxes out the vibrator and when I open my mouth to moan, she shoves the smaller blue dildo in.

“Keep it there and don’t let it fall.”

Silicon or what ever it is made of is actually quite heavy and the only way to keep this thing in my mouth is to suck on it. I make a few slurping sounds doing so and my wife notices.

“You are such a slut, making all those noises while sucking that cock, I only wish I had a real one to feed you!”

Walking down stairs on hands and knees is difficult on its own let alone having a powerful vibrator in your ass and a dildo in your mouth.

I eventually make it down stairs and into the living room where my wife has taken a seat on the couch with a glass of wine in her hand. She is idly running the black dildo across her cheek watching the TV.

As I enter I see what has her attention, there is a porn movie on the screen and two well endowed men are giving a busty blonde all she can handle.

“Come here.”

When I crawl over she takes the dildo from my mouth leaving a trail of slobber as it goes.

“Mouth watering good huh?” she teases.

“Massage my feet while I watch the movie.”

I sit on the floor in front of her Indian style and grab her left foot. As I begin to rub she takes her other foot and slides it up and down my hard-on.

I cannot see the action on the TV but from the sounds I hear it is quite hot. My wife has slowly started to run her hand across her breasts, slowly caressing her nipples, occasionally pulling them and rolling them between her fingers. She then spreads her thighs, when they open fully I can see her shaved pussy and it is glistening with wetness.

She takes her free hand and slowly descends it towards her slippery slit. Once there she slides a finger between her lips and dips it into her hole. When she pulls her finger out it is dripping with her excitement. She offers it to me and I gladly it lick clean.

My wife brings herself off rather quickly, and informs me. “I had so many orgasms while waiting for you to get home. I’m ready for the main event.”

“Go lie over the ottoman.”

This is when I realize what she needed the restraining straps for. Sticking out from under the ottoman are both wrist and ankle straps and a wider strap I am not sure what it is for As I lie down, she takes the wrist straps and secures them around my wrists. When she pulls them snug I am completely unable to move, my chest is pulled flat on the cushion and it leaves my ass slightly in the air.

“Wow, I won’t need the ankle straps at all.”

“But this one will help hold you in place.” She adds as she secures a strap around the ottoman and over my lower back.

She is absolutely correct, there is no way I could move even if I wanted to. I am however able to move my hips and as my cock is also flat on the cushion I begin to slide back and forth hoping to generate some friction for my ever hard cock. She notices this and reaches under me and pulls my cock out so it is simply pointing straight down the end of the ottoman, taking away any hopes of me achieving an easy orgasm.

She sets the plug in my ass to full power, and just to be cruel places the remote control on the cushion in front of my face.

“I’ll be right back, I have to get ready for the rest of our fun.”

After a few minutes the vibrating plug in my ass in really working on me and has my cock rock hard, it is also causing my hips to buck and shake involuntarily. My wife notices this when she returns and says.

“Wow, I knew your ass was hungry, but I never knew how much. Don’t worry though, when I’m done you will have had your fill of cock in your ass, or then again maybe you’ll want more. We’ll just see what happens. I can guarantee you this, my cock won’t ever go soft so I’m going keep fucking you until I get tired!”

At his point she walks in front of me and I can see that she has slipped on the harness, but has not put one of the dildos in it yet. This is an incredibly sexy sight, my wife naked except for a black leather harness.

“Did you know that there is a small dildo inside this for me? It is just the right size, curls in nicely to hit my g-spot and has little nubs that sit perfectly on my clit, just walking has me ready to come again, I can’t imagine how it will feel once I start fucking you!”

She draws my attention to matters at hand by showing me the two new dildos.

“Ok, you bought two dildos today, one for me and one for you, now pick carefully, which one is for me and which one is for you?”

“The blue one is for me.”

“Are you sure, this is your last chance to change your mind.”

“I’m sure, I picked the smaller blue one for me.”

“Ok then, it’s your ass.”

“Wait, what do you mean by that?”

“Well, this little blue one is for you to use on me so that means that you got this big black one for me to use on you!”

“No that is not what I meant, that one is way to big.” I plead.

“Oh I’ll bet we can make it fit honey, we just need some practice and lots of lubricant. But I’ll tell you what, since you are a virgin back there I’ll take it easy on you, at least to begin with.”

With that she sets down the larger of the two dildos and unsnaps the ring and inserts the blue dildo into the harness. Once she has it firmly in place she gives it a pull to make sure it won’t come loose. Watching her lewdly tug on a cock, real or not, is strangely erotic. She notices my stare and begins to stroke it just as she has watched me do on many occasions.

“I feel so powerful with this thing on, no wonder men are always playing with themselves. I would too if I had one if these in my pants. Now before we get to the main event, there are a few other things I want to do.”

She then kneels in front of me. The ottoman is at the perfect height and my face is right at her crotch.

“I want to know what the attraction is to face fuck someone; you seem to really get off doing it to me, so now it’s my turn, open wide bitch!”

I try to turn away, but she grabs my hair and holds my face right in front of her rubber appendage. Holding my head steady she moves her hips around causing the head of the dildo rub across my lips.

Eventually I open my mouth.

“There you go, that wasn’t so bad was it? You do it to me all the time, I think turn about is fair play don’t you?”

My mouth is full I can only nod. Slowly she pushes more and more into my mouth, until my nose is resting against the leather panty holding the dildo.

She grinds her hips against my face and gives a little shudder.

“Oh shit, between seeing you swallowing a cock and that cock on the inside I’m about to cum.”

I try to bob my head a little hoping if I make her cum she will end her assault on my mouth, however, in the position I am in I cannot move very much. She has other ideas anyway, sliding the cock almost out of my mouth and when only the head is left in she tells me to lick all around. I do as she says and try my best.

“We’ll have to work on that.”

Returning both her hands to my hair she grabs a handful and begins a slow push back into my mouth. This time when she hits bottom, she pulls out rather rapidly and promptly begins to fuck my face as promised. The whole time she is watching her cock slip between my lips she is saying.

“Fuck that’s hot, now I see why you like it. If it feels as good as it looks from this vantage point I understand why you like it.”

“I still think I need to get you a real cock to swallow!”

Her hips are bucking erratically as she drives the cock in my face and I know she is fast approaching another orgasm. With one last thrust she begins to cum, almost violently shoving the fake cock down my throat.

Falling back on the floor, pulling her cock from my mouth she takes it in her hands and jams it against her cunt forcing the internal dildo deeper into her slit. She looks as if she is jacking off a real cock as she is doing this. When at last her orgasm begins to subside she lets go of the dildo, but continues to tremble as the last of her orgasm runs through her body.

“Oh fuck that was good, I need a minute to relax, but as good as that felt I’ll bet it will feel even better when I fuck your ass!”

I am extremely hard this whole time, but the position I am in offers no relief. After a few minutes she has recuperated enough to stand.

Walking around behind me she makes some lewd comments about how perfect my ass looks for fucking. While back the there, she traces her finger along my crack, stopping to slowly tap the plug in my ass.

This causes me to jump, although I cannot move very far. She continues her tease down towards my balls; taking them into her hand she gently massages them rolling them between her fingers.

“Oohh they feel so full, I’ll bet you have a big load of come in here for me.”

Letting them slip from her grasp, she slowly encircles my hard shaft, her hand feels wonderful, and again I try to buck my hips, hoping to gain any friction I can.

“Aren’t you the horny one, save that thought, we’ll put this to use later.” She says giving my cock one last squeeze before letting go.

“You are leaking quite a bit, we can’t have you staining the carpet.”