I breathed a sigh of relief when the mover truck drove off the engine after an hour of unloading my essentials. I closed the dusty blinds and turned around to give a quick once-over at the stacked boxes in the middle of the living room, feeling eager to unpack, hoping that familiar items could lighten the mood of the absence of its homey atmosphere.

Because of hiccups with the mover on the lane, my belongings took a longer time to arrive. I was able to scrub the entire house in 4 days and all I needed was repairs and maintenance on some major issues in the house.

I stayed at the local hotel in town and spent my daytime cleaning the run-down house. My king-sized bed and mattress from California was the only piece of furniture that I brought, which stood proudly on end in the master bedroom and I was pleased to spend my first night here later even though the house was still a safety risk.

It was reasonably priced and appeared to be in a good condition on a house-for-sale website. After my mother decided to marry an addict and became a drunkard, I’ve started saving money for the past two years to get away from her. And when I heard the news about the sudden death of my father five months ago, it devastated me. He was a devoted man despite him marrying another woman, he would always involve me in every fraction of his life.

His wife, Sarah, was the kindest woman I have ever met and I was keen to call her my stepmother. She made him happy and I watched my father grow into this remarkable man succeeding in his thriving business with a supportive wife standing by his side. They were beyond perfect.

He left a huge chunk of money for me in his will and I would be eternally gratified for that. Sarah was an understanding woman, she never felt envious or bitter towards me, instead, she encouraged me to start living the life I deserve and be happy. So I got away from my mother and relocated to this peaceful town, got a new job in marketing to begin a new chapter in my life, away from my non-existent family despite my friends’ disapproval.

The house has two bedrooms, one bathroom and a small living room with an attached kitchen. The layout was ideal for a single woman like me who wished to spend the rest of her life alone. Images, it seems, were quite deceiving, and the house condition appeared to be worse in real life.

It has been vacant for a decade. Mould and mildew filled the walls, tree foliage smashed into the window, the wooden floor appeared to be broken in some sections, and the ceiling was shattered due to water runoff. The area was covered in trees and a bit secluded from people and the town.

I sat on the new, plastic wrapped sofa with a glass of water in hand, after a long day of extensive cleaning, the water ran down my dry throat felt refreshing. I was wearing my white tank top and black yoga pants, the hot atmosphere caused me to sweat more with a tingling sensation between my legs.

“Damn it…,” I cursed softly.

I couldn’t comprehend why I was aroused almost every day. Yes, I confessed that I am sexually frustrated to the deepest level but why do I need to get off up to 4 times a day, I wasn’t sure if that was normal.

I stripped down to my underwear and laid down on the sofa, started rubbing my clit and moaning in pleasure. I embraced masturbating while naked, my glistening C-cup tits and separate thighs looked amazing from my point of view.

The house was still at risk of exposure due to broken locks on shattered windows and doors, and anyone could barge in any moment but I couldn’t help myself. My surrounding was awfully quiet, other than the chirping birds outside, all I could hear was the juices between my legs and my moans of pleasure. My palm hit my clit and my pubic area hard as I slid my fingers inside my pussy and began frantically fingering myself.

“Yes, yes, yes…”

As the sensation inside my belly began to build, I clamped my thighs together and let out a squeaking noise as orgasm struck my whole body. My gaze was fixed on the ceiling, while the tingling sensation in my pussy lingered. That was satisfying.

I wiped my wet fingers on my stomach once I had my breathing under control, closing my eyes and sighed contently. I bent to the side and used my arm as a cushion, then felt an unmistakable soft caress on my thigh, which jolted me awake.

I straightened up and looked around the room, perplexed, but saw no one. I put my hand on my thigh, the sensation was almost identical except my palm was warm. My mind was most likely playing tricks on me so I shrugged it off.


I scanned the beverage section, making sure that everything that I needed was in the basket before moving on to the snack aisle. I grabbed three bags of Jalapeno Cheetos and a bunch of Hershey’s White Chocolate and tossed them in the basket. I would always prefer white chocolates over the regular ones, and my friends back home would laugh at me and find it unusual.

“Hello, you don’t seem to be familiar,” the cashier said warmly as she scanned my items.

“Hello there! I’m new here, I just relocated from California,” I grinned. “Ana Taylor,” I said as I extended my hand to shake hers.

“Rita Fannings. Wow, you’ve travelled quite a distance, what brings you here?” she asked as she stuffed my last item into the shopping bag.

“Oh, just city life doesn’t work for me,” I said, waving my hand, “but it’s very peaceful here, that’s what draws me in.”

“Of course dear, I hope you have a pleasant stay here,” Rita said warmly. “Do you have a place to stay?”

“I bought the house by the creek in Maple Hills, and I’m currently renovating it.”

“I know that place,” she said, her brows furrowed. “It’s nice to see someone might relive it again, I’m certain the house will look just as lovely as it did before.”

Rita’s face was filled with concern and uncertainty. Whenever I told people where I live, they looked at me like I had a second head or was insane. Owners attempted to live there, but they didn’t last long, perhaps two weeks at most, due to some serious eerie encounters, some believed the house was cursed.

“I’ll give it my all, it’s a lot of effort, but hopefully it’ll feel like home to me next month… I’ll see you around Rita.”

We’ve said our goodbyes, then I went to the hardware store to get some paint.

It has been two weeks since I stayed in the house and today was surprisingly productive; with the aid of reluctant hired workers throughout the weeks, the ceiling, floor and windows were repaired. I had hired a plumber and an electrician contractor to fix some major issue and make instalments around the house. The locks on all of the windows and doors were installed properly. The only thing missing from the rooms, aside from the unpainted walls, were pieces of furniture and decorations.

Now and then, I could sense it. A light touch and a gentle caress. On my sides, lower back, arms and even my face. It was more prominent around my private when in times of needs. It was startling and perplexing to me every time but it never made me feel threatened.

My subconscious kept telling me the ghostly presence in the house was true, amidst the talk of the town, a spirit perhaps, but I shrugged it off every time because it didn’t show any real signs of danger or threats in the house as some folks described. At one point, I mildly twisted my ankle after falling off a ladder, and I felt a sudden caress on my impacted skin which soothed me. I knew the encounter was kind with no malice intended.

I admit the events that took place here was odd. I noticed my bed was made by itself several times, but I couldn’t recall doing it earlier in the day. I remember I was preparing eggs for breakfast and got distracted by a call from a colleague and I rushed towards the kitchen to find it well-cooked and the stove had been turned off.

The house was a little tidier than I remembered it to be after I made some adjustment to some areas. And whenever I misplaced things, and I spent my time trying to find them, they mysteriously appeared in the most obvious places. These were unexplainable things, and I was certain that the odd encounters were trying to make me feel welcomed.

“It’s not bad here,” one of the hired worker, José, looked up at me after he had placed the last cornice floor, “I’m glad my boss insist us on doing this.”

He grinned as he looked at me from head to toe. His stare made me feel uneasy so I moved behind the kitchen counter and nodded at his remark. The heated atmosphere of the house didn’t help the situation as my shirt clings to my flushed body like a second skin due to the excessive sweat. He was staring at my body the whole 2 days as if I were a tasty meal, and I pretended to be oblivious and avoided him at all cost. I’ve had arranged proper ventilation and air-conditioning initially for the house, unfortunately, got called for delays and the expected contractors’ arrival was within this week instead.

“If you like Ma’am, I can come over tomorrow morning again and paint the walls for you,” he smirked, licking his lips and staring at my cleavage while moving closer towards me. I know that he was hinting at sex, and he was being obvious at his intention, “free of charge, of course.”

José approached me like a predator trying to stalk his prey with a sinister smile plastered across his face. His white tank top clung to his sweaty skin and the filthy scent of his was more pronounced as he got closer towards me. His eyes were staring at my body hungrily, and my mind was reeling in fear when he started to enter my personal space. I stood stiffly with a racing heart as he lifted his finger hooking it to my neckline, shifting it downwards exposing my glistening cleavage.

Suddenly, the dining chair screeched a foot away towards him and abruptly came to a halt beside his leg stopping his impending predatory move.

“What the fuck?” He uttered in shock.

I gasped, taken aback at the overtly spiritual sign. José stepped back with a puzzled expression on his forehead. Fear and shock radiated off his body as he stared at the chair then he rushed to start packing his tools and equipment hastily.

“I think we’re done here, Ma’am,” Fred, the other worker who was in his 50’s appeared from the bedroom holding his toolbox.

“A-alright, thank you so much guys, I’ll walk you out.”

José rushed out of the house without a word once I opened the door which earned me a questioning glance from Fred. As soon as their truck pulled out of the driveway, I let out a huge sigh of relief. Anxiety always crept in whenever male workers came into my home, and it has something to do with the sexual advances these men had in mind for me.

“Thank you…,” I whispered as I leaned the back of my head against the door. Somehow, I know that he or she was watching over me and I started to appreciate the spirit’s presence over the weeks.

I looked around the house and double-checked the windows and doors making sure they were shut and locked. After a hot shower, I exited the bathroom naked after dabbing my damp skin with the towel and using it to wrap around my wet hair. I stood in front of the mirror, and smeared and rubbed lotions all over my body.

My hair was damp, so I attempted to dry it as much before bed. My gaze was drawn to my naked body. I must admit that I find myself quite appealing. My fair skin stood out against my dark hair. People describe my face as angelic, with large hazel eyes, a small pointy nose and full lips. My body was not exactly skinny, in fact; I have a sexy curvy figure, compliments from most of my female friends back in California.

It was a shame that my body hadn’t had much fun with sex. No man could ever make me climax with oral or penetration, I could count the times it did though when I had to work myself on being a cowgirl slamming myself on them hard and fast. When I was not, either they finished early or their pace was not up to my likings. But when I was left to my own devices, it was extremely addicting.

I lay naked on the bed, spread my legs apart and began touching my throbbing pussy. I moaned as I slid my middle finger inside my warm canal, slowly stroking in and out. My other hand reached out and squeezed my ample tits hard, closing my eyes and moaning in ecstasy.

Playing with myself was my everyday routine to get a good night’s sleep and I wouldn’t miss coming multiple times until I feel sated. I know I was being watched every night by the ghostly presence but I couldn’t care less as long as I was not harmed in any way.

As I slid my finger out to suck it, a cold touch brushed against my clit. I blinked open my eyes, startled. The odd encounters never touched my pussy directly, instead, I always felt it caressing my thighs or legs when I played with myself.

I waited, wondering if I imagined the sensation right, fixing my gaze on the ceiling as another giant flick of touch landed on my wet clit.

What the hell?

I lowered my gaze to my pussy then another giant cold flick of touch continued slowly from my pussy hole until my clit, up and down. I’m pretty sure I was getting licked!

“Oh, my God.”

I sat up suddenly and tried to buck my hips away from the invisible force, but it persisted.

“Oh, my God!”

When I reached down my hand between my legs, it felt as if it had passed through nothing and the licking sensation remained. I stared down at my pussy, my labia lips and clit were moving erratically. The sound of my pussy wetness was audible, and I could feel myself becoming wetter at the gentle strong force.

I couldn’t fight it; the sensation was incredible. How I wished for someone decent to enjoy foreplay and lick me every night until I reach my orgasm but never have I thought about a certain spirit about to fulfil it, so I might as well grasp the opportunity and see where this leads.

I sagged into the bed, gasping and enjoying the sensation of the strong invisible tongue. I should have been scared, but I was extremely aroused that my judgment was clouded by the intense pleasure it gave me.

“Yes…,” I whispered. It has been going on longer than 10 minutes as I spread my legs, squirming and writhing at being licked hard and my orgasm started to develop.

“Finger me?” I asked, out of breath.

A cold finger slipped into my pussy with a jolt.

“Oh, my God… Yes!”

Another finger slipped inside me and began to move roughly. The sound of my wetness was wild in the room, it turned me on so good.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

As I jolted up, clenching the sheets, a massive orgasm washed over my belly. My body shuddered and trembled in response to the sensation then I collapsed into the bed, panting heavily.

The tongue continued to lick me but at a slower pace. My heart was beating steadily as I recovered from my climax and then… the sensation stopped. I leaned on my elbows to see what will happen next but… nothing.

I gasped in shock as my lips were gently brushed by a cold touch then I parted my lips and felt a tongue slipped in. I closed my eyes at the sensation and lay back in bed. My hand shot out, attempting to reach out the head, instead, passing through the air. The sensation of the invisible kiss was incredible and I moaned aloud as the aggressive tongue explored my mouth.

A cold touch on my breast tickled me slightly. I moaned at the gentle squeezing of my breast and pinching of my nipple. The cold palm sensation trailed down to my pussy, and rubbed my clit gently.

“Mhmm… Yes more please,” my voice was muffled by the kiss as the clit rubbing became forceful.

The cold fingers entered me once again and started to stroke frantically inside me. I squirmed at the fingering sensation as well as a cold thumb, I presumed, rubbing my clit aggressively.

“Oh, God! Don’t stop! Just like that, yes!” My scream was smothered by the passionate kiss as I jerked my hips towards the invisible force.

“I’m cumming-,” I gasped and rolled my eyes as my body shook violently on the bed. My juices gushed over my pussy and inner thigh by the intense pressure.

I whimpered as the spirit broke the kiss and leaned down to pull my thigh to my chest and lick my wetness slurping it down greedily. I could feel a nose poking my asshole and a chin rubbing my pubic area as my pussy was being eaten. My view was extremely arousing, as the strong invisible palm held my thigh still beside my chest, my pussy and ass hung in the air and I could see fast movement on my glistening pussy as I was getting licked.

“Oh, my God…,” I panted heavily, stroking my forehead in disbelief as the licking sensation continues. I couldn’t believe I got multiple orgasms from a spirit, and it was the most satisfying foreplay that I had ever encounter than any human I dated with.

I looked around in a daze, expecting another round of pleasure on my throbbing pussy as the sensation stopped and my thigh was pulled down gently. Unfortunately, the blanket shifted itself and slid over my naked body softly. I smiled at the kind gesture then clamped my legs together switching into a comfortable position as the lights switched off by themselves and I eventually fell asleep.


I woke up feeling like I may have had a wet dream about a ghost eating me out. My brow furrowed as I remember vividly how it happened. I yawned and sat up slowly letting the blanket fell off my shoulder, exposing my naked chest.

I let out a gasp as the blanket was suddenly lifted off of me, exposing my privates underneath it. Then, there was a gentle flick of an invisible finger on my pussy.

“You’re real…,” I said softly, straightening my back at the sensation.

My heart was beating fast, last night was not a dream. The cold fingers rubbed my pussy slowly and I couldn’t help moaning.

The sun’s rays shone through the white sheer curtain, brightening the room, and I was enthralled to see movement on my glistening pussy lips.

A cold touch brushed my lips and I leaned forward to the kiss. I let out my tongue, attempted to explore the lips and was surprised to find cold wet friction. I felt like kissing an invisible human, the physical contact was present.

The spirit broke the kiss, then the fingers stopped rubbing me. I waited to see what would happen next, and I was not disappointed in the least. A gentle flick of the spirit’s tongue was on my pussy, and I moaned as I spread my leg wider, slumping into the bed.

“You make me feel good…,” I said softly as my hands reached out, squeezing my breasts.

I lay in bed for more than 40 minutes getting licked and fingered, and I was moaning and writhing in pleasure, as the spirit gave me multiple orgasms throughout the session.

“No more, no more please…,” I pleaded, panting heavily.

I bucked my hips upwards attempting to avoid the invisible tongue and the sensation stopped. I clamped my thighs together, I swear I could hear a deep manly chuckle echoing in my ears softly. That was probably the longest oral pleasure I had ever received. I lay in bed, my gaze fixated on the ceiling thinking hard.

“Who are you?”

No answer.

“Do you live here?”

No answer.

I sighed and tried to sit up by the edge of the bed, my legs felt heavy and stiff as a result of my orgasms.

“Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me…,” I smiled, looking around the room.

A gentle caress brushed along my lips and I leaned towards the kiss. The kiss broke and I unmistakably heard a male voice mysteriously echoing in my ears.

‘…you’re beautiful…’


Three weeks straight, the male spirit would kiss the ground I walked on. The sensation never ceased to amaze me. I would get an intense release in every part of the house including the kitchen table, the floor of the living room, in the shower and even the front porch.

I wouldn’t have to play with myself any longer; instead, I’d lie naked in bed or sofa and he was always there to pleasure me day and night. I’d wake up to a licking sensation to my pussy every morning, came home from work to a rough fingering and tongue fucking and slept in a sated daze from it every night. My body would not even reach the front door to settle inside and he would take off my panty, eating me right then and there on the porch.