I noticed her first when I looked over my shoulder. Black-haired, cloaked in trails of smoke and gorgeous beyond description, the demoness just stood there observing me.

I clung to the coffee mug in my hand, which began to shake. I’d been wondering what to do with my life that morning, staring at my reflection in the mirror: slender, gaunt after a late night of studies, halfway through my final year in literature and with no exciting job prospects. At least the coffee was good. I’d ground it myself and roasted it in a little percolator over the stove that morning. My name is Daniel, by the way. I was 27 when this all happened and lived in Prague. I’m telling you this story as a warning. Please read on.

When I first noticed her, it took me a few moments to register what I was looking at. A black-haired lady appearing in a mirror… hadn’t I seen that before in some video online? This had to be a night terror, I concluded, but damn if it wasn’t realistic… even the coffee tasted real.

Still shaking, I closed my eyes. I took a few long, deep breaths. Then I turned around and bravely opened my eyes again.

She was still standing there, entirely unassuming, occupying what little free space my bedroom offered. A whiff of lavender hung in the air.

I myself stood nailed to the ground. In fact, it was only her breathtaking beauty that prolonged the panic you’d normally expect, having a woman draped in smoke appear out of nowhere into your private quarters. I caught myself staring at her face unashamedly, captivated by her ethereal features.

Classical, actually, is how I’d describe her. There was something ancient about her proud cheekbones and the rich, jet-black hair gushing down past her bare shoulders. After the dirty smoke, hanging about her figure like a cloud pregnant with bad weather, the most curious thing about her was her skin. It was intensely pale, verging on the blue.

The woman, for lack of a better word, appeared to enjoy the attention. Her grey eyes began to return the favor, tracing the shape of my lean body, seemingly undressing me in her mind. With a half-smile, as if satisfied, she bit her lip.

This must be a dream, my mind insisted.

“You’re not dreaming, Daniel.”

As she spoke, a lovely warmth washed over me like a Roman steam bath. In surprise, I took a step back and tripped onto my bed.

Her voice!

“Do you like the sound of it?”

Like honey the words now flowed, thickly, penetrating my ears, nose, and mouth… intoxicating me. The skin of my chest tingled underneath my bottom-up shirt. Dizzily, I reached for my head. My face felt tender and I inadvertently let out a sigh when my fingers brushed past my lips. What was happening to me?

“You can… hear my thoughts,” my drugged mind finally managed.

“I can do many things for you,” she said deliberately, as she positioned herself next to me on the bed. She leaned over and whispered into my ear: “I have come for your soul, but I cannot take it without your permission.”

Hot, inescapable, as though I’d stepped into a sauna at full capacity, her breath engulfed me.

“I know, my presence is a bit much,” she apologized. “I’m just so very excited to see you.”

I closed my eyes and the world began to spin, but when I pried them open again, she was still sitting there. Could it be that this was not a dream?

I felt overwhelmed and my eyes drifted to her dress. No, wait, it wasn’t a dress at all. It danced like smoke over an extinguished candle, clouding her in a suggestive darkness that occasionally failed to cover the bluish skin below.

Dazed, I irreverently followed the shape of her figure, wherever it appeared. For a split second I thought I saw a nipple, as purple as a plum, when the woman hooked her finger below my chin and gently pulled my face up towards her.

She smiled, conspiringly, as a professor would at her favorite student.

“My eyes are up here.”

And so they were, narrowing a little as she spoke, a quiver of her eyelashes luring me in like a serpent. I shifted my gaze up towards her flawless eyebrows, arched in mock surprise, until finally I had no other option but to drink in the sight of her eyes. Grey pools of lust and power, they dragged me in deep. There was a shimmer of dark red down there, and at long last I grew frightened.

“I came for your soul,” her voice rang again. “Will you give it to me?”

Breaking eye contact, I jumped up and fled from my bedroom, slamming the door behind me without looking back.

I was properly panicking now and stumbled into the kitchen. My hands trembled as I splashed some water in my face. I filled a dirty glass from the sink and downed it in a few gulps – filling it a second time for good measure.

Was I going insane?

“Dude… are you ok?”


I dropped the glass and spun around.

And collapsed against the sink with a sigh of relief. “Martin, what the hell, you scared me.”

I would introduce you to my housemate Martin at this point. However, he was stoned like a grapefruit and he’s not exactly that interesting to the story. Making a vague excuse, I retreated to the living room and collapsed onto our sofa, head heavy in my hands. From the corner of my eye, I saw Martin stare confusedly at the bag of chips in his hand.

I tried focusing on my breath again, when I noticed our cat Trouble. Surely she would keep me safe. Smiling wanly, I reached out to say hello – when she hissed at me!

What the hell?!

At that moment, I saw the woman emerge from the hallway. Still shrouded in smoke, she strolled leisurely past the kitchen and Martin – who chewed on thoughtfully without noticing her – and into the living room where I was sitting.

“Hell indeed. Second circle,” she began.

Her presence was entirely too much. I sank deeply into the leather sofa, feeling more stoned than Martin.

“Ever read Dante? He got most of it right, although he didn’t seem to like the place much.” She stretched her slender arms lazily behind her back and stared out the window for a brief moment, before returning her attention to me.

“Let’s keep it simple. The gentleman eating Doritos in the kitchen can’t see or hear me. Nor can anyone else, except for you – and cats, of course.”

She hissed back at Trouble, who had shrunk into a corner, petrified.

The mysterious woman smiled, flashing her perfect white teeth. “As I said earlier, I am here for your soul. You are now twenty-seven and at the handsomest stage of your life. No – don’t go away again.”

She reclined next to me on the couch, her ass stretching out the leather.

Would Martin be able to see her imprint?

“I have such a weakness for academics, but you do tend to overthink.” Her hand touched the side of my face, drawing my attention squarely back to her. “Stop thinking and listen.”

Despite myself, I shivered with pleasure at the caress. It wasn’t just nerves, I realized. As if she were a harpist, her touch sent my body vibrating to its core – all the way from my face down to, well, you know.

“This is the deal, my sweet prince.” She bent over towards me, all the way until her flushed lips hovered right in front of mine. “Before midnight, I must take your soul and set your empty body to work in this meaningless world. That is the price you have to pay.”

Again that smell of lavender… She put her hand on my leg to lean even closer. Another millimeter and the tips of our noses would be touching. “In return, you and I will spend one night in each other’s arms and I’ll give you greater pleasure than any of your species has ever experienced.”

“My species?” I blurted, desperately trying to change the topic.

Martin looked up from the kitchen again: “Dude… are you ok?’

“Just think the words,” the demoness suggested, “it will be more convenient for everyone.”

Then those red lips curved up with an infectious laugh, and it was hard not to grin myself. Languidly, she surrendered herself against the sofa to observe me, expectantly but without pressing for an answer.

Who are you? I tried thinking.

“You may call me Erea,” she said patiently.

I had to contain myself. My hand, almost with a will of its own, had wanted to reach out and touch her long black hair, which spread over the red leather invitingly, every now and then disappearing into the opaque storm of smoke. Where were these thoughts coming from?

Thank you for the proposition, but I’m late for class.

Before she could object, I jumped up and stormed out of the apartment without backpack, books, or wallet, or any idea of what was happening. I just knew I had to leave, as fast as possible.

This time she did not follow me. I know because I kept checking over my shoulder as I hurried down the cobbled streets of Prague towards the city center.

“This can’t be real. This isn’t real.”

I stuck my hands deep inside the pockets of my jeans, making fists against the cold.

“This can’t be real. This isn’t real.”

Without my bus pass, I had to walk forty minutes to get to my university. It was November, and I was beginning to shiver violently. Real or not, the rest of my day would really suck without my backpack.

“This can’t be real,” I repeated to myself again, aloud. “This can’t be real. This isn’t real.”

I briskly walked the route to school, mumbling like a madman all the way there. Try as I might, I could not wrap my head around what had happened. My mind refused to comprehend, to accept the possibility, of a seductive demoness having arrived to steal my soul.

“This can’t be real. This isn’t real.”

When I finally entered the warm university halls, it was all I could do to stop frantically repeating those two sentences.

I made my way to the lecture hall, sinking into one of the chairs to look down at the podium. I finally relaxed somewhat. Professor Lidmila was not too hard on the eye herself. I had partially chosen the course because of her: I was studying literature and had little professional interest in her class on the cultural impact of the climate crisis.

Professor Lidmila had only gotten halfway through her introduction when Erea appeared inside the lecture hall, and any chance of fleeing into the routine of my day dissipated for good.

The demoness had been descending down the stairs of the auditorium from the back, so I only noticed her when she passed by. I froze and could only watch in horror as she continued her way down towards the podium. With every step the black smoke shifted, clinging to her shape now like a luxurious gala dress, then a dangerously revealing bathing suit – and all stages between and beyond. A show, I realized, when no one else looked up, that was intended just for me.

My hands clasped the desk when Erea paused in front of my professor, who remained unaware of her presence and continued her lecture on nitrogen compounds.

“She’s lovely,” Erea observed, just loud enough for me to hear. “You’ve got a good taste in women, Daniel.”

The demon strolled around the stage, then suddenly came up close behind the professor. The smoke flowed all over the podium now, as Erea’s pale fingers began tracing the outline of Professor Lidmila’s shape, before playfully cupping her sizable breasts.

I let out a moan of protest.

Professor Lidmila stopped mid-sentence, still unaware of the demoness visibly admiring her figure. Looking up, her dark, intelligent eyes searched the audience, until they found me. “Sorry, Daniel – did you have something to say?”

I vigorously shook my head and apologized to my professor, even as Erea extended her tongue tantalizingly close towards her ear…

I jumped up. Dizzily, I ran up the stairs, barely managing an apology before escaping the auditorium.

Eventually, she followed me into the bathroom. I’d been splashing water into my face, on the edge of a nervous breakdown, when Erea reappeared in the narrow space between me and the faucet, arching her back to offer me a full view of her chest.

I backed away, hitting the stalls. I looked for the exit, but she now stood between me and the door. The mirrors rapidly fogged up, as the cold water suddenly ran warm. Erea lowered her gaze with a smile. Her sweet breasts still showed, a lovely sight that had been right in front of me just moments ago… The smoke retreated suggestively, a single sliver covering her crotch, like some Victorian fig leaf.

Had she been naked all this time?

“The answer is yes.”

Erea slid off the porcelain basin. With confident strides, she closed the distance between us and pressed her hand against my chest, pushing me gently back against the bathroom stall.

“Why don’t you stop playing around? I know exactly what you want.”

The burning heat of her skin pressed through my shirt and made my heart race.

“How about I give you a preview of all the pleasures that await you, should you decide to give me your soul?”

She kicked open the door of the stall behind me, nodding commandingly. Three times now I had tried to escape her, but Erea had followed me no matter where I ran. The demoness’ beauty was overwhelming, and she had drained the last of my resistance.

You will not take my soul, for whatever happens inside this bathroom?

“I will not take your soul yet.”

Defeated, I stepped back.

Erea followed me inside, her slender figure now dangerously close to mine. She snapped her fingers and the lock behind her clicked shut.

Graceful, like a priestess, she knelt before my feet.

“I have been watching you for a long time,” she mused, enthusiastically pulling down my pants.

I stood as stiff as a pillar, but that fact gave her no pause. Black nails gripped my boxers and jerked those off as well.

“I’ve waited a long time for this moment. To finally have you…” Like the sun, her beautiful smile broke through the smoke. “And haven’t you been mean, to be playing so coy?”

She gazed up at me – all along the shaft – and her grey eyes trapped me.

The tip of her tongue, which I realized was just a bit longer than it should have been, began to trail its way up. Left and right it wandered until finally, the tip rested at the top.

A single drop of saliva rolled down my penis.

“I will show you why tonight, you shall give me your soul for all eternity.”

Without breaking eye contact, she took me fully into her mouth.

One smooth stroke was all it took, until her lips closed around my base. Her pale, elegant neck stretched out and appeared to vibrate with pleasure.

Snake-like, she began to sway left and right, as if to find the right hold over my member. Never mind that I was already entirely inside her mouth. Without breaking eye contact, she then began to suck me off, balancing on the balls of her feet as she rocked back and forth.

The stimulation she gave me then was beyond anything you can imagine. Intoxicating smoke filled the stall, oh so hot… I felt her fingers slide down my lower back, nails pinching my ass as she grasped for support. Soft as velvet, her tongue rolled around the skin of my penis.

Now her mouth would retreat, suckling just at the tip. Then like a stream of lava she washed back over me again, claiming me for herself. From her nose appreciative moans rang through the bathroom, her hot breath brushing over my pelvic area.

Her lips massaged the soft flesh, kneading it pro and forth, leaving me in ecstasy.

There came a moment when, overcome by lust, I reached out for her black hair. My fingers searched and got lost momentarily, until below the gleaming mess, they found her scalp.

I instinctually clasped her skull and began dictating the pace.

Erea threw her curvy shape up against my legs, humming with pleasure, in an attempt to hold me even closer. I pressed on further, deeper, discovering ever-richer folds of luscious flesh inside of her demonic throat.

I could barely see the walls for the smoke. It was just the two of us, at the center of it.

Her naked body steamed below me; her glistening breasts pressed up against my knees. The blue skin on her cheeks now blushed a raw red, even as her eyes still refused to lose contact. My hands grasped desperately around the base of her skull, then her neck, even as her fingers trailed all the way down around my ass, towards the back of my crotch…

There, I exploded. The sensation of coming down her throat was too much to handle and I entirely forgot to breathe. I just stood there, throbbing violently, while Erea gently took back control of the situation.

Humming a vaguely familiar melody now, she sucked me off properly, then licked along for a little while, before finally wiping her glistening lips, satisfied. Smiling, she propped her athletic figure back against the door of the bathroom stall, seemingly content to just observe me.

I noticed the lower half of her face had turned into a flushed, gleaming mess of spittle and cum. I experienced a perverse arousal in seeing a creature of such ethereal beauty despoiled in such a dirty place.

Reading my thoughts, she panted softly: “My sweet Daniel… You will be mine by midnight.”



I arrived back at the apartment frozen to the bone. I had taken the long way back in the hopes that I could somehow shake the demoness off my trail. I strolled by the river, sat down on a freezing park bench for a while to watch the sun set, before finally began making my way back home.

Stiff with cold, I retreated straight back into my room. I barely registered that my housemate Martin had passed out on the couch – right where Erea had first asked me for my soul. I considered waking him up to keep me company, then thought better of it. What if Erea started making out with him? Strangely, the thought made me feel jealous.

I locked my room and fell back against the door, collapsing onto the floor. I felt weak in the knees and realized I was hungry – ravenous, even – but I was in no mood to make dinner.

I glanced at my watch, shivering. It was only four and a half more hours until midnight.

Then she will disappear.

At that thought Erea reappeared, her divine figure languishing belly-down on my bed. Tongues of smoke licked her supple legs, which were folded at the knees, feet crossed over her buttocks. Small toes wriggled invitingly.

A beast inside me stirred. Furious, I wanted to punish her for her continuous intrusion, take her right there and then. But instead I forced myself to ignore the bed and simply stared down, tracing the patterns on the floor’s cold tiles.

“I can make you warm, you know?” The demoness managed to sound concerned.

I am not sleeping with you.

“Just this once, that’s not what I meant.”

Erea casually snapped her fingers and suddenly the light in the room changed. It turned redder, although that fails to do it justice. It wasn’t just the light.

It felt as though the Holidays had arrived already and someone had lit a cozy fire inside my room. I could smell logs crackling and began to feel warm and comfortable, as if wrapped inside a thick blanket. The heat crawled into my insides as well, filling my throat like a sip of steaming hot chocolate. To top it off, little red lights floated around the room, spreading a suggestive glow.

My body began to relax, and I felt drowsy… which was dangerous! I shook myself awake, trying to stay vigilant, only to be hit in the face by a pillow that Erea threw my way.

“Will you relax? I’m not the devil!” she bristled, slinking down onto the floor next to me. For the first time, the ancient woman did not seem to be seducing me – at least not actively. “You have to consent to sleeping with me, otherwise it doesn’t work. And consent doesn’t work if you can’t think straight.”