In the Gallery – An Erotic Encounter.

1. The Meeting:

In which we meet, go to the ‘Opera’, and the die is cast!


She stood 5’9″, possibly more, on thick heels about 3″ high. She had blonde shoulder length hair atop a pleasant, open, slightly Asiatic face. Standing sideways on to me, her gorgeous figure drew my attention. She must have had some empathetic sense because she turned and met my eyes, giving me a little half smile. Full face on I could see her high cheekbones and eyes with a very slight slant which pointed to a, possibly, Eastern European or Eurasian origin. I supposed she was 20-ish and, for me anyway, stood out amongst all the beautiful young things floating about the exhibition.

In Australia for a longish stay, I was visiting the gallery with my brother who lived in Sydney. He was a friend of one of the photographers exhibiting and had dragged me along for some moral support. I didn’t mind for I had booked in for three nights at one of the hotels near the Opera House that overlooked the harbour and bridge. He was going back to the suburbs where he lived, leaving me to explore.

I’m afraid I stared! She had turned away now, chatting with two girlfriends, and I set eyes on the most beautiful pair of hips and a delightfully broad and shapely bottom. I can honestly say that she took my breath away! Her high-heeled shoes thrust her bottom out provocatively below the swell of her flowing hips. I should add that her legs, bare I thought, were also strong and shapely. She was, indeed, a delight; particularly for a devout ‘bottom’ man like myself. The short skirted dress she wore accentuated her shape as it hung from her hips, barely reaching past her shapely thighs. Yes! I stared and she caught me! It didn’t seem to faze her however, as, looking over her shoulder, she flashed me another shy half smile.

Hmm? I thought? Perhaps? I must admit I would be surprised but, as I had already been described as ‘distinguished’, I might at least have fun talking to her. Look – I’m no oil painting and at what I thought was three times her age didn’t expect she’d be interested. I was divorced, so single, and free to ‘play’ so – here goes!

She turned back sideways as people mingled and again – a third time – flashed a half smile, more confident this time. I smiled back a greeting. She didn’t turn away but responded with a fulsome smile and turned to face me. Seeing her full on wasn’t a disappointment! Small breasted, with lovely feminine sloping shoulders, she was bloody gorgeous and, I suspected, perhaps a few years older than I had first thought.

I stood and walked over. She didn’t turn away but met my eyes with hers as her friends noticed me. “Hi,” I said smiling and, I’m sorry to say, exaggerating my English accent, “some nice pictures?” OK, not the most original line but it was a gallery and it was an exhibition of photographs.

She smiled back, “Mmm. You’re English!?”

I laughed and bowed my head in acknowledgement. “Yes,” I said, “for my sins, I am. And you are Australian!”

She laughed back, playing the game. “Funny place to find someone all the way from England!” So I explained that I was on holiday visiting my brother and that he was a friend of one of the exhibitors. I was quite surprised really for she seemed genuinely interested. Her eyes didn’t seem to leave mine and I felt a definite ‘jolt’ of attraction as we spoke.

I went on to explain that I was staying in Sydney over the weekend in one of the hotels overlooking Circular Quay. I suppose that that told her I was pretty wealthy. No problem, I was!

I managed to prise her away from her friends to introduce her to my brother. I could see from the old reprobates face that he fully appreciated her beauty. He helped me out by dragging us both further away from her two friends to meet his photographer pal then they drifted off together leaving us alone.

Well, faint heart never fucked a pig, as we used to say at home so, “Look, I know we have only just met but would you do me the honour of allowing me to buy you dinner?” She hesitated, not surprising really as we had only just met but I suppose my brother and knowing an exhibitor worked in my favour. I breezed on throwing caution to the winds. “I can assure you of sparkling wit and repartee, and pleasant conversation. And you can choose the very best restaurant.” She laughed.

“Mmm . . . OK,” she said after a slight hesitation and quite shyly I thought. Perhaps she wasn’t that experienced. Then she smiled, “When does the sparkling wit start?”

I laughed in response, “Touché!” I said then, “shall we go now?” I wanted to get going as soon as I could – I didn’t want this lovely young woman to change her mind.

She smiled again, “Mmm, OK. As soon as I know your name!”

“There!” I said with a smile, “I’m so overwhelmed by your beauty that I’m forgetting the common courtesies. My name is Mike Watson. Fair’s fair,” I laughed, “now tell me yours!”

Another smile, “Dana, Dana Ventakova.”

“Is that Russian?”

“Mmm, way back though.”

“It suits you.” It did!

“I must tell my friends,” she said, “we were supposed to be going out together!”

“I’m flattered,” I smiled. She smiled back, again shyly I thought.

“I don’t usually give in so easily,” she said with a nervous laugh then, “but . . .”

“I know,” I laughed, “I told you – it’s the sparkling wit! Shall we find your friends. You can introduce me – and make them jealous,” I added with a big smile.

She laughed again and we made our way through the crowded room where I was ‘put on show’. I could see two pairs of eyebrows raise as Dana told them I was taking her out to dinner and then one said abruptly, “Heck Dana, you’ve only just met him!”

Dana flashed me an embarrassed smile and shrugged her shoulders. “I like him,” she said.

“But . . .!”

I laughed, “Ladies – please. Dana will be perfectly safe with me! I can offer my passport as surety if you wish!”

“Don’t be daft Megan,” said Dana, “you two go on.”

“But Jake’s expecting us all!”

“He’ll have to ‘un-expect’ me then won’t he!” Dana responded curtly. She took my arm, “I know just the place for dinner! ‘Bye you two!” She led me out of the gallery into the street.

“Who’s Jake?” I asked softly. I didn’t want to be the cause of a broken relationship nor catch her on the rebound.

“He’s Megan’s fiancé,” she said. “Bloody pain!”

“OK,” I said, relieved, “where to?”


“Of course. It’s your evening.” She raised her eyebrows. I said, “- anyway wherever you choose will be immensely improved by your presence!”

She blushed and laughed nervously, “Flatterer. Can we go to Aria?” she asked quickly.

Well I knew that Aria was a very expensive restaurant near the Opera House but decided to play ignorant. “Aria?”

“Mmm, I’ve always wanted to go there.”

“Then you shall!” I hailed a taxi and off we went. The evening was a delight. Dana’s personality was both sophisticated and naïve at the same time. I turned on all the ‘gentlemanly’ attributes treating her like a princess. The restaurant was charming and the food excellent. By the end of the meal I had found out all about her. She was almost 22 and at Sydney University studying Art. I gathered that she didn’t have a current boyfriend but her tone and manner, particularly her dress, made me think she wasn’t completely inexperienced in bedroom arts!

We left the restaurant to mingle with the Friday night crowds milling around the Quay and the Opera House finally stopping for coffee at the Opera bar.

“What time do I have to get you home?” I asked with a smile.

“Well . . .” she responded hesitantly, “I was staying with Megan so I wasn’t expected back tonight. Any time I suppose . . .” Was she hinting at something here? I wasn’t sure.

“Well there’s plenty going on here.” There was: plenty of people milling about in bars and restaurants after the opera.

“Mmm. I like it here.”

Time to try and charm! Not difficult for sitting opposite her crossed legs left little to the imagination. “I like it here too,” I said smiling, “the view is superb!”

She blushed, “Oh!” and uncrossed her legs.

I laughed, “Sorry,” I said, “couldn’t resist it! Seriously though,” I added quietly, “this evening has been a delight; made so by your presence!”

She blushed and she smiled. Perhaps she wasn’t used to such fulsome praise? We chatted for quite a while as I told her something of England and London. It must have been close to midnight and crowds were thinning when I finally decided to ‘take the plunge’.

“Dana,” I said softly putting my hand on hers, “Dana – would you like to come back to my room for a final nightcap before I get you home?” The look on her face clearly showed she realised exactly what I was suggesting. If she agreed she wouldn’t leave the room ’til morning and she knew it! She hesitated long enough for me to realise this would be something new for her. Her eyes had widened in surprise at the blatant suggestion and I quickly decided to back off.

“Dana love, let’s get you a taxi. I’m sorry!” I made to stand.

Her hand stopped me. “I haven’t decided,” she said quietly, “I might not go home!” I took a very deep breath. Men of my age didn’t often get to this position with a delectable 22 year old student. Particularly one with a figure to die for.

I felt that now was the time. She would or she wouldn’t! “There is a couch!” I laughed.

“OK!” she said and stood. My eyes ranged up and down her body taking in her gorgeous hips and bottom. She watched as I admired her and I don’t think I imagined her slight preen!


“Certain,” she smiled. “Lead the way!” So we made our way back to my hotel.


2. At the Hotel:

In which we make love, discuss anal sex, and make plans for the rest of the weekend:


The ‘apartment’ consisted of a kitchen next to a dining area: then a lounge leading to a balcony overlooking the Quay and the Harbour Bridge. The separate bedroom adjoined the spacious bathroom with Jacuzzi and walk-in shower. I had been impressed and Dana was as well.

“There,” I said as we entered, “you can have the bed, I’ll take the couch!”

She laughed seeming at ease now as she realised I was giving her an ‘out’. “That doesn’t seem fair,” she said, “it is your room!”

“OK,” I said laughing, “I’ll take the bed, you take the couch!”

She laughed in response then looked around the doorway into the bedroom. “It’s a very big bed!”

I took another deep breath. “Coffee?” I asked, not wanting to push too hard. Her response was to move very close.

“No,” she whispered quietly, “not just now!” Her eyes looked up into mine and her lips parted. Hands pulled my head downwards and we kissed. I’d felt a jolt before – now it was stronger.

My hands roamed her back and shoulders as I kissed her whilst hers held me close. Heart beating I allowed my hands to follow the soft curve of her hips then the bold swell of her bottom. This brought a sigh in her kiss. We broke and my lips kissed her neck and shoulders, easing aside the straps of her dress. Moving slightly apart then we kissed and stroked. Her hands crept inside my shirt and stroked my chest.

Kisses became more passionate and tongues entwined – she was, literally, taking my breath away! Moving away again she continued to unbutton my shirt and run her fingers through the hairs on my chest – very stimulating.

“Turn round,” I whispered. She didn’t demur and turned slowly pushing back into me. I moved away, my hands slipping to her thighs below her short dress. I heard a sharp intake of breath as my hands felt the warmth of her skin. I began to lift the dress, hands following the gorgeous curve of her hips. I felt her panties as my hands continued their journey and the dress was lifted higher. Looking down I could see her skimpy lilac knickers — not quite a thong and clearly insufficient to cover the marvellous reach of her bottom, disappearing between her fulsome cheeks. At her waist now, and back to warm flesh, my hands continued the journey. It seemed the dress would come off like this so I carried on. Dana sighed as I reached her bra straps then raised her arms upward. The dress slipped over her head easily and was thrown to the floor. God she was/is gorgeous. I stood back feasting my eyes on a skimpy lilac bra and even skimpier panties.

“Oh my god!!” I managed as she turned back to face me.

“Not fair,” she murmured as she removed my shirt then started on my pants. These quickly joined shirt on the floor and my cock, as hard as it had ever been, was free to tent my boxers. She must have felt it – I certainly felt her! We were still standing, kissing and stroking. It was time to move to the bed! Slipping hands around her body I lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom. Laying her gently on the bed I stood looking down at this beautiful young woman.

I smiled, “You’re beautiful,” I whispered softly a I lay beside her. She blushed appealingly. Shifting head on elbow I bent and kissed her lips. “Sure?” I whispered. She nodded in reply.

My hand cupped her smallish breasts then crept under the bra and teased her nipples. A soft sigh escaped her lips. “Turn over,” I whispered. I wanted to undo the bra but, even more, I wanted to look at her bottom like this. Eyes widened in question. “Bra,” I said with a smile.

She smiled back and languidly turned face down. I undid her bra and drew it off over her shoulders then I knelt up. As before, she took my breath away! Her hips, wide and shapely, flowed into her bottom. An almost perfect shape. ‘Bubble butts’ are nice but Dana has the bottom of a goddess – wide with perfect curves. Cheeks firm with a slight up curve as they met her legs. Her panties, trapped between her gorgeous cheeks, made the whole scene even sexier. The slight wetness as the material cupped her pussy showed her arousal. My hands on her hips, I gently eased her panties down revealing her most private place. As I slipped them completely off, Dana opened her legs slightly, wriggling sinuously to get comfortable. The valley between her cheeks was open now, her tiny star on view – available. Her sex also completely on view in this position. She was an absolute delight.

I must have been quiet for a while simply taking in the view for Dana, turning slightly and breaking my reverie, said, “What . . .?”

“I’m sorry,” I said with a smile, “but you have the most wonderful bottom! I was just admiring the view!” She blushed and smiled.

“I haven’t done that,” she said meeting my eyes. My mind stuttered! What did she say? Heart pounding and, incidentally cock beginning to throb even more, I raised my eyebrows in question.


“I haven’t done that,” she said again, “you know. I’m sure you do!”

I was beginning to become extremely excited because, if she meant what I thought she did she was an ‘anal virgin’. So I decided to be careful. “Dana love, I’m not sure what you mean?”

She laughed, seeing through me I think. “I think you do, “she said, “look and she nodded at my cock which was standing even prouder. Time to come clean [or dirty?].

“You mean you’ve never had sex in your bottom,” I said holding my breath.

“Mmm. I haven’t. Have you?” she asked suddenly, “I bet you have!”

“Well,” I answered slowly, “if you mean have I ever done that to a woman then yes.”

“A lot?” God this conversation was raising my blood pressure!

“Quite a bit,” I replied honestly.

“Is it nice?”

I laughed, “I enjoyed it.”

“No! You know what I mean. I’ve seen it [that I just had to explore!]. It seems nice but . . .?”

“Well,” I said slowly and carefully, “most of my partners have enjoyed it.”

“Does it hurt? It doesn’t look as if it hurts the girls in the films [Wow!?] but it must? Surely?”

“Dana love, you are destroying me!” She laughed. I laughed in return.

“Tell me! Does it hurt?”

“Well,” I answered with a cheeky smile, “to be honest I’ve never had it actually done to me! I have had toys in there and, if it’s done gently, it didn’t hurt that much.”

She pouted, “Oh you! You know what I mean!”

I laughed, bent, and kissed her cheek. “Well . . . It seems that sometimes it does the first time or two but most of the women I’ve had there have enjoyed it. I know I have!” As I said this I ran my finger down her spine sending a shiver across her body. Obviously not wanting to discuss it further she rolled onto her side and pulled me close.

“Kiss me,” she demanded as our lips met. My cock, rock hard now after the previous discussion, was pressing into her stomach. I felt her hand reach down inside my boxers and encircle it, stroking slowly. “It feels big,” she breathed breathlessly. I smiled.

“Lay back Dana. It’s time?” A statement and a question. She could back off now [and leave me bloody frustrated] but I wanted to give her a final opportunity. If I fucked her I wanted her to want it. Her response was a big smile and a movement on to her back. Her eyes answered me!

Slipping my boxers off finally, I eased her legs apart, knelt between, and gazed down at her beautiful young body. She was smiling, somewhat nervously I thought, and her tongue was flicking out and licking her lips. Stiff cock in one hand, I leant forward and took my weight on the other. With unerring accuracy my cockhead found her soft warmth. As she felt the first pressure she let out a soft sigh, surprise and pleasure mixed. Lodged slightly inside I took my weight on both hands and pushed slowly forward feeling her hot wetness.

“Oh god!” she moaned softly as my cock began to fill her vagina. She was tight, bloody tight, and unbelievably marvellous! Obviously excited by our limited foreplay, she was very wet and I slid inside easily. I had to stop for a moment and take a few deep breaths to calm down. Regaining a measure of control I began to press deeper until half my erection was caressed in her velvety tightness. This is close to heaven. Her eyes were wide in surprise I think as I stopped again.

“OK?” I asked smiling down at her.

“Oh god yes! Big! It’s big,” she added breathlessly.

I smiled, “Too big?”

“Oh no! No! Don’t stop. Please!” Well I wasn’t going to! OK not true. I would have had she said so – always believed in a woman’s right to say no at any time. Now she was saying yes so I began to move slowly back and forth, pushing a little deeper each time and prolonging her feeling of being filled.

“Oh god! Oh please! I never . . . . Ooooohhhhh!” Her whole body seemed to shudder. Her vagina gripped like a vice as I looked down into the eyes of a young woman in orgasm. Wide-eyed, she reached up and pulled me down, mouth covering mine in a desperate kiss. I managed, finally, to pull myself away from her embrace and regain my position, weight on my arms. Then, shifting upright, I lifted her legs a little and began to fuck her right through her first orgasm. She seemed surprised that I was still hard and her eyes widened further as my cock slid back and forth inside her. Slowly at first then quicker, harder, I filled her pussy, thighs slapping against hers.

Her groans grew louder and her legs came up around my waist and gripped my body. Staring into her eyes, I could see her orgasm rising again. Her gasps grew louder as I bent my head and drew my teeth gently along her hard nipples. Her gasps turned to, “Oh god! Yes! Please . . .”