My name is Jeff Clark. I’m a widower in his mid forties. My wife and I had married young and had been happily married for 17 years until she was taken from me in an automobile accident. The first few years were kind of tough. I wallowed in self-pity for a while and then got my head back together through hard work and attention to detail at my job. I’ve been working for the same engineering firm for 25 years now. I’ve always had good relations with my co-workers over the years, working closely with a number of them on special projects.

Recently, the firm hired a young woman fresh out of college named Paige Dunham who, apparently, was tops in her class at University. At the time there weren’t a lot of women engineers, so the company wanted to make sure that she was to be treated in an equal and fair manner. Since we had a number of young engineers it was decided that I was to be the one who would be her mentor since I had been working for the firm the longest (and probably the safest as far as sexual harassment issues were concerned.).

Paige is a delightful person to work with. She’s quick to learn, anxious to help and never complains about anything…a bonus in this business! Paige is very good looking with strikingly bright blue eyes, a big beautiful smile and lovely dark brown hair. Since our job required us to go out in the field and get our “hands dirty” our dress, in and out of the office, tended to be casual at best and very blue collar most of the time. We probably spent more time in coveralls then we did in normal clothing. Coveralls are the great equalizer in that everyone looks rather bad and that figures are concealed. I liked to wear coveralls because being older my middle was a bit larger than I liked and that was camouflaged quite nicely by the bagginess of the coveralls.

Paige and I had been working, for several months, on one particularly complex project. We had been spending a lot of time at the work site, which required us to stay away from home for weeks at a time. During this time we got to know one another quite well as we spent all of our meal times together discussing the project and other odds and ends about our lives. It turned out that we both have a love of classical music (Mozart in particular), bicycling and reading.

We had been back in our homes for a week with the wrap up of the project we were working on and I have to admit that I missed the company of Paige. We would see each other in the office but really hadn’t really spoken since our return. At the end of the week Paige sent me an email inviting me to her place for a bar-b-que the next day. I responded that I would like that and asked if I should bring anything. She responded with “Bring beer!” She sent me her address and told me to arrive around 2 p.m.

With beer in the back of my car I headed for the address she gave me. It was in an area of town I wasn’t too familiar with so I had to rely on my phones GPS capabilities. When I arrived at the house I was astonished at the size and modernity of it! It looked like one of those places you see in upscale magazines about upscale houses…all cubes and windows at odd levels. I couldn’t help wonder how a young woman just out of college could afford such a place. I knew from our mealtime conversations that Paige’s family was not well to do.

I trundled up to the front door with the beer in hand and rang the bell! It was the right place because Paige answered the door. I must have looked amusing because I was bit taken aback with what Paige was wearing. She had on a short silk kimono, which clung to her enticingly showing off her figure in a way that baggy jeans and coveralls didn’t!

She welcomed me in the house with a giggle and closed the door behind me and then led me through to the back towards the kitchen. The kitchen was very modern with lots of stainless steel, glass and rail lights. It looked back onto a large swimming pool and hot tub with exquisite landscaping and interesting sculptures. Paige laughed when I asked her how she could afford such a home…

“It isn’t mine! It belongs to the parents of my college roommate, Sarah. Her parents are loaded and have several houses around the world. They are currently in France following the Tour de France or something. Why don’t you put the beer in the fridge after grabbing a couple and I’ll show you around the place.”

I grabbed a couple of bottles after stashing the beer and turned back to Paige handing her one. I asked, “So why doesn’t Sarah live here?”

“She’s currently in the Peace Corps…in Belize, I think?” Paige responded. “She will be there for a couple of years and then, perhaps, she will move back here. Until then I’m the house sitter!” She then laughed. “It’s a good gig as I can save a lot of money towards a place of my own someday. ”

Paige and I then toured this stunning house. The furnishings were rather Spartan but tasteful. There were 5 bedrooms, a game room with a snooker table, a library with a small collection of books, a spacious dining room and a room next to the kitchen with wide French doors, which led to the pool/patio. The master bedroom was astonishing with the biggest bed I had ever seen and a bathroom that was nearly as big as the bedroom with a huge walk in shower that had numerous spray heads located throughout.

After the tour I asked, “When are the other guests arriving?” To which Paige answered, “You are the only guest, if that is alright? I missed your company this past week so I thought we could grill up some steaks, drink some beer and get away from the job and just relax!” I told her that I liked the idea!

It took a while to figure out how the gas grill worked and then I set to the task of grilling the steaks while Paige got the rest of the meal together. She had made several dishes ahead of time and some baked potatoes. While we were preparing the food we consumed more of the beer that I had brought. Since I was expecting a bar-b-que with a number of people, I bought a lot of beer!

After a while the steaks were cooked and we sat down to eat. The food was great as was the conversation. We continued drinking the beer I brought and after a bit we were getting pretty drunk. Paige asked me about my late wife and if I was seeing anyone. I told her that I had taken a long time to get over her death and just couldn’t get too excited about going through the whole ritual of wooing and dating.

While we were talking I had noticed that Paige’s silk robe was opening a bit revealing a bit of cleavage. I tried not to appear to be staring because I didn’t want to send the wrong signals; after all I was almost old enough to be her father. Paige decided that we needed to jump into the pool to refresh ourselves after the food and beer. I informed Paige that I didn’t have a swimming suit so she said just jump in with your skivvies. She ran upstairs to put on a swimsuit while I pondered whether I should swim in my boxers. The beers convinced me that it would be OK since they were a dark blue and so I probably wouldn’t offend Paige by being too see-through.

After a few minutes Paige came back down stairs still wearing the little silk kimono. She said that I should go ahead and jump into the pool while she turned on the hot tub for later. It was pretty warm outside in the sun so I decided I would take the plunge. The water wasn’t too cold but was very bracing and woke me up a bit from the beer stupor. As I surfaced I looked over to where Paige was walking towards the pool. As she neared the pool she undid the sash holding her small silk kimono closed and slipped the robe off of her shoulders onto the patio. What greeted my eyes was the most spectacular body I had ever seen, in probably, the smallest bikini ever made! Paige had rather large round breasts, which were just the right firmness with a bit of jiggle to them. Her nipples were being hidden by two small triangles of very thin fabric, so thin I could discern her areolae. Her waistline was superb as were her legs. Her pubic area was covered by another very small triangle of material, which was so thin I could make out the details of her labia from 15 feet away!

I was so stunned by this vision of beauty I just stared at her as she walked around to the shallow end of the pool and then slipped gracefully into the water. She dove under briefly and swam over towards me then came up a few feet away with only her head above the water. She then smiled and asked, “So, do you like my bathing suit?” I was a bit taken aback by the question and stammered, “Uh, yyyes, it is very, um, lovely…the, uh, cccolor suits you.”

Paige smiled widely, swam next to me and gave me a hug and a peck on the lips. “You are so sweet for noticing!” She then swam back to the shallow end of the pool. While this was going on I felt like a cartoon character, I was blushing so hard the pool water was turning into steam and evaporating away! I was also beginning to sprout an erection for the ages! I had a problem because being in my boxers there was a long slit in the front and my boner was poking through in a big hurry!

My situation was not helped when Paige climbed out of the pool exposing her thong bikini bottomed derriere to me! I was rather shocked that I didn’t die of a stroke then and there! I had never seen, in my life, in person or in print, an ass as glorious as the one Paige was displaying at that moment. The globes of her tush were perfect, shimmering with water in the sunshine firm and yet pliable at the same time. At that moment I was happy that I had my boxers on because I would have ripped through a pair of mere swim trunks!

However, things got even hotter for me as she turned on the patio to walk towards the hot tub as the material that covered her nipples and vagina seemed to disappear while wet! She may as well have been walking across the patio naked! I thought my eyeballs were going to explode from this vision of beauty. My erection was reaching epic proportions and I didn’t know what to do about it!

Paige was now halfway to the hot tub and yelled for me to come and join her. I looked up and saw that magnificent ass jostling back and forth as she walked and went cross-eyed with desire. “I’ll be there in a moment, I, uh, just want to check something with the pool filtration system.” I yelled back playing for time in an effort to allow my erection to wane a bit so I wouldn’t embarrass myself.

After a couple of minutes I managed to control my erection enough to venture from the pool to the hot tub. Paige was already in with the water churning around her ample bosom. I quickly jumped in because the sight of her barely covered breasts were re-awakening my not so dormant penis. The warmth of the hot tub was quite a contrast to the pool and should have been relaxing but I was still on edge due to the situation with my erection.

“Isn’t this relaxing?” Paige said, basking languidly in the tub. Again, I stuttered my agreement, though I wasn’t feeling particularly relaxed. Paige opened her eyes and smiled at me with her beautiful smile.

“I really like you Jeff, you were so kind to me when I first joined the company helping me to fit in and not treating me like a helpless girl. You never tried to take advantage of me while we were on all of those road trips. You are always a gentleman, that is refreshing in this day and age.”

I smiled and said, “Well, I try to be a gentleman. It isn’t always easy especially with some of our clients and their demands, but I have always found that if you treat people with respect you can get so much more accomplished.”

“Well, I appreciated it.” Paige said. “It’s very tough trying to break into this field as a woman. Even in school, the faculty and my male classmates were constantly demeaning me. They seemed to think I would give up after being treated harshly, but I wasn’t going to be cowed. I studied harder than the rest and got top grades just to prove to them that my gender had no bearing on my ability to become an engineer!”

Paige’s eyes were alight as she relived her school time defiance. I was struck by how hard it must of have been for her to accomplish what she did and admired her even more for it!

“I think you have proven your point!” I said, “You are a fine engineer and a pleasure to work with and I really hope that we are able to work on many more projects together in the future.”

Paige smiled at this, came across the hot tub towards me, sat on my lap and gave me a huge kiss. I felt her tongue sneak between my lips into my mouth and I responded in kind! I just melted under the feeling of her warm, succulent mouth upon mine. I wrapped my arms around her body and kissed her in a way I hadn’t kissed anyone since I had lost my wife. Her skin felt so soft and warm to my touch and I reveled in the feeling.

As we kissed Paige began to rub herself on my, all to apparent, erection. Having not been with a woman since my wife passed away I was quickly losing control of my senses. I broke off the kiss and told Paige, “If you keep this up we are going to have a mess in the hot tub!” She just smiled, moaned and continued rubbing her barely concealed vagina on my ever-growing boner.

A couple of minutes later I lost all control and experienced one of the most intense orgasms in my life! I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. Sure, I have masturbated through the years since my wife’s passing but none of those occasions even came close to comparing to the intensity of this one.

After I calmed down a bit Paige stood up, grabbed my hand and said, “We need to take a shower, I really don’t like the smell of chlorine.” I was still in a state of shock and followed sheepishly as she drug me along to the master bath we had seen earlier. As we walked I feasted my eyes on her lovely fanny and experienced a tingle in my groin as my penis began to reawaken quickly.

Paige immediately went to the shower and turned on the water. It appeared to get hot instantly as I could see steam rising from the floor of the shower. Paige then turned toward me and with a smile untied, first, her microscopic top and then her equally small bikini bottom. My penis, again, snapped to attention and stuck out of the hole in my boxers. Paige giggled then reached over and tugged my boxers down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and then was dragged by my erection towards the shower by Paige.

We stood under and next to many jets of streaming water feeling the heat of it against our skin. Paige moved up to me, pressed her beautiful body against mine and, once again, gave me a very deep and passionate kiss. Her body felt so nice as I rubbed her back and pulled her tight against my chest. Her hands were rubbing my back simultaneously and felt wonderful.

After a few minutes Paige broke off the kiss and pushed me towards an area where there was little spray, soaped up her hands and gave me the most sensual scrubbing I had ever had. She cleaned nearly every square inch of my body. While she reached around me to soap up my back she leaned down and sucked on my nipples, licking and biting them gently. This sent a thrill through my body. She then washed my chest and moved down to my legs while my erection stared her in the face. I could feel her breath on my penis as she worked her way down my legs soaping me up. She then bumped my inner knee wanting me to spread my legs apart, which I did. She then moved her hands up towards my groin and began soaping up my testicles and the perineum behind them in front of my anus.

After gently cleaning and fondling my testicles she gave the head of my penis a quick kiss and then soaped it up generously. A moan escaped my lips as she gently stroked me to new found hardness. After that she turned me around and soaped up my ass cheeks and then reached into the crack of my ass and soaped my anus up rubbing vigorously thus eliciting another moan from my lips.

When she determined that the job was complete she grabbed the hand held showerhead and rinsed me off completely. She then knelt down and took my erection into her mouth, took me most of the way in and then released my boner from her mouth. She then turned me around, spread my ass cheeks and forced her tongue up into my anus giving it a big lick. Another moan escaped my lips. “I just wanted to make sure I got all of the soap off.” and then she winked at me.

Paige then stood up and announced it was my turn to wash her! I was still in shock about all that had happened so far and stood there like I couldn’t understand a word she said. Paige then took my hands in hers and looking directly into my eyes said, “I think you are the most wonderful man in the world. You have shown me nothing but kindness and respect. I know we have known each other for only a short time but in that short time I have grown to love you in a very real way. I asked you here today so that I might be able to seduce you because I knew you were too much of a gentleman to ever try and seduce me. I have been longing for your touch, to hold you and kiss you since the first road trip we took together. I know you loved your wife dearly and I would never suppose that you could forget her and I understand that. I want to be something new in your life…another love, not a replacement.” Tears were rolling down her face as she smiled up at me.

I was moved by her admission and tears began forming in my eyes too. I said, “I’m in a state of shock! I can’t believe a woman of such beauty and intelligence would find herself in love with me. I’m so much older than you. I’m flabbergasted by all of this.” Paige, again, smiled brightly and gave me another long, deep kiss that went a long way to ease my mind.

She broke off the kiss and said, “I’ve always liked older men, especially older gentlemen who are kind and gentle and treat me as an equal. That, sir, is what you do and is why I have fallen in love with you. Now, it’s your turn to wash me,” as she handed me the body wash.

I followed her precedent and soaped her up as thoroughly as she had cleaned me. After licking and gently biting her nipples I soaped up her beautiful breasts and then proceeded to cleanse the rest of her paying particular attention to her vaginal and anal areas! After rinsing her off, I accomplished a similar soap check by licking her totally shaved vagina from her hole to her clitoris, which elicited a deep moan and shiver for my actions. I then turned her around and did the same thing to her anus spreading her cheeks wide and then placing my tongue on her little pucker and then licked and probed for a second. This action brought out another deep moan as she pressed her ass against my face.

I then stood up and we washed each other’s hair and when that was finished we dried each other off. Paige then led me back into the cavernous bedroom and we crawled onto the bed where we held each other and kissed passionately.

As we kissed I began to let my hands roam all over her body taking in her feel. Her skin was soft and warm and a delight to the touch. I reached down and felt the soft globes of her ass and reached up to feel her wonderful breasts. I was nearing sensory overload! I then reached down to her thighs and rubbed them up and down and then dipped down to feel her vulva. I dipped a finger in and felt her warm, damp labia. I worked my way down and ran a finger between her vaginal lips and felt the softness and copious moisture there. At this I was startled to realize that this young, beautiful woman did desire me! I continued stroking Paige’s vulva from her opening to her clit. Every time I touched her clit she let out a low moan and pushed her pelvis into my hand. Taking the hint I rubbed her nub more consistently and with increased vigor.

Paige began whispering in a husky voice, “Don’t stop…feels so good…I’m going to cum! As she writhed and groaned she continued whispering, “So good…so good…oh my!” And with that she climaxed, spraying my hand several times with her sweet juices. I had never experienced a woman who squirted during their climax and found it quite exhilarating. Who knew that I could do that to a woman!