The sun warmed my bare chest delightfully as I lay back on my beach towel, my hands supporting my head. The waves crashed softly against the shore, and laughter filled the air. I lazily glanced along the beach and immensely enjoyed the revealing nature of the latest fashions in swimwear.

I’ve always viewed beaches as an unspoken excuse to expose some skin and participate in a kind of human attraction that’s direct and primal. Not to say that one goes there purely for the arousal, but it’s certainly an environment where the physically attractive can go to be appreciated, and others can go to appreciate them. Where else is it okay to find this many people in this little clothing?

I was attentively appreciating the sportsmanship of a game of volleyball up the beach, when a divine pair of women sauntered their way in front of me, chatting idly, either unaware of my eyes following them, or indifferent to them. One was athletically thin, and wore a blue side-tie bikini with black trim, and the other was voluptuous and well-tanned, with large bouncing breasts, wide hips, and a round posterior that was hardly covered by the bottom of a tight white one-piece. I eyed them carefully as they passed by. The ass in the blue bikini was toned and shapely, while the other was expansive, hypnotically swaying with each passing step.

“Subtle,” a voice behind me remarked, sarcastically. I sat up abruptly and turned to find my sister Sara standing behind me, beach towel in hand. She wore a plain black bikini with her hair tied back into a ponytail. It was difficult to imagine a more unwelcome sight in that moment.

I attempted to feign confusion, furrowing my brow and cocking my head to the side, “What?”

She made no effort to humor my poor performance, “at least have the decency to creep in a way that isn’t so goddamned obvious.” She unrolled her towel next to mine and sat. “The way you eyed them was even more noticeable than that poor girl’s ass, and that’s saying something.”

I shrugged and returned to my leisurely position, “They didn’t seem to mind.”

“You’re disgusting” was her reply. From childhood all the way through our young adulthood, Sara has always enjoyed being a thorn in my side, and now this would only prove to be more useful ammunition for her in that endeavor. She continued, “So are you just here to make innocent young women uncomfortable all day, or are you going swimming as well?”

I stood. “You know, I was just going to enjoy the sea breeze on this beautiful sunny day, but suddenly there’s this sharp pain in my ear, so I think I’ll just head inside.” I started to gather my towel.

“Oh, come on, I was only teasing. It’s not my fault you can’t control your wandering eyes,” she laughed. I felt my face flush red. I threw my towel over my shoulder and walked away. Knowing her, she was not going to let this go anytime soon, and if I stayed, it would only be unpleasant; just more guilt and humiliation.

If somebody’s ass is on full display, I think it’s safe to say that they’re okay with other people seeing that ass. I just happened to fall into the majority of people who enjoy that fact. It’s not like I was harassing anyone, nor was I doing anything really, other than keeping my eyes open to what was in front of me. No privacies were invaded, no rights were squandered, but Sara will cling to anything that she can hold over me. If I hadn’t been eyeing that girl, she would have insulted my shorts, or my posture, or the college I didn’t get into. She always finds a way.

My parents had organized this trip to the coast with a few friends of theirs, and they turned it into an excuse for a family vacation as well. Their friends brought their families too, so now here we were, a dozen people sharing a beautiful house not five minutes walk from the beach. I personally could have done without the company, but there are worse problems to have.

I made the short trek back to the rental, and followed a trail to the backside of the house. There, situated just out of sight from the road, was an open shower-head for rinsing off the sand from the beach. It stuck out from the inside corner of an L-shaped portion of the building, just above my head. It was secluded in most directions, except for the direction opposite the shower, where there was nothing but open space for a dozen feet or so, until a thick wall of brush and trees obscured the view from beyond. It hung over a raised wooden platform to allow for use on bare feet without having to stand on the ground directly, and a door on the adjacent wall led into the house. I turned on the shower and rinsed away the excess sand from my legs and feet, then quickly dried off and made my way inside.

The place was sizable, but still managed to feel cozy. There was a large living room with ample sitting space and floor-to-ceiling windows that offered a stunning view of the ocean. To the side, there was a nice kitchen with a table that was not quite big enough to actually sit all of us at once. There were a couple bedrooms on the ground floor, a handful more upstairs, and above that was my room, a tiny little thing in what probably used to be an attic. I was offered the chance to share one of the nicer bedrooms with my sister, but I absolutely refused. Sleeping in an attic is nicer than having to endure her company for longer than I have to.

But there were two such rooms on the top floor. The other, opposite from mine, was occupied by Rebecca, the daughter of my parents’ friends Sean and Emily. She was blonde and cute, but had hardly said a word since we had arrived at the house. She seldom hung out with the rest of us, usually just sitting alone, off in a corner, while the rest of us chatted and played games. I also had yet to even see her in a proper bathing suit, despite the fact that her shapely form seemed to be begging for appreciation. Even at the beach, she always wore a tee shirt and shorts, at minimum. It was an unintentional tease that left me incredibly eager to see her tight, thin body. I frequently found myself fantasizing about such a moment.

As I entered the house from the outdoor shower, I found her lounging on the couch, wearing jeans and a cardigan, despite the day’s sunny weather, reading a book in a language I didn’t know. We made eye contact as I came in, and I gave her a friendly “Hey,” to which she replied with a polite smile and then returned to her book. The brief moment where her deep blue eyes met mine was just enough to fuel my infatuation with her, but based on our recent interactions, I was quite sure that nothing would come of it. So instead of fruitlessly pursuing a conversation with her yet again, I let her be, and went to the kitchen for a snack.

I found my mom and Rebecca’s parents making a light lunch and drinking wine. I gladly joined them in both of these, and soon found myself happily full and mildly tipsy.

Just as we were finishing, we were joined by another of my parents’ friends, Deanna. She came in through the door to the outdoor shower, just as I had, the only difference being that she was only wearing her small beach towel around her body, and nothing else. She clutched it close at the front of her chest to keep it from falling, which seemed necessary, since her large breasts were actively resisting their flimsy confinement. I shifted in my seat slightly, convinced that there existed an angle where I could catch a glimpse from underneath.

I wasn’t the only one who noticed either; my mom’s friend Sean perked right up upon her entrance. He said, “Wow, Dee, did you lose your suit?” His wife turned to him, wide-eyed at the comment. My mom laughed. I froze.

But Deanna smiled, completely unembarrassed. With her free hand, she held up the pieces of a pink bikini, and said, “No, I’ve got it right here.” She approached the table, and I was baffled by her level of comfort with being almost naked in front of the group of us.

“Did it fall off?” Sean pressed, as his wife’s glare quietly turned violent.

“Nope,” Deanna replied, “just had to wash off the sand from the beach.”

Emily’s jaw dropped. “You bathed outside?” she asked incredulously. “That’s a little…” she eyed Deanna up and down judgmentally “…out there.”

Deanna smirked. “It’s not that weird, the shower’s there for a reason.”

Of all people, my mom surprisingly came to her aid, adding “Yeah, it’s secluded enough, it’s not a big deal.”

“But still, it’s outside, the sun shining on parts where it shouldn’t,” rebutted Emily.

“Let the sun will shine where it will, darling,” pleaded Sean, which prompted a swift smack on the arm from his wife.

Emily began to inquire, “Does Mike know that you’re…” but struggled to find the right word for what she was suggesting without being indelicate, “…exposing yourself like this?”

My mom cut in, “Oh, come on, there’s no need to be so dramatic. It’s just a shower.”

Deanna smiled widely at Emily, “Oh yeah, he knows, and he set up the cameras, and brought the audience. Really, it was quite a show!” She winked and made her way out of the kitchen.

Once she was out of earshot, Emily turned to the rest of us, “I cannot believe her!”

My mom continued her defense, “Honestly, just give it a rest, it’s really not that big of a deal.”

Emily pressed on with her condemnation, as if she hadn’t heard my mom at all, “I just can’t stand being around her when she starts getting all-” she mouthed the word ‘slutty’ so nobody could hear. “She may as well have just walked in here totally naked.”

“Now, would that have been the worst thing in the world?” Sean replied sleazily. This earned him another smack on the arm, and his wife stormed off. He rubbed his arm where it had been struck, shaking his head and smiling to himself. My mom let out a chuckle, stood, and started to clear the table.

I, on the other hand, decided to remain seated for a moment to allow my arousal to recede. It was a little bit strange, really, that she had such an effect on me in that moment. In reality, she would have been showing far more of her body if she had entered wearing a bikini instead of a towel, but something about this moment turned me on so much more. Maybe it was the wine. Maybe it was just that a towel is far easier to remove than a bikini. Or maybe my imagination was running wild with the image of her sleek, wet, bare body basking in the sun as the water fell across her skin. Likely, it was the combination of all of these.

What actually surprised me more, though, was my mom’s and Sean’s comfort with her state of undress. Admittedly, Sean was likely thinking thoughts similar to my own, and was doing a worse job of hiding it. But the very idea of people being comfortable with each other’s casual nudity was intriguing to me, to say the least. Not to mention the intrigue of getting outdoor nudity, a subject which I had not considered in a considerable amount of time.

After a minute or so of daydreaming, I finally felt comfortable enough to stand again, and made my way over to the sitting area to lounge in the sun. I passed by Rebecca, her eyes still fixed on her book, and quietly yearned for a proper conversation with her. Instead, I leaned back onto a long piece of couch opposite her, and quickly dozed off.


I awoke to a violent shove from my sister.

Startled, I yelped out and swung about as she began to laugh. “Dreaming about those girls at the beach?” I gave her my most irritated glare, and she walked away smiling. I blearily awoke properly, stretching and gazing out the window to the ocean. Rebecca was gone, and the sun was approaching the horizon. I decided to make my way back to the beach; the only correct way to enjoy a sunset.

As I arrived, I was surprised to find it strangely quiet. Not empty, mind you, but certainly fewer people than I would have expected. I found a nice patch of sand to lay on just as the sun seemed to touch the water and the sky began to turn a stunning, warm color. Naturally, I gazed up and down the beach, looking for anybody worth watching.

Then I heard what I was looking for before I saw it. I turned to my right to find a group of drunk college-aged kids laughing and yelling a ways up the beach. Among them were four beautiful girls who made me not feel so bad for ignoring the sunset for a few minutes.

I watched casually as they shouted indiscriminately to each other. One of the girls was waving her phone aloft, doubtlessly documenting how much fun they were having. Then she handed her photo to one of the guys, and all of the girls lined up for a group shot, facing the setting sun. The girl closest to me turned her body to the side, toward the middle of the group, allowing me to thoroughly appreciate her sunlit backside from my distance. The guy took a picture, then said something I couldn’t quite hear. But whatever he said, it prompted a loud “Oh my God,” from one girl, and a “Why the hell not?” from another. Then, after some squabbling, all but one of them lifted their tops, laughing. I admit that I leaned my head over to get a better view, and I was delighted to see three pairs of gorgeous, supple breasts in the warm light of the sunset.

They laughed, lowered their tops, and looking around, one of them met my gaze. I darted my eyes back to the sunset as I heard her feign embarrassment with a loud, “Oh my God, that guy totally saw us,” but I knew the truth. They had come here to be seen. Only people who want to be seen are willing to expose themselves like that.

Having happily seen more than I had sought to see, I made my way back to the house while I still had some twilight left. I made my way to the outdoor shower, intending to rinse off my feet, but as I approached, I remembered Deanna.

She had been out here without a stitch of clothing on her body. The very idea of her standing there, body exposed to the air, was enough to get me a little stiff. I considered the surroundings, noting the large clearing in front of the shower, and the sufficient seclusion from the roadside. If somebody were so inclined to discretely enjoy being naked outside, this might have been the perfect spot in which to do it.

I thought about this fact as I turned on the shower and my cock continued to harden. I thought about it further as I rinsed the sand away from my feet. Then, as I looked around in the dying light of dusk, I had made up my mind. I pulled down my trunks, and my hardness came flopping out into the brisk air. I let my shorts fall, then kicked them to the side, and I stood there, my body bare to the clearing and the darkening sky.

When you’re dressed in a swimsuit, and all but the essentials are bare, you get used to the feeling of air on your usually-covered skin. You soon stop to notice it. But when those few parts are exposed that even swimwear should cover, the sensation is far too unfamiliar to ignore. It feels a little bit strange, like you’re finally really feeling the outside for the first time. You feel the air moving about you, where things are usually relatively still, and I personally find the sensation delightful.

I stepped into the hot water of the shower, and its warmth washed from my head, to my shoulders, to my torso, to my groin. My skin pricked up, and the feeling could only be described as pleasurable. I stepped out of the path of the water for a moment, and the contrast in sensation between the hot water and the cold air was explicitly arousing.

I thought about Deanna more. I imagined her standing nude, in the same spot I was in, the water falling along the curves of her body in the same way it was falling over me. I imagined her round ass and breasts, wet and gleaming in the sun.

Without another thought, my hand was wrapped around my cock, and I began to stroke it vigorously. A breeze picked up, and the unusual sensation of wind against the head of my penis filled me with bliss.

I felt the water on my backside, the air on my front, and the ground beneath my feet, as I masturbated, taking each raw sensation in stride. I heard the sounds of nature around me, and I observed the wide openness of the clearing in front of me. I considered the feasibility of someone hiding in the brush, watching me. The idea simultaneously filled me with pleasure and dread; a duality that’s difficult to describe, but the combination filled me with a desire that was powerful and erotic. On the one hand, the concept of being caught like this, naked and masturbating, was entirely shameful and embarrassing, but at the same time, the concept of someone gaining pleasure from my self-pleasure was dramatically exciting. I both wanted to be seen, and was horrified by the concept.

I also fantasized from the voyeur’s perspective. I imagined hiding in the brush, masturbating, as Deanna stood here, showering. She catches me, and embarrassed, I apologize profusely. But she’s not angry or upset. On the contrary, she’s flattered by my hardness. She invites me to join her, and she turns around, putting her hands against the wall. I fuck her from behind, and slap her ass swiftly. The intensity builds, I move my hips faster, harder, feeling myself boiling up. Her ass ripples with every powerful thrust I make. Finally, my velocity increases to a rate beyond comprehension. She cries out in pleasure as I feel the hint of orgasm beginning to move its way through my body, until finally…

Cum shot out from my cock, through my hands, and landed squarely onto the wooden floor of the shower. It took all the power I held within me to not moan loud enough for the whole house to hear, but I allowed myself a subtle gasp as the orgasm washed over me. My body tingled in ecstasy. My pace slowed, as I pumped the last few shots of cum out of me, my mind lost in euphoria.

But then, once I started to come down from my high, reality dawned on me. I was standing naked outside. I had just masturbated in the wide open. Flecks of white cum were littered all around me. I anxiously began to consider the possibilities that I was previously unable to consider when my lust was in control. What if the neighbors could actually see through the brush? What if somebody had come around to use the shower, but I was too busy going to town on myself to notice? What if the owners of this place had some kind of security camera trained at this shower?

It obviously hadn’t occurred to me how exposed I really was, until now, and I began to mildly panic. I felt dirty. But that feeling somehow fueled a renewed arousal as well. It was strange. Confused, I start to brush away my cum from the shower platform with my feet, until I was satisfied that no one could find any evidence of the terrible deed I had committed.

Awash with my shame, I turned off the shower, wrapped my beach towel around my lower half, and head inside. I hoped desperately to run uninterrupted up to my room, unwilling to confront another human being and attempt to conceal the secret of what I had just done. I clutched the towel close to my waist, and made a mad dash to the stairs.

But of course, who else could I possibly run into, before making it upstairs, than Deanna herself? She smiled brightly as she saw me, and gave me a cheery, “Oh! Hey there!” And without a moment’s hesitation, she glanced down to the towel around my waist, and her smile turned into a grin of an entirely different sort. “Well I’m glad to see I’m not the only one making full use of the amenities! How’d you like it?” In the moment, I could have sworn that her voice became infinitely more sultry as she said this to me, but a more realistic interpretation would attribute that to wishful thinking on my part.

“Um,” I froze in my place. Not only was I caught in a state of undress, and one in which I was entirely uncomfortable, but I was also being confronted by the very person I had just fantasized about. I had literally just cum to her body, in my imagination. I couldn’t help but steal a glance at her tits, wondering aimlessly as to the shape and color of her nipples. She didn’t seem to notice this, but she definitely noticed my sudden inability to speak, and my apparent shame.