Gwen always liked attending the holiday parties given by her husband’s company, and this one was no exception. Everyone was in high spirits, celebrating their recent victories in the corporate battlefields. Her husband, Steve, was telling a few co-workers how he’d handled a recent negotiation. His boss, Kelly, was making her way around the room, laughing and tossing back her auburn hair as she passed out bonus checks, which made the participants even happier. Everything was perfect, except Gwen had an urgent need to use the restroom.

After she’d finished handling the need, and was washing her hands, Kelly strolled into the restroom. Gwen was about to tell her what a great party this was, when Kelly pulled a bold move. She stepped very close to Gwen, so close that as Gwen swiveled her head to see why, she could feel her strawberry blonde hair brush against Kelly’s face.

Kelly looked into her eyes, saying, “I’m sending Steve to Phoenix all next week. My house, Monday evening at 6, be there. Don’t wear a bra or panties. Got it?”

Stunned and practically immobilized by Kelly’s hypnotic gaze, all Gwen could do was nod meekly and mumble, “Yes, Kelly.”

Kelly gave Gwen’s boob a good squeeze and kissed her quickly but forcefully on the lips. “See you then…” she stated, and strolled back out of the restroom, smiling.

Gwen stood there in partial shock, water still running on her hands. “What the fuck just happened?” she said, sub-vocally. She washed her hands for a longer time than usual, trying to analyze that shocking interaction. Since the restroom was otherwise unoccupied, she whispered her thoughts, hoping that hearing them would clarify them somehow. “Was she joking? She couldn’t have really meant that!” Gwen hemmed and hawed, recapturing Kelly’s tone of voice and body language. “She sounded deadly serious,” she decided, the moistness in her armpits now signaling her growing nervousness. “And that kiss was not just a friendly peck.”

She dried her hands on a towel, and heard some people approaching the door. In an instant, Gwen decided she wasn’t ready to walk back out to the party, so she hurried into one of the toilet stalls, closing and securing its door. There was a burst of words as two other women came in and chatted constantly as they used the facilities, and primped, repairing their makeup, and fixing their hair.

Gwen was still deep in thought. Now her analysis and discussion had to take place purely mentally. “She sounded so dominant… so matter-of-fact… like taking it for granted I’d obey. I have to admit… I’m scared. Would she do something to hurt Steve’s career if I refuse? She didn’t actually say that — but was it implied?” She shuddered. She pictured Kelly as she left. “She was smiling. If it was a threat wouldn’t her expression have been more stern?”

Then Gwen’s mind did the equivalent of a U-turn. “Maybe she was implying she’d help Steve’s career if I do this, whatever ‘this’ is. Maybe give him a promotion? Goodness knows we could use the extra money. Maybe by sending him on these trips he’ll earn bonus money, too?” Pleasantly daydreaming, Gwen let her mind dwell a little while on the thought of a possible increased income, and the various things they could do with it.

Giving herself a shake, she turned back to Kelly’s instructions. She’d said ‘don’t wear a bra or panties’ — it was difficult to interpret that as anything other than an implied sexual encounter. It wasn’t as if she’d never had sex with women. Before she was married, she’d sampled many different forms of sexuality, the memories of which still fueled her masturbation fantasies when she was feeling extra horny and Steve wasn’t available. But all that sampling with others had ceased when she’d gotten married to him.

Therefore, the lure of a possible liaison with Kelly was a little like dangling the forbidden fruit in front of Eve. Physically, Kelly was gorgeous with a wonderful figure. At parties like this, she wore thin, silken, clinging outfits that displayed her curves — breasts, trim waist, and sexy hips and butt. If the room was cool, Kelly’s nipples poked the thin material forward, amply verifying that she wore no bra. Her skirts were always short, putting her long, delightful legs on display all the way down to her dainty feet. Gwen’s heart fluttered in her chest, imagining that body without clothing. Her breathing deepened, making her own well-proportioned breasts rise and fall.

But a feeling like a cold shower washed over her, making her shiver briefly. “But since we’ve been married, I’ve never been unfaithful to Steve. Doing this could damage our marriage… maybe irreparably,” she thought. Then she began to rationalize, as anyone facing the temptation of forbidden fruit might. “I’d never want to be unfaithful to Steve, of course. But, if it’s with another woman, would that really be being unfaithful? Maybe he’d get all excited by the idea? Maybe I should ask him, and find out?” She mentally smacked herself. “If I tell him what Kelly wants, and he doesn’t like the idea, he might create a scene at the office, and end up fired! I can’t risk that!”

By now, Gwen had talked herself into doing what Kelly commanded, almost managing to feel like she was making a ‘noble sacrifice’ in so doing, and she finally rejoined the party. However, she studiously avoided making eye contact with Kelly, afraid that her cheeks would blaze crimson if she did. Later, she had to pretend surprise when her husband mentioned on the way home after the party that he had to go out of town on a business trip on Sunday afternoon. “Where are you going, and for how long, honey?” she asked.

“I’m afraid I’ll be in Phoenix all next week, darling. But I’ll try to call you every evening, so you don’t get too lonely.”

“That’s sweet of you to think of me, honey. I know those long business days can be very tiring. If you need your rest, I’ll understand,” she promised him.

The weekend seemed to last an eternity for Gwen, waiting for Monday evening to arrive, and both dreading it, and looking forward to it. Her stomach kept doing flip-flops whenever she thought of Kelly commanding ‘don’t wear a bra or panties’ like she did. Both eating and sleeping were difficult, and she found herself staring at the clock often, willing its hands to move faster. The anticipation of the unknown was awful!

Steve flew out late Sunday afternoon, to be at the work meetings scheduled for early Monday morning. Gwen still had about 24 hours to wait for her ‘appointment’ with Kelly. She decided that she’d better try to look her best, since she had a feeling Kelly would be making her get naked, sooner or later. Hair removal came first. Shaving her underarms and legs until they were silky smooth, she took a closer look at her pubic hairs. “Hmmm… I don’t think I want that area bald,” she murmured. “I’ll just spruce it up a little.” After that was accomplished she took a shower and applied moisturizer to the shaved areas.

As she was looking in the mirror, plucking a stray eyebrow or two, she noticed something. “Hairs? On my nipples? Why have I never noticed!” she practically shrieked. True, there were only two on one areola, and one on the other… but still. She winced as she tugged them out, and softy rubbed the abused areas. Finally, she trimmed her nails, and applied nail polish, which made her sit and watch television without moving much until it was bedtime.

Her nervousness didn’t dissipate in the morning. As the time flowed along like molasses flowing in the depths of winter, Gwen lost track of the number of times she stared at the clock, amazed that its hands had barely moved. She began to fear that, upon arriving at Kelly’s house, she might turn and flee. A coward running away with her tail tucked between her legs. She tried quelling her fears by looking at her wardrobe. She figured a less clingy blouse might help disguise her lack of a bra. And a skirt that fell to below her knees might be less sexy than most of her dresses, but it would give her less of a feeling of being naked below her waist, without the snug reassurance of panties. By the time she’d chosen, her bed was piled with the rejects. Straightening out those clothes and hanging them back up at least let her pass more time.

Taking her cell phone, Gwen got into her car and started driving towards Kelly’s house. She was giving herself plenty of time, mainly because she couldn’t sit around in her own home waiting any longer. She didn’t want to get to Kelly’s house late, nor did she want to arrive too early. Therefore, she got nearby and then parked her car, looking through apps on her cell phone while she waited.

About three minutes before 6 PM, she started the car, drove a couple of blocks, and pulled into Kelly’s driveway. As she got out and locked her car, she saw Kelly opening her front door and beckoning her inside. “Come on in, and welcome,” Kelly said, closing the front door once they were inside and leading Gwen into the living room. “You’re very punctual. I like that. Now let me see if you followed my instructions. Do you want to take your clothes off, or would you rather I do it?”

Gwen gulped audibly, and her racing heart try to leap up into her throat, obviously chased there by the horde of butterflies that began flapping inside her stomach. “Oh my god,” she thought. “She’s getting right down to it without a moment’s hesitation!” She hoped those living room curtains weren’t very see-through. Out loud, she stuttered, “I… I… I… I’ll do it.” Her fingers felt like they belonged to someone else — someone very inept at dealing with buttons — as she started trying to undo the buttons of her blouse. Each button seem to be too large to fit through the buttonhole, but slowly she manage to undo them, one by one. Blushing pink, she pulled the blouse free from her shoulders and down off each arm, rendering herself topless.

Gwen stood there, motionless since she was forcefully willing her arms to stay by her side rather than leaping up to shield her breasts from Kelly’s sight. Kelly was nodding and grinning as she stated, “So far so good. Now do the rest, Gwen.”

At this point, Gwen had to let her arms begin moving again because it was taking all of her willpower to stop her legs from racing her body back to Kelly’s front door, out it, and into her car to zoom home. Meanwhile, reacting to Kelly’s hypnotic gaze, Gwen’s hands undid her skirt and let it drop. She was able to shield a look at the front of her body by bending over to step out of and pick up her skirt. But she knew as she straightened up she had to set the skirt aside. Her blush had deepened to a scarlet color as she stood naked with Kelly gazing at her. “Excellent,” her husband’s boss said. “You obeyed me perfectly. Now it’s your turn.”

Gwen’s eyes bulged slightly as she meekly said, “Excuse me?”

“Now it’s your turn to tell me to strip,” Kelly explained. “But not with that tone of voice, please. You need to convincingly command me to do it.”

“Command you to do it…” Gwen paraphrased aloud. Now she was truly confused. “Why would she tell me to command her?” she wondered silently. “She demands that I show up here braless and pantyless… has me take off my clothes… and instead of ravishing me, as I expected, she wants me to tell her to do things? Huh? Am I supposed to tell her to get naked as some kinky prelude to her using me?”

Kelly saw the perplexed expression on Gwen’s face and thought it adorable. This was one of the marvelous things about having a new person over. Seeing their confusion, and then seeing how their expression changes when comprehension finally dawns on them. “I’ll explain soon, Gwen, but first you have to get me naked, too. And don’t be timid about it — order me, in no uncertain terms!”

Shocked into action by Kelly’s statement, Gwen blurted out, “Get those clothes off — NOW — Kelly! I want to see you buck naked faster than I can blink!” Mentally horrified by what she’d just told her husband’s boss to do, Gwen almost brought her hands to her mouth in censorship. But before she could make such a move, Kelly’s hands went into a blur of motion, practically ripping the clothes off her body. In seconds, she was nude, and not only that… she’d dropped to her knees in front of Gwen, her head bowed, asking humbly, “Was that fast enough, Miss?”

Gawking, Gwen choked out, “Miss? Why are you calling me Miss?” At this point, she lost her cool, almost shouting, “What the hell is going on, Kelly?”

“I’m happy to explain now, Miss — now that you’ve asked me a question.” She glanced toward a padded, comfortable easy chair. “Perhaps you’d like to sit there while I explain?” She pointed.

Still flabbergasted, Gwen took two steps backward and sat. Kelly stayed down, walking forward on her knees until she ended up kneeling before Gwen’s feet.

“I have a high profile job, Miss, which requires me to constantly make split-second decisions, issue orders, worry about the budget, and please the Board of Directors. It’s long workdays of high stress. Early on, I learned that if I didn’t find some way to dissipate that stress I’d become physically ill, and mentally numbed. I stumbled upon the idea of submitting to someone, at least for brief periods of time. During my submission to them, I could cease worrying about the stresses of my job, and instead live in the moment.” She looked up, trying to judge if Gwen was understanding this.

“But given my position, Miss, I couldn’t submit to just anyone. Word might get out and that could ruin my reputation, and be an impediment to negotiations, and career advancement. And so, perhaps evilly, I hit upon this idea of providing insurance against people disclosing my, shall we say, predilections. I felt I could safely submit to the wife of one of my employees, since her husband’s career would then be tied to the wife’s silence. I don’t have to do this too often — just when the stresses reach a peak, and that happened recently.”

Seeing that Gwen was listening intently, Kelly continued, speaking gently now. “I’m bisexual, and I’ve always found you attractive, Miss. And the fact that Steve really needed to be sent to Phoenix for work this week seemed to be a perfect opportunity for me to submit to you.”

Still skeptical, Gwen said, “You’re kidding me… this is a prank… you’re playing a joke on me, right?”

Eyes cast downward, Kelly whispered, “No Miss, I’m being very honest about this.”

“And what do you mean by saying you’re submitting to me?” Gwen asked, suspiciously.

“It means that you command me, and I’ll obey, Miss. Please don’t worry… indulge your whims. If anything is too much for me, I will use my safeword, which is the word ‘RED’ said once or even several times. If I say that, you must stop what you’re doing and check in with me, please.”

Gwen crossed her arms, staring down at the kneeling woman. “So I’m in charge?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Then I don’t have to be naked, do I?”

“Certainly not, Miss. That was just a test to see if you had the proper caution about things to verify you’d be likely to keep my secret,” Kelly explained.

“And if I had not arrived, on time, lacking bra and panties? What then?” Gwen asked, as she put her blouse and skirt back on.

“Then the next time I communicated with you, I would have told you that of course I was only joking, Miss,” she replied, wearing a mischievous grin. “May I serve you some dinner, Miss? We can eat while I answer your questions more fully.”

It was an interesting sight at the dining table. Gwen, sitting there dressed, being waited upon by a lovely naked woman who happened to be her husband’s boss. It seemed a bit surreal, but the food was good, and the discussion was convincing Gwen that Kelly was being open and sincere. As they finished, and Kelly cleared the table, Gwen asked, “You keep calling me Miss.. what should I call you?”

“Calling me Kelly is OK, but you can use words like girl, pet, bitch, slut, whore, cunt… please realize that you are free to humiliate me… it’s part of filling my needs, Miss.”

Hearing the word ‘humiliation’ gave Gwen an idea of how to test this concept of submission. “Go stand on your head against the wall over there, Kelly,” she commanded, pointing to an open area of wall space.

Without protest, Kelly hurried to the area indicated, and placed the top of her head against the floor. Using her hands and arms as braces, she kicked her body into an inverted position, with her back and butt thudding against the wall, making her fall back to the floor. Deciding that her head had been too close to the wall, she scooted back a little and tried again, with similar results. It took her several awkward attempts until, wobbling slightly, she was doing a headstand, with her body propped against the wall.

Gwen was giggling as she watched the high and mighty Kelly attempting to obey. She walked closer, seeing Kelly’s face reddening with embarrassment and the excess blood pooling in her head. “You don’t look very stable, girl,” she commented. She put her hand to her chin as if thinking, then said, “I know what might help. Do the splits, bitch.”

Kelly gasped, and a little mortified, started sliding her heels along the wall, widening the gap between her legs. Of course, this salaciously exposed both her pussy and ass hole, as her moist pussy lips were pulled sideways by the stretched thighs. Every thing was fully visible, because Kelly was clean shaven down there — not a hair could be seen anywhere in that area. This humiliating pose must’ve been something that fit Kelly’s cravings. More fluids welled up and leaked from her honey pot, some drops landing on her face. Gwen thought it might be interesting to bury her face in Kelly’s crotch, and suck at her sexy juices, but she wasn’t sure if it was really permissible to take things that far.

She stepped back, telling Kelly, “OK, you can get down off the wall and back onto your knees.” Kelly obeyed, first working her legs back to the center, and then pushing off. She landed on the floor with a heavy ‘thud’ sound. “Not very graceful, I see,” Gwen chortled, secretly hoping that Kelly hadn’t injured herself. It did take a few minutes for Kelly’s dizziness to pass, now that she was kneeling upright.

When she’d recovered sufficiently, she humbly asked, “May I please show you something, Miss?”

Gwen was starting to get more comfortable in her role. “Yes girl — show me.”

Kelly picked up a key and led her to a locked room. When its door was unlocked, it was revealed to be a playroom with items like handcuffs, dildos, ropes, a paddle, a riding crop, etc.

Gawking anew, Gwen walked around the room, her mind reeling slightly as she examined the items. During this time, Kelly knelt silently, letting Gwen drink it all in. “I’d never in my wildest dreams imagined that Kelly had a room like this — things like this,” Gwen thought. “So she wants me to humiliate her… where to start? Where to start?” Spotting something, she decided that starting simply might be best.

She sat down on a low stool. “Come here, bitch, and get across my lap, face down,” she commanded imperiously, beckoning Kelly. Hearing that tone of voice, Kelly shivered as she hurried to do Gwen’s bidding. She shivered even more as she got into position, her naked buttocks quivering atop Gwen’s lap. Gwen smiled as she looked down on the vulnerable flesh being presented. She wondered if, after receiving the first hard swat, Kelly would scramble off her lap and tell her this was a big mistake, and that she should go home. “Only one way to find out,” she murmured barely audibly.

She raised her hand and then brought it down fast and hard, her open palm making a cracking sound as it make contact with Kelly’s butt. Kelly jerked, her torso arcing upward as she uttered an undignified squeal. But she immediately lowered her torso again, submissively remaining over Gwen’s lap. Gwen took a moment to admire the reddened hand print that had formed on Kelly’s alabaster buttocks. But only a moment. She proceeded to give Kelly a thorough spanking, a small payback for the anxiety Gwen had suffered over the weekend. The auburn-haired woman squirmed and shrieked and moaned, but she never cried out her safeword.