Athens Greece:

Scarlett stood in front of me. My arm was around her waist holding her close. We looked out over the beach to the Aegean Sea. A crescent moon rose illuminating sails and hulls of all the ships anchored in the bay. A gentle breeze blew off the water caressing her cheek. I kissed her neck and felt her shiver in my grasp.

“What a view,” I whispered and she nodded awkwardly.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” she said as I ground against her. “So deep…”

“We aren’t being watched,” I assured her. “We have this spot to ourselves.”

I moved my hips backward just a bit and then pushed against her. She let out a soft gasp as my cock sunk a bit deeper. I adjusted her skirt and she flinched when the material caressed her bare ass cheeks. I moved again and Scarlett let out a delightful grunt. She squeezed my cock with her internal muscles and she was trembling now.

“You are close,” I said and she nodded. “I almost there.”

“Inside of me,” she growled as she squeezed me repeatedly. “I want to feel you cum inside of me.”

I looked around to make sure we were alone. Satisfied we weren’t being watched I moved a little further now and fucked her slowly until I was on the very edge of climaxing. She could feel my cock swelling inside of her. She knew how close I was. Scarlett begged for my load and I gave it to her. I cried out softly as my sperm sprayed her insides. It had taken nearly a half hour from the moment I slid into her to my climax. It was excruciating but worth every moment. I pulled out of her, tucked in, and zipped up. She just stood there and held onto the wooden fence tight. She was shaking as bad as I was.

“Damn, I needed that,” she moaned. “Talk about intense…”

“I try.” I said and she turned to kiss me.

“How long has that cat been there?”

“Are you fucking kidding me,” I cursed seeing asshole cat watching us. “Fucking perv.”

“Your cat has a voyeuristic streak,” Scarlett said giggling. “That is so you. Let’s head back, I’ve got an early shoot and we only have a few days left until we move to the Santorini set.”

“Let’s get you that beauty sleep.”

The three of us walked back to where the rental car was parked. The cat hopped between the front seats and landed in the back. Scarlett drove back while I hummed a little tune. I had a free day since they were shooting on a closed set tomorrow. I had a few of the more obscure shops to visit to see if I could find any hidden treasures. We reached the hotel and there was a letter for me from my mother. I read the letter as we rode the elevator up to the top floor. A few of the main cast were sharing the penthouse suits. There were four of them in total and we had the one that faced the city. Robert had ‘gotten’ the one facing the sea but that didn’t surprise anyone. He had more clout that anyone else. While a nice guy he was really spoiled. I laughed as Scarlett unlocked our room.

“What’s so funny?”

“I was just thinking how spoiled Robert is having the suit that faces the water.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Here I am making love to the most beautiful woman on the planet and I am calling him spoiled.”

“Oh, you are a real charmer,” she said getting that twinkle in her eye.

“You have an early shoot…” I said even as she dropped down onto her hands and knees and moved towards me. “Don’t blame me if… oh damn woman… SSSSS… easy with the teeth…”

“You never did tell me about the tattoo,” she said between licks of her tongue on my sensitive flesh. “Tell me.”

“I told you before you won’t believe me… FINE… fine… a succubus gave it to me while I got my back piece.”

“You mean a female demon inked you,” she moaned and I nodded. “Why would she do that?”

“Succubi like getting DP’d when they fuck,” I said and she captured the head of my cock between her lips. “If I say the magic word the design turns into a second cock.”

“No shit…” she said after my erection left her mouth with a popping sound. “Show me… if it’s true I’ll let you DP me.”

‘Show her,’ the succubus whispered in my mind. ‘She’ll wake up tomorrow with a crazy dream. Trust me… it won’t hurt her. We are allies Thom.’

I spoke the word and Scarlett’s eyes and mouth widened in shock. She kept her word and so had the demon. The next morning Scarlett awoke with a start when the hotel called up with her wake-up call. She kissed me and headed directly for the shower. I stayed in bed since I could sleep another two hours until the shops opened. Fifteen minutes later she appeared with her hair in a towel but otherwise naked.

“I had the craziest dream last night,” she said looking at me with a dreamy expression. “You grew a second cock and drilled me like a fiend.”

“Two,” I said and looked under the covers. “I must have lost it.”

“Pity,” she purred. “It was the most realistic dream I’ve ever had and damn it felt good. It wasn’t like that first time at all.”

“I told you I’d back off if it hurt.”

“And I told you I didn’t want to disappoint you. Shooting is going to take all day, maybe longer. I’ll call if we can do dinner. If not, I’ll catch up with you here.”

“My family is going to visit. They are going to be staying on a little island not too far from Santorini. I hope you don’t mind if…”

“Nope,” she said as she bent over and kissed me. “They are family. Besides, I’d like another round with Katarina. She’s got spunk. Speaking of, I got yours all over my skirt.”

She noticed the clock and hurried up to get dressed. A few minutes later there was a knock on our door. It was Robert Downey Jr. Scarlett let him in and I waved from the bedroom. He remarked about the strong smell of sex and suggested some air freshener. Scarlett punched him on the arm and they left together. I closed my eyes but I was awake. I got up and took a long hot bath. I had a hot wet cloth over my eyes when I felt the water displace and rise. The splash of the water hitting the tiled floor alarmed me. I tugged the cloth away and looked around. The succubus sat across from me smiling.

“I just adore a nice hot bath,” she purred.

“Your nipples are pierced,” I said. “Is that new?”

“You are perceptive,” she said. “Mikey talked me into it. He can be very persuasive. Did you enjoy last night? That was your first time using my gift.”

“I didn’t find the right opportunity before then. I’ll be honest. I was leery of using dark magic.”

“Normally you’d be dead to rights to be cautious. I made a vow that it wouldn’t hurt you… I suppose I should have told you it wouldn’t hurt your partners either. The best part is there is no post anal anguish. In the case of mundane humans it also leaves a kind of dreamy fugue behind as well. Can’t have movie stars go screaming to the tabloids, my lover has two cocks!”

“My family isn’t what you’d call mundane.” I said and the succubus smiled revealing her sharp pointy fangs.

“Oh, they’ll remember but it isn’t like they’ll say anything. Well, nothing beyond unnnn… Or ohhhh shit… you get the idea.”

“So, what brings you to my bathtub?” I asked and she grinned.

“I need a favor,” she said as her foot found its target, my cock.

“Hold on, you have feet,” I said surprised. “You had hooves in the tattoo parlor.”

“Shapeshifter darling,” she purred as she teased me. “I am looking for someone and they are hiding out.” Her toes worked me into an impressive erection. “We made a deal and he chicken shitted out.”

“You want me to play spiritual bounty hunter?” I moaned. “Talented feet you got there demon.”

“You have no idea,” she said as her other foot came into play. “I pay you the traditional finder’s fee when you deliver him. He’s here in Athens but that’s the closest I can track him.”

“What is the traditional fee?” I asked.

“I grant you a minor boon. You collect it whenever you need it.” She said as her feet had me panting and moaning by now. “Tell you what… I’ll throw in a night with my twin sister if you find him within thirty days.”

“A demonic threesome…” I whimpered and she nodded. “Oh, that is…” The succubus pounced sending a wave of water onto the floor. She snared my cock with her mouth and went to work. “FINE… you evil bitch you! I’ll find him if I can. I’ll keep a look out while I roam the city.”

She was too busy sucking me off to respond. I sat on the edge of the tub to make it easier for us both. She deepthroated me with an ease that no other woman I’d ever been with. Correction, she sucked dick as only a demon could. I grabbed a good fistful of her hair and yanked driving my cock harder and harder down her throat. She never flinched. I guess demons liked it rough too. I bit back a cry as the succubus swallowed my load.

“I can stay…” she offered but I shook my head. “You are right. His file is on the coffee table. Once you have him speak the command in the little brown envelope and I’ll take possession. Ciao lover bear, I know you won’t let me down.”

I blinked and she was gone. My cock was still semi hard after the mind-blowing head I had received. Now I was a bounty hunter. The odds were slim to none that I would collect either the bounty or the bonus. I drained the tub and finished off with a quick shower. I dressed and looked at the fugitive’s file. I flipped open the manilla folder and looked at the man’s folder and freaked. I knew him. Holy fucking shit I had dinner with this guy two nights ago. He was the assistant director for the movie. I read his file and it read like a god damn train wreck. He had sold his soul for one successful movie. He had a producer credit as well as a director credit in one of Marvel’s biggest hits. That was three years ago and his career had been damn steady since then. I took out my tablet and googled his previous credits. Sure enough, everything else he had touched had turned to shit. Suddenly, out of nowhere he gets a shot at an honest to god Marvel movie. It does better than expected and boom his career is made. The only problem is that he had demonic help.

“You stupid son of a bitch,” I cursed. “I got dinner with you Saturday night. Live it up until then. Fuck!”

I closed the file and placed it in my laptop case. I didn’t want Scarlett seeing this. She wouldn’t understand. My stomach grumbled so I got my shoes on and headed out. I hit a local diner and had a light breakfast. My appetite was spoiled. I could ignore the bounty but she’d know. She was a demon after all. I had no choice. I chewed my food but barely tasted it. The world seemed to have the color sucked out of it until a nearly naked man sprinted passed me just as I paid my bill. He had a towel around his waist and that was it.

“JOHN… Prester John…” a woman called as she raced behind him.

I joined the chase. I hopped, dodged, and maneuvered through the people. I was far more successful than the girl and caught up with the half-naked man just as three men cut off his path. They were dressed in expensive suits and wearing dark sunglasses. They had the scent of hell about them. I recognized the stench after having encountered the succubus on more than one occasion. The man that the woman had called Prester John stood unwavering. For a man wearing only a towel I was impressed with his courage. I moved next to Prester and set my hand on his shoulder.

“I got your back.” I said and he looked at me.

“You…” he replied his eyes wide and wild. “I know you.” He blinked and the savage expression on his face lessened to a wry grin. “God damn, it is you… Old Black Thom!”

“Old Black Thom,” the middle of the three men hissed. “He’s dead. Everyone knows that he died months ago.”

“No wait,” the man on the left said hesitantly. “I met Thom and that’s his kid. I’m not sure this is a good idea Raal.”

“No names idiot,” the third demon growled. “Even if it’s his kid there are three of us.”

I felt the tingling from my back. One of them was up to no good. I searched my mind for a spell that wouldn’t be too flashy but might scare them off. I looked around and noticed how cloudy it was. The clouds weren’t threatening but I could change that. I sang softly under my breath as the demons hesitated. The sudden cloud burst took them off guard. A harsh litany and a few gestures heralded a loud crack of thunder. Prester John laughed and pointed at the demons. The girl took him by the arm and her appearance startled them more than the name of Old Black Thom. They broke and ran as the woman soothed Prester enough to steer him away from the crowd that had gathered. I followed them and introduced myself.

“I am Thomas, Thomas Blackstone,” I said and she seemed unimpressed.

“My name is Anjelica,” she said coolly. “Thank you but we don’t need your help.”

“Don’t be like that Anjelica, he is Thom’s son. Thom and I go way back.”

“I know your history with him,” she said the venom growing with each syllable.

“Listen, I don’t want to cause any trouble.” I said but she surprisingly invited me for coffee for protecting Prester.

She guided us to a small shop off the main drag. The sign was in several languages and it read in English, Fable’s Fantastic Finds. Prester John owned a little resale shop. I wondered if I could find something interesting here. Anjelica guided Prester to the back of the store while I perused his stock. It wasn’t a surprise to find a ton of Greek antiques and stonework. What was surprising was the vast collection of Roman, Greek, and Egyptian coins. There were other nations represented but the bulk were those three countries. I wasn’t a numismatic but some of them looked damn valuable. I couldn’t be sure of course but a few got my attention. Anjelica appeared with a pot of coffee and poured three cups.

“Prester is getting dressed,” she said. “This is Egyptian coffee so its strong.”

“Thanks, I guess you and my dad didn’t hit it off.”

“That would be putting it mildly,” she said making a disgusted face.

“Aw hell, I know that face. Listen, I am sorry. I can’t make up for what he did. If I could I would. Believe it or not I am a nice guy. I am not my dad.”

“You can,” Anjelica stated smiling. “I need a favor and I’ll give your dad a pass.”

I nodded and looked to see if she had horns or a tail as she told me what she wanted. Prester John appeared and caught me checking out Anjelica’s ass. I smiled and he just shrugged. Anjelica announced to Prester that I would accompany him to the Midnight Auction. The auction was being held this very evening. I felt like fate was using me again. I had decided to follow Prester John and now I was being asked to babysit him at an auction. How hard could this be? I texted Scarlett and told her about the auction. I wouldn’t get a reply for five more hours. That was the nature of movie making. Prester happy to have a companion turned to his stock and began to set out items for the sale. He could only submit one and after two hours had gotten it down to a gleaming helmet of Greek design and twelve-inch piece of navy blue crystal.

“What are they?” I asked and Prester stood up tall and proudly described each piece.

“The crystal while older is less rare. It holds a portion of the Library of Atlantis. I guess you could describe it as an ancient data crystal, but Atlantean. This crystal holds a wealth of astronomical information. The other is the famed Helm of Hades. It once belonged to Perseus. He ended up selling it off once he saved the girl and she had caught him using it to spy on the daughters of Hestia. It is rumored that Hades cursed it when Zeus ordered him to give it to a mere demigod.”

“Which one do you think will sell better?” I asked and Prester looked at me stroking his chin.

“You are definitely his kid. If I had told any other person in the world that these two objects were magical in nature they would have called bullshit. But you just ask which one would sell better. I’ll go with the Helm. It gives me the creeps. I think that Hades can see through the helm and I like walking around naked when the shop is closed.”

“Should I ask how you managed how to get ahold of the helm?” I asked.

“That would require going over much of the history of that artifact. Do you have several hours?”

“Nah,” I said. “Can I peruse and see if you have something I’d want for my own business?”

“Feel free to look,” Prester said. “If you see anything you want we’ll talk price.”

For a small shop, he managed to stack shit to an amazing height. I was looking for anything unusual, like the Atlantean crystals. It was literally the needle in the haystack. I spent hours and they passed so swiftly. Before I knew it, Anjelica was standing next to me and holding a string and measuring me with it. When I asked her about it she informed me it was tradition. One didn’t go to a black-tie affair in jeans and so she brought out appropriate clothing for the Midnight Auction. It was something that had been going on for centuries. I changed and regarded myself in a mirror. The cut and style of the fabric reminded me of a Venetian Merchant from times long past. I wondered what other kinds of wardrobe they had hidden away.

“It is the theme for this year’s auction. It is sad really,” Anjelica commented. “The size and frequency of the auction has shrunk over the last decade.”

“Any idea why?”

“I think it is because technology has replaced awe and wonder. Granted that doesn’t cover the flat earthers and the religious nuts. Those guys are crazy. Oh, it is almost time to go.”

I checked my watch and it was indeed eleven thirty. Anjelica told me that we were in walking distance of the auction house. Prester had found a lovely wooden box to house the Helm of Darkness. He had that as well as papers that proved the authenticity of the helm. He was garbed in similar clothing but while mine were maroon his were a deep purple. Anjelica was going to stay at the shop while I kept an eye on Prester. I had a sudden thought what was her relationship to Prester John? Was he her father? He was old enough for that. I was curious but it wasn’t my place to ask. I was doing them a simple favor. I am sure my dad would have done the same.

The weather was nice and the streets were scarce of foot traffic. I wonder if it was the neighborhood or just chance that we passed unnoticed to the auction house. We reached a large stone building and off to the left was a bright red door. Prester approached the door and knocked on it. The deep metallic sound echoed within. The door opened and a tall black man in a modern day tuxedo greeted us and allowed our entry.

“Prester John,” the keeper of the door said in his deep resounding voice. “Old Black Thom.”

Fifty or so beings of various shapes and sizes were milling about in what passed for a foyer. There were tables with food and drink as well as attractive females and males of non-human lineage. Prester whispered in my ear and identified the races for me and I was amazed at the variety of intelligent life on and under the Earth. There were of course half a dozen varieties of fae or elves. One of them was even of Asgardian origin. The dark elf male was tall, muscular, and as Prester explained a master blacksmith.