John was on his way home from work as he drove down this little back road he had taken in the past. Traffic hadn’t been bad but something made him want to take this road instead so he followed his gut and drove down. He saw this little shop where an old abandoned building had been for years. He was pretty sure it had been an old convenience store many years ago but had been empty for a long time but there was a sign and an obvious business in there now.

The sign said “Lilith’s Erotic Emporium” which was an odd name but he couldn’t help but pull in and park. He sat in his car for a moment not really sure what he was doing there but he wanted to go inside and look around. He finally turned off his car and walked up to the door before stepping inside.

John looked around as there was a strange scent in the air. It smelled like a sort of incense or something but it was very pleasant. He didn’t see anyone behind the counter but the sign had said open so he looked around at the different items. There were bags of what looked like different herbs and such with strange names. One of which was called Fairy powder which he thought was a bit strange.

As he looked he saw a shelf full of strange looking statues. He glared at them confused by what he saw as they seemed to be demonic by the look of them but there was something very strange about them. They all looked like different creatures with horns, tails and all seemed very beast like. He noticed one that seemed very feline in nature. There was another one that caught his attention. It was a very attractive demoness and he felt something strange when he looked at it. It was human looking for the most part except for a dark pair of wings and two red gems for eyes.

“Hello and welcome to Lilith’s, anything I can help you with.” A woman’s voice said from behind him making him jump a little.

“Oh” he said jumping a little “wow I’m sorry you scared me a little.”

“I apologize, I can be very sneaky sometimes, I see you admiring our statues.”

“Um yes, they are very nicely sculpted.” He said as he tried not to look at the very attractive redhead who was helping him. “Do you make these yourself?”

“Oh no, these were made a long time ago.”

“Oh, so what are they supposed to be?”

“They are sex demons.”

“Excuse me?”

“Sex demons, all from different realms and times.”

“You sell statues of sex demons?”

“What did you think we sold?”

“Honestly I’m not sure, I’m not even sure why I’m here really, guess I was just curious.”

“Well curiosity killed the cat!” She said laughing a little.

“Ha” he said glancing at one of the statues which looked feline, “So what do you do with these?” He asked referring back to the statues.

“Well they are sort of like fertility idols.”

“How so?”

“Well people buy fertility idols to help them get pregnant, these are more to help improve your sex life.”

“Really, do they work?”

“Yes, these bring a certain amount of sexual energy into your home and increase sex drive.”


“Why don’t you try one for yourself?”

“Oh I don’t know.”

“Here at Lilith’s we have a customer satisfaction guarantee, if you aren’t satisfied you can return it for a full refund.”

“Really, okay well which one would you suggest? This feline one seems nice.” He said looking at the cat like demoness on the top shelf.

“Oh no, you don’t want that one.” Nessira said almost looking nervous about having that statue on the shelf. “How about this one here, I noticed you eyeballing it a moment ago.” She said grabbing a statue of a very attractive demoness he was looking at earlier. “This is Lizeth, she’ll be perfect for what you need.”

John looked at the statue which somehow reminded him of his wife Janice yet he wasn’t sure why. The statue was very sexy looking despite the wings but the woman was very slim looking and attractive. He began to have that strange feeling again as he held it for a moment. After the woman handed it to him he was trying to decide if he should buy it.


“Yes, she is a very unique demon, I think you will like her.”

“But how is a demon supposed to help, aren’t they, you know, evil?”

“Ha, shows how little you know, forget that silly book they make you read during sunday school, demons are very misunderstood creatures.”

“But what about the ones who kill people?”

“Demons are just creatures who give in to their desires, yes there are some violent and dangerous ones out there but those aren’t the type I let into my shop. Most demons are given a bad name because their desires are considered sins by most cultures.”

“I see.”

“Lizeth is a demon of lust, her desire is sex, passion, and loyalty, now she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty but trust me, she is a good time and a very faithful companion”


“Yes, like your loyalty to your wife, you have always been loyal haven’t you?”

“Always, of course I have, even to this day.”

“But I’m guessing she hasn’t?”

“Well… sorry that’s really none of your business.”

“Sorry, I’m an empath so I can read people, Lizeth would rewards loyalty with loyalty, if she is treated like a queen she would fuck like you’re her king.”

“So did she suck the life out of kings in the past?” He asked getting little to no reaction from the woman.

“I think you are confusing her with a succubus who do feed off people’s life force through the act of sex, though we… I’m sorry though succubi have gotten the nickname of sex demon they are in fact a different species, demons feed off the sinful act itself, not their mate, giving them what they desire keeps them alive.”

“Huh, she definitely seems like an interesting character, I wish more women were like her.”

“Take this home and I promise your sex life will improve greatly.”

“So if I did buy it, what do I do with it?” He asked.

“Just place it somewhere in the open and let it work its magic.”

“I don’t know, my wife may not want a sex demon statue in her house”

“Trust me she will love it when she see’s it, women tend to buy these more than men, they find themselves attracted to them.”

“You don’t know my wife.”

“No, but I know what you need and Lizeth here will definitely give you what you need.”

“You make it sound like I’m buying the demon herself, okay let’s say I am interested, how much?” He asked expecting to hear an outrageous number.


“Wait, really that’s it?”

“Is that too much?”

“No that’s actually very affordable but I’ve seen statues like this go for hundreds or more.”

“We aren’t here to rip anyone off.”

“I’m sorry but I have to ask, what kind of store is this anyway, sex demon statues, fairy herbs, and what looks like massage oils and… are those penis statues over there?” He asked seeing strange looking stone cocks on a shelf.

“Here at Lilith’s we deal in sex, in the basic sense of the term, we sell items to improve pleasure on a primal level.”

“Really, with a name like Lilith’s Erotic Emporium I was expecting sex toys and vibrators and such, and isn’t an Emporium supposed to be, I dunno, bigger?”

“Size doesn’t matter at Liliths.” She said with a smirk.

“Touchè.” He responded a little embarrassed.

“We don’t deal in toys here, all of our items help awaken the natural sexual energy inside us all, something tells me your wife needs an awakening.”

“You could say that, but I’m still not sure.”

“As I said before we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, if this doesn’t please you than you can get your money back or exchange it for something else, but trust me, she is exactly what you need.”

John thought long and hard for a moment until he placed the statue on the counter top. “Okay I’ll take her… it.”

“Excellent choice, I’m sure you will enjoy Lizeth very much.” She said wrapping the statue and gently placing it in a paper bag before handing it to him.

“You aren’t going to miss her? You seem to know a lot about her” He said trying to crack a joke.

“I know she’s going to a good home.”

“Okay well I hope it works, if not at least I have a nice statue to look at, I’m John by the way.” He said reaching out to shake her hand.

“Nessira” she responded taking his hand. “enjoy.”


When John got home he placed the statue of Lizeth on the mantle in the living room. He stared at it admiring it for a moment as he got a good feeling every time he looked at it. It was a beautiful statue and he thought about the story the woman at the store told him about Lizeth and how interesting it was.

“You know Lizeth, you’d probably be a better wife than Janice ever was, oh well, at least if you help me get laid again it won’t be so bad.” He said to the statue feeling a little silly talking to an object.

He wasn’t sure what Janice would think of it so he decided to leave it there and head out to run some errands before she got home from work. He hid the bag hoping if she didn’t like it he could play it off like someone delivered it and thought she ordered because he wasn’t sure where it came from. He grabbed his keys and headed out taking one last look at it before closing the door. Him and Janice had been struggling for a long time. He couldn’t remember the last time they had been intimate and when they did talk it was mostly fighting. About a year ago he had found out that she had cheated on him and even though he agreed to give her another chance and move past it she didn’t seem to want to try as hard as he did.

Janice had gotten home from work and placed her purse down. She was talking in her phone when she walked in the house and hadn’t noticed the statue at first. She continued her conversation unaware of the two red eyes watching her from the mantle.

“No don’t worry he isn’t home, his car is gone, did you speak to your friend about our little idea? Okay good, make sure you give me the details at the party tomorrow, no John isn’t coming which is fine by me. No he still thinks it was just the one time but it won’t matter anyway as long as your friend comes through for us, I can’t wait to get rid of that loser, okay Tim see you then, love you too!”

She hung up the phone and slid it into her pocket. She was wearing a business suit and skirt as she worked in an office in the city. She had her blonde hair up in a bun and wore glasses but was a very attractive woman which is one of the reasons why John was so in love with her at first but they weren’t married long before they had started having problems. She hadn’t told John but she had cheated on him a few more times since he had found out about the first time. She was confident he wouldn’t find out and even if he did she was sure he wouldn’t leave her as he couldn’t afford to. She would have taken him for everything he had which wasn’t much to begin with but her and Tim were working on another plan so it wouldn’t be necessary.

As she walked into the living room she sat down on the sofa pulling her phone out again to check some emails. She was going through them when she looked up and saw a strange demonic statue sitting on the mantle above the fireplace. She stared at it with disgust on her face wondering where it had come from and if her husband had bought it and why.

“What the hell is that?” She said getting up and getting a closer look at it. “I will not have this kind of filth in my house.” She said reaching up to grab it when she felt a slight shock that hurt her hand and made her fall back to the couch. “Ouch, what the fuck?” She said grabbing her hand rubbing the spot where it had shocked her.

Janice began to feel a little strange as she sat there. She began to feel warm as she unbuttoned her her jacket not sure what was going on. She looked back up at the statue as the eyes began to glow letting out strange red smoke. She wasn’t sure what was going on but when she tried to get up she felt dizzy and fell back to the couch unable to stand. She began to feel something even stranger as the buttons on her shirt began to pop off followed by the zipper of her skirt sliding down before it slid off of her. She grabbed her shirt not sure what was going on but it soon slipped out if her hands leaving her there in nothing but her bra, panties and nylon stockings. She looked up at the statue which now seemed to be looking at her as the smoke rolled out even thicker.

“What… what’s going on?” She said out loud as all these strange things were happening around her.

She looked down as she began to feel something odd between her legs. She could feel a strange pulsing sensation as her clit began to throb. The pulse grow stronger with every passing second followed by her nipples beginning to do the same. She placed her hands on her breasts as the uncontrollable feeling continued along with what was happening between her legs as well.

“Oh… SHIT!” She said as it all started to feel pleasurable.

Almost as if she wasn’t fully in control anymore she slid her hand down under her panties and she began to rub herself. She could feel her clit still pulsing and as she began to rub it she felt waves of pleasure surge through her. She tried to pleasure herself to orgasm hoping it would be enough to stop what was happening but no matter how good it felt she could not get herself there.

“You will cum when I allow it” A strange voice said that almost sounded like it was coming from inside her head.

“What… who said that?” Janice said as her body continued to turn against her.

“You have been a horrible lover to your husband.” The voice continued.

“Who… who are you, please… AH!” She yelled out as her clit felt a surge that made her buck her hips.

“You have been a terrible wife, but don’t worry, I will be everything you weren’t to John, he is mine now.”

“Stop this… oh fuck!… stop!”

Janices panties and bra ripped off and went flying leaving her there on the couch naked except for the stockings. She bucked her hips as she continued to finger herself as the pleasure filled her making her whole body fill with orgasmic delight. The smoke that was pouring from the eyes of the statue began to flow towards her. It surrounded her completely making her glow a bright red color before it began to seep inside her through every hole it could find filling her body and taking it over. She felt strange while the pleasure filled her making her body float off the couch as her eyes began to glow red after the smoke had filled her. last thing she felt was an intense orgasm that started in her pussy before expanding to her entire body. Every muscle felt an incredible pleasure as if ever part of her was a G-spot making her squirm and moan before letting out a loud scream of satisfaction. Her body fell limp and quiet before it was gently placed back down on the couch.

After a few moments she began to stir. She opened her eyes and looked around before stretching and sitting up. She looked herself up and down feeling her skin and admiring herself in the nearby mirror. She smiled as she realized how sexy this body was and how excited she was to be free from the statue which was still on the mantle with two holes where the eyes used to be.

“Hmmm, this will work nicely.” She said feeling herself again. “And I think John is going to like it as well.”


John had not gotten a call or text from Janice as he had went to the store just to stay out for a little while and was thinking maybe she hadn’t noticed the statue or maybe didn’t mind it so when he got home he walked in to find the living room empty. He looked around and saw pieces of ripped clothes on the floor near the couch wondering what had happened.

“Honey, you home?” He called out.

“In the bedroom!” He heard his wife yell back before he headed in there.

“Hey Janice, look about the statue I um…” he stopped when he walked into his bedroom to see Janice laying there on the bed wearing nothing but a bathrobe and smiling at him. “Um, hi Honey, you feeling okay?”

She motioned for him to come closer letting the robe open a little giving him a peak. John wasn’t sure what she was up to but started to wonder if the statue actually worked. It didn’t make any sense to him as he didn’t believe in magic or anything like that, in fact he wasn’t exactly sure how the woman was even able to convince him to buy it.

“Come here my love.” She said as he laid in bed next to her. “I haven’t been a very good wife to you have I?”

“What, Janice like I said before I want to work this all out but I need you to at least want to try.”

“Well I want to start making it up you.” She said sliding over and kissing him.

He tasted the lips of his wife that he hadn’t tasted in a long time. He wasn’t exactly sure what had gotten into her or if she was just screwing with him but for the time being he was going to play along with it. She shoved her tongue in his mouth becoming a little more forceful which wasn’t really like her at all but he was enjoying the attention.

“Here.” She said removing her lips from his. “Let me show you how much things are going to change around here.” She said unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants before pulling out his cock which was still a little soft.

She lowered her head down toward his member giving it a few light taps with her tongue trying to get him hard. John wasn’t sure what was going on as oral sex was something Janice would never have gone for before but her tongue felt amazing as his cock hardened. Once he was erect she wrapped her lips around his member and began to give him a few slow sucks that felt amazing. He could feel her tongue poking at the tip of his cock as her lips slid along his shaft.

“Holy shit!” He said enjoying the attention.

“You like that?” She said between sucks.

“Oh fuck yeah.”

“Then here, let me give you more.” She said as her fingers began to caress his balls as she sucked even harder.

John didn’t know what to think as all he could do was enjoy the sensation of Janice giving him an amazing blow job. She slid off her robe and he couldn’t but notice just how sexy she looked. Her skin looked a bit younger and smoother and her breasts seemed perky as the hung there before she began to rub them gently on his cock between sucks. John wasn’t sure if she had always looked this good because it had been a long time since the two of them had been intimate. What he didn’t know was this was no longer his wife as she had been replaced with the soul of the statue he had purchased and this demon was going to give him a sexual experience he had never dreamed of.

“Ooh, you like that Baby,” she said in a seductive voice

“Very much so.”

“Then get comfortable because we haven’t even started yet.” She said as she climbed up towards him.

She grabbed his shirt ripping it open sending buttons flying in every direction before she began kissing his chest. Her tongue traced across his nipple as she worked her way up towards his face. Before she kissed him she gave his peck a little bite before giggling a little and pressing her lips against his. She felt so warm and soft on top of him as his hands explored her body feeling every inch off it. She spread her legs and positioned herself letting his cock touch her slit but not letting him enter quite yet as she continued to tease him over and over again.

“You want me?” She whispered in his ear.

“Very much.”

“Is it time for me to start making up for being such a bad girl?”

“Oh fuck, I hope so.”

“Then get ready for the new Janice.” She said but before he could respond she lowered herself letting his cock slide inside her with ease.

He pussy was tight but moist feeling amazing as his cock slid inside her. He let out a moan as she began to thrust her hips milking hs wanting member in a way he hadn’t felt in a long time. She squeezed her breasts together shoving them in his face as his hands traced up her body starting at her ass and sliding up her sides as he pulled himself close to her kissing her chest as she continued moving her hips trying to squeeze the cum from his cock. John knew something wasn’t right and was shocked that the statue had worked this quickly and this perfectly. She began to move her hips even faster riding him with a force that began to shake the bed even moving it a little. He could hear the headboard banging against the wall as she began to moan and even grunt a little.