Gwen was driving home from work in the rain one night. It was hard for her to see and the rain was so hard she knew she had to pull over until it stopped. Her glasses kept fogging up as well which wasn’t helping as she already had a hard enough time seeing in the dark but the only light she could see was this little shop up on her right-hand side that looked like an old general store on the front of an old house. The lights were on so she thought maybe they were still open so she pulled up out front if it.

Just barely able to see through the water dripping down her windshield but she could see a sign that said “open” so she turned off her car and ran for the door. Once she was inside she started to look around and was a little freaked out by what she saw. There were strange looking statues that seemed to be staring at her. There was a shelf filled with strange crystals and she also saw a shelf with plants on them. At first glance they looked like strange cucumbers until she noticed they looked like something else completely which made her tilt her head a little confused by the green penis plants.

“Hello there?” Nessira said walking over to greet her customer.

“Oh, hi, you aren’t closing are you?”

“Not at all, trying to get out of the rain I take it?”

“It’s raining like crazy out there, but yeah if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, would you like a towel?”

“No its alright, I’ll dry.”

“Nonsense, here you go,” Nessira said handing the woman a dry towel.

“Thanks, you sell towels here?”

“No, we have a massage parlor in the back so we have them handy.”

“Massage, what kind of shop is this?”

“This is Lilith’s Erotic Emporium.”

“Erotic? At first glance I thought it was a General store or something, what is all this stuff anyway, doesn’t seem like the usual sex shop.”

“We are far from the usual, here we deal with sex at a primal and even spiritual level, it’s not just about the pleasure of the body, it’s about the pleasure of the soul, what someone really needs.”

“Uhuh, well that’s… Fascinating?”

“What are you looking for today?”

“Oh, I’m not, just trying to get dry is all.”

“Oh I don’t think so, every customer who has entered this shop has left with something.”

“Maybe I’ll be the first to disappoint you.”

“There it is, disappointment,”

“Excuse me?”

“You used that word, that specific word, that tells me you are used to disappointing people, and also used to disappointment.”

“Um, no, that doesn’t sound like me.”

Nessira began to look her over. She was not an ugly girl but she didn’t seem to be very confident about her looks. He breasts were small, almost flat which she knew had to be an issue for her self-esteem. Her dirty blonde hair was a mess as well and she could see the split ends. The Glasses Nessira liked as it reminded her of a naughty librarian fantasy she does with Patrick but the more she looked her over she saw a woman who didn’t even try to make herself look good despite how attractive she was already.

“I think I know what you need,” Nessira said walking over and picking up a jar filled with a slimy liquid that seemed to be a mix of both black and red.

“What the hell is that?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Okay, then what am I supposed to do with it?”

“That’s the fun part, anything you want!”

“That doesn’t make any sense,”

“It can be used in a bath, it can be used as a lotion, it can even be used to… Well, you know.” Nessira said looking down at Gwen’s crotch.

“Oh, that’s strange,”

“It is but trust me, once you let this stuff touch your skin, you will never regret it.”

“So you are selling me a jar of goop?”

“I am helping you solve your problems.”

“How so?”

“Listen, here at Lilith’s we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your purchase you will get a full refund or something even better to help you.”

“I think I’m all set.”

“I’ll tell you what, it is yours for $5, and if you aren’t happy I will give you a $10 credit.”

“Wow, that sounds like a great deal, but still what can it really do for only $5?”

“I try to give people what they need, it’s not about the money here, it’s about sexual satisfaction.”

Gwen stood there looking at the jar with the strange slime inside. For a moment she thought she saw it move on its own which was strange but she convinced herself it was the way Nessira moved the jar. She stepped closer and took the jar from her and examined it closely. The substance inside was unlike anything she had seen before. She reads a small label on the side but it’s hard for her to understand.

“Viri daemonium?” Gwen asked confused.

“It’s Latin.”

“What does it mean?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes if you don’t mind.”

“Okay, it means slime demon.”

“Slime demon, really?”

“Its just a name, most of the stuff in this store has Latin names, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.”

“This is just weird though.”

“Well the rain is letting up, so do you want to leave with this jar or not?” Nessira said as Gwen stared at the strange goop in her hands.


Gwen finally got home to her tiny apartment and placed down her pocketbook and a bag labeled “Lilith’s Erotic Emporium” on her table. She felt silly for letting that woman talk her into buying a jar of goo but the price wasn’t bad and she knew she could return it if she needed to. She took out the jar and placed it on the table before sitting down and staring at it.

The mix of black and red that didn’t seem to mix together seemed strange to her. Like water and oil almost but not exactly. She was almost afraid to touch the stuff as it didn’t look like any sort of lotion she had seen before. She pulled the jar a little closer opening it up and looking inside. She smelled it but there was no strong scent coming from it, just a light scent that wasn’t unpleasant as she stuck two fingers into the jar taking a small amount of the goop in her hand and rubbing it between her thumb and finger.

The stuff was warm and definitely slimy but it felt nice. It was thick and almost felt solid from time to time like it would harden then thin out. She smiled a little as she played with the little glob in her hand wondering what she could do with it. It didn’t feel like something that would absorb into her skin so she wasn’t sure why she was told it could be used as lotion.

She began rubbing her hands together a little and to her surprise it did seem to absorb into her skin getting thinner the more she rubbed it. She noticed her skin seemed shinier and smoother as she continued to rub it in until it was gone. There was no black or red residue and her skin looked amazing after like it was five years younger.

“Huh, isn’t that something.” She said to herself as she closed the jar and went to get ready for bed.

She washed up and laid down quickly falling asleep. She was resting peacefully at first until she began to have strange dreams about halfway through the night. She found herself in a dark tunnel barely able to see anything. It was frightening a little as there seemed to be darkness in one direction and light in the other but she felt like there was something in the darkness watching her, even following her. She stopped and looked as she saw a figure standing in the darkness walking towards her slowly. She couldn’t make out much except for what looked like long flowing hair as it moved. She got the feeling it was a woman but she couldn’t make out any real features except what looked like vines or tendrils coming off of her.

Gwen turned and headed for the light but the tunnel seemed unending. The strange part was she was running and her pursuer was only walking but still seemed to be catching up to her. She felt as if she was in a horror movie unable to escape the killer that was stalking her. She could hear he walking up right behind her and she began to get scared. Suddenly she felt something grab her wrist wrapping around it like a liquid before she was held up against the wall while her other wrist was grabbed as well. The woman had her pinned and stepped into the light in front of her. She was the same color as the strange liquid she had bought in that jar earlier that night. Her hair was wild and crazy almost looking more like tendrils but her face seemed quite smooth and beautiful even.

“Do not be afraid of me Gwen.” She said before stepping a little closer.

Her voice was strange almost as if it was multiple voices speaking at once. She could not escape but as scared as she was she almost didn’t want to. The woman even though looked like some sort of unworldly creature didn’t seem to want to harm her but still, Gwen was nervous.

“Please calm yourself, Nessira sent me to help you.”

“Help me, with what?”

She stepped a few inches closer before she said “everything.” Before she pressed her lips to hers giving a very gentle kiss.

Gwen could feel her tongue wiggle around in her mouth and was actually starting to enjoy it a little. One of the other tendrils started to slide up the side of her leg before gently brushing against the front of her panties. The feeling made her body jerk as she continued to tease her but not actually enter her. Gwen was going mad wanting her to enter but she would not.

“What are you waiting for?” Gwen said breaking the kiss.

“I am waiting for you.” The creature said before Gwen shot up out of her sleep covered in sweat and confused by what had just happened

Gwen was very confused as she rolled out of bed and put on her glasses before she headed for the bathroom. She turned the light on and splashed some water on her face trying to calm herself down a bit. She looked at her hands which still looked smooth and the asking seemed flawless. Even a little scar she had on her thumb from cutting it when she was 15 seemed to be gone.

Gwen stepped out to look at the jar still sitting on the table where she had left it. She was still tired but she felt this urge to open the jar. She stared at it for a moment before she picked it up and brought it to the bedroom with her placing down on her nightstand. She remembered something Nessira had said about using it on herself so she began to think maybe she should as she was very turned on by the strange dream she had. She opened the cover and dipped her two fingers in again taking out a glob. It felt warmer than before and much more slippery as she rubbed it between her fingers again. She found herself getting turned on at the thought of masturbating with this stuff which just seemed strange all around but soon she got comfortable back in her bed leaving the jar on the nightstand with the cover off.

“This is so fucked up.” She said to herself as she slid off her panties with her clean hand.

She looked at the glob of goo in her fingers before she slid her hand down and began to rub her opening with the slime. It felt strange at first but she let out a gasp at the sensation. It started out very slippery and smooth but then she noticed it was starting to get sticky. It was getting hard for her to continue and she was mad that the stuff wasn’t working as well as she had hoped until she noticed something strange. The goop had fallen from her fingers as she noticed them clean as can be but when she looked down she noticed the stuff had become like tar almost and part of it was sticking to her clit. She tried to pull it off but it didn’t seem to want to let go and the strangest part was she could feel it squeezing and even massage her clit which was strange and wonderful at the same time. The rest of it was inside her like slimy tendrils that felt like it was moving and attaching itself to all of her erogenous zones inside her pussy.

“Oh, Oh God…” She said as this strange liquid began to pleasure her intensely whether she wanted it to or not.

The little red and black slimy tar was attached to every g-spot down there and was massaging her inside and out as she bucked her hips frantically as it was greater than anything she had ever felt before. Her hand grabbed her bed sheets gripping them tightly as her moans turned into more like frantic yells of ecstasy as it wouldn’t stop. What she didn’t notice at the time was the liquid in the jar starting to become more like tar as it started to climb out of it and start crawling towards her. She was too distracted to notice or care what was happening until it grabbed her wrist causing her to look down as it began to spread up her arm and across her skin.

“What the… Fuck!” She said as it spread across her chest and down her other arm before sliding down her stomach.

The goo began to slide up the back of her neck and even start to coat her hair but left her face open as the rest of it slid down over her pelvis and down her legs all the way to her toes. She felt strange but the pleasure continued as she began to feel the slime do the same thing to her nipples that it was doing to her clit. Her body was covered with this stuff and she began to resemble the creature she saw in her dream as the slime began to enter ever hole in her body sending waves of orgasmic delight all over her until she let out a loud scream as every nerve in her body exploded with pleasure before she fell to the bed and past out from exhaustion.


The next morning Gwen awoke to the sound of her alarm clock going off. She glanced over and realized she was running a few minutes late as she jumped out of bed before she looked all over herself remembering what had happened during the night. Her skin was normal and there was no sign of black or red slime anywhere. Her panties were back on and she was still wearing the same t-shirt she had been all along.

Believing it was a dream she ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower before brushing her teeth. She hurried as fast as she could spitting one last time before she went to hop in the shower. As she rubbed soap on her body she suddenly noticed her breasts seemed bigger. They were more plump and shapely and that was very strange because she knew boobs didn’t just grow overnight. She started to wonder if the cream she had been using to make her breasts bigger had finally kicked in. She had bought it online but didn’t actually expect it to work but it was the only explanation she could think of.

She jumped out and dried herself off before running back the bedroom and finding her work uniform which was a green shirt with a store logo on it. She hated her retail job but she needed a way to pay the bills so it was what she had to do for the time being. She found her work pants and tied her hair up in a tail not noticing the red tips against her dark blonde hair before she grabbed her keys and ran out the door.

As she drove she found herself having difficulty seeing with her glasses on. They were hurting her eyes to the point she had to take them off only to notice that her vision was perfectly fine. In fact, it was better than it ever was even with glasses which also confused her because there were a lot of strange changes to her today and it was freaking her out a little.

It was a slow day as Gwen stood at the service desk waiting for customers. The only few she had dealt with so far were complaining people who tried to return items without their receipt which always made her mad but there was little she could do about it. She was stuck between the company policy that basically told her she couldn’t help them unless they get mad which pissed her off to no end.

“You know Gwen,” she suddenly heard her manager Eric say behind her. “You know the policy on dying your hair, you are at the front of the store, the first person everyone sees and now you look like some punk rock girl.”

“What are you talking about?” Gwen asked as she saw the red streaks in her hair after pulling her tail around to see “what the hell?”

“This is your first offense so I will let it go but make sure it doesn’t happen again.” He said before he walked away leaving Gwen there confused about what had happened to her hair.

There was a customer at her counter as she went over to help her. It was a woman she saw in there all the time who usually was a problem despite how many times she tried to help her. Gwen put on her fake smiled and walked over to see what she could do for her.

“Good morning, what can I do for you?”

“I would like to return this.” She said placing an empty package of chips on the counter.

“Sorry, you can’t return food like this.”

“They didn’t taste right.”

“Okay but still the bag is empty.”

“I threw the rest away because I didn’t want them.”

“Fine, I still can’t give you your money back!”

“Well, then I want to speak to your manager!”

Gwen could feel her heart starting to race a little as this woman was stressing her out. She clenched her fist a little bit before she went to pick up the phone her eyes turned a strange red color and she suddenly began to growl at this woman. Freaking out the woman backed away and ran out if the store.

One of Gwen’s coworkers walked over and asked: “what was that about?”

“Watch the desk I have to use the restroom!” She said turning and rushing towards the restroom before they could even respond.

She walked into the employee bathroom locking the door behind her as she went to the mirror splashing water on her face again. She knew something strange was going on as she began to look at herself seeing her expanded breast’s, the red streaks in her hair, even her ass seemed more toned and she could see it all clearly without her glasses on.

“Do you like the changes I made?” A strange voice suddenly said as she jumped not expecting to hear it.

“Who was that?”

“We met last night, I trust you enjoyed yourself?”

Gwen suddenly remembered being attacked and absorbed by the jar of slime before she said: “Oh God, that wasn’t a dream was it?”

“No it was not, the bonding process is complete, I really enjoyed pleasuring you.”

“Oh shit, where are you?”

“I am inside you, you and I are co-existing together, does this bother you?”

“A little bit actually yeah, what the hell are you?”

“That would be hard to explain but the best way to describe myself would be what Nessira told you yesterday, a slime demon.”

“A slime demon, wait I am possessed by a demon?”

“No, I cannot control your body, but I can work with you and help you.”

“But you’re a demon?”

“Please don’t judge me by a simple title, I mean you no harm and truly want to help you,”

“Help me? Holy shit, I am going crazy!” She said as she started to panic a little.

“Please calm down Gwen, your heart rate is elevating quickly.”

“Shit, this can’t be happening!” Gwen said ignoring her as she started to panic more.

Suddenly Gwen felt something strange between her legs that made her knees wobble. There was a sudden pressure in her crotch and she began to feel her clit start to pulse a little. It was a very strange feeling but it actually felt very nice at the same time.

“What are you… Oh, God!”

“You were stressing your body, this will calm you down.”

“But I… oh shit…”

“Do you wish for me to stop?”

“I… Oh, Fuck!” She said turning around and using the counter to hold herself up as her pussy pulsed harder until she felt a very strong orgasm rippled through her body almost making her collapse to the floor but she held herself up the best she could.

“Do you feel better?”

“Holy shit! That was amazing!”

“I am glad, there is so much I can do for you if you let me.”

“I’m sorry but this, this is all just very strange.”

“I understand, but please know I mean you know harm, I need you to survive and I want to make this as pleasurable for you as possible.”

“Right?” Gwen said trying to wrap her head around all of this, “Do you have a name?”