Nessira was placing new items in the shelf to replace some of the things she had sold recently. She could feel someone coming as the shop had a way of luring people in so she could give them what they needed or what would be the most arousing and entertaining for her. She had a set of rules she had to follow but could sneak in the occasional curve ball. Lilith, Victoria, and Rick didn’t really pay too much attention to what went in the store as long as they got what they needed. Rick and Victoria had the attitude of not wanting to know too much so it wouldn’t weigh on their conscious.

Lilith had learned about the plant and the unfortunate death of Kevin who had purchased it but knew that was how forest Nymphs were born so let it slide for the most part and continued to let Nessira run the store the way she saw fit. It was hard for Nessira as she had to walk a fine line with her customers and leaving a trail of bodies would get he in trouble if she wasn’t too careful.

She heard the door open and knew the woman she had been expecting had arrived. She sensed her coming a while ago and had something special planned for her. There was a beastly looking statue she had in the back that had a certain effect on people and she had been hoping to test it out and she was the perfect candidate. She saw the pretty young brunette standing by the door looking a little confused and Nessira headed her way.

“Hello and welcome to Lilith’s Erotic Emporium, anything I can help you with today?” She said as she looked her over. she was a very attractive woman but she seemed to try and hide it like she didn’t want to show how sexy she could be.

“I um, I don’t know what I’m doing here, I just felt compelled to stop in.”

“That’s okay, we are here to help everyone.”

“What do you mean? What kind of store is this?”

“Well, we deal in, lets say sexuality on a natural level.”

“Really, that’s… interesting.”

“Why, are you in need of sexual help?”

“I um…”

“Please, you can tell me, by the way my name is Nessira, and I promise whatever the problem is we will have a solution here at the shop.”

“Stacy, and well its, I’m having trouble, with um…”

“Just say it, trust me I’m not here to judge.”

“Well, I’m having trouble getting in the mood.”

“Really, trouble with your man?”

“No he’s great, I love him so much and he… well let’s just say he is very good at what he does, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh I can imagine, so what is the problem then?”

“I don’t know, I just have this problem, It’s a psychological thing, I should probably just see a therapist about it, but in the meantime I was wondering if you had some sort of pill or something that might just help me get there.”

“Not at all, I’ve seen this before, let me guess, something bad happened when you were younger?”

“Yeah, you could say that.”

“Can you tell me about it, were you…?”

“Oh no, no no nothing like that.”

“Okay, so what is it then?”

“It’s just, I was kind of an odd duck back in college, even my old boyfriend would tell me I wasn’t much to look at and, I don’t know ever since all that I have just never been very confident and every time Tony and I are ready to… you know, I just think back to all of that and, It really affected me more than I thought.

“I see, well Stacy you are a beautiful woman, you are a goddess among men, and I will not let you leave until you feel that way about yourself. Trust me Troy will be quite happy when we are done with you.”

“What do you mean, what are you going to do to me?”

“Relax, I’m a professional.”

“Proffesional what?”

“Ha, lots of things, you will see. The question is how badly do you want to fix this problem?”

“I love Troy and I really want to be in the mood when he’s in the mood it’s just hard sometimes, I don’t know, I just want to get over this.”


“Sorry, I have no idea why I am telling you all of this.”

“This place has a way of bringing it out of people, but its okay I have the perfect remedy.”

“Really, is it simple?”

“Very, tell me do you like natural or spiritual remedies?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“Great because I can do something for you that will greatly boost your sex drive, just come over here with me.”

“Where are you taking me?”

“Just back here in the corner.” Nessira said leading her an area with a stone pedestal and a mat on the floor. “Sit here please.” She said inviting her to sit on the mat.

“What is this?”

“We are going to awaken your inner sexual beast.”

“My what?

“Everyone has an inner beast filled with lust that needs to be satisfied, we are going to awaken yours.”

“Your joking right?”

“Not at all, I am guessing whatever happened to you is what is causing your problem, someone took away your power, your sexual confidence, and I am going to give it back to you, please sit, get comfortable.” Nessira said pointing to the mat. “Now this may seem silly but I promise you when we are done you will feel like a new woman, I guarantee it.”

“I don’t know. I feel like this is a bit if a scam here, no offense.”

“None taken, I know it seems weird but this has helped others and here at Lilith’s we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if it doesn’t work you get your money back no questions asked.”


“Really, just this little session and you will be good as new, only $12.50.”

“That seems fair, oh all right, what have I got to lose.” Stacy said giving her the money.

Stacy looked down at the mat and sat down on her legs and watched Nessira walk over and start lighting different Incense in a circle around her. She looked at the empty pedestal in the middle as Nessira walked into the back room. She wasn’t sure what was going on as she sat there smelling the different scents burning around her. They were all pleasant but she wasn’t sure what all of this had to do with what was going on or how it was going to help.

“Here we go!” Nessira said walking back out carrying a strange statue of some sort of beast.

It resembled a wolf in a way but also humanoid as it stood in two legs. The more she looked at it the more it reminded her of a werewolf almost. It was a little frightening to look at but she placed it on the pedestal i the middle and walked over kneeling down behind her.

“What are you doing?” Stacy asked.

“Just relax, I am a licensed masseuse.”

“Wait, I didn’t realize you were going to…”

“Don’t worry, I’m just going to rub your shoulders to help to relax, it’s okay, and if it starts to get too uncomfortable for you just say so and I will stop.”

Stacy was a little hesitant but a nice shoulder rub sounded good so she let Nessira begin. She placed her hands on her shoulders and began to gently massage some of the stress out of her. She had to admit it did feel good and she closed her eyes and breathed in the different scents around her.

“That’s it, just relax, imagine you are in a field running, wild and free.”

“Wild and free? Am I naked?” She asked not sure how serious Nessira was.

“If you choose to be, just feel the wind on your face, the ground beneath your feet.”

Stacy began to imagine all of this. She felt herself beginning to relax as Nessira rubbed her shoulders more which was starting to feel even better. She even let out a little moan as they went on hoping it was okay. She imagined herself running through a field but she began to see herself like she was running on four legs instead of two. She could feel herself breathing heavily and growling a little as well.

“That’s it, let yourself free, free from the shackles of your past, free from responsibility, see the person who told you that you weren’t beautiful years ago, feel yourself hunting him down, you have their scent, you hear their heart beating in fear as you pounce at him tearing their flesh from them and even tasting their blood.”

Stacy was a little uncomfortable at first at what Nessira was saying as she did start to see it. She could imagine it all which was strange but it also felt a bit liberating. Nessira started to unbutton Stacy’s shirt while her eye’s were still closed. She was so lost in the visions she didn’t realize was Nessira was doing as she began to rub her hands all over Stacy’s skin even sliding them under her bra getting her body turned on.

“No, do you see Troy?” Nessira asked as Stacy’s visions began to change.

She could see Troy standing there and smiling at her as she began to feel a sort of excitement. “I do, I see him.”

“Good, do you want to harm him?”


“Do you want to attack him and make him afraid for his life?”


“What do you want to do to him?” She said whispering in her ear as her hand slid down into Stacy’s pants and she began to massage her clit.

“I… I want to…”

“Go on, let it fill you, let it consume you, let the beast out!”

“I want… I want to rip his clothes off!”

“Good, what else?”

“I want to Fuck him, I want to fuck him harder than any woman ever has, I want him to dream about my sex and beg for it!”

“That’s it, now when I count to three I want you to open your eyes and look at the statue I placed in the center.”

“The statue?.” Stacy said still enjoying her touch and her visions.

“Yes that statue, you are almost there, and he will assist you the rest of the way, are you ready?”

“I… yes!”

“One, two,” Nessira said still massaging her between her legs trying not to give in to her own lust. “And three.”

Stacy opened her eyes and looked at the statue but something wasn’t right. The eyes were glowing a bright red color which didn’t seem natural but once her eyes were locked onto its she couldn’t look away. She stared at the glowing orbs and began to feel very strange like she couldn’t move and was not in control of herself anymore.

“That’s it, let it awaken the beast within, the beast you have kept caged up for far too long.”

Stacy could hear Nessiras words but could not look away. She felt something break inside her all of a sudden like something had awoken. She could hear a low animal growl as she lost herself in the two red light shining in her eyes. She felt the growl grow louder like it was coming from her before she bent down onto all fours and began to crawl towards the statue. Nessira backed away and watched Stacy as her eye’s glowed red and she snarled and crawled towards the pedestal. She watched as Stacy’s fingernails began to grow looking more like claws and she started to drool as she sprouted fangs.

“Um… okay that’s more than I expected.” Nessira said watching Stacy transform more than she should be. “Oh shit!”

“Ahhhhhh…ROOOOAAARR” Stacy shouted out as she stood up letting the rest of her clothing rips apart as her muscles bulged and she started to grow a dark fur similar to her own hair color. Nessira saw a powerful beast that shook the building with its roar covered on fur looking like a wolf human hybrid ready to destroy her prey.

Nessira ran over close to her as she spun around and glared at her ready to attack as she said “Cessabit” and touched her forehead sending Stacy back before she collapsed to the floor and returned to normal.

A little while later Stacy opened her eyes looking up at Nessira who was tending to her. Stacy was confused by what had just happened and felt a little dizzy but seemed alright for the most part. She looked over at the statue which was no long glowing at all before Nessira helped her to her feet.

“I um… sorry, what happened?.” She said looking at the nice red dress she was suddenly wearing.

“Oh sorry about that, your clothing got massage oil on them so I gave you this from our stock, free of charge.”

“Oh, okay, thank you I guess, that was so…”

“How do you feel?”

“Actually I feel really good!” Stacy said standing up and looking at herself in the mirror wearing her new dress. “I am beautiful!”

“You see, I told you so, and now that your confidence is boosted I promise things will get better from here.”

“I cant thank you enough Nessira!” She said running over and hugging her which was a lottle bit of a shock to her but she enjoyed it.

“I will tell everyone about this store, you really helped me and I can never thank you enough for what you have done.”

Nessira was a little shocked by what she was hearing. She heard the words thank you all the time from customers but this woman was actually very grateful for what she had done for her. It was a strange feeling for her but she also knew that Stacy didn’t know about the side effects but wasn’t too concerned.

“It was um… my pleasure.”

“I will be sure to come back again, thank you so much, I have never felt so beautiful and confident in my life, thank you!” Stacy said hugging her again before heading out the door.

“Well, that was interesting?” Nessira said standing there a little confused but also a little worried. “Nah, she’ll be fine.”


Troy had just gotten home from work and was heading up to his apartment. He was tired after the stressful day he had just gone through but was hoping to see Stacy later that night as he had something he wanted to ask her. The elevator door opened and he stepped into the hallway heading for his door. He slid the key in and opened it but his nose was hit with a scent of something that smelled delicious.

Troy looked over st the table which had boxes of chinese food from his favorite place all set up ready for him. He looked over and saw Stacy walk out of the kitchen with a bottle of wine in her hand but he was a little blown away by how sexy she looked in the red dress she was wearing. It showed off her legs and the perfect amount of cleavage but she usually didn’t dress like that but he was happy to see her like this.

“Hey, what’s all this?” Troy asked standing there confused.

“I wanted you to some home to your favorite meal and was hoping we could spend the evening together.”

“Wow, yeah I love that plan.” He said putting down his briefcase and giving her a kiss before he took his coat off. “But you didn’t have to go through all of this trouble.”

“I wanted to, I love you and I know I can be a pain in the ass sometimes, especially lately.”

“Stacy, it doesn’t bother me, everyone has baggage but I love you, more than anything.”

“I love you too, and I want to start making it up to you.”

“Making what up to me?”

Stacy walked over and pulled him down for another kiss this time was a passion he had never seen from her before. She wrapped her leg up around him pulling him close as she leaned back against the table as he wrapped her hands around her waist. She could tell he was getting hard and could even smell his arousal which was strange but she didn’t really question it as she just wanted him.

“Unless you’d like to eat first?” She asked breaking her kiss for a moment.

“Chinese food is better cold anyway!” He said before he kissed her again and picked her up while she hooked her other leg around him and let him carry her to the bedroom.

He placed her gently down on the bed as his lips never left hers. Her hands reached for his belt and began to take it off before attacking his zipper. She wanted to feel his cock in her hands, in her mouth, and even between her legs. Whatever Nessira had done to her she was loving it as she felt confident, sexy and ready to duck Troy’s brains out.

“You are so beautiful!” Troy said breaking the kiss to look into her eyes.

“I feel beautiful, I talked to someone today who helped me see myself the way you do.”

“Really, I’ll have to thank this person because I’ve been saying it for years but you never listened to me.”

“No more talking, I want you to fuck me!” She said pushing him off of her and rolling him over to her side.

She pulled off his pants and saw his throbbing cock there ready for her as she grabbed it and wrapped her lips around him sucking him hard and he noticed how forceful she was. It was not a problem if anything he was enjoying it even more. She had always been a little bland in bed and he had always known she had confidence issues but he was liking this new side of her. Stacy was loving the taste of his cock as she sucked on it. She was never a big fan of oral sex but something today just made him taste amazing. The little bits of precum were salty and delicious as she lapped up every bit of it. She gently squeezed his balls with her hand listening to him moan which only turned her on even more.

She released his cock and looked up at him before she began to climb towards him. She slid her hands under his shirt before she ripped it open sending buttons flying everywhere bur he didn’t seem to care as he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. There were red scratches along his chest from her fingernails. Not enough to make him bleed but noticeable anyway. She started to lift up the skirt if her dress and Troy noticed she was not wearing underwear before he helped slide it over her head.

“I want you so bad!” Stacy said as she teased his cock with her dripping pussy.

“Oh yeah, I want you too.” He said pulling himself up to kiss her as she impaled herself on his waiting cock.

As he slid inside her she bit his bottom a lip a little. “Ouch!” He said tasting his own blood.

“Too rough?”

“No, its fine.” He said before he kissed her again.

She shoved her tongue in his mouth like she was trying to lick the blood from his lips. He thought this was a bit strange but he was so turned on it didn’t matter. She began to thrust her hips as her pussy tightened around his cock making him moan at the feeling. She began to kiss the side of his neck not realizing her eyes were filling with blood becoming red. As she sucked on his skin she felt something strange in her mouth as her teeth began to grow. She could feel a growling noise start to build from within her as the pleasure grew between her legs.

Stacy looked up and saw her reflection in the window seeing her eyes red and her fangs. She closed her eyes and hopes he wouldn’t notice as she was freaked out but also wanted to enjoy every second of the pleasure she was getting from him. She wrapped her hands around his back as he began to moan louder and she could tell he was moments away from cumming. She was close herself and wanted to get this all finished so she could figure out what was wrong with her. The began to moan together as she felt her pussy ready to explode. She felt this primal urge start to build in her as she continued and she couldn’t fight it much longer. She heard him shout out and felt his cock twitch right around the same time her pussy spasmed and they orgasmed at the same time. Troy yelled out as she went to but what came out of her was more of a primal roar as she dug her fingernails into his back making him bleed but he didn’t seem to care as the pleasure was too intense.

When it finally stopped she collapsed against him resting her head on his shoulder enjoying the after affects of the amazing sex they just had. She began to lick her teeth with her tongue and noticed her teeth felt normal again. She looked at the window and saw her eyes were back to their normal color as well.

“Ouch Baby, did you dig your claws into my back?”

“Claws, what claws, I have regular fingernails see, see normal, what are you talking about?”

“Woah, calm down, just when you don’t cut them they feel like claws.”

“Oh, yeah, right, sorry, was I too rough?”

“What, no it was fucking amazing, I don’t know what this person told you but remind me to send them a thank you card.”

He laid down on the bed obviously tired as she laid down and rested her against him listening to his heart race. She was a bit freaked out by what had happened and was starting to wonder what exactly Nessira did to her.

“Oh hey, Stacy I forgot to tell you, I am going on a business trip for a few days so Ill be gone until Tuesday.”

“Oh, okay.”

“You can just stay here if you want, I love coming home and finding you here.”