Emily was on her way to a party store trying to find ideas to throw her friends bachelorette party. She was the maid of honor and she had some ideas but she had just started planning it out today so she was heading to the store to see what they had for her to work with.

As she drove she felt compelled to take a back road way that she usually didn’t. There was nothing wrong but she had a gut feeling to take that right turn and she usually followed her gut. It was a road she didn’t usually travel down but she knew where it went so she wasn’t too concerned. She looked over to her right and saw a little store with a sign out front that said Lilith’s.

“Lilith’s, I sure they would have something I can use.” She said thinking it was a sex toy shop or something like it so she pulled up out front and parked her car.

As she walked inside it looked very nice considering the building seemed old. She wasn’t seeing exactly what she expected to see but there were very strange items all over the place. There were statues of strange creatures and also a lot of different scents that caught her attention as well. There was a rack of what looked like perfume that she went and got a closer look at reading the names that varied.

There was one called “succubus” and one called “inner beast”, also one called “essence of dragon” and “fairy night”. She read all of these and seemed interested in them before she turned around and saw a woman standing there with beautiful red hair and a smile on her face.

“Hello and welcome to Lilith’s.”

“Oh crap, sorry I didn’t hear you.”

“I do that a lot, I enjoy it, so what brings you in today?”

“I um, I thought this was a sort of sex toy shop but it doesn’t seem to be what I’m looking for.”

“Well what are you looking for?”

“I am trying to plan a bachelorette party.”

“Oh really, I think I can help you with that.” Nessira said walking over to the counter and pulling out a book with different advertisements inside. “Now tell me about the bride, what is she into?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean does she something regular, paranormal, old fashion? Does she want a club experience, I know a great one right in the city that would be perfect.”


“That’s why you’re here right?”

“Actually I think we were going for more of a private hotel room type of experience.”

“Also an excellent choice, maybe a strip show?”

“Maybe, what did you have in mind?”

“Well tell me something about the bride, what does she like?”

“Well you said paranormal which is funny because she loves Vampires and stuff like that.”

“Really, wait when you say Vampires?”

“Her favorite movie is Bram Stokers Dracula, no sparkly vampires if that’s what you mean?”

“I like her already! Here you go.” Nessira said handing her a flyer.

“Mr Blood? What is this like a cosplay strip show?”

“You could say that, it will be a very hot evening if you know what I mean.”

“I think she’ll actually love this, thank you so much!”

“You are quite welcome, what is the brides name so I can set this up for you?”


“Really, this is perfect, such a sweet and innocent name.”

“Well, not as much as you’d think.”

“Even better, just put down a deposit and fill out this form and I will take care of everything.”

“Wow, I will have to tell my friends about this place.”

“Please do, at Lilith’s we guarantee satisfaction.”

“Thank you so much again, I’m Emily by the way.”

“Nessira, and I know Angel with enjoy the entertainment, and I’m sure she will be so thankful that her maid of honor went through so much trouble for her.”

“I hope so, I want her night to be special.”

“Oh trust me, neither of you will forget it.”

“Thanks again.” Emily said smiling and heading out the door before Nessira took the information card and placed in a small bowl before bringing it up to her enchanting room.

She placed the bowl in a small table with a strange symbol in the middle of it. She took a knife and sliced her hand open letting her blood flow and drip down filling in the crevices of the symbol before she began to chant some strange language. The room began to shake a little as she continued with her eyes turning red until everything went silent.

“Nessira, how good to see you again.” A mans with an old accent said from behind her.

“Why hello there Gabriel, I trust I am not interrupting anything important?”

“Of course not Madam, I always have time for you and your needs. It has been far too long though.”

“Nice to know a vampire never loses his manors, I was away for a while.”

“Last I heard you were living with a man?”

“That was long ago, things change. But now on to business.”

“Of course, what can I do for you Pythonissam?”

“Ooh Latin, I love it when you talk dirty, I have a bachelorette party for you to attend.”

“Oh really, me in a room with a bunch of lovely ladies.”

“Yes and the bride is a big Dracula fan so I want you to show her a good time.”

“I see, how much of a good tim?”

“As much as she wants, however there is a catch.”

“And that is?”

“She needs to still make it to her wedding, along with the bridesmaids.”

“I see, so no death, understood.” He said before he glanced over at a jar with a heart in it still beating. “Have a change of heart recently?”

“Never mind that.”

“If someone has hurt you to the point you have removed your heart, point me to this scoundrel and I will…” he stopped as Nessira suddenly had her hand around his throat.

“I said never mind that!” She said releasing him.

“Understood, my apologies Madame.” he said before she released him and let him catch his breath. “I would never try to upset you my lady.”

“Sorry about that, best we move on though.”

“Very well.”

“Anyway it’s just Lilith and my other masters don’t like unnecessary killing, I brought a forest nymph to life and, well you know what happens, they understood but I still got a stern talking to about it so let’s keep this civil..”

“I would never do anything to make your life difficult, do not worry, she will arrive at her wedding looking as beautiful as ever.”

“Very good.”

“I will find my fun elsewhere if need be.”

“Sounds sexy.”

“With me, everything is sexy.” He said taking her hand and kissing it.

“Now be careful or I might have my way with you right now.”

“Do not tease me, you know I could never resist a beautiful red head.”

“Oh I remember, I remember very well.”

“It is a shame a vampire cannot be killed by a night with a succubus, I have spent many nights imagining what would be like to lose my life in your loving embrace.”

“I would miss you too much, and most men don’t live to tell the tale.”



The day had arrived and Emily, Angel and the other two bridesmaid’s Veronica and Selena were in a limo on their way to the hotel. They had spent most of the day doing different activities but now it was time for them to have a few drinks and relax. Emily and the other knew what was coming but Angel had no idea what was waiting for her when they arrived. They piled out and headed up the elevator as Angel was already a few drinks in and having a very good time. Emily was tall with dark hair and glasses, Angel was a beautiful blonde bombshell as her friends called her as Veronica was more of a dirty blonde and Selena had a hint of Spanish in her with a very latin tan. As the elevator door opened they walked up to the sweet that had been reserved and Emily opened the door. When they got in they saw the large room that seemed to be separated by a few walls but there was a kitchen, living room, bathroom and large bedroom with a hot tub in the corner.

“Wow, you guys this is amazing.” Angel said looking around.

“Yeah, wow I wasn’t expecting something this nice.” Emily responded.

They all dropped their bags and got comfortable when someone stepped out of the bathroom which surprised them all a bit but Emily recognized him from the flyer that Nessira had shown her.

“Hello, my name is Gabriel.” He said wearing an old fashion suit with his hair slicked back.

He had a very old fashion look but was clean shaven and very attractive. Angel could tell right away he was supposed to be a vampire and got very excited and even a little turned on as he stared at her walking into the bedroom. All of the ladies suddenly felt very strange like they were all getting very turned on all of a sudden and the show hadn’t even started yet. Even Emily was shocked by what was happening.

“Now ladies, which one of you is Angel.”

“I am.” She said sitting on the bed.

“Ah you are a lovely bride aren’t you.” He said walking over and kissing her hand. “Now which one of you is Emily?”

“Um, I am.” She said putting her hand out to shake his but he took it and kissed it as well.

“Ah you are very lovely indeed.” he said looking at the awkward yet beautiful woman with glasses. “Angel this woman is the one you should thank at the end of tonight.” He said looking back at the bride who was still smiling at him. “And you.” He said whispering in Emily’s ear. “I may want to thank you myself. BUT FIRST, it is time for the show.” He said turning back towards Angel. “Come here my dear and get comfortable right here in this chair.” He continued inviting her to sit in the small wooden chair he had.

Emily felt strange but very turned on as she sat back and watch. The other two bridesmaid were enjoying the show as he slowly stripped off his shirt circling Angel like a predator stalking his prey. For the most part it seemed like a normal strip show except for his pale skin and fangs that they all figured were fake. He would move in close to Angels neck to the point she could feel his breath against it. She had a look in her eyes like she almost wanted him to bite her but it would always end with her laying a gentle kiss on her neck instead which gave her goosebumps.

Emily watched all of this and how erotic it was. Gabriel started to unbutton his shirt while her circled Angel like she was prey. The other two women sat on the bed as he gently caress their faces before turning back to Angel. Things had begun to get strange as Emily suddenly felt dizzy and in a flash they were all in the hot tub together but it was not filled with water it was filled with blood. Emily wasn’t sure what she was seeing as it seemed like Selena and Veronica were making out, licking the blood off each other’s breasts as Gabriel and Angel were also tongue wrestling each other as the bloody water covered everyone. It was a blur but Emily was in the tub as well but seemed to be pleasuring herself as everyone else had seemed taken. Her hand massaged her clit underneath the blood unseen by everyone else. she didn’t know what was going on but she was so turned on she didn’t care.

Gabriel suddenly made eye contact with her but something seemed off with his eyes. They had a gold look to them as she lost herself in his gaze like he was the only thing that mattered and he looked upon her. Angel writhed in the tub letting the blood drip off her breasts not even noticing his gaze was focused on Emily. Perhaps he was pleasuring her under the water with his hand. As he stared at her she wanted him very badly but she wasn’t even sure why. He moved away from Angel and slid towards her getting very close and she still pleasured herself.

“I want you to know that this show though may be for the Bride, it is you I want, I will pleasure you beyond belief and make you feel things you could never imagine, but first.” he said giving her a gentle kiss and sliding back over to Angel.

Emily looked on until she saw all three of the ladies suddenly sprouting fangs of their own. It was like a scene from a horror film as Victoria bit into Selena’s neck but instead of crying out in pain she seemed to enjoy it. Gabriel sprouted his before he turned and sank them into Angels neck making her moan and writhe even more. Once they were done they all turned towards Emily with blood soaked seductive smiles on their faces before the floated towards her. She could feel their hands all over her body massaging her as they slid close. Hands that poked and prodded her all over even sliding in between her legs and tickling her sweet spots as she looked up and was stuck in Gabriel’s glare yet again. She was soaking in a tub of blood and pleasure as the three ladies who were once her friends had seemed to become mindless vampiric sexual slaves being controlled by this man to pleasure her and the worst part was she didn’t want them to stop even as the fangs began to sprout and they got ready to bite. She felt their lips against her neck sending shivers through her body as they all seemed to focus on pleasuring her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed all the hands, lips and feelings caressing her all over as she felt Gabril slid in spreading her legs apart below the surface of the tub. he teased her slit with his cock which felt huge as the three ladies continued to pleasure her as she begged for him to enter her.

“Not Yet” he whispered in her ear.

Emily opened her eye’s and was back on the bed confused as Veronica and Selena were sitting next to her cheering as Gabriel who was only wearing a Speedo was grinding against Angels lap as the show almost seemed to be over. She still felt strange and wasn’t exactly sure what had happened but once the show had ended and Gabriel left the room she made sure Angel was tucked in and alright.

“Oh my god Emily, that was amazing, thank you.”

“Yeah, no problem, get a good night sleep, big day tomorrow.”

Emily turned on the light and left the room heading for her own. She opened the door and walked in turning the lights on and stretching before she walked over to the mirror and checked her makeup. She looked in the mirror and saw a dip in the bed as if someone had been laying on it which bothered her a little but not enough to do anything about it now. It was late and she wanted to go to sleep.

“There you are.” A voice said making Emily jump and turn a little scared until she saw Gabriel laying on the bed dressed again.

“Holy shit, Gabriel, how did you?”

“Shh, I told you before that I wanted to thank you after the show.” He said sliding out of the bed and walking towards her.

“Oh um… okay well you are welcome, I think Angel had an amazing night.”

“And you?”

“Oh, it’s not about me so I’m fine.”

“It’s a shame, you are a beautiful woman, where is your groom?”

“Just um… haven’t found him yet I guess?”

“Pity, but for now let me experience what he is missing by not finding you yet.” He said getting only inches from her face.

Emily felt strange and wasn’t sure what was coming over her as he got close and breathed in her scent. She thought back to that vision in the tub getting herself turned on. A part of her wanted to throw him on the bed and fuck him which was not like her at all. She had always been much more in control and calm about sexual situations to the point most men found her boring which might explain why she was still single. Suddenly his lips pressed gently against hers and she felt goosebumps all over her body as the shared each other’s spit.

“You want this do you not?” He asked placing his hands on her waist as he removed his lips.

“I… I um…”

“Just relax and let it happen, you will have an unforgettable evening with me my dear, if you want it.”

Emily shook all over as his words were like music to her ears. She bit her bottom lip as his touch sent shivers through her and she wanted him. She wanted him more than she ever wanted anyone in her life and she was getting impatient waiting for him so she leaned forward pressing her lips to his again tasting him as she pulled him in close rubbing her hand along his back as he moved his lips down her neck giving her chills. He grabbed the front of her shirt ripping it open a little as he pressed his face against her cleavage as she ran her fingers through his hair. She sat up on the dresser and wrapped her legs around his waist while he continued to trace his tongue and his lips along her skin. Emily let out a moan of approval as he began to work his way lower before he picked her up and laid her down on the bed.

He laid on top of her kissing her again as his hand ran down her side and sliding under her ass before her legs hooked around him and he ran his fingers up her leg. Her skin was smooth and soft as he sucked the skin on her neck a little more making her want him even more as she lost herself to the strange lust that had come over her. He lowered himself down sliding off her skirt and throwing it on the floor. He looked at the pink cotton panties she was wearing and smiled before he kissed the front of them and pulled them off leaving her pussy there for the taking. Emily couldn’t wait to feel his lips and tongue in her slit as he breathed in her scent. He could smell the blood rush to her groin and he licked his lips before he stuck out his tongue and started to tease her slit making her squirm at his touch.

Emily had never felt pleasure like this before as his tongue traced circles around her clit sending waves of pleasure through her. His tongue slithered inside her making her buck her hips as he tickled her insides driving her crazy. Gabriel couldn’t contain himself much longer but he wanted to please her as much as he could but soon his instincts took over. He sprouted his fangs and traced his tongue along her inner thigh before biting her. Emily let out a small yell as it hurt at first but not for long. Soon she began to enjoy it as it sent a warm feeling through her body. Gabriel took what he needed and let go as he still wasn’t done with her yet. He climbed up kissing her stomach and her chest as her blood dripped from his lips staining her skin before his lips met hers again. She tasted her own blood but didn’t care as she wanted him to take her and wanted him now.

He grabbed her bra and ripped it open seeing her perky breasts there in front of him as he rubbed the blood all over her chest. She grabbed his pants and tried to open them as quickly as possible shoving her hands inside and caressing his cock. He moaned as well enjoying her touch before she pulled his shirt open and rubbed her hands all over him. Be moved his hips and slid his cock inside her as she let out a yell and wrapped her arms around his head almost shocked by how good it felt.

“Holy FUCK! don’t ever stop!” She said as he drove himself inside her.

“Do you want more my love?”

“Oh fuck yes, give me all of it!”

Gabriel continued to thrust his hips before he bit his bottom lip drawing a little blood and looked down at the beautiful woman writhing beneath him. A part of him felt that he shouldn’t do this but he knew it was what she wanted. It would awaken her primal side and make her the woman she wanted to be who could have any man she wanted. He didn’t give it much thought when he pressed his lips to hers letting his blood drip into her mouth and down her throat letting it change her and corrupt her, letting her become the goddess he saw her as.

Emily began to feel stranger than before like her senses were sharpening. Everything felt better even the pleasure from his cock sliding inside her. His touch, his kiss, his scent, everything was so much better and clearer as hr continued to thrust. Her eyes began to change to a reddish color as she stared up at him. Her fingernails became sharper as she scratched his back and sprouted two fangs. Her whole body felt better as she approached orgasm feeling amazing. Gabriel took his finger and sliced a small part of his neck letting blood drip and invited Emily to bite him.

She didn’t know if she was dreaming or not, she wasn’t sure what was real anymore but she felt incredible and wanted everything he had to give her despite her not feeling like herself. She felt his cock inside her bringing her to the peak of sexual satisfaction as she grabbed his hair and scratched his back enjoying everything happening to her. It did not take long before she opened her mouth and dug her fangs into his neck as they both came at the same time sending waves of orgasmic delight through them both. She sucked his blood letting it fill her and change her even further making her into a blood drinking sexual beast who could do whatever she wanted.